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    1. An International NGO (which is also active in India) has facilitated the establishment of Old People’s Associations in four locations across Shaanxi Province in China

    2. justice in a province, marvel not at the matter: for he that is higher than the highest

    3. The province of Holland, on the other hand, in proportion to the extent of its territory and the number of its people, is a richer country than England

    4. The province of Holland seems to be approaching near to this state

    5. In 1731, they obtained an order of council, prohibiting both the planting of new vineyards, and the renewal of these old ones, of which the cultivation had been interrupted for two years, without a particular permission from the king, to be granted only in consequence of an information from the intendant of the province, certifying that he had examined the land, and that it was incapable of any other culture

    6. This flavour, real or imaginary, is sometimes peculiar to the produce of a few vineyards; sometimes it extends through the greater part of a small district, and sometimes through a considerable part of a large province

    7. ‘This is the province of the Comte de Foix and you’ll

    8. the commercial province of men

    9. name is related to the province of Wal achia

    10. What she had always realized intellectually but did not fully appreciate until those moments was how diverse the Legion truly was - and that many of its soldiers in Skyrim were in fact Nords and Redguards who had never set foot in her home province and would not have had any familiarity with her or her father’s name

    11. “I have never been wanting for hospitality in this beautiful province, it’s true

    12. She never heard from or about her friend since the day he left, and she wondered if she might run into him while in the province

    13. There had been so few sunny days since coming to Skyrim, she wondered if the gloomy weather was typical for the province or if she simply had had bad luck

    14. No doubt he had heard the whisperings of the dragons’ return to the province but as he had never witnessed one in his life, he had not been an eager believer – rather, he cast aside the fearful talk as hapless mutterings of fools and peasants

    15. The province of Holland, accordingly, is said to follow this maxim at present

    16. The wind blew bitter on his face as he rode west, but it was nothing the Nord had not been used to in all of his years in the wintry province

    17. Of course no one could be too careful in the province these days

    18. We are all bound by the same code, do not pretend that the Oculatus is at liberty to run wild in this province without my knowledge

    19. He had to wonder additionally why Heron had not said a word to him about Penelope’s reason for being in the province

    20. Bears were not uncommon in the province and they each had had their fair share of encounters with them for as long as they lived

    21. But Chaurus were an entirely different situation; she had not encountered any yet on her travels in Skyrim and had sincerely hoped that the monsters she had read about before coming to the province had been exaggerated

    22. Since coming to the province, she had seen both her brother and now her dearest friend in good health amid all of the chaos and she felt like even though she was far from home, there was a considerable piece of it DRAFTChapter 16 377

    23. There have been some bad things happening in the province lately - things not associated with the war

    24. Even with its ruin and bleakness, the marvelous tales originating from the province had always fascinated her

    25. That soon she would be able to fulfill her most sacred quest in the snowy province, her spirit satisfied

    26. little flags of blue and red spanning the province

    27. The sending out a colony of this kind not only gave some satisfaction to the people, but often established a sort of garrison, too, in a newly conquered province, of which the obedience might otherwise have been doubtful

    28. She prohibits the exportation from one province to another by water, and even the canriage by land upon horseback, or in a cart, of hats, of wools, and woollen goods, of the produce of America; a regulation which effectually prevents the

    29. establishment of any manufacture of such commodities for distant sale, and confines the industry of her colonists in this way to such coarse and household manufactures as a private family commonly makes for its own use, or for that of some of its neighbours in the same province

    30. The authority of this assembly overawes the executive power ; and neither the meanest nor the most obnoxious colonist, as long as he obeys the law, has any thing to fear from the resentment, either of the governor, or of any other civil or military officer in the province

    31. The government of the English colonies is, perhaps, the only one which, since the world began, could give perfect security to the inhabitants of so very distant a province

    32. No nation ever voluntarily gave up the dominion of any province, how troublesome soever it might be to govern it, and how small soever the revenue which it afforded might be in proportion to the expense which it occasioned

    33. Such sacrifices, though they might frequently be agreeable to the interest, are always mortifying to the pride of every nation; and, what is perhaps of still greater consequence, they are always contrary to the private interest of the governing part of it, who would thereby be deprived of the disposal of many places of trust and profit, of many opportunities of acquiring wealth and distinction, which the possession of the most turbulent, and, to the great body of the people, the most unprofitable province, seldom fails to afford

    34. The assembly of a province, like the vestry of a parish, may judge very properly concerning the affairs of its own particular district, but can have no proper means of judging concerning those of the whole empire

    35. It cannot even judge properly concerning the proportion which its own province bears to the whole empire, or concerning the relative degree of its wealth and importance, compared with the other provinces; because those other provinces are not under the inspection and superintendency of the assembly of a particular province

    36. It has been proposed, accordingly, that the colonies should be taxed by requisition, the parliament of Great Britain determining the sum which each colony ought to pay, and the provincial assembly assessing and levying it in the way that suited best the circumstances of the province

    37. Examples are not wanting of empires in which all the different provinces are not taxed, if I may be allowed the expression, in one mass ; but in which the sovereign regulates the sum which each province ought to pay, and in some provinces assesses and levies it as he thinks proper ; while in others he leaves it to be assessed and levied as the respective states of each province shall determine

    38. From others he demands a certain sum, but leaves it to the states of each province to assess and levy that sum as they think proper

    39. This prohibition, joined to the restraints imposed by the ancient provincial laws of France upon the transportation of corn from one province to another, and to the arbitrary and degading taxes which are levied upon the cultivators in almost all the provinces, discouraged and kept down the agriculture of that country very much below the state to which it would naturally have risen in so very fertile a soil, and so very happy a climate

    40. The ancient provincial restraints upon the transportation of corn from one province of the kingdom to another, have been entirely taken away; and the liberty of exporting it to all foreign countries, has been

    41. Without an extensive foreign market, they could not well flourish, either in countries so moderately extensive as to afford but a narrow home market, or in countries where the communication between one province and another was so difficult, as to render it impossible for the goods of any particular place to enjoy the whole of that home market which the country could afford

    42. Bengal accordingly, the province of Indostan which commonly exports the greatest quantity of rice, has always been more remarkable for the exportation of a great variety of manufactures, than for that of its grain

    43. A magnificent high-road cannot be made through a desert country, where there is little or no commerce, or merely because it happens to lead to the country villa of the intendant of the province, or to that of some great lord, to whom the intendant finds it convenient to make his court

    44. The canal of Languedoc cost the king of France and the province upwards of thirteen millions of livres, which (at twenty-eight livres the mark of silver, the value of French money in the end of the last century) amounted to upwards of nine hundred thousand pounds sterling

    45. But, by the present practice, both the labour of the country people, and whatever other fund the king may choose to assign for the reparation of the high-roads in any particular province or generality, are entirely under the management of the intendant ; an officer who is appointed and removed by the king's council who receives his orders from it, and is in constant correspondence with it

    46. In the instructions which are given to the governor of each province, those objects, it is said, are constantly recommended to him, and the judgment which the court forms of his conduct is very much regulated by the attention which he appears to have paid to this part of his instructions

    47. If the authority to which he is subject resides, not so much in the body corporate, of which he is a member, as in some other extraneous persons, in the bishop of the diocese, for example, in the governor of the province, or, perhaps, in some minister of state, it is not, indeed, in this case, very likely that he will be suffered to neglect his duty altogether

    48. By advancing to private people, at interest, and upon land security to double the value, paper bills of credit, to be redeemed fifteen years after their date ; and, in the mean time, made transferable from hand to hand, like banknotes, and declared by act of assembly to be a legal tender in all payments from one inhabitant of the province to another, it raised a moderate revenue, which went a considerable way towards defraying an annual expense of about £4,500, the whole ordinary expense of that frugal and orderly government

    49. } The leases are recorded in a public register, which is kept by the officers of revenue in each province or district

    50. A gentleman of great fortune, who lived in the capital, would be in danger of suffering much by the neglect, and more by the fraud, of his factors and agents, if the rents of an estate in a distant province were to be paid to him in this manner

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