queen sätze

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Queen sätze (in englisch)

  1. She was a fad queen.
  2. I thought of the Queen.
  3. By the 12th of Queen.
  4. I am the Sun Queen now.
  5. The queen smirks at him.

  6. The Queen looked at him.
  7. As the Queen rode away.
  8. The queen blinks at him.
  9. The Queen waved her hand.
  10. It’s good to be queen.
  11. It belongs to the Queen.
  12. I went back to the Queen.
  13. The Queen shook her head.
  14. The queen rolls her eyes.
  15. The Queen of the Field.

  16. She looked like a queen.
  17. There is only one Queen.
  18. Bring them to the queen.
  20. It was Selene, Queen of.
  21. Sit: I am sorry, my queen.
  22. Song of the Spring Queen.
  23. She took it like a queen.
  24. Queen Mary had just died.
  25. I have failed my Queen.

  26. What is the queen, then?
  27. And your queen killed him.
  28. She was the queen of the.
  29. Queen and the royal family.
  30. Grey Queen she read again.
  31. The Queen turned to Garcia.
  32. Her queen takes the knight.
  33. Which made Queen B stump.
  34. At last the Red Queen began.
  35. We are clones of the Queen.
  36. Calling her queen of Moscow.
  37. Captive of the Witch Queen.
  38. The Queen screeched in pain.
  39. Be here of Queen of Heaven.
  40. As though she were a queen.
  41. Perhaps she was their Queen.
  42. My she-cat, my little queen.
  43. Aunt Queen would have been.
  44. The Queen of Clubs reversed.
  45. The Queen was alone in her.
  46. The memory of the Fuck Queen.
  47. She’s the chill out queen.
  48. We need the truth, my queen.
  49. Not much to be a Queen over.
  50. Entropy rules the Red Queen.
  51. The Queen mounted the dragon.
  52. And his queen I'll gladly be.
  53. The Queen came to stare at me.
  54. The queen will be pleased.
  55. She still walked like a queen.
  56. Princess but the Golden Queen.
  57. By gad, sir, a queen of them.
  58. Your queen is at Crow Hill.
  59. I am also Queen of Jerusalem.
  60. Look to the queen there, ho!.
  61. It was now not the Queen of.
  62. Now, I have my Queen at last.
  63. Song of the Spring Queen 203.
  64. She had been queen of the town.
  65. The Queen Elizabeth left first.
  66. The Queen smiled and passed on.
  67. Here the Red Queen began again.
  68. We can see if the queen is in.
  69. The Queen howled with laughter.
  70. The queen already on her knees.
  71. Queen Jane gave birth to the.
  72. Kingdom, a Queen and a partner.
  73. The Queen smiled at her nephew.
  74. Long live the Queen, indeed.
  75. Oh, stop being a drama queen.
  76. Rana, Queen of the Amazons!.
  77. My queen, trapped in the blaze.
  78. The king and queen of the prom.
  79. She’s going to be a queen.
  80. The Queen barked with laughter.
  81. The queen turned to gaze at him.
  82. You will make a lovely Queen.
  83. Bremer turned back to the Queen.
  84. The child of the earthly queen.
  85. The Queen knelt down beside him.
  86. I don’t want to be a queen.
  87. Mademoiselle lives like a queen.
  88. I felt I was queen of this world.
  89. Where did the Ice Queen settle?
  90. It was signed by Queen Isabella.
  91. You should have been a queen.
  92. Finally, I shook the Queen awake.
  93. Queen of the Apes (Dian Fossey).
  94. Fighting with the mad black queen.
  95. Quick! I urged on the Queen.
  96. No, not Gloria, the Queen I mean.
  97. He needs blood from the queen.
  98. The Queen stared hard at the Naga.
  99. The queen sighs and rolls her eyes.
  100. She is as well Queen of Jerusalem.

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  1. But while she was with the Morels she queened it.
  2. Gracefully and willfully she queened it over the whole household.
  3. Many beauties envied her, detested her, spoke evil of her, and yet sought her friendship, because she almost always queened it in society.
  4. Even the great throne chair where Fannie had queened it for half a generation or more was tossed down on its back, as she had been tossed down to stay.
  5. At the back of the bus, Amanda, twelve going on twenty, queened it with her cronies, making fun of her supposed friend, an unfortunate who was wearing last season's antiquated ski suit.
  1. He had a pair of Queens.
  2. But she lives in Queens.
  3. Justice is this Queens aim.
  4. Rule the land as the Queens.
  5. Massive fire erupted at queens.
  6. Only queens knew the combination.
  7. But even queens have their limits.
  8. I can see the drama queens grimacing.
  9. You are a great threat to The Queens.
  10. Morta turned and looked at the queens.
  11. I look ahead to where the drama queens sit.
  12. Each one of these vanquished kings, queens.
  13. Her father's parents' house out in Queens.
  14. Eleven hours ago, I was driving through Queens.
  15. The old kings and queens would have killed you.
  16. Mary’s Hospital for Children in Bayside, Queens.
  17. You can even imagine the queens saying in a bugs.
  18. Here’s to Tits, Arse and the Queens Head!.
  19. Only queens and princesses are capable of telepathy.
  20. Heins? For thousands of years, the Kings and Queens.
  21. The home was planted in the Astoria section of Queens.
  22. Titans have been ruled by the wrong kings and queens.
  23. Kings and Queens swayed and spun, dancing in the air.
  24. In Valhara, Kings and Queens had to have noble blood.
  25. All these signed photos from porn queens and wiseguys.
  26. She is now the latest in a long line of Seelie Queens.
  27. Jill had him with, Two pairs, Queens and Fours!.
  28. He wasn’t quite done with his visit to Three Queens.
  29. She had after all read the diaries of the other queens.
  30. As we’re driving through Queens, he breaks the silence.
  31. Even mixed in with the drama queens this girl stands out.
  32. She began reciting one of the quotes of the high queens.
  33. He later became one of Texas’s best loved drag queens.
  34. Three Queens had been sold for the value of the land only.
  35. City Of Queens, the more disgusted with what was going on.
  36. They drive on the highway towards Long Island City, Queens.
  37. I drew the last card, played him a pair of queens and a ten.
  38. The drama queens are stumbling all over each other to outdo.
  39. This has been the way of Kings and Queens for all of time.
  40. There are no presidents or kings or queens or what-have-yous.
  41. It was a hot August afternoon in the borough of Queens, in New.
  42. The Queens VA was situated at Linden Boulevard and 179th Street.
  43. I’ve got a cousin who lives in Queens Village, she said.
  44. What would he learn from the vampire kings, queens and slaves?
  45. Of course she can, who else would she ride, was the Queens reply.
  46. Alas! for her deeds have set her among the queens of great renown.
  47. Altera raised the Queens Sword and held it before her ignoring him.
  48. As I think about what I just said, I realize the drama queens are.
  49. What about them? They weren't called warrior queens for nothing?'.
  50. Hail, Berciana mothers queens of those years of suffering intense!.
  51. All the tyrant kings and queens were ousted, but we are still here.
  52. You know, we have a word for a Queen of Queens, and it is Empress.
  53. The small party left the Queens Office and went their different ways.
  54. Remember that story? Nobody believes in that stuff, Snow Queens, now.
  55. Roam wasn’t afraid of the drag queens, but instead being around Dina.
  56. Suddenly, a quote from one of the High Queens drifted through her mind.
  57. No way! You wouldn’t be here if you did! I hate those pansy queens.
  58. These queens were known for both their wisdom and their skill in battle.
  59. He lives in Queens, New York with his wife, Daisy, and their two daughters.
  60. The queens are pulling each other’s hair while the snow is all over them.
  61. The alien pointed to the queens head and said, That’s what we came for.
  62. Videotapes from Three Queens and the other casinos had been beyond compelling.
  63. There are princesses, those who would be queen, and then there are the queens.
  64. No, I’m off to Queens, Manda said, standing at the bottom of the stairs.
  65. David and his family soon arrive home at his parents' house in Rosedale, Queens.
  66. You wanna watch some TV? I think there’s a repeat of The King of Queens on.
  67. If those beauty queens couldn’t even keep him, she was sure she had no chance.
  68. What about the Sun Queens, the keepers of the Aesira Jewel? Ailia wondered.
  69. Emblazonings, as of crowned Babylonian kings and queens, reigned over everything.
  70. He managed the Electronics Mega-Mart in Queens, but he stayed home most of the time.
  71. And twenty minutes later, Ritter, in handcuffs, was being escorted from Three Queens.
  72. Back in Lanka , Ravan had to face the disapproval of his queens as well as his court.
  73. It was centred in the Blazing Sceptre carried by the Kings and Queens of this Island.
  74. She didn’t feel like making the long, tiring journey out to Queens Village on Monday.
  75. Hey, did you see that? Horne asked as they approached the canopy of Three Queens.
  76. These two Kings and two Queens governed Narnia well, and long and happy was their reign.
  77. Queens of the African war-like termite (Macrotermes bellicosus) can measure 14 cm (5.
  78. Their parachutes opened and they glided downward towards the direction of the Queens Hold.
  79. They had both kings and queens, but the queen was the ultimate authority and not the king.
  80. The conditions to test whether two queens are on the same diagonal or not are to be found.
  81. Rayne, Duncan called after her, be nice; remember we are guests in the Queens Hold.
  82. The following morning, Dana and Teresa are driving to work, towards Long Island City, Queens.
  83. Driving up to Queens, she parked her car and took out her longbow that she used for practice.
  84. Dana's car soon reaches her old job in Long Island City, Queens and parks into a parking space.
  85. They were sort of inspired by riot grrl bands like Bikini Kill, Bratmobile, and Voodoo Queens.
  86. One of the greatest warrior queens of a great nation who established a long period of peace.
  87. It was hard to look into the queens eyes, they were all squinty from the fat rolls on her face.
  88. You come from a family of modest means, and you went to public schools in a rough part of Queens.
  89. Think of that, ye loyal Britons! we whalemen supply your kings and queens with coronation stuff!.
  90. Kate was invited to dine with kings and queens and presidents, all seeking her favor, her goodwill.
  91. High Priestesses never marry their consorts and Queens, why just the very idea of that is stupid.
  92. But he still talks with a Queens accent, and he still has the sharp edge of a New York street brawler.
  93. Thus two queens are placed at positions (i, j) and (k, l), then they are on the same diagonal only if.
  94. She would tell me stories about the ancient world, the kings and queens, the battles, fact and fiction.
  95. Before dropping by to see Three Queens, the boss and his boys had parked in front of New York, New York.
  96. Rich kings, queens, and nobles come from across the land to offer their daughters’ hands in marriage.
  97. They could meet at the little-known Three Queens, shoot a few craps, and see if there was any chemistry.
  98. He had information on everybody that was major on that side of Brooklyn and even in Manhattan and Queens.
  99. In implementing the n – queens problem we imagine the chessboard as a two-dimensional array A (1: n, 1: n).
  100. He would be certain she had lost her mind – especially after what had happened during their drive to Queens.

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