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    1. Vera pours out a beer and straightens herself up, raising her nose in the air

    2. “We all had good imaginations back then,” Kevin says, his nose up in the air

    3. “Keep your hands in the air and turn around

    4. “Real boring, I know,” Jesse adds, waving his hand in the air

    5. The cold air feels good on my face

    6. I take a slow step back, my hands in the air

    7. The creature turns around to face the car and cries a deep guttural noise, like air bleeding from a bagpipe

    8. Three-quarters of the air we breathe comes from diatoms

    9. It was hot already, she wouldn't want anything more than this and the energy resources available on this planet guaranteed that even in lavish quarters like these, air conditioning would be nothing more than a laboratory curiosity for all time

    10. It was a local year by air to reach Alan, three to six weeks by air to reach the area the Brazilians had settled

    11. She had taken an air trip only once, to see Alan, back when she broke up with Tahlmute and Gordon's Lamp got back to Earth

    12. Becca threw her arms into the air

    13. “Yes, here is the sales report,” Henry tried to say with an air of authority as he put the slightly crumpled papers in Mr

    14. It combines aerobic and anaerobic bacteria enhancers that produce nitrogen from the air and enzyme action in the soil

    15. You are a streaming liquid pool that beads into the pores, cradles the air, and caresses the walls

    16. Using his exceptional brilliance, which unfortunately everyone had to admit he had or they would hear about it for days, Ackers tended to put on an air of entitlement

    17. It was stomping around, waving its elephantine truck through the air

    18. She was impressed with that, three times as fast as the fastest thing in the air

    19. Then he laughs, an open-mouthed cackle that stabs through the air

    20. They took on another load of fuel in the freezing air, stopped for a couple bowls of fish diddle from a cook with a nice warm fire that she huddled close to, clutching her nightcoat tightly

    21. The blades were very close to Nancy, she could feel the air whoosh by as they passed near her through the spinning arc of the attack pattern

    22. Try some of the air fresheners made from citrus

    23. The Blacktooth raised Acwellan into the air and roared, spittle raining from his cavernous mouth

    24. Red Spiders: These tiny spiders are reddish in color and are found on indoor plants that have very little air circulation

    25. Peppy sat down on his rear, though it seemed to Violet like a war horse rearing his legs in the air

    26. Silence blocked the punch and skipped up the wall a bit higher before jumping off it and hurling herself through the air at him

    27. He actually caught her in the air, held her up for a moment, and then threw her to the ground at his feet

    28. He’d bitch about his feet the whole time but then she’d talk bollocks about how they were going to live in a hot air balloon, raining cream puffs on the general population

    29. The Operator was still holding the Chip up in the air

    30. Big Petey kicked them off and then reached back over his shoulder to lift the guard off his back and launch him through the air

    31. Silence had both swords in her hands, and was threatening him with small swipes through the air

    32. The four square objects sailed through the air in all directions

    33. “Shut up,” Johnny said hoarsely as he just started to get air back into his lungs

    34. Cockroaches utilize their antennae to pick up chemical signals from the air

    35. Air travel does not bother them

    36. We cannot survive a moment without clean AIR, drinking WATER and EARTH to grow food for us

    37. Ackers wrung his hands in the air in frustration, looking very silly and clichéd

    38. She sniffs the air

    39. Off to the side were multiple holographic workstations displayed in the air from hidden projectors around the room

    40. "See? I am a creature of the air

    41. " He flew into the air and could feel Kerubiel's light beating hot on his scales

    42. Serpent tasted the air, thinking back to the taste of his mate who is lost to him forever

    43. Heat: In which propane heat in a tarp wrapped house is used to raise the temperature of the wood to 120 degrees (room air to 187 degrees) This method is called Thermal Pest Eradication

    44. ‘An’ how d’you work that one out, Ted?’ I asked the still air of the lounge

    45. ’ I said calculating slowly and waving my fingers in the air explaining

    46. ‘And I wouldn’t bother getting all up in the air about anything you may have said or done …

    47. How excitin'!" She shook both fists in the air

    48. A trooper sits behind the wheel in each car with the windows rolled up and air conditioners running

    49. socks and the cold air scratched at his throat

    50. The higher temperatures cause evaporation, and the moisture rises, creating a vacuum underneath which pulls in cooler air from the polar regions

    1. She aired out most of the house before it got dark

    2. “Any other little gadgets I should know about just now?” Mim's eyes never left the Seranim, as if she were interested to see how much of what she knew would be aired aloud

    3. Gerrid imagined he would feel better for having spoken to her, his true thoughts (however unwelcome) aired, but in truth he was only more confused

    4. minutes while the hallway was aired

    5. Cory didn’t know, but he was pretty sure it would be aired this week

    6. the world when the series aired the next year

    7. However, when this story was being aired, a comment came in

    8. The Federal Communications Commission requires that accurate and notarized records be kept for each and every commercial (spot) aired and logged by the station

    9. The six o’clock newscast aired on TV that time

    10. sure the house is well aired and lighted by opening windows

    11. She finally fell asleep on the couch while watching a program on TV about the green pastures and castles of lovely England and Scotland, and could not help thinking that the program was being aired especially for her

    12. the next morning, before the program was aired to the nation

    13. They can’t tell me when it is going to be aired

    14. Prior to starting Digg, Kevin was the host of a technology cable TV show called Screensavers that aired on the TechTV cable channel

    15. But when the footage aired, a message was sent

    16. After the piece aired, it seemed everyone had something to say

    17. That episode originally aired over 30 years ago

    18. aired a kind of unspoken understanding that any further interaction

    19. relationship needs to be aired

    20. While the ‘hard to please’ editors reduced the aspirants to the ranks of unpublished writers, the ‘harder to amuse’ reviewers seemed to wait in the wings to turn the published ones into failed authors! Anyway, while tending to debunk the book on hand, Rau had observed that most of the reviewers aired their grandiose views on the book’s topic or tried to exhibit their profound scholarship and/or both

    21. always said were “best kept behind closed doors and not aired in

    22. When the special report aired, only the Sheriff, Limpy and Tim were shown

    23. High society folks, like themselves, don’t appreciate having their dirty laundry aired out for all to see

    24. this program (which aired on December 1, 2007) that when

    25. I read the companion book, but it seemed to be too technical and not as appropriate for understanding as the program that aired on PBS some time ago

    26. If you didn’t have a chance to see the Frost-Nixon interviews that aired shortly after Nixon left office, you can probably find them at your local library on DVD

    27. That interview, when first aired in the late afternoon, had sent shockwaves through the State Department and the various international affairs think tanks in Washington

    28. Gang thinking and behavior is psychotic and perverse, and should not be aired on commonly packaged channel offerings

    29. Weeks later, when the episode aired, there was further humiliation for him

    30. The opposition aired their views and they presented a very convincing augment that was supported by their scientists and their environmentalist experts

    31. Suppose that when the commercial is aired, it brings out the truth?

    32. Leading into this broadcast, we aired several interviews with some of your coworkers and customers at the 222 diner near Poseyville

    33. Bob successfully deflected the criticism while staying on message; however, once the interview aired that Sunday, and all of the graphic images and sound bites were edited in, Bob appeared exactly like they had wanted him to appear, dangerous and slightly deranged

    34. 6 A variation on the Kellogg’s slogan, “Leggo my Eggo®” from television commercials that first aired in 1972 (Smith, 2007) in which one character tries unsuccessfully to snatch another’s freshly toasted frozen waffle (called an Eggo®)

    35. The match was later aired by TV stations across

    36. Enjoy! If we go by my notes, and original drafts, I can prove that I had this g-device protype in writing before the star trek novelist brought out their prototype that can turn gas giants into stars, “wildfire” and I can even show that I had written garcia with his mental companions before the new Battlestar Galactica aired, which I love by the way, but here’s the deal, I’m really getting annoyed seeing my ideas in my notebooks and journals ending up in movies because I’m not managing to get my work out there

    37. PSAs are often aired on local radio and TV

    38. “In addition, in the earlier interview aired a few minutes ago, Mr

    39. “Is There no Truth in Beauty” TOS episode 62, written by Jean Lisette Aroeste, and aired first in 1968

    40. Without these sorts of àgents` no business transaction could ever have been aired out, since no form of invoicing could have been possible to be framed out

    41. Without these sorts of `agents` no business transaction could ever have been aired out, since no form of invoicing could have been possible to be framed out

    42. ‘The publish and be damned’ theory cannot allow for an incomplete investigation to be aired

    43. ‘Look, we are aware of the sensibilities involved here and will not allow anything to be aired that is potentially defamatory,’ I assured our legal team

    44. We went ahead and aired the programme that night but ensured we edited out any personal attacks

    45. The interview was aired on the 27th night at 9 p

    46. Modi’s show, aired on a Saturday night at 10 p

    47. To my utter horror, I was shown a news-clip that had been aired the previous

    48. interview was aired on his

    49. If one were to be skeptical about the proposition, then it is all there to see and hear in the pre-recorded audio-video cassettes of the martyrs perpetually aired on the Muslim TV Channels

    50. had aired an investigative report back in March about Mustapha, along with several

    1. In fact, the article generated so much publicity that the young man found himself appearing on television and on radio shows throughout the country and his old but much cherished song was dusted off and given another airing by disk jockeys on every radio station that played popular music

    2. It was unoccupied, so he set himself to brushing his dinner suit, polishing his boot tops, and airing his best linen shirt

    3. At first, they started spreading the word about themselves through posts on various propaganda sites on the internet, before finally breaking into the mainstream media by hacking into the news channel's broadcast signal and airing a viral massage to the people of Alataria

    4. I closed the door out of habit, mostly because of Soot encounters, but thinking about it, I reopened the door, thinking that the room was doing well during its airing out procedure, and Soot wasn’t around to despoil things anyway

    5. He’d stashed the album at the back of the airing cupboard and wondered how Dawn had found it

    6. The lads were planning a disco trip that weekend so that would be when his new overcoat was given its first airing

    7. airing out this dark secret

    8. · Polls: People on Twitter like airing their opinions, and polls are a great way to allow your followers to do so

    9. she didn’t want me airing her brothers’ and sisters’ dirty laundry about

    10. BEHIND THE CRIMES had its own office area a week before it started airing

    11. And, I set about airing up the tire for the REO

    12. Frequent washing, airing out of rooms and clothes, and use of a deodorizing cleaning product will usually keep odor away

    13. At the time of this airing Mr

    14. George for airing the units out every day when they weren't in use

    15. You cats should keep around till two, there’s a little serving of Stew’s new project airing

    16. And why is the President airing on an emergency nationally televised broadcast wearing a party hat and, over his expensive business suit, his wife’s underwear?

    17. Gary was not a man that felt comfortable airing his dirty washing in public, so as Gary snapped off the call he apologised

    18. "There's a towel in the airing cupboard

    19. story interrupted the normal airing of the television shows

    20. When the local evening news had finished airing the syndicated video from the BBC taken in Bala Buluk, one of the bodyguards of Mullah Mohammed Omar went to switch off the television set on the demand of his leader

    21. A special bulletin was airing

    22. The Discovery Channel bought the TV rights but won’t be airing it real soon

    23. This includes elimination of incidental airing of candidates for non-political reasons of interest near an election

    24. Alongside it was an old airing cupboard, so the dealer ran past Max, who pressed his back to the doors

    25. The doors to "Haji's Authentic Chinese Palace" were wide open this night, more for airing the place out than inviting customers in

    26. “There are a number of other episodes currently airing around the world in various languages and time

    27. The teasers for the 6:00 news were airing on Channel 8

    28. My standard approach was to say I didn’t know what was airing on the channel and that I wasn’t in the studio

    29. At the same time the Modi programme was playing out, Aaj Tak, the leading Hindi news channel, was airing a Rahul Gandhi interview

    30. Let the Musalmans be beware, in the running chapter of Islam, it is the winds of Wahabism that are airing the madrasa environment and the Indian Mujahideen is on the prowl, recruiting for its terror outfits

    31. True that Islam had dwelt all about the jihad against the kafirs to the last detail, even of splitting the ‘spoils of war’ among the believers; but then, how even the All Knowing Allah were to know that the Musalmans one day would wage jihad against their fellow Musalmans, and that which ‘the God’ couldn’t foresee, how His Messenger would have seen! Besides, Muhammad, gloating over the sycophantic antics of his flock, any way, would have been too overwhelmed to visualize the impending schism for airing an opinion as otherwise that would have surely found its way into the Islamic folklore

    32. for publicly airing his appreciation of the policies of Nazi Germany

    33. Darek spun around and flapped his arms wildly, airing out the rotten stench that clung to his skin

    34. airing out in the bright sunlight

    35. The place badly needed airing out

    36. mum"s way she would hide in the airing

    37. before it premiers except for the clips they're considering airing for an ad on the tel y

    38. “Tam, that was not winging, it was airing out your issues to somebody that was willing to listen to you,” he stated, concerned

    39. But, the problem is that we can’t give these things an airing so soon, and on the other hand, the RAM does not contain all the events, especially a picture of the Outlander

    40. My plan is to tie up all the loose ends, frame the complete picture and then give the big picture an airing

    41. Lorentz turned around, kept silent for a moment and said, “It’s a matter of National security, I’m afraid that it deserves no airing

    42. “No, we can’t give this thing an airing unless we find out the conspirer behind this and gather lucid proofs

    43. Flanders would have flounced upon her--only it was Jacob who came first, in his dressing-gown, amiable, authoritative, beautifully healthy, like a baby after an airing, with an eye clear as running water

    44. Her once active limbs were so stiff and feeble that Jo took her for a daily airing about the house in her strong arms

    45. The old lady couldn't resist her longing to see her nephew, for she had met Laurie as she took her airing, and hearing of Mr

    46. " Que pensez vous?" she said, airing her French, which had improved in quantity, if not in quality, since she came abroad

    47. "After doing the civil all round, and airing our best bonnet, we shall astonish you by the elegant hospitalities of our mansion, the brilliant society we shall draw about us, and the beneficial influence we shall exert over the world at large

    48. He is a man who is comfortable airing his opinions, and confident that every single word that comes out of his mouth is not just correct, but fascinating

    49. They would think that he was airing his superior education

    50. It was tempting to think of that expensive Mercenary publicly airing his boots in the archway of the Blue Boar's posting-yard; it was almost solemn to imagine him casually produced in the tailor's shop, and confounding the disrespectful senses of Trabb's boy

    1. amongst the waves and deeps and storm laced airs,

    2. of deep drawn airs

    3. country club, I’ve had to put up with the airs and bloody graces of

    4. ' Mandy followed her glance and was about to boast of her recent tour in the new bungalows, anxious to to share her experience with some friendly ear; when the woman remarked snidely, “I can't see where they get off, putting on airs and assuming they can just buy a station in the community that's so obviously above their rank or right place!”

    5. He was tired of Toad, and his sulks and his airs and his meanness

    6. with serous af airs

    7. That’s why Nerissa played Smyrnan airs between her weaving and the bedchamber

    8. He does not even despise the prejudices of people who are disposed to be so favourable to him, and never treats them with those contemptuous and arrogant airs, which we so often meet with in the proud dignitaries of opulent and well endowed churches

    9. Always having airs, pretending you’re something better

    10. They did not worry a great deal over their shabbiness; but it was rather trying to see Mary Vance coming out in such style and putting on such airs about it, too

    11. Tiberius retired to Capri leaving the affairs of state in the hands of Sejanus and generally took on the airs and attitudes of a lowlife

    12. “But wouldn’t it be cool if they were real!?” he put on airs of excitement

    13. Leather when the series airs on TNT in 2012

    14. 7 I wrote the treasure houses of the snow, and the store houses of the cold and the frosty airs, and I observed their season's key-holder, he fills the clouds with them, and does not exhaust the treasure-houses

    15. 7 I wrote the treasure houses of the snow and the store houses of the cold and the frosty airs and I observed their season's key-holder he fills the clouds with them and does not exhaust the treasure-houses


    17. She put on airs that would have made her a star in

    18. Finally he spoke with powerlessness airs:

    19. From the Belt of the Devil the diabolical Zoroastro army was approaching, from half a kilometer one could feel the stinking smell of the faucets and the dark shade that was furrowing the airs consuming everything to its step

    20. The bogey elevated the support staff and shaking it repelled him to the airs, falling down this time close to where my sisters were

    21. In the center played an ornate fountain that was artistry in pink, marble horses leaping gracefully into airs above the ground

    22. I know from whence the airs have blown

    23. Fat, talkative, with the airs of a matron in dis-grace, she renounced the sterile illusions of her cards and found peace and consolation in other people’s loves

    24. ‘You know it’s not even a month since I took over the Section,’ he said putting on airs

    25. Foreign airs of reality finally commenced to wafting through the atmosphere toward her

    26. Airs of desperation and scourge that had seemed

    27. her own for more than two years and now woke up every day feeling the same refreshing airs of

    28. A frugal mind, an earnest soul, would have liked the attic, would have found a healthy enjoyment in a place so plain and fresh, so swept in windy weather by the airs of heaven

    29. Only the bald dark man continued to stare at us, unblinking; yet even he fumbled with some fruit on a stand, making airs that he was otherwise preoccupied

    30. when it came to the more radical aff airs

    31. ese aff airs are best dealt with in the company of

    32. This is a country when my children ''run barefoot not because they are impoverished, but because they are free'' (quote from Nikki Gemmell in her beautifully written book Why You are Australian) This is a country that doesn't have stupid airs and graces, and is populated by people who, endearingly, tell it like it is even if it takes a while for a Pommie like me to catch onto the lingo

    33. Another way TV has successfully brainwashed viewers into a religious belief in meaningless, is the tons of meaningless Trivia it airs

    34. Rami, with his supercilious airs was both victim and victimizer

    35. As he grew older he cut an increasingly seductive figure despite his simplicity and lack of airs of a glamour boy

    36. Tony still could not stomach him though Fawsi had lost his previous airs of superiority after being dismissed by Monette and after having to plead to be taken back and taken back on her terms

    37. Each of these stoppages was made at a doleful grating, by which any languishing good airs that were left uncorrupted, seemed to escape, and all spoilt and sickly vapours seemed to crawl in

    38. As a consequence, country airs circulated in Soho with vigorous freedom, instead of languishing into the parish like stray paupers without a settlement; and there was many a good south wall, not far off, on which the peaches ripened in their season

    39. Soft forenoon airs that blow from the south-west,

    40. The German airs of friendship, wine and love,

    41. A distinguished personage happened to visit the school that morning, and Amy's beautifully drawn maps received praise, which honor to her foe rankled in the soul of Miss Snow, and caused Miss March to assume the airs of a studious young peacock

    42. It suited her exactly, and soon she began to imitate the manners and conversation of those about her, to put on little airs and graces, use French phrases, crimp her hair, take in her dresses, and talk about the fashions as well as she could

    43. Ned, being in college, of course put on all the airs which freshmen think it their bounden duty to assume

    44. "Go and bring that boy down to his dinner, tell him it's all right, and advise him not to put on tragedy airs with his grandfather

    45. I was always a lover of equality, brother, and I can't bear to see people give themselves airs without any right

    46. They called me Teresa at my baptism, a plain, simple name, without any additions or tags or fringes of Dons or Donas; Cascajo was my father's name, and as I am your wife, I am called Teresa Panza, though by right I ought to be called Teresa Cascajo; but 'kings go where laws like,' and I am content with this name without having the 'Don' put on top of it to make it so heavy that I cannot carry it; and I don't want to make people talk about me when they see me go dressed like a countess or governor's wife; for they will say at once, 'See what airs the slut gives herself! Only yesterday she was always spinning flax, and used to go to mass with the tail of her petticoat over her head instead of a mantle, and there she goes to-day in a hooped gown with her broaches and airs, as if we didn't know her!' If God keeps me in my seven senses, or five, or whatever number I have, I am not going to bring myself to such a pass; go you, brother, and be a government or an island man, and swagger as much as you like; for by the soul of my mother, neither my daughter nor I are going to stir a step from our village; a respectable woman should have a broken leg and keep at home; and to be busy at something is a virtuous damsel's holiday; be off to your adventures along with your Don Quixote, and leave us to our misadventures, for God will mend them for us according as we deserve it

    47. "God help thee, what a lot of things thou hast strung together, one after the other, without head or tail! What have Cascajo, and the broaches and the proverbs and the airs, to do with what I say? Look here, fool and dolt (for so I may call you, when you don't understand my words, and run away from good fortune), if I had said that my daughter was to throw herself down from a tower, or go roaming the world, as the Infanta Dona Urraca wanted to do, you would be right in not giving way to my will; but if in an instant, in less than the twinkling of an eye, I put the 'Don' and 'my lady' on her back, and take her out of the stubble, and place her under a canopy, on a dais, and on a couch, with more velvet cushions than all the Almohades of Morocco ever had in their family, why won't you consent and fall in with my wishes?"

    48. "Don't like him, he puts on airs, snubs his sisters, worries his father, a nd doesn't speak respectfully of his mother

    49. In spite of her vapourish airs (as the housewives of Yonville called them), Emma, all the same, never seemed gay, and usually she had at the corners of her mouth that immobile contraction that puckers the faces of old maids, and those of men whose ambition has failed

    50. "Ah, what a good, plain, lowly lady!" said Teresa when she heard the letter; "that I may be buried with ladies of that sort, and not the gentlewomen we have in this town, that fancy because they are gentlewomen the wind must not touch them, and go to church with as much airs as if they were queens, no less, and seem to think they are disgraced if they look at a farmer's wife! And see here how this good lady, for all she's a duchess, calls me 'friend,' and treats me as if I was her equal--and equal may I see her with the tallest church-tower in La Mancha! And as for the acorns, senor, I'll send her ladyship a peck and such big ones that one might come to see them as a show and a wonder

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