pouch sätze

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Pouch sätze (in englisch)

1. It had a leather pouch in.
2. S’us reached into her pouch.
3. French munition pouch was slung.
4. It was the man's own pouch, sir.
5. The pouch was surprisingly heavy.
6. Rob put a quick hand to his pouch.
7. He opened the pouch and counted.

8. He unwraps it from its skin pouch.
9. Nuuke's spare sword from his pouch.
10. Then he remembered the silk pouch.
11. Jo fished in the small pouch she.
12. Pat took the pouch and thanked him.
13. Inside this pouch is the most.
14. Of course, I didn’t see any pouch.
15. Raymond puts the gun inside a pouch.
16. The pouch was woven of rough fibers.
17. After examining her pouch of coins.
18. Both adults were staring at his pouch.
19. He felt her hands on the money pouch.
20. He handed each of them a leather pouch.
21. Clastaan produced a pouch from his coat.
22. Joseph took the pouch without questions.
23. It is used like a cheek pouch, to store.
24. That he skipped into the makeshift pouch.
25. Father Vicaro took out a pipe and a pouch.
26. CDs still in their plastic pouch upstairs.
27. Finally, he placed the pouch back on the.
28. I poured some golden drachmas in the pouch.
29. Each pouch was attached to a Fairies belt.
30. Then he handed to Saruman a leather pouch.
31. Once done, she tucked the empty pouch back.
32. Hillary jumped out of the warm pouch and.
33. His pockets are ripped and his pouch lies.
34. I held up the pouch of money he had given me.
35. Gareth sorted through the money in his pouch.
36. However, only female kangaroos have a pouch.
37. Rose then handed Ashi a small deerskin pouch.
38. Her hand switched from his groin to his pouch.
39. There was a pouch lying on Ayurvati’s table.
40. I opened my pouch and withdrew my credit card.
1. Then he opened his eyes and raised his head, pouching out his cheeks and sniffing at the two rabbits beside him.
1. Fiona inquisitively pouched her lips and she nodded her head in agreement and she said.
2. The chauffeur went for it and so did she, ramming her knee hard up between his thighs, crushing his neatly pouched testicles into his pubic bone.
3. One night a few weeks ago, musing off the erosion of the years, finding each others' faces somewhat more pouched and our hairs more conspicuously in absence, we became enraged over the typical citizen's ignorance of Dudley Stone.
1. I have only two belt pouches, he said.
2. There were huge dark pouches beneath my eyes.
3. We can wear our pouches, is that agreed?’.
4. Canteens and pouches hung at their saddle-peaks.
5. The powder had been separated into small pouches.
6. Their nests hung in pouches suspended over the water.
7. Precious bone dust was collected in small leather pouches.
8. Ivan stood in front of the mirror and examined the pouches.
9. All of them carried small bags or pouches over their shoulders.
10. We quickly found a grassy area and placed the pouches between us.
11. She pointed out various leather pouches that were hung on the side.
12. Kneeling, he searched through the leather satchels and pouches that.
13. Where did you find it? There was more of it than was in the pouches.
14. That way, the inflamed pouches in the lining of the colon can heal properly.
15. Tossing food into it they then poured in water that they carried in pouches.
16. It wasn't of the least consequence, whether she knew about her pouches or not.
17. They also appeared to wear wide belts with pouches and possibly sheeted knives.
18. I wash my hands and splash water on my face, vain hope to chase away those pouches.
19. Shutting out their random pouches of laughter, idle chatter swung as if to tease.
20. The gopher was fat and sleek and he had always plenty of food in his cheek pouches.
21. Johnson slipped the pack into one of the pouches of his webbing, his face still agrin.
22. She peered down to the case, twenty pouches of various gemstones and all gifts from him.
23. The slingers moved briskly, inserting stones into their weapons’ leather-reinforced pouches.
24. As he did so, Simon saw that next to them, on the other side, two pouches lay, attached to a belt.
25. We found this! The policeman showed me, then, lifted his arm and showed the pouches to the gathering.
26. One cupboard holds a fiendish collection of knives wrapped in a leather strip of pouches, one for each knife.
27. The officers buttoned up their coats, buckled on their swords and pouches, and moved along the ranks shouting.
28. But,’ Michael grinned, ‘the best thing is that the same lines, sags and pouches appear on your mate as on yourself.
29. I test the blade of one with my finger – it is seriously sharp! There are two empty pouches … I know where those went.
30. F phylacteries (tefillin in Hebrew) are small leather pouches that some Jewish men wear on their forehead and arm in prayer.
31. There were lines around his mouth she’d never noticed before, and bunchy little pouches under his eyes from lack of sleep.
32. They removed their pouches while Stephen carefully removed shorts, shirt, sandals and underpants and folded them on the bench.
33. I took out my gloves—new ones that had no marks of my hand or fingers; wore them; opened my bag, and picked the neatly packaged pouches of heroin.
34. He was very fat, but had apparently at some time been much fatter, so that the skin hung about his face in loose pouches, like the cheeks of a blood-hound.
35. There was no choice, she rapidly rummaged through her pouches until she found the ring then slipped it over each of her fingers until she found the best fit.
36. Medical supplies at the front were absolutely lacking in the Shafteresque confusion, save for the hospital pouches the surgeons had carried on their own shoulders.
37. They were a breed of trawl resembling those used off the Normandy coast, huge pouches held half open by a floating pole and a chain laced through the lower meshes.
38. Titus had stuffed the bags of coins into his pouches and flung the iron chest to the floor, he also retrieved Marcus’s unused blade to replace his own Sword Breaker.
39. That looked pretty horrible so as he didn't want exterior codpieces Alwyn made snugly fitting flesh-tinted pouches that bunched our cods into a smooth lump under the tights.
40. Instead, her wide belt was made of black leather and supported both a low-slung pistol holster attached along her right leg and a number of magazine and accessories pouches.

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