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Province sätze (in englisch)

  1. No one in any province.
  2. Tula, the Province of, pp.
  3. Kursk, Province of, note 38.
  4. Samara, the Province of, pp.
  5. Bausk, Province of Courland, p.

  6. His province is the human heart.
  7. The Province is home to the Zulu.
  8. Riazan, the Province of, note 303.
  9. This is the province of a just God.
  10. Smolensk, the Province of, note 211.
  11. Tobolsk, Province of, notes 130, 364.
  12. To know is the province of Divinity.
  13. Our loyalty is to our home province.
  14. The next province was very different.
  15. I belong to the province of Smolensk.

  16. I belong to the province of Smolénsk.
  17. Sudzha (the Province of Kursk), note 38.
  18. It occurred in the Andahualya Province.
  19. Separated by the province of Santander.
  20. The county seat of the province of Orel.
  21. Southernmost and largest province of Spain.
  22. The trouble began in the province of Kosovo.
  23. The Occidental Province should stand alone.
  24. And yet all this is the province of science.
  25. Patriotism is the sole province of countries.

  26. He was one of the intellects of the province.
  27. It was said that he had another in X province.
  28. Besides, I wanted a new life in a new province.
  29. Straight from their province had he come?—.
  30. I asked him who ruled this particular province.
  31. I have a mother and sister in the province of X.
  32. Administratively the island is part of province.
  33. Gāndhi was not allowed to enter Punjab province.
  34. Fantine had quitted her province ten years before.
  35. He told me that was completely out of his province.
  36. The Province of Quebec, in particular the City of.
  37. Leaving this province may soon be our only viable.
  38. Ummed Singh of Jodhpur province in Ummed Public Park.
  39. Our next stop thereafter will be out of the province.
  40. The Habiru band struck the province of Goshen at dawn.
  41. Felix Tholomyes, had he remained in his own province.
  42. As a mayor who had encroached on the province of the.
  43. Governor Ai said, How should I run my province?
  44. Your state or in the case of Canada your province may.
  45. I thought I could depend on every man in this province.
  46. Jerusalem is in the Province of Judea, governed by the.
  47. China’s Guangdong province was exposed as one of the.
  48. He told me we used terms like Governors for each province.
  49. Don’t live in a border province, it’s too close for.
  50. But leaving the province, for the time being, was only a.
  51. The province of Texas is in the viceroyalty of New Spain.
  52. Residence of the former Viceroy of the Province, 738 (Int.
  53. Relatives, friends, visitors from the province and from St.
  54. He travels to Jericho, still in the Province of Judea, and.
  55. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, in the province of Babylon.
  56. It turns in a lazy circle and head for the province of Dan.
  57. The skies over Quebec Province were leaden, and more snow.
  58. The governor of the province also secretly accepts a bribe.
  59. The Chinese Shar-Pei traces its origin to Kwantung Province.
  60. I was born in Montreal, this is my home province this is my.
  61. The banana plantations eventually returned to Limon Province.
  62. The more province you have, to a greater extent the lack of.
  63. The death roars of the beast shook the province horrendously.
  64. Located in India’s Gir Forest in Gujarat Province it’s a.
  65. The Brittany’s traces its origin to the French province of.
  66. He spoke of Russia as if it were a smiling province of France.
  67. But we must not stray into the fascinating province of colour.
  68. Some authors blame Colombian neglect of the province of Panama.
  69. A certainCarrasco had been elected deputy of the province of.
  72. In the doorway the marshal of the province jostled against Levin.
  73. We will omit the details of the arrest in Santa Fé province of.
  74. After them the face of the marshal of the province was poked out.
  75. There he devotedhimself to the betterment of his native province.
  76. Of course no one could be too careful in the province these days.
  77. In the province of Holland,{ Memoires concernant les Droits, etc.
  78. Without that she would long since have become a French province.
  79. He promised Herist land, a whole province, if you can believe it.
  80. The evil Ottomans had attacked the Poloinia province of Moldavia.
  81. And in its two on the horizon hills from another nearby province.
  82. Probably to the point of encouraging the outlaws in his province.
  83. Arabia, notice of a memoir on the province of Omán in, xxxii, 383.
  84. By that time, we had been started taking trips around the province.
  85. Thus at the same instant of time she alienated the whole province.
  86. The province of Holland seems to be approaching near to this state.
  87. A long leaf tea from the highlands of the Uva Province in Sri Lanka.
  89. Short selling is the proper province of roller coaster afficionados.
  90. Ron looked at the dome sealing the province and the high city walls.
  91. The marshal of the province got up, thanked the nobility for their.
  92. Their objective: The northern province of Shaanxi, 5,000 miles away.
  93. It was a province of Iraq separated from Iraq by the British empire.
  94. Province with the world famous Elands River running through the town.
  95. Among the gentry of the province Nicholas was respected but not liked.
  96. He Qun, a Falun Gong practitioner in Jiangsu province, neglected his.
  97. Jiahe county, Hunan province, said his father Wang Jirong was a demon.
  98. Residence of the Former Viceroy of the Province, Santiago, Chili, 738.
  99. Habbaniyah is twelve miles to the east of Fallujah, in Anabar Province.
  100. Similar to Chiang Mai the population of Chiang Rai Province is under 1.

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