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    1. The two masters of official prose worked like Trojans throughout the whole of the night before the paper was due to be published, collating pages by section and sections by chapter

    2. The two masters of official prose worked like Trojans

    3. the most wonderful pieces of prose and poetry I have ever

    4. humorous prose had ceased to have an effect

    5. A writer may experience a tragic loss, and his refusal to accept the loss might result in a life of tortured but beautiful prose as he tries to work through his pain through writing

    6. Greatest writer of English prose in all of history

    7. Based on the description of warfare in "The Art of War" and the striking similarity of the text's prose to other works from Warring States period led the modern scholars to place the completion of "The Art of War" in the Warring States Period (476-221 BC)

    8. There would be none of the book inventory problems I had heard so much about during my adventure in prose

    9. Collecting my poems and beginnings of prose, a secret joy gathered inside

    10. That is one reason why I like writing poetry--you can say so many things in it that are true in poetry but wouldn't be true in prose

    11. The Romans introduced the prose novel, later

    12. Green is also the author of Stone Blood, a literary novel, and Three Pounds of Flax, a collection of 48 prose poems

    13. I asked him about his studies and he indicated that they were still emphasizing Nahual prose and poetry in Texcoco

    14. tried to explain this strange adventure in letters, but found he could put it better in the form of a poem or prose

    15. his deepest and most personal thoughts, in prose and poetry

    16. Odyssey Resumed ought to be read not only for the measured movements of its prose and its lyricism, but also for its respect of the immense diversity of every phenomenon, including the most elusive of all: human happiness

    17. The bookshelf offered a variety of prose and what appeared to be

    18. Not only is it not new, it is hackneyed in comparison to the far better prose of the classic mystical religious writers

    19. His prose needs some refining though,”

    20. Last Friday while we talked, in a very entertaining chat, I took advantage of the opportunity to ask him, very secretly, his interest in literature and poetry, and he confessed openly in my own face that he is not fan of literature, verses, poetry, or anything that has to do with romantic prose

    21. make a turn of phrase clearer, or a reminder on how to enliven prose with the active voice

    22. , Light on the Path and The Idyll of the White Lotus, He being, as our President puts it, a “skilled craftsman in poetic English prose and in melodious utterance”

    23. Things unattempted yet in prose or rhyme

    24. ciples: enjambments, repetition, prose narration, and the use of

    25. ate between poetry and prose, but, as for form, poetic rules are the

    26. When prose is composed, we write to the

    27. more akin to prose poetry than it is to other types of modern free-

    28. ate rhythm, so meter is conserved, and traces of prose are removed

    29. On a long table, also heaped with old books and papers, the proprietor was writing tireless prose in purple letters, somewhat outlandish, and on the loose pages of a school notebook

    30. While her English prose could not be called masterful, her style was both simple, direct and concise, something he appreciated as an experienced field commander: flowery bullshit was something he had no time for in a war zone

    31. Dr Prasad is giving this presentation and his emotional creation for the friends, family members and relatives as well as others to read, enjoy and get something out of these poems and prose

    32. Like that character from Moliere who was delighted to learn that he’d been speaking prose all along and never knew it, each and every one of us is channeling all the time; and the only difference between “professional” psychics and mediums and the rest of us is that the psychics are aware of what they’re doing – they make a special point of (call special attention to) a completely natural process that everybody already knows how to do

    33. Winner of numerous awards, among them Israel's Council of Culture and Art Prize for Maiden Prose (1997), The Rotary Club Award for Social Studies (1976), and the Bilateral Relations Studies Award of the American Embassy in Israel (1978)

    34. Spring is also the author of three prose works:

    35. Spring’s written poetry and prose are available at:

    36. And then it all came to me in a sudden fall: not as rhymes, however, but prose poems: a collection of speech-like, out-of-control, falling-down-the-elevator-shaft raps that somehow revealed both my own colors and those of the nursery characters in a way I could never have predicted

    37. Spring’s poetry and prose are available at:

    38. Free downloadable selections from most of my poetry and prose are available at:

    39. I’ve been known to dabble in the prose before; it’s fun, but I’ve never written this much stuff

    40. Twenty pages of this mind-bending prose

    41. Wading through all that turgid prose ought to stop him

    42. never learnt to think logically, and wrote such dense, impenetrable prose it was amazing anyone

    43. Hesse, the German master of prose, had just completed his mas-

    44. It was similar to the gruesome poem, he’d verbally left on her answering machine the day she flew out to Colorado, but this written poem had been altered to allow for additional passages to be added to it’s horrific prose

    45. He pulls her up as she attempts to guess what author might have said such a profound prose?

    46. This wasa five-act costume play, in prose, portraying the life at thecourt

    47. Of his shorter prose worksonly two, "De Gibraltar a Lisboa,

    48. diphthongization of two strong vowels in the proper pronunciationof prose; only when a strong

    49. So strong was this feeling the other day that I actually got out of the carriage, being impulsive, and began almost involuntarily to climb the hill, half expecting to see the glories of the New Jerusalem all spread out before me when I should reach the top; and it came with quite a shock of disappointment to find there was nothing there but the prose of potato-fields, and a sandy road with home-going calves kicking up its dust, and in the distance our neighbour's _Schloss_, and the New Jerusalem just as far off as ever

    50. Matt, now amused by the old man"s prose, teasingly asked, “But

    1. He still prosed on, wrapped up in his own eloquence

    1. something shuddered him and he had been prosing

    2. You have heard some prosing dreamers, some fanatics, or other ignoramus shoddily argue it means ‘annihilation

    3. Here the lecture began, but Jo heard very little of it, for while Professor Sands was prosing away about Belzoni, Cheops, scarabei, and hieroglyphics, she was covertly taking down the address of the paper, and boldly resolving to try for the hundred-dollar prize offered in its columns for a sensational story

    4. Rushworth, a well-meaning, civil, prosing, pompous woman, who thought nothing of consequence, but as it related to her own and her son’s concerns, had not yet given over pressing Lady Bertram to be of the party

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