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    1. It was this native body again, and Herndon's presence, his bulging arms on the wheel of a powerful machine

    2. I will walk the beach in a swim suit that is stretched over a bulging body, and will dive into the waves with abandon if I choose to, despite the pitying glances from the jet set

    3. ’ Kara replied with a smile, casting a glance at the heap of her belongings … her bulging bag and the basket carrying flowers and produce that Issa had insisted she take with her

    4. They had, however, been scouting out a likely target and had chosen the slightly built young lady with the bulging money belt as the best source of the filthy lucre that they needed to maintain their lighter fuel and crack cocaine habits

    5. It has little plastic dots bulging out of the holes

    6. bulging money belt as the best source of the filthy lucre that they

    7. one bulging muscle, from his oversized head to the tip of his stub tail

    8. "And the moons are just flat plates shining in the sky at night" Flitter shinned down the long arched limb and dropped to the ground, the sack about his waist bulging with the fruit

    9. stupefied, with bulging eyes, as if a dragonfly had landed on my

    10. The bulging mail box could not hold any more

    1. His eye stalks should have bulged with muscle with all the exercise they got

    2. Turning around to face her, his eyes bulged, his face burned tomato red

    3. dropped and her eyes bulged – just the way they do in

    4. Hidden below the layer of hair his muscles bulged and rippled with the slightest twitch of a finger

    5. Alec had watched several soldiers crawl up the thing already, and every time they neared the center the entire bridge bulged downward, flexing till he swore it would surely snap

    6. The veins in Coba's face bulged, his flesh shifted in hue from crimson to blue

    7. Fizzicist eyes bulged at the large helping yet he insisted on another scoop

    8. His face was extremely elongated, and his forehead bulged to an alarming proportion

    9. When he finally turned around and faced her, her eyes bulged at the sight of his enormous prick

    10. As these tectonic plates started moving away from each other, the underlying layers which had been under immense pressure from the crust above, were no longer pushed down by the crust and as a result bulged out as we can see today in areas of the planet such as the mid-Atlantic ridge

    1. an almighty bulge, he blew his nose

    2. " Zoomed in on the open bay with their helmets they could see that the bulge in the smooth hull offset to the starboard side was a housing for a ship-killer of some kind, probably a warspite torpedo

    3. The little man, who looked to all intents and purposes like a fifty-year old accounts clerk, the sort of man who is equally hen-pecked and ignored because his entire being is made up of nothing but disappointment, pulled a red handkerchief from his jacket pocket, wiped first his brow and then his glasses, and then finally, and with an almighty bulge, he blew his nose

    4. right through the shoulder, a bulge in the skin at the

    5. “Not only is this poorly crafted---note how the threads of the wraps bulge over the burrs left on the guide feet, and the gaps between reel seat, grip and hardware---now listen:” and he pulled on the rod to separate the two pieces which made not a sound at the parting

    6. Cottage walls bulge into the constricted lanes, and he eases the car round each corner, expecting to meet a four-by-four at every blind spot

    7. She imagines the tip of the needle breaking skin, sliding into muscle, the bulge where the liquid pools as she presses on the plunger, and the spasms, a face, a rictus grin

    8. Her eyes bulge

    9. He had tight buns and a nice bulge in the clout also

    10. "Well yes," she said, pulling out the thick envelope that made her shoulder-bag bulge

    1. and you’re wrestling with bulges and that middle age swell,

    2. He has a vague impression of shapes, of coastal bulges and inlets, but the place names on the road signs might as well be written in ancient Greek

    3. He was a funny little man with a bald head, and not just going bald or horseshoe covered, this guy was glossy bald with slight bulges along the sides of his scalp that made him Cloud

    4. And hides a few bulges, no doubt

    5. faces would be, bulges that looked like weapons were carried in what appeared to be arms

    6. Among that growing throng, none gave the trio a second glance, even with their hoods raised to hide their blackened faces, or appeared to notice the large bulges carried under the cloaks of two of them

    7. “That explains why you still have the items,” said Marna, gesturing to the bulges under their cloaks

    8. As Joey snuck a peak at what she was doing Heliri twisted above the upper most bulges of the stick and two wings popped out

    9. I watch in fascination as I see the bulges on Belmont’s and

    10. Aaron, half-expecting to see bulges emerging on his forehead

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    bulge in English

    swell stick out distend puff out bloat balloon jut protuberance protrusion hump outgrowth growth prominence excess

    Synonyme für "bulge"

    bulge bump excrescence extrusion gibbosity gibbousness hump jut prominence protrusion protuberance swelling bulk pouch protrude bug out bulge out come out pop pop out start bag swell stick out distend puff out bloat balloon outgrowth growth excess