rachis sätze

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Rachis sätze (in englisch)

  1. Flowers in pairs, or two from each joint of the rachis, one neutral.
  2. Rachis compressed, slender, flexuous, hairy on its exterior surface.
  3. Nor can I consider the articulations of the rachis as deeply excavated.
  4. Besides, he has omitted to inform us that the rachis is naked on one side.
  5. The joints of the rachis in both are fragile, the joints of the culm in neither.
  6. Flowers alternate, the male or neutral florets situated on one side of the rachis.
  7. The flowers are arranged in alternate order, but occupy only one side of the rachis, as in the R.
  8. Articulations of the rachis remarkably tumid, attenuated beneath, flat on the interior side, exteriorly convex, scabrous, and longitudinally striate.
  9. He has called the culm solid, leaves rather short, spikes cylindric, axillary, the flowers and rachis entirely smooth, pedicel of the neutral flower emarginate, outer valve of the hermaphrodite calyx acute, the valves of the corolla obtuse, and the styles very short.

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