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    1. Results of walking with God should reflect

    2. worked, what did not work and encourage her to reflect on the

    3. strengthened by His power we reflect the intentions of the Heavenly Fa-

    4. ‘Though, of course, your notoriety might reflect negatively on the company …

    5. The sky is streaked a beautiful deep red colour across the horizon, the clouds tinted pink and red as they reflect the sun

    6. Then Apollo's voice fills my head, you trust me, right? And the look in his eyes reflect his notion

    7. You see, the mirror can only reflect to us what actions we take,

    8. what you reflect to it

    9. Reflect to it what your heart

    10. is a hologram, it can only project to you what you reflect to it

    1. He spoke to his dear the angel Kerubiel who reflected His light through the leaves

    2. The pale yellow sun reflected off the morning fog

    3. had dipped below the tree line and then bathed the sky in reflected golds and pinks

    4. we’d have to think about how that might be reflected in your salary

    5. too he saw the flame of the candle on the table reflected back at him as if she

    6. Stu looked up into her eyes and there he saw reflected twin boys, curled up,

    7. " As Burn spoke, she kept her eyes on the sparkles of reflected light from the debris

    8. Often we believe our dreams are something reflected out to us,

    9. The Mirror is the Universe reflected back at you

    10. It all comes from inside you and is reflected

    1. live a life that is not reflecting the advantage or benefits

    2. he walked with God was reflecting in everything that he

    3. The sword once reflecting the sun, now blocked it

    4. The sharp glint of light reflecting off a school bus stabbed at his eyes

    5. green and black, reflecting the sparkling light of the chandeliers, and if Johnny turned

    6.  The Universe is a Partner and a Mirror reflecting to you

    7. pragmatist, I do know reflecting a vibrational pattern that the

    8. By giving it to yourself, you are reflecting it back

    9. Kofo Awoonor, by seeking his voice and reflecting on all that he did to inform our imagination and culture

    10. Hair: Reflecting on styles popular in the 60’s by Eva Githina

    1. But your body simply reflects that which is within you, your spirit

    2. ‘But it probably reflects what the rest of the world is wondering

    3. even bigger negative vortex that then reflects to them all

    4. world that reflects the views of the many

    5. As he walks through the crowd, heading for the lifts and the central stairwell, he reflects on the case of his intended target; Doctor Arbnor Jasari

    6. This is the lowest day of the church’s year and the church reflects this

    7. “He is the best man who, when making his plans, fears and reflects on everything that can happen to him, but in the moment of action is bold

    8. see a form of worship coming that reflects what is going on in

    9. reflects this exoticism in its buildings and culture

    10. language and reflects the time when man learn

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