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    1. “Turn on the radio!” the captain barks, shoving some moose jerky in his mouth and tearing it off

    2. “I would have known all about it if I wasn’t stuck in radio silence land,” he pouted with a completely straight face, something that only Ackers could do

    3. ’ Stephen turning the radio on makes me jump

    4. ’ I said, shaken by the report on the radio

    5. He turns on the radio and the same news announcer is blabbing away

    6. He turns off the radio

    7. The other day I had a caller on my radio show

    8. Finally he hangs up, tosses his phone on the passenger’s seat, reaches over and turns on the radio

    9. He turns off the radio, waits a couple of seconds, turns the radio back on again, listens with a growing look of shock and alarm

    10. A radio plays at a low volume in the kitchen

    11. He walks into the kitchen, switches off the radio

    12. The report Ava's radio had picked up from Sol said New Dallas had been destroyed within a half hour of releasing their first rock

    13. Over the past two days she had felt a constant stream of something flowing through her and now there was radio silence on that frequency

    14. She didn't know about the proximity radio detector

    15. I was constantly listening to the radio programmes and sermons

    16. There was radio contact between Earth and Kassidor for almost a generation, but it stopped about the time they would have arrived home

    17. "Your suit radio can’t break out of the shielding on this ship

    18. He has spoken at youth rallies and done some radio work

    19. There had been radio contact between Brazil and the Kassikan for thirty years, from the time the Lula entered the 61 Cygni system until the war

    20. Floating on air, I make my way back to the car park and, in a glow of pride and happiness at a job well done, I drive home singing along to the songs on the radio in the car

    21. Our operatives in Brazil say they the Kassikan sent the code to that virus also during the period of radio contact and Brazil was close to putting that into production

    22. I could see smiling faces, maybe a radio on in the background, a picture not so very different from the one at home

    23. What did he do with this knowledge? What were they? What was this Haad? Were they not the same as that radio message with the code for the virus of eternal youth? A missile, a missile aimed at the wizards of the Kassikan

    24. Most of its energy output was at radio frequencies

    25. Television and radio were things remembered from what seemed like a childhood fantasy

    26. “As I said, games, radio, books, mags, anything really to brighten up the days

    27. there is the static hum of radio waves and hoodless voices on talk shows

    28. I’ve listened to Radio Four

    29. The inside of my mouth was pickled by the time we got to Newquay and the driver had to keep turning up the volume on his radio because of the noise I was making

    30. and on radio or television, in books, in conversation,

    31. on their radio, PNC, red jag in a lay-by,

    32. "What have we got here, then", said one of the policemen as his colleague made enquiries over his two-way radio

    33. Over the next few weeks both Miss Jones and the young victim appeared in the newspapers and on many of the news and current affairs programmes on the television and the radio

    34. Gantries, platforms and temporary grandstands surrounded the gallows where television crews were setting up and radio presenters were practicing their lines

    35. Every journalist and commentator in the world of newspapers, television and radio, together with every member of the chattering classes and everyone who was anyone in the established elite, were all talking about the soon to be published paper

    36. The local paper took pictures of their resident hero and by the time that the fisherman got home to his caravan, his wife had heard all about her brave husband’s stirring deeds that afternoon on the radio

    37. In fact, the article generated so much publicity that the young man found himself appearing on television and on radio shows throughout the country and his old but much cherished song was dusted off and given another airing by disk jockeys on every radio station that played popular music

    38. A few days later Lucy was listening to a late night radio programme on her MP3 player while lying in bed trying to fend off the nightmares that inevitably came after dark

    39. He tried to respond to his wife and step-daughter, but apart from the odd brief conversation he preferred to occupy his time with work, well away from the sounds of the radio

    40. Not that he would have heard the radio in the house

    41. However, even with the benefits of chemical sedation she dared not turn on the television or the radio unless Lucy was in the room in case she heard about crimes that might remind her about the body under the patio

    42. Both she and her step-father insisted on turning up the volume on the radio whenever the song was playing, and even shared Lucy’s MP3 player so that they could keep listening when all other services fell silent

    43. around us in the form of radio waves, x-rays, infrared,

    44. Each of us is like a radio station, constantly broadcasting

    45. programmes on the television and the radio

    46. As she said on local radio one evening, “We should all do what

    47. television and radio, together with every member of the chattering

    48. They were under strict orders to remain silent, no radio contact after they entered our galaxy

    49. and on radio shows throughout the country and his old but much

    50. jockeys on every radio station that played popular music

    1. The Lula did have a detector for it and the signature of the Al-Harron had been radioed ahead before signals from Sol ceased

    2. The police officer who radioed for the second ambulance is joined by his colleague

    3. We radioed it in and were told to keep eyes on,” our squad leader summed up another one of our patrols during our debriefing

    4. If all of the above failed, we radioed the Dog Unit

    5. So we radioed the local Riot Unit, who used their water cannon to disperse the fighters while we blocked the street and cheered them on

    6. She ran over to the Black Range Rover, she radioed her driver to get back in the vehicle

    7. He radioed in his Rennie/CLEARWATER JOURNALS

    8. Maybe it was some radioed instructions from the other captain

    9. “All switches at start position, check,” he radioed the race engineer, with a momentary touch of the left thumb on a button, which was located just as everything else was, on the steering wheel

    10. Tony radioed in he was stepping out

    11. The Hoovers radioed in

    12. was ducking behind a door in one of the restaurants radioed for police backup;

    13. People had stopped with their desk lunches to stare in wonder as the guards radioed for help but it was too late for them to stop the three men as they got into the lift and zoomed up to the 36th floor

    14. radioed to his comrades to let them know he just

    15. "Spooky, Spears, here's what we are going to do," Haskell radioed

    16. He again radioed the other aircraft giving instructions that the two patients should be questioned about the still missing Jane MacKay as soon as possible

    17. He knew he needed outside help before a major incident happened, so he radioed the bridge

    18. Barely two minutes later she radioed back

    19. Getting no answer they radioed an alarm into the main radio room

    20. He radioed his partner who was on standby in a vacant building nearby and this man was able to fix a radio bug to the car in a dollop of what looked like mud wedged in the wheel housing on the passenger side

    21. He radioed the Headquarters, trying to pinpoint their position, all in vain

    22. 55pm Marianne radioed through that she was in position and ready

    23. He reached the swimming pool area which was deserted then he radioed through to Gomes and whispered, “Number 1 clear at pool

    24. Rodgers radioed back to his sergeant and relayed the news

    25. Birchall radioed his reports back to the admiralty; they in turn sent intermittent messages telling him to keep tabs on the boat which he did

    26. Aguero radioed the other teams and they breached the perimeter and moved towards the main house

    27. He radioed the location to the policemen on the ground, then swung his helicopter around and headed for his landing spot on the beach as fast as he could

    28. They radioed Harry, who drove back to

    29. On a second try, the pilot of the “dust off”28 radioed to the

    30. Just then, another pilot radioed that he was on the way

    31. Hobbling back to the patrol car he radioed in and tried to explain what had just happened to him

    32. Recently he had radioed the President of Ugatin, who had agreed to provide them with land space in one of the cities so they could find refuge there

    33. Within a few seconds all four remaining patrols had radioed

    34. , Hazelwood radioed the Coast Guard of his predicament

    35. – the Cobra that now hovered over us – and he had quickly radioed for assistance

    36. The cruiser radioed reports of her position and course

    37. I already radioed for the spares

    38. The RAF airbase was categorised top security and Tanya radioed through a coded message and she encircled the airbase while she waited for clearance to land

    39. Julian radioed through to express his gratitude and he informed her that he had shot down two of the enemy aircraft

    40. He radioed the Sergeant

    41. The policeman radioed into his shoulder mike

    42. The dispatcher then radioed one of the Metro Police officers in the parking lot of St

    43. Williams jumped into action and radioed Stark Johnston, the Agent in the church protecting the President

    44. The officer radioed for backup into his shoulder mike

    45. Jensen radioed his computer technician

    46. He told her to get into the car, for protection, and radioed for backup

    47. "An old miner radioed in his location this morning

    48. Approaching aircraft saw it, radioed the tower, and asked for a heads up

    49. “Roger that, Millie,” came the radioed reply

    50. He had radioed through to Hayes and Watson to tell them it was all on

    1. Hans considered his options silently before radioing Ethan

    2. The idea of having your fire-arm locked in a safe in the boot of the car and radioing for permission to take it out and then again to load it is utterly ridiculous to me

    3. Radioing ROMEO to report a chase made everyone respond to join the fun and it was dangerous too

    4. From this vantage of seeing without being seen, he was attempting, if not to bring an end to this street demonstration, to prevent the next by identifying those inciting the campesinos and radioing the information to Guardia Nacional troops ringing the plaza

    5. They were watching for someone and probably radioing in information

    6. radioing his col eagues, Shoop had reached the bottom

    7. The other guard climbed into the driver’s side, radioing his alert

    8. Much telephoning and radioing ensued: more and more United Airlines personnel came to the desk: and the line behind me grew longer and longer

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