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    1. But whatever happened with Herndon was doomed by his 'wife and kids' family style

    2. doostEr hadn't really signed up for this responsibility with Estwig, in fact the boy did crimp his style at times, but he couldn't help feeling the responsibility

    3. She called him a stuffed shirt, of being all style and no substance

    4. Travis may have been the best tattoo artist in Ireland, if not all of Western Europe, but he didn't come close to the skill of this man, at least not when it came to ritual Sak Yant; sacred skin art, Thai style

    5. The kitchen is practical, the units solid but far from the latest style

    6. In true Tonya style, they bring a basket of food and, within ten minutes of their arrival, Tonya is cajoling me into eating something

    7. According to his publisher, I have done “a very good job, but the book has changed style

    8. Then he turned to another disciple and proposed her correcting my translation, so that the text will return to its original style

    9. I only explained that when a book is translated into another language, it inevitably changes style

    10. He was the only full blooded Brazilian in this household, but he used his immense wealth to impart a bit of the style of his homeland in the timbers, the stucco and the tile

    11. His staff was happy with the style and got into it, especially when they found there were good wages involved so there were now some creative artists turning out some really beautiful saddles using some of the exotic plumes that come from the tails of many species of local animals

    12. Blaine was out first, stepping down as the carriage slowed and running to present his hand Earth style

    13. They differ only in style from those of the Dos or Yakhan basins

    14. style and maintain hair

    15. the triumph of substance over style,

    16. There hasn't been much wilderness in this style for a couple centuries, it's been soil-mined out for those mechanized farms

    17. New Speak, assumed the position and the style

    18. Wiesse, in true organiser style, had been somewhat vague about the practical side of locating this man

    19. It was nice being able to travel in style with the wealthy; that made up for the camping

    20. She was wearing a snug Yakhan style jersey, her beautiful shape was more obvious than ever

    21. The two writers asked him if he thought the syntax was just perfect? They asked for his opinions on all manner of things, and particularly whether he thought the blending of fact, interpretation and style created the most stunning and persuasive of arguments? Then they showed him the latest section of the report, which was hot off the printer, and Sir John could do nothing but open his eyes wider and wider

    22. Grumpy brings his clothes over to the fire; he looks as ridiculous as I do, with his blanket wrapped, sarong style round his middle

    23. The second, emotional style of communication also

    24. Emotional scenes just are not Karen’s style

    25. Don't tell me what my style is

    26. By now she had grown accustomed to the weight of her mother’s old engagement ring on her finger and the Chinese style vase stood proudly in its new position on the fireplace mantelpiece

    27. Over coffee the next morning great-aunt Edith inspected first the ring and then the Chinese style pot

    28. The Shark-IV had several user panels but they controlled things like what kind of suit it wore, the color and style of hair, features, build, the sound and tone of voice it used, its manners and personality type and what hobbies it should speak of in social settings

    29. But if it is one ceremony, they want it in style

    30. Since he was a little boy he would always recognize his mother’s handwriting, and this was the same strong but dainty style she’d had when he was a little boy

    31. “Well, at least I still have a sense of style”, he mumbled to

    32. The building is a large, square, whitewashed building in the modern style – very smart

    33. “I like you Captain Alexei,” she told him on their journey to Aura, “true, you have a vain and swaggering style, but you also have a sharp mind

    34. “I like your style my Lady

    35. She figured the open-fronted blouse was in style here because it saved so much cloth

    36. for a clothing style blog, one could give consultation

    37. what style would work best? Dry, factual statements are not my preferred style

    38. She had less to be done here than the others because she was naturally light skinned and light skin was the style here

    39. and style created the most stunning and persuasive of arguments?

    40. All the style was in the adjoining hanger station

    41. The style had a few themes from Minoan times, mainly the color schemes and the fact that there were no depictions of important men, and it was all connected into one building

    42. Bunty appears to have given up her very economic style of writing and is now cramming in a lot more into the space provided, putting down her feelings

    43. The forefront of style among those that could afford it was the advanced surgical procedure that separated the skull into three sections, lifted it away, and put in a net that made all your thoughts available as your user interface to the network

    44. rucksack and together with the Chinese style vase all of Annie’s

    45. mother’s old engagement ring on her finger and the Chinese style

    46. ring and then the Chinese style pot

    47. These were built during a revival of that style in the late 50's when cast limestone blocks were popular

    48. They would obviously still fit her today, but they were a much scantier style than Ava would ever wear among the general public, maybe even more than Tdeshi would wear in today’s styles

    49. had been more recently constructed in a ‘lean-to’ style against the

    50. which contrasted sharply with his previously sedate style of driving

    1. they are styled, but they are still,

    2. Cyberia, unaccustomed as she was to seeing the metropolis in its daytime apparel, walked open-mouthed past dingy basement flat windows, down long, dark alleyways and visibly felt herself shrink before the impressive, classically styled porticos of ancient institutional temples

    3. before the impressive, classically styled porticos of ancient

    4. Her long golden hair pulled up and styled in twists and turns that I can’t even

    5. The remainder of the apartment was styled in the stark and polished wood and stone of the the western outlanders who grew onions indoors far above air that those from Valindor could breath

    6. characters are styled after certain rules, with

    7. In the lulls of their more active 'assistance,' Song braided Deni's hair, or Deni styled Song's now growing but still short curls

    8. As they moved out of sight the youths glanced up at the imposing structure with its round dome sat on a square Roman styled building

    9. Her dark hair, long but styled flat in a disciplined way; navy- blue outfit a more sober version of something Deanna would wear to work

    10. At the side was a man he immediately disliked the the look of – someone who clearly spent a lot of time at the gym and generally appeared to have a certain vanity about him, with his carefully styled hair

    11. Ireland"--as you will find him styled in your copy of the Old Version,

    12. I straightened the A-lined skirt of my white chiffon dress with its V-neck lace bodice and checked that the long, wide laced elvish styled sleeves had not caught onto anything and left loose threads

    13. With her hair up and styled a certain way and that sexy dress she wore, he wondered why he hadn't thought of her in a romantic way

    14. Hilderich felt curiously intrigued by the improbably styled interior of the tower, though it troubled him that the atmosphere this place exuded was not akin to a place of healing

    15. “Nestorius was a presbyter of Antioch who in 428 was made patriarch of Constantinople and was charged with teaching that there were two persons in Jesus Christ, of which one is the word of God, and the other the man Jesus, and that Mary His mother ought not to be styled mother of God (Theotokos) but mother of Christ (Christotokos)

    16. that in modern times Cyrus would be styled an Emperor, so great were the lands

    17. Styled on the American banks dotted around the area and with a relaxed working attitude that mirrored their ethic, his workers felt it easy to bring fresh ideas into play

    18. The lift doors opened and he was met with a beautiful atrium styled rooftop

    19. Hutchins, former President of the University of Chicago, happily styled the Court “the highest legislative body in the land

    20. I took a pair of prehistoric styled heels out, they were literally that old

    21. It was very modern styled and incredibly spacious, the embodiment of comfort and luxury

    22. They wear long masquerade costumes; Victoria in a midnight-blue, mermaid styled dress and Megan in a revealing electric-blue, mini dress with a matching feathered mask

    23. Decorated in a palette of cream, white, and gold, the hall oozes with Italian styled ornaments and furnishings

    24. He stands in white trousers with a Classic Van-Bailey Blue cashmere jersey, loosely styled in a way that gives him a pristine look

    25. and built different styled dwellings; and this would be yet

    26. eyed black man with boyish looks, his hair styled into cornrows

    27. An emo styled girl blurts out aggressively “I am a pagan!” As her friends smirk, waiting for our rebuttal, we tell her, “That’s ok

    28. His light hair was carefully styled and the room he was broadcasting from, a private office, looked immaculately clean and organized

    29. A luxurious motel styled clinic was now open with a range of services in the IVF and adoption arena

    30. one-hundred-dollar-a-cut, styled perfection and his face nearly flawless

    31. Her men always wore properly pressed uniforms, clean shaven and hair styled properly

    32. They were also healthy, level-headed, well mannered, confident, self-controlled and sensibly dressed in skirts and blouses, low-heeled shoes, no makeup, and hair styled so it would need only a quick brush in the mornings

    33. styled Italian mobster vamps, living on the fringe of society, would be too campy to stomach, but this smart, well-written vampire comedy

    34. makeup, and have my hair styled" (Fierman 1990, p

    35. She had her hair colored and styled and learned to use

    36. the Echo, and a self styled "Newsman"

    37. one piece that must have been styled by Dior and cost

    38. He had short styled dark brown hair, cappuccino skin, strong bone structure, light intriguing eyes and a sexy smile

    39. The skin on her face had a natural sheen like Oikumies, and her long black hair was styled in cornrows and into a loose ponytail around her neck

    40. In an evil hour their descendants lost sight of the true nature of the church, adopted what was styled "The Half-way Covenant," and admitted to church membership those who gave no evidence of regeneration

    41. styled his hair a la Tony Curtis, circa 1960, and wore a

    42. of her clothes and also her jet black hair that was styled like

    43. All that they needed was back up and a few commando styled

    44. I made myself calm down and tousled her hair, completely forgetting that she styled it nowadays and would't want me to mess it up

    45. of state or even the heads of huge mafiosi styled and well

    46. He now promised his people greater material wealth; double the daily wage earned on the farm in exchange for absolute silence about the totemic Kokopoulos who, Kicheche, would assure all and sundry, would wreak death and destruction should the merest whisper of indiscretion come to his ears as Head Mganga, as Kandowere now styled himself

    47. I walked up to the Grecian styled mansion with ten

    48. haircut or have it styled

    49. There is something to be said about a southwestern styled

    50. Nobody helped them so much so that this self styled World Nations Forum only flattered you

    1. much believer of some of the styles or techniques of

    2. Gingerbread was used as a structural element in some styles, hair thin was the hallmark of others

    3. They each could be molded into a variety of styles

    4. Hair: Reflecting on styles popular in the 60’s by Eva Githina

    5. JayJay (as he now styles himself professionally) and Angie send their love

    6. That obviously was as true in the Trenst basin as Zhlindu, though the styles were different

    7. He wished she wouldn’t affect any styles from that world, much less bring the narcotics here

    8. This is simply a data base that lists your interests, hobbies and communication styles into categories in order to

    9. For example, the Relationship Matrix deals a ton with the communication styles of its

    10. These are two very different styles of living and both have its rewards

    11. 'Laxman and my batting styles are identical,' said another boy in the park

    12. A fat lot of support that is … he reappears clutching one of those very shiny magazines full of photos of hair styles, folded back at a certain page - he hands it to me

    13. The styles had changed a lot since the days of Knossos, it looked more like millennium California

    14. Zharvai is a pretty lively city, much steeper on it’s dam than the Yakhan, with a lot more styles of the northlands, grandiose Dwarven architecture, signs with sigils from Salvadoran times

    15. There was a lively party scene with lots of after-dinner music of styles from various deeps

    16. They would obviously still fit her today, but they were a much scantier style than Ava would ever wear among the general public, maybe even more than Tdeshi would wear in today’s styles

    17. Maybe Jeff we can try to do this way, why not sending me your catalog with your selected styles and materials, then I'll show to the tellers to ask their prices

    18. But due to the changed life styles, most of us do not have to engage in strenuous work

    19. Although it can be a very provocative martial art, Shootfighting is still one of the most popular martial arts styles in the world

    20. Tai Chi is one of the oldest styles of martial arts, and one of the hardest to find

    21. is one of the oldest martial arts styles, dating back hundreds of years

    22. Similar to other martial arts styles, Judo has rules that ensure the safety of those competing in the competitions

    23. normal y among the best styles of martial arts

    24. And who better to return? Yet it did seem curious to select him for the same planet: there would normally be rivalry with different architectural styles, not that he was fixed within a certain style, contrary to most people’s perception

    25. Scarf styles are flexible and can be worn as a shawl, head covering, head piece or an actual garment

    26. to the factory to choose carpet colors, styles, cabinets, and so on

    27. Art Stupefaction conceals an inherent baseness common to affected styles and manners that is often lost on the casual observer, captivated as many of them are by erratic forms for their own sake without giving considered thought to their (social) implications; radical ―art‖ forms whose intended meaning, if any, are often unclear, its premises anti-social, tasteless, adolescent, absurd, valueless and immoral

    28. When your children divide their time between you and their mother, they have to deal with two different households, two different parental personalities, two different sets of rules, two different styles of keeping house, two toothbrushes, etc

    29. It attempts to mask its inevitability by hiding behind youthful façades that make it appear incongruous beside younger styles and fashions

    30. Both men’s personas, methods, and writing styles reflect much of the profession’s foibles

    31. He marveled at sculpture in a hundred styles and types as he munched some form of small crunchy things purchased in an arcade

    32. accepted the writing styles" and placed his given name

    33. studying the thinking styles and behaviors of highly successful

    34. Altering the men’s suits and other clothing that had once belonged to the Count was more difficult, but eventually Colling had a selection of clothing that would enable him to be seen as a well-dressed young American with a taste for the European styles

    35. in comparison to some of the clubber"s flyer styles

    36. That is why it can be noted that the various books of the Bible have distinctly different styles

    37. ” There were six other homes, whose styles varied widely

    38. In Psalms, there are at least two styles that the writer followed, the first is to have

    39. In both the above styles, the two parts of the verse are usually separated by a

    40. Styles of evangelisation have been popular at different times during the past two

    41. Styles of evangelization have been popular at different times during the

    42. It also doesn’t help that Sarah is actually pretty even though she styles her dyed black hair long and straight with the bangs cut above her brow and has a fetish for black jeans and ugly puppy-patterned tops

    43. In Tyler, their top loaders were always the larger new styles and their drum washers were sometimes new

    44. women’s in different styles, reflecting the changing fashions of time

    45. “Of the styles of casting you’ve experienced here, which do you think will be most appropriate to use with your own power?”

    46. It went up and down under the management styles of my replacements, but posting a loss of $275,000 at the end of the six years, left him no choice but to bring me back to try to turn it around a second time

    47. On the other hand, there is a great variety in the ways that the marble and the obsidian have been decoratively shaped and carved, and the representative styles of stonework of every nation can be found here

    48. Through the years, I have experimented with all types and styles of this con"trap"tion

    49. Thankfully, jackets were never really outdated and the previous decade’s styles often still looked smart years later

    50. There is often a lack of fit with respect to individual goals and work styles that hampers team performance

    1. After styling your hair, run a sheet over the top of your head where you see flyaways

    2. In the continuing abortion controversy, those styling themselves as „pro choice" would be much more honest were they to style themselves as „pro abortion

    3. Each contestant had to create an original hairstyle using whatever products and accessories they wished and they had one hour in which to complete the styling

    4. “This separation took place in the first half of the 6th century (AD 500+)…About 560, a Monophysite, Askusnages…a noted Alexandrian philosopher…conceived the idea of styling the three persons of the Deity (as) three Gods

    5. Their excuse is that styling a woman is more fun and challenging than a man

    6. “We three could use some hair styling as well

    7. “I'm a model and a styling designer from one of the best organisations in the world”

    8. A cool, very own youtube feature, in terms of styling however is the fact, that you

    9. before styling the hair

    10. hair products and hair styling tools that get the job

    11. you pull hair when styling it

    12. • Create bigger sections of your hair when styling,

    13. hair with treatments and styling services

    14. She had a small round face surrounded by rich brown hair that Bridget found many ways of styling

    15. To ensure that your hair is properly conditioned, whether you are styling it often or not, you should apply a leave on conditioner on it regularly

    16. Aside from that, you should also minimize the use of hair styling tools that give off heat

    17. On top of that, you should also avoid any unnecessary combing, brushing, and styling

    18. If you really need to change your looks, then go with proper styling, instead of going through certain chemical processes

    19. up and hair styling, and a multitude of other

    20. Did the reporter think the flying object had pulled in at the nearest alien space ship styling shop and asked for a coat of paint and a set of magnesium alloy spoke wheels? Oh yes, and a couple of white furry dice for the windscreen, please!

    21. earth, whoever is styling the mark of the beast will be covered with awful

    22. Hunter, as master of the house, sat at the head of the table; his mother, styling herself as Astley Manor’s own dowager empress, sat opposite him at the far end of the slightly too long table

    23. I will to live a life of sanctuary, to live the harmless life of love, by styling my beliefs and acts into an invitation to the Open Table, so that my life makes a way for others to access the table for their health and for the table to be replenished both by my living and dying

    24. She hoped this styling would have the added benefit of ensuring that she was taken seriously despite her young appearance

    25. Setting mousses have created quite a revolution in hair styling in recent years; they give short styles shape and body

    26. Men of his own age shirked instead of seeking his society, voting him — spite of his riches — conceited, self-sufficient, and purse-proud; his elders he avoided, styling them 'stupid old buffers;' while the children, after one shy look, knew better than to play hide-and-seek with him, or hunt for lollies in the pockets of his immaculately fitting coat

    27. While it's the third largest city in Australia, Brisbane tends to come up short compared to the cosmopolitan and showy city of Sydney or the culturally mature and sophisticated styling of 5 star luxury that's

    28. In the styling tab, you can freely adjust the options of the slider

    29. confidence and satisfaction I imparted to a well-combed woman by the right hair styling and its skillful execution

    30. I had a subdued taste in my styling and did not indulge in the more flamboyant hairstyles that Raymond went for

    31. and styling my hair in the prettiest way I had ever seen

    32. Needless to say, you needn't supply your gift recipient with an entire lifestyle change with respect to retro style; however certain relics from the past will be appreciated—that is, if the receiver is into certain era styling

    33. His eyes are blue, and he adds styling mousse to his gray-brown hair to keep it in place

    34. The sobriquet of La Carconte had been bestowed on Madeleine Radelle from the fact that she had been born in a village, so called, situated between Salon and Lambesc; and as a custom existed among the inhabitants of that part of France where Caderousse lived of styling every person by some particular and distinctive appellation, her husband had bestowed on her the name of La Carconte in place of her sweet and euphonious name of Madeleine, which, in all probability, his rude gutteral language would not have enabled him to pronounce

    35. Smith claimed of styling his remarks "irrelevant and improper," a freedom which I should regret to believe would be justified by our Secretary's ideas of decorum

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