reflect sätze

Wählen Sie eine Sprache aus, und geben Sie dann ein Wort unten um Beispielsätzen für dieses Wort.

Reflect sätze (in englisch)

  1. Then he began to reflect.
  2. Our life must reflect the.
  3. As I reflect on my earli-.
  4. She then began to reflect.
  5. He needs his time to reflect.

  6. I can reflect back on a time.
  7. It would not reflect well on.
  9. Left alone, I began to reflect.
  10. But now is the time to reflect.
  11. I will reflect a little, Vincy.
  12. The usurper appeared to reflect.
  13. They reflect some of the best.
  14. Reflect to it what your heart.
  15. Beliefs may not reflect reality.

  16. When the day is over reflect on.
  17. However, they only reflect what.
  18. I suppose the people reflect that.
  19. Does it reflect with shades of us?
  20. Because we do not pause to reflect.
  21. He thought that would reflect on him.
  22. The long day should reflect the trend.
  23. He stood still and seemed to reflect.
  24. Take time to reflect on the past year.
  25. And make all actions reflect that goal.

  26. So allow it only to reflect whats you.
  27. For one whole day mankind will reflect.
  28. That refract and reflect all that prior.
  29. Reflect, then, wretched man, and repent.
  30. Now they reflect on the price they paid.
  31. I paused to reflect on what had happened.
  32. Who things that death and growth reflect.
  33. In that are signs for people who reflect.
  34. In this are signs for people who reflect.
  35. Here we must stop and reflect for a moment.
  36. Barron paused to reflect before responding.
  37. Does it still reflect the culture of your.
  38. It made your tears reflect red in the cup.
  39. Reflect on what it is, what you base it on.
  40. I hold him there and reflect a quick flash.
  41. At first I couldn't think what to reflect.
  42. Thus, the deficits reflect changes to the.
  43. Here, you may reflect on the tranquil mind.
  44. They did not reflect that the historian -.
  45. He began to reflect on the past few months.
  46. What Types of Reading Reflect Flexibility?
  47. It helped me renew, reflect, and reconnect.
  48. The armies tended to reflect their leaders.
  49. The first day should reflect the prior trend.
  50. Results of walking with God should reflect.
  51. Reflect upon the relationships and activity.
  52. They reflect something of the experience of.
  53. I reflect, for example, on all those I have.
  54. His death makes me reflect on several aspects.
  55. They reflect Smokey’s song in special ways.
  56. These questions get you to think and reflect.
  57. I will have your pay adjusted to reflect this.
  58. All he can do is reflect a fear that you have.
  59. I repeat again : there was no time to reflect.
  60. I wish to reflect on the modern conspiracy to.
  61. But reflect on this: it wasn’t the only time.
  62. Its windows, rather than reflect, began to gape.
  63. Now she welcomed the chance to rest and reflect.
  64. They can only reflect your own self back to you.
  65. I started to reflect back further over my life.
  66. Their actions may reflect on your own character.
  67. Let man reflect from what he is created!.
  68. Reflect on what progress has already accomplished.
  69. As I reflect back on the time after my Heart-Wall.
  70. You reflect me of my old initial days in politics.
  71. That media doesn’t reflect that kind of poverty.
  72. When doing media interviews, reflect on your words.
  73. Had some time to process and reflect for a change.
  74. This color should reflect the trend of the market.
  75. The color of the long day should reflect the trend.
  76. This was supposed to reflect the sun so that the R.
  77. But these words did not reflect what I felt inside.
  78. If I want to reflect and look like Jesus, I.
  79. And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the.
  80. And I began to reflect: Why is it that I felt so?
  81. They cannot reflect any universal truth or balance.
  82. So I maintain roughly equal stakes to reflect that.
  83. Jesus’ Words to reflect what they perceived to be.
  84. Negative readings reflect below average volatility.
  85. I recommend you to remember that and reflect on it.
  86. Thus We bring out the dead-perhaps you will reflect.
  87. Does the connection and ripple reflect your action?
  88. Reflect upon the particular aspects of this pattern.
  89. Her big blue-gray eyes seemed to reflect his concern.
  90. Are they equal in comparison? Will you not reflect?
  91. If you reflect over the worries which have kept you.
  92. They reflect their signals back to where it came from.
  93. What is it about pain that can reflect God’s love?
  94. Let humanity reflect on what it is created from!.
  95. Messages should be honest and reflect the company’s.
  96. It will reflect badly on you when the truth comes out.
  97. Birthdays always make me stop, look around and reflect.
  98. God shows them to us in order to induce us to reflect.
  99. I promise I’ll reflect, but I am sure it’s nothing.
  100. Changing prices reflect the battles of bulls and bears.
  1. It shows its reflecting heat.
  2. It is reflecting upon the cradle.
  3. That is the purpose of reflecting.
  4. Porfiry paused as though reflecting.
  5. Or are you reflecting a projection?
  6. I stood still for a moment, reflecting.
  7. Reflecting and lamenting in this way, Mr.
  8. Eyes reflecting the flame of her lantern.
  9. In reflecting she leant back in her chair.
  10. I saw my soul reflecting in her teary eyes.
  11. The sun reflecting off the white paint on.
  12. I was certain her eyes were reflecting mine.
  13. Reflecting on the broad nature of this um-.
  14. Hippolyte, reflecting, rolled his stupid eyes.
  15. He seemed to be reflecting on all he had said.
  17. He could see the light reflecting off his palm.
  18. Reflecting on the amazing palm tree whose home.
  19. While reflecting upon the question of an inner.
  20. The image reflecting back at her was not her own.
  21. On reflecting upon this, he fell into perplexity.
  22. The sword once reflecting the sun, now blocked it.
  23. You are reflecting on your thoughts and emotions.
  24. Reflecting upon the scene, I now recall Grandma.
  25. Goniometer, reflecting, improvement suggested by A.
  26. Without thinking, without reflecting, or realizii.
  27. This led to Lucy’s reflecting once again on how.
  28. Reflecting the truth of what it sees on its banks.
  29. The narrator was reflecting on his crimes from jail.
  30. Vinny scratched his chin reflecting back on what he.
  31. He was merely reflecting what he saw in his society.
  32. This would be reflecting a period of economic growth.
  33. Africa, reflecting their wishes and their aspirations.
  34. Juana’s eyes were two sparks reflecting a low star.
  35. On their way back, the moon was reflecting on the sea.
  36. The two Nal that were shielding and reflecting light.
  37. Icky? he echoed, reflecting her mischievous grin.
  38. You can start by reflecting on the 4 questions below:.
  39. The Holy Spirit can be seen as reflecting the spiritual.
  40. It was very late, but Ivan was still awake and reflecting.
  41. Coaching questions reflecting the typical structure of a.
  42. Reflecting back, I am quite certain that the huge block.
  43. Reflecting this, the species was described as Bennu Heron.
  44. I couldn’t let the day pass without reflecting on 2001.
  45. Knowledge? Jenks took a breath, nominally reflecting.
  46. He turned toward her, his eyes reflecting the evening light.
  47. BLOOM: (Reflecting) Wheatenmeal with lycopodium and syllabax.
  48. Those awful notes, reflecting his gradually escalating anger.
  49. Wollaston's Reflecting Goniometer, simplified by Graves, 76.
  50. I sat reflecting on our family history, then felt a pang of.
  51. Kev sat silent, his face reflecting the worry he clearly felt.
  52. Her voice began to shine, reflecting the words of the song:.
  53. It was reflecting off of the murals and hieroglyphs that were.
  54. The sun was reflecting on the glass windows; there was thick.
  55. Ravi sat motionless, continuing to stare at the reflecting urn.
  56. I nodded, and he leaned back into his chair again, reflecting.
  57. Reflecting on this successful approach, O’Shaughnessy wrote:.
  58. He was lit by his own image… the light reflecting off her own.
  59. Paraphrase the person by calmly reflecting what they have said.
  60. By giving it to yourself, you are reflecting it back.
  61. Consequently-- He broke off and stared down at her, reflecting.
  62. Hair: Reflecting on styles popular in the 60’s by Eva Githina.
  63. Fortunately, you have already been reflecting on these questions.
  64. Sunlight was reflecting from an object half-hidden in the grass.
  65. A vast chamber of green marble reflecting the lights of the red.
  66. While I was reflecting on this, one of the guys asked a question.
  67. He sat reflecting about his wife and children, and realized his.
  68. Roman could see the medallion around Max’s neck reflecting the.
  69. In its place, we suggest reflecting on the existence of a Cosmic.
  70. Reflecting on awareness and the instrumental�September 12, 2011.
  71. He sat, not reflecting but, as it were, terror-stricken, benumbed.
  72. Skuld shakes her head, her blonde hair reflecting the lights above.
  73. His full lips were shining red with the lip-gloss reflecting the.
  74. Lake Carnegie lay mirror smooth, reflecting a translucent blue sky.
  75. He acted as he did when hunting, without reflecting or considering.
  76. By reflecting tool-use back to where the original signal came from.
  77. They gleamed dimly with the moisture and reflecting moon’s light.
  78. It was metal, the bright surface reflecting the flickering candles.
  79. Reflecting light from all angles continues to flashes on the screen.
  80. His back is turned which suggests he is reflecting on past actions.
  81. The one who is reflecting everyday on Svadhisthana, becomes the.
  82. Reflecting on these lines I moved on to his highness’ room and he.
  83. Li laughed briefly at that, his eyes reflecting anticipated pleasure.
  84. Rather, it is a mosaic, reflecting the complexity of the real world.
  85. Another indicator reflecting the underlying asset price variability.
  86. Our mind cannot function properly by reflecting on negative thoughts.
  87. Of course, Alex said, his tone reflecting his surprise at the.
  88. Slikit followed Soffen, his slow movements reflecting his reluctance.
  89. As the van raced into the tunnel, its pale blue exterior reflecting.
  90. He looked over at me his eyes reflecting the raw misery that he felt.
  91. Pride is a testament for double standard by not reflecting its nature.
  92. Therefore, prices will always return to reflecting these differences.
  93. Reflecting a while, the grandmama understood and said: That is right.
  94. Barron contemplated it a moment, reflecting on all that had happened.
  95. Gratitude is simply the act of reflecting on what we are grateful for.
  96. You also do it by giving- reflecting back more hate than you receive.
  97. We spent the day reflecting and filling in our mates on what went down.
  98. I was reflecting on all this when Charles came in from his morning run.
  99. We would want Robben Island to be a monument reflecting the triumph.
  100. The Captsain remained motionless, the firelight reflecting in his visor.
  1. For a moment I reflected.
  2. I reflected on what had.
  3. He reflected for a moment.
  4. The light reflected in Mr.
  5. Stars were reflected in it.
  6. Reflected in my dirty heart.
  7. He reflected a minute or two.
  8. That is reflected today in.
  9. I reflected that it must be.
  10. Her soft skin reflected the.
  11. It reflected off the lichen.
  12. The real being is reflected.
  13. His eyes reflected the answer.
  14. The actual truth was reflected.
  15. She reflected on the situation.
  16. Inner city decay, he reflected.
  17. This gets reflected in number.
  18. The reflected rays from these.
  19. Herold reflected on the nature.
  20. The light that reflected from.
  21. The mirror reflected the writing.
  22. A mess more like it, I reflected.
  23. I feel this reflected badly on.
  24. Heart is reflected light things.
  25. What is there in it? I reflected.
  26. Have you ever reflected on what.
  27. Travis reflected on the questions.
  28. I reflected on the nursing home.
  29. They reflected life in the light.
  30. Warren smiled with reflected pride.
  31. Second, as reflected in Figure 10.
  32. Monte Cristo reflected one instant.
  34. And then he saw reflected in his.
  35. This will be reflected on the body.
  36. Reflected in the rear-view mirror.
  37. It reflected poorly upon the system.
  38. His tone reflected his seriousness.
  39. It did not make sense, he reflected.
  40. It was reflected back at the Earth.
  41. That was not true, Godwyn reflected.
  42. Her face reflected his sudden anger.
  43. Loriot’s face reflected worry then.
  44. Some boulders and debris reflected.
  45. Joyce reflected his smile and sighed.
  46. It reflected painfully on the paper.
  47. What a fool he is! I reflected.
  48. Then I reflected on my own relocation.
  49. This is also reflected in our speech.
  50. Lucien reflected on that for a moment.
  51. The flames were reflected in a large.
  52. His eyes reflected sheer misery at me.
  53. On the way, I reflected, INTERNET!.
  54. Tam’s face reflected his frustration.
  55. They reflected the snowy window panes.
  56. Garcia reflected on what he should say.
  57. This is reflected in their rho values.
  58. The reflected sun glare off the pool.
  59. The glass reflected his startled face.
  60. I reflected, and led her to the chairs.
  61. I reflected how sometimes one is just.
  62. Abramka reflected a moment, then said:.
  63. The poor folks!? I was reflected.
  64. Data reflected over this bit of history.
  65. Money is a reflected image of a product.
  66. Christ is reflected upon them (see 1 Cor.
  67. This reflected his inner paradoxes and.
  68. A truly remarkable man, Ahbaht reflected.
  69. They reflected her emotions in harmony.
  70. Fairly reflected in the tales they told.
  71. Population growth reflected in his own.
  72. It is a reflected reversal of actuality.
  73. Then Becky reflected a moment and said:.
  74. In any state, had always reflected in me.
  75. Blue jeans and a sweatshirt, he reflected.
  76. Just like the one sun is reflected in a.
  77. I reflected on my own statement a little.
  78. All intelligence seems reflected in them.
  79. A half-lit face reflected on the surface.
  80. I smiled and I quietly reflected to enjoy.
  81. She reflected, and smiled again, vaguely.
  82. It gleamed dully in the reflected lights.
  83. Blue jeans and a sweat shirt, he reflected.
  84. Starlight was reflected in his small eyes.
  85. Then again, he reflected Sylvia probably.
  86. She leaned back in her chair and reflected.
  87. He reflected on his crime throughout the.
  88. And this one was very clever, he reflected.
  89. Plato reflected in Neu's blank grey helmet.
  90. The barrel of a gun reflected the fire….
  91. Chessboard squares reflected in mirrors.
  92. The new name more accurately reflected the.
  93. It reflected the color of Beathan’s hair.
  94. These will be reflected in your environment.
  95. Reflected each other’s agony and ecstasy.
  96. The environment reflected the darkness of.
  97. She reflected on the last couple of minutes.
  98. Life is full of ironies, I reflected again.
  99. He sensed unspoken regret reflected in them.
  100. Orange hues reflected on the graceful waves.
  1. The truth reflects my future.
  2. The setting sun reflects rose.
  3. The way you trade reflects on.
  4. Life reflects what you project!.
  5. It reflects the market's inertia.
  6. The mirror still reflects my face.
  7. The mirror reflects the image but.
  8. It is their right that he reflects.
  9. It also reflects positively on the.
  10. Batistuta and the Rumford reflects.
  11. It contemplates, reflects and thinks:.
  12. As much as it reflects its force on you.
  13. Which style reflects you more closely?
  14. The sky above reflects the valley below.
  15. It reflects the floating cities above it.
  16. A red laser beam reflects off the barbell.
  17. When the mind is quiet it reflects reality.
  18. Reflects the joy and unity from times of old.
  19. To a certain extent, it reflects how I feel.
  20. Each dynamic reflects and reinforces the other.
  21. Simply that muddying the water reflects badly.
  22. DAT loss reflects temporary adaptive changes (i.
  23. The notion of the self reflects a Western, and.
  24. The ratio is important because it reflects risk.
  25. Human culture merely reflects what is around it.
  26. Then it projects what is reflects and vice versa.
  27. Which reflects the teaching of Ecclesiastes above.
  28. The country reflects the colonial aspirations of.
  29. Mia tesora, this one reflects your beauty!.
  30. So their negotiating stance reflects this reality.
  31. The cat walk in fashion show reflects her reality.
  32. One very common structure reflects the concept of.
  33. Water reflects what is above it, even at a distance.
  34. In effect, capital structure reflects the reasons.
  35. The delta position of +28 reflects this bullish bias.
  36. While operating leverage reflects the stability of.
  37. In this manner, the organization reflects this ethic.
  38. Its name faithfully reflects the color of its waters.
  39. The rosy gold of tinted sky reflects on gleaming sand.
  40. Volume reflects the activity of traders and investors.
  41. Black conducts, reflects, (refracts is it?), the heat.
  42. Each language reflects everyday culture of its society.
  43. A transformed character reflects God's work within us.
  44. BLOOM: (Reflects precautiously) That antiquated commode.
  45. It also reflects wider issues around market order flow.
  46. Security Analysis reflects many of these same concerns.
  47. As the authors of these scriptures prudently reflects:.
  48. A white religion reflects a white level in a white face.
  49. The letter that Haig has drafted reflects that temerity.
  50. Along its bare top a grey northern sky reflects my mood.
  51. The rectangle formation reflects a consolidation period.
  52. This suggests that the preresponse signal reflects the.
  53. While EVA more accurately reflects the current cost of.
  54. This characteristic reflects the realized portfolio risk.
  55. Again, the seasonal chart reflects the average time frame.
  56. This is related to the target user and reflects the main.
  57. Please, Ana, she says, and her anguish reflects mine.
  58. The word enticement reflects several meanings including: 1.
  59. This reflects its sensitivity to changes in the spot price.
  60. The Current State reflects the self-awareness of the coachee.
  61. The one witness reflects itself in the countless bodies as.
  62. The model reflects our findings that experienced coaches who.
  63. It is a joyous dance of celebration that reflects the canvas.
  64. Further, that the loss reflects DA terminal damage but that.
  65. Godness reflects the beauty of mind in presentations acheived.
  66. All this reflects in your behavior which helps in building a.
  67. When one reflects that that scoundrel was so vile as to turn.
  68. Most of the time it is an answer that reflects what you have.
  69. The weekly bar on Tuesday reflects two trading days, and so on.
  70. The glass building above the Pit reflects sunlight into my eyes.
  71. When it’s hot, it reflects just how hot it is and vice versa.
  72. In DJ terms, it translates to making a logo that reflects your.
  73. Overall, the long-run real return mainly reflects the cash yield.
  74. This is what I call the physical event that the parable reflects.
  75. Course, none of this shit necessarily reflects my personal views.
  76. Conversely, ex ante excess return reflects both carry and E(ΔS).
  77. Face except for the will centre on the forehead reflects projec-.
  78. It reflects the sophistication that golf has long been known for.
  79. The slow Signal line reflects mass consensus over a longer period.
  80. Gnosticism reflects that a lesser God created the world mirroring.
  81. The symptom speaks a language that reflects the idea that we each.
  82. In the last hours of his life he reflects on all that he’s done.
  83. It pauses, reflects, then rises, pauses once again and then falls.
  84. His mother reflects longingly that when he was an infant (level 1.
  85. The best mulching material is light-coloured and reflects the light.
  86. The yogi who thus always reflects on Krishn, an ideal, accomplished.
  87. But your body simply reflects that which is within you, your spirit.
  88. Further, he reflects that: Fathers and mothers parent differently.
  89. And what happens in business reflects what happens in personal life.
  90. GDP growth reflects both productivity growth and labor force growth.
  91. The estimated intercept reflects the absence of deterministic growth.
  92. Whether stated or not, such information reflects or entails certain.
  93. Manganite’s name reflects its chemical composition: manganese oxide.
  94. The fast MACD line reflects mass consensus over a shorter time period.
  95. In part, observed momentum likely reflects extrapolative expectations.
  96. Therefore, the sage who reflects on the identical God, and whose mind.
  97. He sees value when the future is better than the stock price reflects.
  98. The embarrassment partly reflects the sheer naivety of these strategies.
  99. Your answer reflects the rules you follow that influence how you behave.
  100. Thus, a higher interest rate reflects the additional risk that in the.

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