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    1. But in her usual fashion, she manages through it with poise and a warm smile, "Hey there Apollo, I'm glad you're here

    2. ’ Garth said, recovering his poise and releasing the stone

    3. All my confident poise deserts me and I feel an absurd urge to burst into tears – shit! Some of this must have shown in my face, for the next thing I know is that Karen is reaching across the table

    4. ’ I replied with as much poise as I can muster

    5. ‘Andy?’ Ozzie asked, his managerial poise more suited to a conference room than the open moorland

    6. For the first time, James Middlesex was shaken out of his poise

    7. After several steps each young woman was more and more competent in performing the movements with poise and grace, at which point he commended them and offered pointers of a minor nature to each

    8. Heather sat across from the Warden’s desk, calm, with the poise of a high-

    9. Indeed, as Tetloan attacked, his footing was all wrong, his poise sloppy, and his balance awkward

    10. It was anchored in those eyes, that poise

    11. The Elf had regained her poise and was speaking

    12. Summoning her poise, she cleared her throat

    13. More than likely his considerable poise came from having been with so many women

    14. There was none of Khan’s poise and calculation

    15. Her eyes were the most striking shade of violet and she was quite tall for a woman and very upright and regal in her poise

    16. ” Her un-self-conscious poise, her solemnity, tugged at his heart

    17. She soon regained her normal cheery poise

    18. grilled walkway, barely able to regain her poise before Sephiroth

    19. Quickly recovering his poise, he cleared his throat & said in a distinct authoritative tone” But the most important thing”

    20. His natural poise served him well as he delivered news that undoubtedly sent shock waves around the world

    21. Wanda descended the stairs in a subdued mood but briskly recovered what passed for poise with her

    22. He tried to recover his poise, but his smile was

    23. storehouse of pride, backed only by a gentle spirit, giving her poise

    24. His batting is based on complete balance and poise while limiting unnecessary movements and flourishes

    25. Also Nervousness and mental strain are common sources of mouth and throat constriction, somake the battle for poise and self-confidence

    26. The desk had an old angle poise lamp on it that gave the only bright light in the room

    27. With perfect poise he could at one moment enact the human role or immediately assume the personality prerogatives of the divine nature

    28. 5 The one thing about Jesus which Simon so much admired was the Master's calmness, his assurance, poise, and inexplicable composure

    29. wil others enjoy being with you when you reflect poise

    30. The real meaning of poise, according to Webster, is to be in balance

    31. the attributes which give you the poise so much admired by others

    32. There was intellectual attractiveness and spiritual drawing power in his authoritative manner of teaching, in his lucid logic, his strength of reasoning, his sagacious insight, his alertness of mind, his matchless poise, and his sublime tolerance

    33. Presentation here means poise and manners

    34. When combined with everything else you’ve developed, poise and manners create an aura that’s riveting to behold

    35. • In case you feel the concept of maintaining poise is a bit outdated, just think about how enduring the presence and stature of the following classic icons still are, to this day:

    36. Conan's admiration increased to see how well she had recovered her poise after having endured such frantic terror

    37. Chunder Shan, struggling frantically to his feet, saw the man poise an instant on the sill in a flutter of silken skirts and white limbs that was his royal captive, and heard his fierce, exultant snarl: 'Now dare to hang my men!' and then Conan leaped to the parapet and was gone

    38. She was regaining her poise swiftly

    39. Understanding the real reason for the Master's entering the city in this manner, Nathaniel naturally followed along with more poise and was less perturbed and disappointed by Jesus' subsequent conduct than were the other apostles

    40. A polished diplomat, he was quick to regain his poise

    41. When the new teacher comes, let him teach you the poise of compassion and that sympathetic tolerance which is born of sublime confidence in me and of perfect submission to the Father's will

    42. 'They thought I was dead,' he grunted, recovering some of his poise

    43. 11 Before Judas and the soldiers arrived, the Master had fully regained his customary poise; the spirit had triumphed over the flesh; faith had asserted itself over all human tendencies to fear or entertain doubt

    44. 'I do not know what you mean,' stammered the merchant, his customary poise shaken by the uncanny aspect of his visitors

    45. Even under his harsh attack, her poise maintained a delightful elegance

    46. ” The woman answered with poise

    47. exquisite poise of character, which we call serenity is the

    48. destroy their poise of character, and make bad blood! it is a

    49. have that exquisite poise which is characteristic of the

    50. who have that exquisite poise which is characteristic of the

    1. Meditation is an interior act, and can only be performed successfully when the body is relaxed, rightly poised and then forgotten

    2. Mohammed is poised nearby, watching her

    3. At peace for the first time in days, she sat watching the land slowly passing by; ducks dabbled in and out of the reed beds bordering the river and here and there she spotted the long legged herons, poised like statues peering at the water intently as though hypnotising their prey

    4. delicately poised, even though they prevent me

    5. While poised on your knee-caps with your arms above your head practice the Yoga Complete Breath

    6. By inverting the body and holding it in poised stillness, all downward pressure is relieved

    7. He stands poised, pen in hand, clearly thinking

    8. Now, seven years later, she was a very poised, headstrong, young woman

    9. As I sit, fingers poised over the keyboard ready to type up my notes, I contemplate the information Bert gave me

    10. He stood there poised for a moment then stepped slowly back down to the ground, walked back round the pond, stood before his sisters---and he bowed

    11. Gehring whenever she spoke of fashion, her hand poised as if extended for a kiss by a gentleman

    12. The city's four main streets stemmed from the palace, and from those streets the rest of the city's thoroughfares and avenues were born, forming a spider web of roadways with Rafe poised at their center

    13. For poised above the entry were five iron gates ready to descend at the slightest sign of trouble

    14. Adros strode in, his body poised and collected, the Graelic clenched in his hands and ready to strike

    15. She was poised to strike

    16. Now he is almost poised to act

    17. The ground was ever shifting underneath their once poised and planted feet

    18. smaller countries the armies were poised to

    19. The console did as it was asked, sending a surge to secondary systems as Lichman was poised over the ident interface

    20. Scott fumbled clumsily with the connecting wires, to the concern of Dr Lichman who seemed poised to take over

    21. out, thumb poised over the buttons

    22. "I'm about ready to go home," he said, noticing that Sharon was poised to walk with

    23. Shelagh, sitting poised like a Queen Bee

    24. I was shocked and in that time as I my hand poised in midair Smith took off back to our trenches red, white and blue lights shot into the air and machine guns and rifles began to strafe the position where we lay

    25. The other side were now poised to strike with the big one – and who could question their entitlement to do just that? Smaller Russian defence installations had already been targeted, with much loss of small-scale hardware, including stealth fighter drones, and neutron warheads

    26. ’ In fact, she knew Zeradas was – at least from what he told her – poised to trigger the final destruction if all else failed

    27. She slid her hairpins under a cot, and edged close to the gate, poised if an opportunity came

    28. There was a dull roar; a complete section about a foot wide was blown away as cleanly as if cut, and the mighty trunk rearing its lofty branches over 150 feet in the air, poised itself for a second, and fell to the earth with a thunder and force that shook the ground, crushing down large trees and part of the sacred grove in its fall, and badly injuring some natives who had gone too close after they had been warned

    29. He raised his arm, poised to strike again

    30. The late afternoon sun was poised on the horizon, and William knew that it would be dark in a few hours

    31. Beth wouldn’t call her beautiful but she was poised and there was intelligence written in her face

    32. But then, as Vernon was poised to give me the final kick,

    33. poised on the deck of such a boat, catching fish with an admir-

    34. He stopped a few feet inside the room and then looked at my hand poised above the backpack

    35. Hand poised on the throttle, he began easing it forward again

    36. They remained calmed but poised, not the least troubled by the small fires in the distance and the general mayhem

    37. He kissed her fiercely, and then she was straddling him, his cock poised to plunge inside her

    38. He moved her top leg and shifted his body so that she felt his cock poised at her pussy

    39. as one might wish, the streaked sky hardly poised against a question

    40. Former faction members and factionless alike are gathered in the space and spilling out into the street to hear what our new leader has to say, and factionless soldiers line the walls, their fingers poised over the triggers of their guns

    41. They had rolled boulders across the trail to block it and a large (several hundred) force of slingers was poised to strike at the strategic moment, each with a significant pile of stones at his feet

    42. He got on the elevator trying to look poised for Sue

    43. Mana's arms collapsed beneath the weight, and she was thrown to the ground with the monster on top of her poised to rip her face off

    44. Harry could never quite figure out the bond between Mrs Worthington and Petal; where Mrs Worthington was poised, well bred and thought highly of in the community Petal was coarse and street wise but maybe she was also thought highly of in her community as well he pondered or how else could she have survived so well living on the streets as she had for so may years

    45. very delicately poised in the middle

    46. Rowlandson Bank is stable, healthy and poised for growth

    47. Cameras were poised and several newsreaders were delivering speeches to the masses who were following the case with avid interest

    48. There was also an antique hall-tree poised by the

    49. Frightened, I poised there with my toes curled, hoping I was not about to die a tragic

    50. poised in front of this unarmed intruder

    1. Through the lens of your amateur telescope the snake looming on the horizon rears back and poises for another strike as hot gases and electric arcs pour out its head, making it fly about like an unattended garden hose at full blast

    2. Happy thou, above all the squires in the world! Bear in mind, and let it not escape thy memory, how she receives thee; if she changes colour while thou art giving her my message; if she is agitated and disturbed at hearing my name; if she cannot rest upon her cushion, shouldst thou haply find her seated in the sumptuous state chamber proper to her rank; and should she be standing, observe if she poises herself now on one foot, now on the other; if she repeats two or three times the reply she gives thee; if she passes from gentleness to austerity, from asperity to tenderness; if she raises her hand to smooth her hair though it be not disarranged

    1. “A particularly nasty death he suffered – some form of radiation poising, wasn’t it?”

    2. poising in and out of deep powder

    3. Jaggers, poising and swaying himself on his well-polished boots, looked on at me

    4. He looks through the fog, through the tiny slits of his eyes, and sees Eric Wheaton poising the nail over his right hand, a hammer raised above his head

    5. Without saying a word, Queequeg, in his wild sort of way, jumped upon the bulwarks, from thence into the bows of one of the whale-boats hanging to the side; and then bracing his left knee, and poising his harpoon, cried out in some such way as this:—

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    aplomb assuredness cool poise sang-froid balance brace self-assurance confidence control self-control self-possession stability counterpoise equilibrium equipoise behaviour appearance breeding carriage demeanour mien stand hover equilibrate