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Relent in einem Satz (in englisch)

Of course I didn't relent.
Cindy’s parents did not relent.
A defiant Modi refused to relent.
Finally, mercifully, Sue did relent.
Nightmares that just won’t relent.
But the raging God wouldn’t relent.
When she refused to relent, I growled.

Never did he relent, always he was virulent.
I thought she would relent but she never did.
He knows, now, that pharaoh will never relent.
Despite Izio’s pleas, Lolek refused to relent.
Others may object, but with time they will relent.
They wanted sin and idolatry; he wouldn’t relent.
Then, after that, God will relent towards whomever He wills.
As she failed to yield, he riveted near her to make her relent.
His eyes wished Olin to relent and let the matter come to an end.
Maro realized the trap and sighed as Tullius chose not to relent.
As the weeks passed, the Bird didn’t relent in his attacks on Louie.
It’s a step up from mercy because mercy means to relent punishment.
And Hermes would convince Odysseus’s love-smitten captor to relent.
I expected my brothers to relent, but they fed like I was their first.
And without relent, I could feel the pain that he struggled to control.
Sebastian turned at the door and the pleading in his eyes made Rex relent.
She pried Becky from Joss’s arms, forcing him to relent his hold on her.
Oh, you see, Nelly, he would not relent a moment to keep me out of the grave.
The shadowy hands did not let Eric die and they did not relent with the torture.
Though it comes out sounding more hypothetical than dismissive, she appears to relent.
In frustration, I had to relent, feeding regularly and allowing Jacques to care for me.
He turned slowly to face the perpetrator, while Zacchaeus refused to relent from my neck.
Refusing to relent the Devata spread out his jeweled net over the Ashura and trapped him.
I told him I wanted a feed, and he was the closest possible option, but he still didn’t relent.
The oars were never allowed to relent the fast pace that was dictated by a drum in the belly of the ship.
What? She says it like she expects him to relent, but her wide eyes and ashen face suggest otherwise.
Not for one moment did they relent in the hardness of their ride, moving as fast as their horses could bear.
We are merely challenged to conform, relent, tolerate, work harder, have more faith, and be more charitable.
I relent, pushing myself out of the sand, fitting my toes into my sandals, my fingers intertwined with Noah’s.
No; but she might suppose that something would occur in your favour; that your own family might in time relent.
He paused, and the gathered men cried out their agreement, as Arthur stood deadly still and watched his father without relent.
For every time I wanted to throttle her because she was too optimistic, she wanted to throttle me because I would never ever relent.
She hated the editor’s bluster and uncouth manners, but she was used to them and knew he would relent after he had vented his spleen.
And that was relenting.
Garth was already relenting.
The plague showed no signs of relenting.
Finally, it appeared that the woman was relenting.
He knew that he was cruel, but he had no relenting in him yet.
Relenting, she did as he asked, then immediately crossed her arms because she did feel cold.
There was no pause, no pity, no peace, no interval of relenting rest, no measurement of time.
Sionna was reflexively ready to protest and mock her sister, but she found herself relenting.
Their arguments continued on like that, sometimes late into the night without either one relenting.
This resisting such relenting of form and consequently forming a frustrating barrier that blocks the free.
He just stood looking at her so wistfully, so tenderly, that she found her heart relenting in spite of herself.
Here, the cold and misery showed no signs of relenting, and the only birds Alice heard as they walked to campus were crows.
Turning quickly away from the predawn brightening, he peered into the slowly relenting darkness where the lone fire of the Egyptian outpost had been.
As we went over earlier mercy isn’t just relenting punishment, just as much as grace isn’t just unmerited favor, or enabling us with God’s life.
All right, you may do that, said the doctor, relenting, and turning to an old woman with a white apron, he told her to call the prisoner—Nurse Maslova.
He glared back blankly and after a long pause spoke relenting No human chicks need male sperm to hatch and no they are not white and they are invisible to human eye.
Had they, when they wronged themselves, come to you, and prayed for God's forgiveness, and the Messenger had prayed for their forgiveness, they would have found God Relenting and Merciful.
He hated his own cruelty, and yet he dreaded to show the fulness of his relenting: he must go to her again; the friendship could not be put to a sudden end; and her unhappiness was a power which he dreaded.
Laurie looked at her once or twice, but as she showed no sign of relenting, he felt injured, and turned his back on her till the others were done with him, when he made her a low bow and walked off without a word.
Fred was feeling as good-naturedly as possible towards everybody, including Rigg; and having some relenting towards all these people who were less lucky than he was aware of being himself, he would not for the world have behaved amiss; still, it was particularly easy to laugh.
But how quick is the shift of passions from one extreme to another! and how little are they acquainted with the human heart who dispute it! I could not see this amiable criminal, so suddenly the first object of my love, and as suddenly of my just hate, on his knees, bedewing my hands with his tears, without relenting.
Another burst of tears; but in spite of that burst, and in spite of that great black word miserable, which served to introduce it, Sir Thomas began to think a little relenting, a little change of inclination, might have something to do with it; and to augur favourably from the personal entreaty of the young man himself.
Alberto relented and sat down.
I relented, but just a little.
I guess so, she relented.
When the storm finally relented.
I will take him, he relented.
After much persuasion she relented.
And the Lord consented and relented.
Jacob shook his head, but he relented.
The devil relented but put a condition.
Maybe you’re right, he relented.
Finally he relented, and took the glass.
Fair enough, I relented, with a sigh.
Finally, Jack relented and gave it a try.
Fine Brianna, you win, he relented.
I relented and offered nothing once more.
I relented, moving to a standing position.
Then, for no apparent reason, he relented.
Finally he relented, easing the door open.
Fine, I relented and got into his car.
I relented and asked for the water of life.
By the time the DM relented, it was too late.
I relented and patiently explained to him.
She made as if to pull away and then relented.
Seeing how upset his son was, Mohammed relented.
She started to put the mobile down, but relented.
Scaliger relented, and Nostradamus was released.
I relented and nodded, knowing that he was right.
Louis le Rorgonide then nodded once and relented.
Robert relented and allowed himself to be led to.
She relented and tossed her bags into the closet.
Herndon relented, only to remain on the same plane.
The young man finally relented and smiled to Shomberg.
Joe relented and said they would see how it worked out.
Caramba! But he relented with a contemptuous fairness.
Hitler eventually relented, and gave the necessary order.
More animated conversation, until Trugga finally relented.
The mother quickly checked through them and relented by.
Connie relented, and characteristically sighed, indicating.
He never relented once he seethed at some perceived offense.
Trask felt tempted to apply the cold shoulder, but relented.
His grip on the aide never relents.
Singer to close her store, Mother relents and tells you:.
Life is unpredictable and sometimes relents on its harshness.
I only hope that the storm god relents and gives us a little more time, but I don’t hold out much hope.
Often packers and producers will hold at their bid or asking prices until later in the week when one relents, resulting in the cattle being sold.
Benes is about to let the pair have her feelings known – with nothing held back, but somehow, she relents, and instead only states that the two of them make a nice couple.
Does he believe he has all this time been deceiving the Legislature? He had heard but one sentiment from the President, which is, that we must make war unless Great Britain relents.
She languishes there near six Months ere the Assizes, an’ whilst in Gaol grows greater-an’ greater-bellied—fer me own Infant Self was bloomin’ in her Womb—an’ when the Assizes comes ’round, the Mistress o’ the House relents, havin’ taken Pity on the Maid, an’ decides not to press Charges, an’ so the Maid is set free, an’ soon after brings me to me Birth.

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