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Primer sätze (in englisch)

  1. The little book in question was a primer.
  2. A coat of primer will help the paint to stick.
  3. Where is the primer now? I asked Kellyn.
  4. I have seen them bleed through an oil based primer.
  5. Dad mentioned that this book would be a good primer.
  6. Here’s a primer on the best teas for a trimmer tummy.
  7. Three of the bullets had a nick in the primer so the gun.
  8. They didn’t depend on the primer caps of the new-build St.
  9. One uses a friction primer, while the other uses primer caps.
  10. Let this dry, which is rather quickly, sand smooth, and primer.
  11. Chapter One: What is an EMBA? Overview Quick Primer: The Basics.
  12. The name of the textbook was: The First Hebrew Primer for Adults.
  13. Nan was "mighty proud" when she read the last page of her primer.
  14. This system would be a latex primer and two coats of the oil flat.
  15. This primer is a shellac that has been tinted with white to add hiding quality.
  16. Finally, we offer the OPMI a primer on investing in companies with growing NAVs.
  17. Then the bare metal frame undergoes PH balance wash and a primer coating process.
  18. A good general primer on the subject, suitable for a newcomer to the art of demonology.
  19. Stains can be reactivated by more water or by water based stain blocker, paint, or primer.
  20. The New England Primer, was one such book that based all of its teachings from the Bible.
  21. In May 2012, I published a step-by-step, ePub Primer for anyone interested in going it alone.
  22. Among the other books were a primer, some child's readers, numerous picture books, and a great dictionary.
  23. The following is a series of questions you can use as a writing primer, or springboard, to get you started.
  24. Systems have their own dynamics and language so I recommend you read Systems Thinking: A Primer by Donella H.
  25. Although some of the examples are a bit dated (it was published in 2004), it is an easy-to-read primer for new commodities investors.
  26. The flame throwers had shoulder straps to make it easier to carry and Richard went over the safety lock and the primer switch with Alex again.
  27. There are exceptions, of course, and it is not possible to cover all the possibilities, so consider the following a primer in budgie coloration.
  28. By the time he was seventeen he had learned to read the simple, child's primer and had fully realized the true and wonderful purpose of the little bugs.
  29. In Fownes's street Dilly Dedalus, straining her sight upward from Chardenal's first French primer, saw sunshades spanned and wheelspokes spinning in the glare.
  30. Time: In Jim Bittman’s book Trading Options as a Professional (a great primer for this book, by the way), one of the most compelling points in the whole book has to do with decay.
  31. Using SSL is a huge topic, as is online security in general; therefore, I strongly recommend you read widely about web security (because this recipe isn't really a security primer).
  32. This chapter can be considered (at least for Gil’s part) the first update to that work, though the book very much remains an excellent primer on O’Neil-style short-selling methods.
  33. It was a stirring race, but, more than that, it was a primer for Joe and the other freshmen on how the man who would become their primary coach in the fall, Al Ulbrickson, went about winning.
  34. In his hands was a primer opened at a picture of a little ape similar to himself, but covered, except for hands and face, with strange, colored fur, for such he thought the jacket and trousers to be.
  35. Other types of charts include swing charts, point and figure charts, kagi charts, line charts, and many others, but these are much less common and are outside the scope of this primer, with one exception.
  36. We provide a primer on capital structure from the corporate point of view to debunk the substantive consolidation view of capital structure that is prevalent in Graham and Dodd and modern capital theory.
  37. If you are planning to create an ebook product to sell on your website, the report should serve as a primer, an introduction to your ebook, offering your subscribers with a ‘taste test’ of your quality and your focus.
  38. Herewith Part I—a primer on intrinsic value, an exploration of investment as distinct from speculation, and an introduction to Graham and Dodd’s approach, their philosophy, their stratagems and guidance, and their tools.
  39. Robert Wilmers, CEO of M&T bank, lived a business philosophy that could be a primer for sound banking: Know your markets and employees, watch credit quality relentlessly, don’t gamble with interest rates, and focus on serving your community.
  40. The most effective ones used the new primer caps the Inquisition had approved for production, but caps were in short supply for the Mighty Host of God and the Archangels, and virtually all of the ones the Harchongians had received were earmarked for the new-build St.
  41. Pearl, therefore, so large were the attainments of her three years' lifetime, could have borne a fair examination in the New England Primer, or the first column of the Westminster Catechisms, although unacquainted with the outward form of either of those celebrated works.
  42. It was he who indicated to Aureliano that on the narrow street going down to the river, where dreams had been inter-preted during the time of the banana company, a wise Catalonian had a bookstore where there was a Sanskrit primer, which would be eaten by the moths within six years if he did not hurry to buy it.
  43. In the primer of sharing that is learning to play together, children, who have mastered the concept, extend and universalize it beyond their realm of play, querying their instructor with inchoate insights: Why can't the world live in peace; why can't everyone be fed and housed? Is there not enough; can't it be done?
  44. He did not accomplish it in a day, or in a week, or in a month, or in a year; but slowly, very slowly, he learned after he had grasped the possibilities which lay in those little bugs, so that by the time he was fifteen he knew the various combinations of letters which stood for every pictured figure in the little primer and in one or two of the picture books.

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