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    1. It’s a hiring process that ensures the leader of the organization has followers, and therefore, power

    2. This summarising process did however result in the generation of some

    3. With some trepidation therefore, I repeated this process with A

    4. If you're using it to better your life and you’re making the lives of those around you better in the process, that’s not selfish

    5. The natural process of healing has to be supplemented with medical intervention when the ailment starts causing more pain than bearable or more serious physical or mental ailments develop

    6. ~ Studies have also shown that the nutrients missed by skipping breakfast cannot be compensated for in other meals, as the body is unable to process the vital nutrients optimally if consumed all at once

    7. The brain is less able to process that information because of loss of neurons in the brain

    8. In this chapter, I will cover some basic methods of making your own organic fertilizers while showing you how we can help the earth (soil) reestablish the balance and restore the natural process by harness-

    9. However, studies around the world have shown that such a process is not the one used by most of the world’s sewer treatment plants

    10. Underling’s back that he was just in the process of doing that very thing when he realized at the last moment that it might look like he was being sarcastic

    11. Personal knowledge about the patient can help in key diagnostic findings; but that does not take away the other aspects of the process of consultation

    12. While he grows physically as per the natural process, to grow emotionally he has to decide through self-will

    13. Tenth Month to Twelfth Month: Repeat the process

    14. It is the fermentation process that converts energy to the plants as readily available sugars, and minerals

    15. The third stage covers the actual process of counseling

    16. Human nature is such that he always tries to benefit at the cost of others and in the process if palms have to be greased, it is accepted and in some cases even encouraged to take undue advantage of the loopholes

    17. After following this process you may observe that the targeted rate of return is not feasible

    18. A gardener’s compost heap is a process that is going on eternally in nature

    19. The creation process as enunciated in our religious scriptures matches to a great extent with the evolving scientific hypothesis of Big Bang and expanding and contracting universe

    20. It breaks down the various organic matter, converting it into compost while giving off heat and steam in the process

    21. Different types of bacterial composition will occur throughout the composting process

    22. The time of year also determines the rate at which the composting process occurs

    23. Start the process over again in bin #1

    24. This first step is one of the most difficult stages in the meditation process and involves constant unremitting ability to keep bringing the mind back to that "object" upon which the aspirant has chosen to concentrate

    25. This process gradually steps up the consciousness and enables the aspirant to arrive at the life side of manifestation instead of the form side

    26. The process is known as remineralization through rock dust application

    27. The amount of minerals and the quality rock used to produce rock dust depends on the location of the for quarry, and the mining process

    28. The increased bacteria stimulates the composting process

    29. • Due to its high mineral content, rock dust helps in all aspects of the plants biological process

    30. Negative thoughts are also part of the aging process

    31. Yoga can work independently of medicines but can supplement it by preparing the body to respond faster through the natural process

    32. Once out of the confines of the body, your thought process becomes capable of unlimited access in space

    33. Tahlmute's certificates and incantations performed correctly this week and they were admitted to the storage facility after quite a lengthy process of looking up records and cross checking thieves files

    34. suggestive, conscious and programmed process until then

    35. You have yet to walk this path, experience the process of getting to

    36. Tahlmute got his foot under the tongue in the process and could have broken a bone if he had any less luck

    37. He joined the army during the war and very quickly rose through the ranks – nothing particularly splendid - but in the process, he became very close friends with a guy who lived in Dorset

    38. And it is a process as well

    39. ‘Hello?’ I squeaked, having knocked the breath out of myself in the process

    40. The process was irreversible, they said

    41. " I couldn't process it

    42. in the process, but finally he managed to fall back onto the relative safety of his bed

    43. It was a long process, repairing everything that had to be repaired to get life support working so the hard-wired interlocks would let the main controls be operated

    44. All part of the process and worthy of respect

    45. It is a process which last our

    46. This is the process

    47. And that is a process

    48. Seems she hit the bridge slightly at an angle and it stoved in the roof of her car a bit, not enough to stop the door opening, thank God, but her head got coshed in the process

    49. effected a process of change and evolution

    50. It is a process that starts from the inside

    1. What about processed foods and especially fast food? The amount of

    2. P…Caffeine, Refined sugar, Alcohol, and Processed foods

    3. · Avoid all canned and processed foods in favour of fresh or home-preserved foods

    4. Once it has processed the information, the brain sends the commands to the muscles

    5. Sewer sludge can be processed correctly with an end result of good, clean, safe compost7

    6. Sammy ground his teeth while his thoughts processed

    7. that they didn’t have to take the film to be processed at a

    8. They have been whittled at, processed,

    9. What, then, are these unnatural foods to be avoided? These are the refined, processed, tinned and packaged foods, the worst offenders being white sugar, white flour, white rice and any other food from which the vitality has been refined out

    10. dealt with and processed

    11. broken down and processed by the liver, and too much

    12. to be processed by her physical body, and as a result,

    13. Some of these feelings were never fully processed, and

    14. It is processed in ages of development that man survives

    15. The body has not yet been processed and is still on a trolley wrapped in a blue blanket

    16. The entire wait staff led by Mandy and White Feathers processed from the kitchens bearing trays and singing

    17. While the transaction is processed Davina wonders why they are staying here

    18. The careful attention to practical construction development, phased and processed as seen here, is inspired

    19. "So this processed data spot remains, and can be addressed with the right position context once I translate it to the round-about way you people have of addressing

    20. By replacing highly processed grains for nutritious whole grains you will find that you are

    21. Processed foods contain more Trans fats

    22. processed by the universe and exists — even if the existence is currently in

    23. Silence echoed off the walls, while I processed her prejudiced comment

    24. They processed their memories differently and relied heavily on senses rather than emotions

    25. The training and practice of the peaceful warrior is to see the blessing in all events and things and how the information is processed

    26. seven days he figured out that processed

    27. Beets are high in carbohydrates which means they are a great instant energy source, but unlike processed foods which are high in carbohydrates, beets will energize your body

    28. Their food was a mix of fish, processed algae protein and regular imports from Callisto

    29. processed, and stowed away by the next noon

    30. whales were captured and processed, and there was a lot of

    31. with one or more of the many whaleships in the vicinity, but that would happen after the current whale was completely processed

    32. foods are best, and my rule of thumb is to offer the best quality, least processed food

    33. Once processed and in a federal prison, my life would end abruptly at the hands of one of Falconi’s men

    34. “Based upon my minimal knowledge of human physiology, and assuming the water, the most dangerous thing in there, was properly processed, it seems unlikely

    35. Dorian mentally processed his schedule for the day with the speed of an I-Phone and replied,

    36. Therefore, all this is processed and totally consumed in the tentative of solving determined social problem

    37. Susan is being processed

    38. His behavior certainly seemed odd at the time, but I let it go thinking he was stressed with getting Susan processed

    39. In fact common sense, accurate historical data well processed, is weak in the liberal and very weak in the leftist

    40. Occipital Lobe: Most of our sight signals are processed here

    41. When it is processed, the useful nutrients become part of you and the rest is discarded

    42. One by one, processing tons of events in a really short time, releasing loads of unprocessed material—what a rush! The funny feeling is that when each processed experience is archived, it loses form and shape and all the ties with it are gone

    43. I guess that from now on, each time that I look at my past, I will only find processed memories with no negative attachment to them

    44. “The simulations stimulate the amygdala, which is responsible for processing fear, induce a hallucination based on that fear, and then transmit the data to a computer to be processed and observed

    45. Payments are processed twice a week on Monday and Friday afternoons

    46. in his processed tray with not a care in the world

    47. Once he processed it, he decided

    48. Do choose whole grains over processed whenever you can

    49. There was a long pause, as Lucky processed the information, a flurry of emotions played across her eyes

    50. Otherwise your order will not get processed

    1. “It was really more of an inevitability; if one knows the proper angles of attack and thought processes of his opponent, there really is only one outcome to ultimately destroy them

    2. The Inspector is looking as inscrutable as ever, his thought processes obviously working overtime

    3. Some apprehension of cosmic processes is achieved and universe is clearly understood as a play of the cosmic forces

    4. processes in body so that it becomes healthy; blesses a man with

    5. processes, but as long as you believe, it is happening

    6. We were shown all the production processes of their exclusive lamps:

    7. Now Michael worked for a local company that processes credit card transactions

    8. ‘Nothing wrong with your thought processes

    9. processes every hour, most of them appearing to be

    10. He turned over slowly and opened one eye, feeling that slight dullness around the edge of his thought processes that suggested that maybe he had supped one glass too many the night before

    11. ‘I didn’t have any wine with the meal because I thought it’d interfere with my thought processes – one kiss from you and I can’t think straight at all!’

    12. A hack this big would take a lot of maintenance, Thom was recording libraries of signals every day and running tons of processes on them looking for patterns

    13. As the mindbody processes the emotion that has been

    14. dullness around the edge of his thought processes that suggested

    15. It has you in isolated processes, one for each planet the souls came from, instead of one for each soul as on Gordon’s Lamp

    16. shut off your normal thought processes, and just translate the intent of

    17. Our instinctive brain, or center, regulates the internal processes of our body

    18. Jameson spent more time in the kitchens during the restaurant's off-season learning the arts, processes and techniques of becoming a chef

    19. Miss Backhouse gulped as Harry, the unfamiliar young man, stood up and presented the salient points of the processes and purposed organization of the plans before them

    20. naturally and as a consequence of natural bodily processes

    21. creates with the universe, processes, and achieves success

    22. Adjectives, conjunctions, and prepositions: some sort Of bionomic central force in the monkey seemed to Express itself through the de-centered processes of Rolling grammatical progression and spreading activation That converged around the impulses flowing between The brain-machine interface, with the monkey’s intentions Refined by the computers rationalizing

    23. This is why sales flows (also known as sales funnels or sales processes) are so

    24. Be aware of the payment processes you use

    25. My one and only appointed mission is to help those who are lost try to clear their minds of the old grease that has clogged up their thought processes so that they can someday finally stop suffering a fate which plagues the majority of our species

    26. I am Wendy the Way, and as I said, my one and only appointed mission is to help those who are lost to clear their minds of that thick, layered, stubborn grease that has clogged their thought processes

    27. In tune with their own feelings, beliefs, and thinking processes and seemingly less interested in others

    28. So say the proponents of chaos theory, who use 'the butterfly effect' to describe how simple and apparently straightforward processes can combine and set in motion a chain of events with far-reaching and unpredictable consequences

    29. Physical and mechanical properties of slag-alkaline concrete can vary with wide range by selecting raw materials, varying concrete mix composition and applying different technological processes

    30. Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes are processes initiated by Gaia (the Mother Earth Energy) to help clear and uplift the vibrations of the planet

    31. programming to dominate their thought processes

    32. without knowing exactly what processes enable a fire to

    33. your thought processes are mostly about and how you

    34. with the scientific processes that the universe uses to

    35. Thought processes can project into other dimensions causing corruption

    36. If you can interfere with its thinking processes you might distract it into not measuring its replies so precisely

    37. This opposes undirected processes such as natural selection, which is held by Evolutionists

    38. However, the evidence that we do find, has to conform to processes that we understand today

    39. We know now that the structure of DNA and processes in a single cell are extremely complicated and that it cannot be ascribed to mere chance, even if the Universe was 100 times older than scientists postulate

    40. Even if we do not understand all the mechanics and processes that God used to perform his creative work, we know, based on the provable accuracy of the Bible, that the sequence of events as recorded in the Bible, has to be accurate

    41. Today we would expect to hear something like: “Since the Big Bang happened, all processes have gradually occurred over billions of years and therefore we do not believe that the Earth is only about 6,000 years old or that a global flood occurred, as it is written in the Bible

    42. Discovering the processes by which the Creator placed the water layer above the atmosphere in the first place or how a water layer ended up between rock-layers beneath the earth may be a futile exercise

    43. Further, the Athenians were in the habit of banishing people who had gained the disfavor of the Assembly, and neither tyranny nor oligarchy were possibilities far removed from their traditional political processes, the rhetoric of Pericles notwithstanding

    44. The typical male adult processes 2 grams of creatine per day, and replaces that amount through dietary intake and

    45. Can we avoid the old mind-body dichotomy of Descartes? Are thoughts and memories no more than the electro-chemical interactions between cytoplasmic extrusions of the individual neurons of the cerebrum? And what are the physical processes in the brain that result from deciding to think about one subject rather than another? This entire subject remains something to think about, does it not?

    46. We’ve wondered if that was one of the positive effects of the modified immersion, having to utilise your higher thought processes to a greater extent

    47. It will be easier for her to get turned on because her biological processes are more efficient

    48. You have to remember that the process of going from not being in the mood to being sexually aroused is based on a series of biological processes

    49. In other words, without the right vitamins and minerals, these processes do not operate efficiently

    50. And yet they may have only been a product of his imagination, such was the collapse of partitions between the conscious and underlying mental processes

    1. The numbers came into view when processing of the images against the database brought enough confidence to render them in the image

    2. A year or so after the event on the street corner the government proposed the setting up an immigration processing centre in the borough where Miss Jones lived

    3. Most of what was installed was actually in the instrumentation buses and signal processing, so it was unlikely anything else would be noticed

    4. Our mutual friend is opening a fish processing factory just down the road in St Austell, which might come in handy now that we’ve run out of cash”

    5. Usually it was notices of more processing nodes smashed to rubble and additional delays in getting souls into smaller targets

    6. of the processing power of our brain

    7. If no one from any other universe disturbed her, she could be totally convinced she was in the heaven she believed in while she was really in a processing node back in the League

    8. will finish processing, and they will become testable

    9. is furiously turning over, processing what you have

    10. released, symptoms of this processing can arise

    11. one emotion after another, and do the processing for

    12. Be Aware of Processing Ups and Downs

    13. emotional ups and downs from processing the release

    14. processing the release of a trapped emotion without

    15. Is it unsafe, or are they already processing

    16. He has already been informed of your request and has begun processing it

    17. “I have met with each of your professors personally, and have received their every assurance that while you still have a few weeks and final examinations to undergo, it will not be to the detriment of this College to allow you the right of processing with the Leavers during this Commemoration's ceremonies

    18. Planning and allowing for auto-responders, automated sign-ups, credit card processing, automated cancellations, etc is all part of a

    19. you a good deal on the credit card processing fee, but expect to pay a

    20. was processing the reality of the encounter

    21. time processing his behaviors, as I have done

    22. After processing results more than 50 thousand tests, Abrams offered a formula:

    23. After producing concrete's constructions, decrease in its permeability can be reached by processing of concrete surface by waterproof substances and the substances chemically reacting with minerals of cement stone with formation of insoluble compounds or covering surface by protective materials

    24. - the specific costs connected with additional processing of the a

    25. handles all the payment processing

    26. At least as an artificial sentient intelligence there were distinct advantages: the utility of logic – decisions made that were unquestionably right, borne from a multitude of processing units, a network of connected intelligences

    27. I have been processing this whole debate for months, years, so you got both barrels

    28. ” said Phil, “With what’s left it’s difficult to be certain but I’d say that this is designed to intercept data from the external sensors and then relay it to the processor system after processing it in some way

    29. She decided that there just was not a good position to record them from, and her dad had forbidden her from using the thin steel walkways from the edge of the tank to the large water heating and processing unit mounted on a shaft above the centre of the swirling water

    30. first was that every computer in the place, from the central processing computer down to the

    31. The danger of a semi-automated system was the sophistication of processing required

    32. everybody used for the robots that carried trays of microchips from one processing machine to

    33. certainly inside the central processing computer that gave them their instructions, and inside the rest of the amazing machinery in this room, the

    34. whales and the processing of the blubber

    35. time in processing the whale harvest on board the ship

    36. alongside the ship for processing

    37. In the blue-white glow of the bridge, the Captain placed his hands over a dark glass panel as he used his mind-link for high speed processing

    38. At this critical moment a scanning beam recorded every atom of the crew members into a quantum computer (interchanged with the processing in over a trillion parallel dimensions)

    39. Here are a list of key vitamins and minerals that are essential for mood and sharp brain processing

    40. It was odd to be confronted with such an antiquated processing unit, like an original super computer from the mid twenty-first century: stacked breezeblocks with flashing LED lights

    41. Roidon suggested a connection to a remote network, one that already had a huge amount of processing power, one with a governing AI that could communicate and mediate the co-option of its own systems

    42. The code meant very little to him beyond the fact that this was very low level processing language

    43. He meekly followed her to the Police Station for processing

    44. Tara jerked her eyes to the front, processing what Dr

    45. Therefore, she couldn’t imagine a property less likely to be of interest than the fish processing plant he insisted she see

    46. Mike would then travel with Richard and Pepé to Bocas del Toro, return after sunset to the fish processing plant and hide the cocaine

    47. She was processing what I had just suggested and suddenly seemed a little distracted

    48. “Yes, our processing plant is on the waterfront

    49. It was properly re-circulating back to the holding tank for processing

    50. Think of it as chopping my own arms off trying to avoid a disease spreading to my heart and killing me, okay? Now, in that processing I seem to have irreversibly placed as much of my conscience and intelligent functions in this scrap of metal, the avatar, the Prosops

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