portion sätze

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Portion sätze (in englisch)

Since a large portion of.
For the Lord's portion is.
A portion floated on the top.
Through that portion of the.
One buried his portion in the.
A large portion of the stones.
Our portion of each refund was.

Upper portion is used for giving.
I will accept my portion of blame.
The portion of the program where.
The formal portion of the meal ended.
A portion of the proceeds can go to.
You are the portion of my inheritance.
Don't just slap a healthy portion of.
The finely polished upper portion of.
But in each was a portion of the Host.
His parents released a portion of the.
Returning a portion of the capital (e.
The backrest portion of the back seat.
One portion of the ceiling had buckled.
Mrs Brooks could only catch a portion:.
A portion of her words was lost in the.
Louie’s portion was the size of an ant.
It is this portion of the verse that is.
This hardens the top portion of the mass.
He’s cheap and he serves a nice portion.
We merely save a small portion each month.
Cut the old timber portion out and replace.
Another portion rolled inexorably southeast.
Maintenance R&D is simply the other portion.
It’s really easy to see the portion sizes.
Wedge hardens the middle portion of the mass.
It is probable much the greatest portion was.
TK slowly unfolds the top portion of the case.
On the top of the middle upper tail portion.
The passenger liner portion had been attached.
She filled it up with a large portion of fruit.
He silently pointed at a portion of the display.
They have earned a portion of these yellow-tail.
That portion of the base was called Camp Foxtrot.
Such an army will not trouble itself about geographical lines, in portioning out the divisions of its new empire; and will run the parallels of its power by other steel than that of the compass.
He interdicted wine, and portioned out the brandy.
Every minute of Alexey Alexandrovitch's life was portioned out and occupied.
Every minute of Alexey Alexandrovitch’s life was portioned out and occupied.
She portioned out samples from the first tube into each kit, and then sealed each carefully.
To the right of the door, near a crippled and greasy table, upon which stood two samovárs, whose copper had turned green in spots, here and there, and where sugar was portioned out in various papers, sat the principal group.
There must be all sorts in the world; and though we may be all knights, there is a great difference between one and another; for the courtiers, without quitting their chambers, or the threshold of the court, range the world over by looking at a map, without its costing them a farthing, and without suffering heat or cold, hunger or thirst; but we, the true knights-errant, measure the whole earth with our own feet, exposed to the sun, to the cold, to the air, to the inclemencies of heaven, by day and night, on foot and on horseback; nor do we only know enemies in pictures, but in their own real shapes; and at all risks and on all occasions we attack them, without any regard to childish points or rules of single combat, whether one has or has not a shorter lance or sword, whether one carries relics or any secret contrivance about him, whether or not the sun is to be divided and portioned out, and other niceties of the sort that are observed in set combats of man to man, that you know nothing about, but I do.
If huge portions of the.
Divide dough into two portions.
Learn to control your portions.
Again, the diminution of portions.
Dvalinn ate his portions carefully.
Eat in smaller portions and eat slower.
He sent portions to them from before.
Nice portions and even nicer waitresses.
Significant portions of that wealth found.
He then started to eat small portions of food.
Selling Portions Of, and Closing Out A Position.
We will feed her on portions of the strongest ox.
If you combine smaller portions with slower eating.
The captain had bountiful portions of food sent to them.
Ask the Expert sites or Ask an Expert portions of sites.
But other portions of this book have shown how anything.
The employer shall circulate relevant portions of statute.
Congress acted and temporarily suspended portions of the.
Studies have proved that we eat larger portions in front.
Then he sat up and felt of various portions of his anatomy.
The line separating the two distinct portions is not linear.
The unused portions within cells add up to the total space.
Most of these portions would suffice for a couple of people.
You’re fed portions of the overall real estate investing.
Hope you’re hungry because they serve big portions here.
But there are portions of the path hidden in valleys that we.
There’s really no need to measure carefully for the portions.
One of Phillip's Portions was known to you as John the Baptist.
And sometimes, when someone dies in it, portions of it are red.
Beautiful portions chase away the blues closer to the bone as.
This time the portions he served Jamie were more than generous.
The ratio between curvature and straight portions of track are.
Eyeball your portions and consider the following chart: Portion.
Accept only large portions of life, not just what you are given.
He sliced a loaf of bread and placed portions on the plates also.
Eat healthy snacks in between and reduce your main meal portions.
Or maybe you started eating several small portions a day, rather.
He swallowed small portions of the water in his mouth, savoring it.
Buy smaller portions so that food will not go bad before you eat it.
Large portions of the books were destroyed and the films unreadable.

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