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    1. "We've learned a lot since then," Herndon said, looking hurt and frustrated

    2. I noticed they can be a lot more monogamous than we are

    3. Walking with God is a common term used a lot among

    4. career, disfunction in your family, and a lot more other

    5. The fact that there were a lot more eyes available made the price come down, but eye-time still wasn't without significant cost to the average plots-man like himself

    6. A lot of our parenting is done on autopilot and is based on what we

    7. You can do that in five pound increments if you have a lot of weight to

    8. It took a long time, it took a lot of energy, it took money, it took commitment, it took integrity, it took focus, it took a lot of things that are a challenge, but I embraced those challenges

    9. solve problems and that it can be a lot of fun

    10. My earliest memories of my father were of him being away a lot on a case in Anchorage

    1. There are lots of small things one can deliberately do to maintain a positive atmosphere even when under difficult situation

    2. Replace them with lots of good quality water, fruit juices and herbal teas

    3. “Tobias, are you crazy! Need I remind you that there are lots and lots of the walking dead out there today!”

    4. Athnu won the largest share of these commendations, but the other two thirds had lots of repeats also

    5. If you live in an environment where there are lots of gophers bugs, larvae, grubs, spiders, and centipedes, you should start thinking in terms of protecting your plants

    6. By lots of compost I mean approximately 50 lbs of compost per mature tree

    7. The markets have seen lots of ups and downs, but history shows that over time the value of a well-diversified portfolio will increase

    8. Fertilizer burns can be helped with lots of watering to flush away chemicals

    9. Local compost rich with trace minerals, composted animal manure and lots of humus are best

    10. lots of things from before

    1. So there are great people in this country but then there are to many others that lotted that area and robbed homes and stores

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    draw lot bunch caboodle band circle set batch deal flock good deal great deal hatful heap mass mess mickle mint mountain muckle passel peck pile plenty pot quite a little raft sight slew spate stack tidy sum wad circumstances destiny fate fortune luck portion administer allot deal out dish out dispense distribute dole out mete out parcel out shell out assortment crowd array cluster circumstance kismet apportion assign give allow mete