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    1. He kept pining away for a blond girl he spent only one sleep with who was only passing thru Sinbara didn't he? The one he met just before Ava

    2. They are passing close enough to the planet to use its gravity, so they will have an excellent opportunity to witness a major impact on a terrestrial planet

    3. Something Stephen said over breakfast gave me the impression that he has been liaising with Paul pretty closely over the past few days and I have no doubt that Paul has been passing any information he has received to Emma

    4. Behind that is a small kitchen with a window into the bar for passing food

    5. "Me and Michael had been out for about 20 minutes and we were just passing the spot where the body was found

    6. I had been talking for so long and intently I lost all track of passing time

    7. "I didn't say I thought his plan was sound, I was just passing on a rumor," Ava said

    8. Her act caught the attention of a driver of a delivery van passing by, who pulled over to the curb beside her

    9. After only a few seconds of silent flight with the debris field passing below, Burn’s voice spoke in his ear

    10. The real profit from the excursion: As the coach was passing through the village of Kranidi, I recognized the narrow street and the old houses I had dreamt of on the 26th of July; a little later I saw a blue car with the number 2504

    11. I counted the days not by marking the passing of the usual solar landmarks, but by reckoning the drift between waking anger and dreams that always twisted in chimerical fear

    12. In the days that followed Smiler’s callous little display of brutality I counted the passing moments of my life through the waves of pain that accompanied my steps along the corridor for the morning’s ablutions

    13. With each passing day the weight of the blows always seemed a little heavier and his invective a little louder, lasting for longer

    14. That motor would apply the final corrections to the asteroid's trajectory over the next few months, it would pretty much free-fall after passing the C star

    15. He was capable of constructing it, but passing the suffering on to Jaseem was all out of proportion to the casual callousness that Jaseem had committed

    16. They were passing over some distant realm he had never seen, making him realize how little he had seen, though he had journeyed a local year from the Kassikan, it was a small distance on the world when seen from this distance, not a twentieth of a circumnavigation

    17. They would carry on here, they were actually doing well, though he had to admit, they were less and less Brazilian and more Gengee with every passing decade, especially at his end of the settlement

    18. Alan distracted her with questions about some floating animal they were passing on the river

    19. Before he could do anything about it, he … he died … passing the responsibility to me

    20. ‘The poor kid!’ Iain said, passing a hand across his face

    21. The ship was passing over lon, one of the rinko-like crops that grows in shallow water

    22. There's some upper level footpaths passing between the towers up to the twentieth right along the main waterfront that he could plainly see from out on the street before they got deep in the city

    23. of oratory, storytelling at the Storymoja Hay Festival, where he was caught up in a tragedy and unfortunate crossfire that lead to his passing

    24. Passing out from that death and into life, we as a community enter into the rest (Hebrews 4:10-11)

    25. upon the passing hours

    26. Stars drop from the clear spaces above these passing hours,

    27. At peace for the first time in days, she sat watching the land slowly passing by; ducks dabbled in and out of the reed beds bordering the river and here and there she spotted the long legged herons, poised like statues peering at the water intently as though hypnotising their prey

    28. mark the passing of a moment on a Friday afternoon

    29. distort the shapes of passing cars,

    30. For it was passing, in a convoy

    31. ’ Kara said, reaching for the relevant papers and passing them to Liesse

    32. ’ Liesse said dryly, passing to list to Pippa

    33. before passing out in a puddle of chicken stock

    34. passing signs that mark places of living,

    35. They soon caught a whiff of the reason, more thongas were passing thru the brush not far to the southeast

    36. ’ Gilla replied, passing me some sweet tomato relish to add to my cheese

    37. by common devices, passing into the grounds of the church

    38. Transfixed she felt the charge build up and saw the energy passing thru them

    39. will stop the passing of days, and that she,

    40. and you’re passing through

    41. There were a few herdsmen passing thru on their way in or out stopped by for a drink and/or

    42. Berndt, totally in control and confident, giving the words of passing … so familiar to me I can almost say them with him … a little voice in my head asking repeatedly why should that be so?

    43. On my lap was the map Auntie had given me and although I remember passing over the island of Egina then Ios I remember nothing else

    44. This design would allow the bundle to rotate out to the north and the tower to track an object passing over the sky

    45. I was quite taken aback and shot upright just in time to catch myself reflected in two pairs of mirrored lenses before reeling into two pairs of maroon shorts and almost passing out

    46. Dragons were being turned to ash before my eyes, and all I could see was a white blur passing by me

    47. This branch of the river was about a third of a mile wide here, the plots on the far side were visible, the ships passing by were close enough to shout to each other and moving so slow upstream with the barely perceptible tide that it was hardly worth the effort to sail at all

    48. I don't know if it was the reflections in the sea, or the lights from passing ships, or maybe the peaceful scattering of tables and chairs in the street, or even the girl, the mountains, the bells, or all of it all together, but that was the evening the spirit of the village of Sophia stood before me, showed me her face and stole me away

    49. They use the island because there's very little passing traffic

    50. Politicians come and go, passing through the revolving doors of power and celebrity, and sometimes even infamy, like eels sliding from a barrel

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    pass passing qualifying overtaking passing game passing play passage departure exit expiration going loss release casual cursory perfunctory superficial ephemeral fugacious short-lived transient transitory surpassingly crossing departing disappearing temporary vanishing mortal momentary