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    1. Little queer never could hold his

    2. Well I do have an alarm radio to wake me in the mornings but a friend of mine, one Robert Reynolds had a very queer story to tell me

    3. in the throes of this queer thing called love doesn’t worry about

    4. It was so queer talking to a professor about

    5. hers–she could hear the very tones of her voice, and see that queer little toss

    6. queer noises, would change (she knew) to the confused clamour of the busy

    7. Pardon me if I exclude, purposely, the denizens of the Queer Nation and their followers

    8. If it were any other Halfling, they’d say it was sheer madness, but judging by the queer history of Dalbo Dall, anything was possible

    9. She waked in the morning, with a queer, doubtful feeling

    10. with their queer, painted men and women in them, and all the other fine

    11. First, she dreamed of little Alice herself, and once again the tiny hands were clasped upon her knee, and the bright eager eyes were looking up into hers--she could hear the very tones of her voice, and see that queer little toss of her head to keep back the wandering hair that would always get into her eyes--and still as she listened, or seemed to listen, the whole place around her became alive the strange creatures of her little sister's dream

    12. Who knows, maybe the Old Man’s a queer?

    13. “What would you know about hell, queer boy? Last I heard, it’s not just some tourist hotspot you can just waltz in and out

    14. Another world with no animals to speak of and no people, however queer or similar, friendly or hostile they might have been

    15. The MC of the contest announced, “Next up today are Phil K Swift and Brock Blazin’ of the Neighborhood Street Rockers” the crowd cheered as we got ready and time had froze and sped up all at once, it was really quite queer

    16. “How’s life at the queer table?” Logan asked me while picking his teeth

    17. One of them was busting out with bow and arrow charades within his up rock, which I found quite queer but, art is art I guess, it doesn’t always have to make sense

    18. To the Blythe girls, after Una had gone, she said, "Ain't she a queer little mite? But I've always said she had a good heart

    19. "But why does everybody seem to think it funny that I should have loved Adam so much, Miss West? If it had been a horrid old cat nobody would have thought it queer

    20. "I haven't had one decent night's sleep since I heard the child was sick," Miss Cornelia told Anne, "and Mary Vance has cried until those queer eyes of hers looked like burnt holes in a blanket

    21. She's a decent body, if she is as queer as Dick's hat band

    22. The sun was shining brightly, shining with all its might, but that was a queer, as it was the middle of the

    23. The tabs are broken down into Straight, Bi, Queer, Punk, Goth, and Vamp

    24. Had she been closer, she would have seen the color that came to his cheeks when she used the term queer, but as it was, she left for her interview totally unaware of the fact that she had, unknowingly hurt his feelings

    25. You're a bigger queer than I am," said Stuart, "and that's saying something

    26. �Daddy, a dawg's over at Peepaw's place barkin� an� a-walkin around in circles, actin� queer

    27. It would be marvellous to visit the queer little island

    28. It seemed so queer to the other children to hear Stephina called 'Master Stephen'! 'Tim's been barking his head off for you

    29. They saw some rocks sticking up, with great black shining birds sitting on them in queer positions

    30. It was queer to see what a change had come over them

    31. ”It's quite a queer enough days without wanting things like that to happen

    32. He stared at the great waves coming in— and then he saw something rather queer

    33. "Stephen! Theo! There's something queer out on the rocks beyond the island!" he shouted, at the top of his voice

    34. The four children watched and Tim began to bark as he saw the queer dark shape lurching here and there in the enormous waves

    35. "There's something queer about it somehow," said Justin, slowly

    36. "Something awfully queer

    37. It was the old wrecked ship! No wonder it looked queer

    38. It smelt queer

    39. This made the children feel rather queer

    40. It was a queer map

    41. They're always a bit queer, you know, unless they're mighty careful

    42. It was all far too exciting to worry about feeling queer

    43. It gave all the children a very queer feeling

    44. ’ She knew that the others would feel certain she would never sign herself that— and she hoped it would warn them that something queer was up

    45. "Don't be a queer, Greg," said Colt

    46. “That’s queer,” he murmured, wrinkling his nose

    47. “How did you know I wouldn’t object to you doing those… things?” The question really bothered me because I was terrified that anyone might think I was queer

    48. Perhaps because they aren't too fussy when it comes to fucking, they think we’re the same, whereas there’s no one more choosy than a queer

    49. “We’d have been roughed up, fined… criminals! It’s illegal to be queer

    50. “Paul’s queer as a coot

    1. You see, her knowing this was the thing that must have always queered me with her

    1. She was pressing the button when her elbow got jostled, queering the shot

    1. I didn't mind being called Harrods, till that singer came along and I found it was a Queers name

    2. The others were acting more or less normally, but didn’t seem to care if everyone knew they were travelling with a clutch of queers

    3. My refusal didn’t deter them from opening half a dozen bottles with their teeth and downing them in quick succession, laughing and joking at the expense of wogs, women and queers

    4. “Nothin but steers and queers

    5. Queers were liberated individuals evolved beyond the primitive need for one special mate, with a duty to share themselves among as many men as possible

    6. No one I knew was voicing concern for persecuted queers

    7. I could have been summarily dismissed and deported as a paedophile – because, as everyone ‘knows’, all queers are child-molesters

    8. George had found another occasional lover to seduce in his attic and Marvin took me to a private house where an oleaginous Catholic priest held court among a gaggle of somewhat histrionic and nervous queers overburdened by their unwanted outlaw status

    9. „All queers have AIDS

    10. Queers are soft and effeminate

    11. ‘Those things…kissing and stuff, that’s for girls and queers

    12. ‘My father says queers should be shot

    13. ‘The teachers at the school I went to when we lived here told us that homosexuality was a disease and if we mixed with queers we’d turn into one

    14. ‗Fuck off! I‘m not your wrestling mate! Save your poncy clothes for the queers in the park

    15. ‘I was told by a fifteen year-old that queers will fuck any one, blurted Robert

    16. When it came to queers versus straights, straights won every time in his book, even if they were more than a little bent

    17. Another followed to a National newspaper with a warning to all voters in West Wales not to support Labour, or any other party that allowed queers, blacks and Jews to run the country

    18. There was some rumours about this new disease that hit junkies and queers but we thought it had been invented by the God botherers to frighten us

    19. Congress opening the floor with a debate on the legal rights for queers to

    20. The one thing I hate worse than vampires are queers - and you’re both

    21. One-beer queers and two-can Sams were strewn about

    22. and watched football till those queers got a hold of him

    23. The queers came here for assignations, there were vice raids all the time, one of them had lost his pants

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