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    1. "It was rolling on the ground somewhere I walked," Jorma said

    2. The only thing that fooled us is that most people are poor here, all they have is a little piece of ground and a hut

    3. They have a tough plastic or hide side to expose to the ground, or sand in this case, with a nylon lining and dacron batting

    4. I look to the two men hunched on the ground with the churning realization that there’s an innocent man dying in my dad’s home

    5. ” Micah tosses the crowbar to the ground and puts his hands on the wall

    6. Tom could feel the first impact and then hear a sharp snap as he hit the ground a second time

    7. I even lived with one for the first few decades I was on the ground

    8. Plastic containers which are placed in the ground and will allow slugs to enter but not escape

    9. They fit in the ground and when set properly, will have their entrance holes at ground level

    10. Another homemade barrier consists of bottles placed into the ground

    1. grounded in your calling and life purpose

    2. rooted and grounded in love,

    3. The time I spent with Sam was worth it as long as I was not grounded

    4. "Your shuttlecraft is grounded?" she asked

    5. So, apart from the fetid smell from the man, or the cabbage, and my head banging on the roof, I can't say I've ever felt more grounded

    6. I grounded out once and struck out twice, both

    7. They were yet grounded on the Seventh – a death sentence to be sure, but at least here it wouldn’t be drawn out

    8. being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend

    9. They were being filled with the word of God and grounded in

    10. grounded in Christ and strong to endure trials

    1. It is a beautiful house - two storey, detached and standing in its own grounds … the gravel drive large enough for at least six cars to park in

    2. Yes, I assured her that you have an up to date burglar alarm and man-eating rotweillers loose in the grounds

    3. He might have got away with Joanna’s murder on the grounds of her behaviour, but there’s no way on the earth that he can justify his behaviour towards you

    4. He was a fascinating old man and who had worked on the grounds for nearly forty years

    5. He had his grounds completely trapped these days, he was not about to let himself be distracted to the point where any uppity mundane could pseudo-encapsulate him again

    6. It’d be another positive outcome of this whole affair if she and JJ were to get together as Berndt seems to think they may … Abery Hall ought to have children running around its grounds … Kara, get your feet back on the ground! Talking of which, you had better get yourself moving … get this bread home and dig out that authority Berndt gave you

    7. by common devices, passing into the grounds of the church

    8. Two days later, Steve’s dragon called him to the hatching grounds

    9. Queenie had headed straight for the hatching grounds and remained there

    10. Unknown to the others, at first, Oreo stationed herself at the entrance to the hatching grounds

    1. My mother assured me that I wasn't as she was grounding up more Atavin to put in my orange soda, the only thing I chose to ingest at this point for some reason

    2. Besides that, getting in touch with a loved one is very grounding and uplifting at the same time

    3. Releasing Charged Emotions Through Grounding

    4. of grounding self-love as one’s reality

    5. In this new age, we have become “headier” than ever, losing touch with the wisdom of our hearts and the grounding of our stomachs

    6. The sailors and Fusiliers on the oars pulled like mad and we came up grounding on the sand farther back those that were left jumped into the sea and we started wading ashore as the bullets continued to churn the sea in frenzy

    7. A Guide on Grounding and Protection

    8. Crystals can be very helpful in the grounding process

    9. But now – with a strong shoulder, that passed the grounding

    10. He was quoted by two sources as telling them the recruit would probably forget about a grounding wire and that when Carson made the same mistake and tried moving it, be sure to stand clear

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    land dirt soil earth loam mould base basis foundation motive premise reason factor establish found set settle fix instruct educate train indoctrinate

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    flat coat ground primer primer coat priming priming coat undercoat earth background reason dry land land solid ground terra firma soil basis footing base establish found anchor prime run aground strand dirt loam mould foundation motive premise factor set settle fix instruct educate train indoctrinate