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    2. involved a fortnightly signing on procedure and, post operation [whilst still waiting for the result], I signed on as normal

    3. It’s standard procedure and one can never be too careful with a child that arrived a month premature

    4. “Normally this kind of procedure would take hours of time and then even more hours to make the hack harder to trace,” The Operator explained

    5. Moles in the lawn: See the chapter on gopher control and follow same procedure

    6. Mike Biggs may have been a bit obnoxious to me the last time we spoke but at least he was professional and adhered to police procedure

    7. Having no paper, nor pens, I adopted a simple procedure

    8. ‘Angie … I know there’s a procedure for people in your situation … having said that, it’s extremely rare as memories seldom survive for long here … but I’m sure there’s something that can be done

    9. The procedure involves the removal of the epidermis and some superficial dermis while

    10. Normally, the extent of the surface to be planed will determine whether the procedure

    11. The procedure will

    12. of the room as this procedure was begun

    13. this simple procedure, which is incredibly effective

    14. I repeated the procedure several times with no change

    15. arm to test them, explain the procedure beforehand

    16. need to know the procedure anyway

    17. We found that the procedure for releasing

    18. procedure and know that ignorance is acceptable but easily improved upon if

    19. Identifying and Releasing (see Trapped Emotions, Procedure to

    20. The forefront of style among those that could afford it was the advanced surgical procedure that separated the skull into three sections, lifted it away, and put in a net that made all your thoughts available as your user interface to the network

    21. 6 For there is a time and procedure for every purpose, although the misery of

    22. Over the next five minutes he increases the level by steps to three hundred and sixty joules, repeating the procedure again and again

    23. Leona’s final curtain, her final bow is taken at the end of the Procedure Show

    24. For Bex the basic procedure is the same, although her patient record is as yet incomplete

    25. He probably thought scientific procedure was all just ritual

    26. I first grew up in an abandoned concrete parking garage that my dad had planked in,” her eyes went that far away and she stared thru his procedure schedule that was hanging on the wall opposite her

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    operation procedure process function routine subprogram subroutine act deed transaction program conduct plan management proceeding