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Soften in einem Satz (in englisch)

I see Aaron’s face soften.
His eyes soften, and he smiles.
Her face seemed to soften a bit.
This allows the garlic to soften.
Meanwhile, soften gelatin in cold.
The marble seemed to soften in his.
She began to soften; she felt sorry.
Soften the blow of her last statement.
That should soften his disappointment.
He will soften, and will listen to you.
To soften with grace the accented pain.
Yeah, it’s already starting to soften.
But his expression was starting to soften.
Let your chest and heart soften and relax.
This seemed to soften his mood a bit, and.
But a full stomach would soften my edge.
Angela’s hard, bright eyes soften a little.
It did not soften or bend in the summer heat.
I looked into his eyes and felt my heart soften.
I needed to use my feline charm and soften Vlad.
Rosemary, and Lemon help soften the effects of a.
Hair conditioner can also be used to soften hair.
Firm the outer arms inward, and soften the fingers.
The sadness in his eyes was enough to soften Ingrid.
But they soften you in ways you can’t imagine.
The Nord’s voice continued to soften and trail off.
Yet you are a lover to soften the heart with gauntness.
Pain exists in our life to soften our stone hearts, to.
His eyes soften, but he stares at me with a slight frown.
She watched Rave closely and saw his eyes begin to soften.
Holy fuck – what’s he going to do now? His eyes soften.
I myself offered to piss on her feet to soften the spines.
His mom, wanting to soften the blow, immediately answered.
Soften the root of the tongue, the wings of the nose, the.
They help to soften the soil and allow deeper root systems.
He threw his hands behind himself to soften his fall then.
His eyes soften with the last thing I want to see: sympathy.
Meier's arms stayed crossed but his resolve seemed to soften.
It caught him on the bridge of his nose and I felt it soften.

He smiled, his grey eyes softening.
Maybe, he said, his tone softening.
Please, he said, softening his tone.
Softening eyes are subconscious female moves.
There was a softening at the corners of her eyes.
Carter looked at them with his irritation softening.
Nancy stared down at him, her face softening a bit now.
Now, softening his gaze, Moshe again spoke to the captain.
He wasn’t saying much, but she sensed he might be softening.
Softening to his presence, he prayed for them to realise the.
He frowned down at her, his face not softening in the slightest.
We got that, too, from you, from the softening of your manners.
The expression of Caleb's face was visibly softening while Fred.
Hey, guys, Fang said to the rest of them, his face softening.
Amelia… he muttered; his heart softening as she turned to him.
His gentle, soothing words and smiles were as soothing and softening.
The snow along the shore was softening, but no ground was yet visible.
There was something about women that always had him softening a little.
It makes no difference to me, either, he said, his tone softening.
Andrew continued, voice softening, I mean, it’s not what you think.
Release both legs, softening the groins, and see that the legs are angled.
The letter of Tolstoi produced a softening effect on the commanding officer.
These past few months he's been blaming his softening on The Return of Eugene.
A transient peace had settled across the room, softening the lines of anxiety.
Clumps of gray slush fell off, speckled with crystals of rapidly softening ice.
We ought never to despair of softening the heart of a mother who loves her child.
I caught eagerly at these words, as giving me a faint hope of softening his wrath.
Release both legs, softening the groins, and see that the legs are angled evenly.
She looked at me long and earnestly and I thought that she was softening toward me.
You’ve seen the loyalty training in action too, he said, softening his voice.
I heard Jacob's chuckle and I pictured his handsome features softening with his smile.
I steeled myself against the softening that Ash invoked in me and refused to give in.
Seriously, Randy, her voice was softening as she was losing the battle to suppress her.
He noted a mild softening of the darkness and thought, Over where the eastern horizon should.
He noted a mild softening of the darkness and thought, Over where the eastern horizon should be.
She recognized the buttons for correcting red eye and softening lines, but the others were a mystery.
Do it, he said, his eyes softening for a brief moment as he stared at my hand holding the knife.
Requiring very precise softening of the wood and hours of rubbing the bone tip on a piece of sandstone.
This time, though, things were off from the get-go; as soon as he entered her she could feel him softening.
Munoz had softened a little.
The vision of water softened.
Her eyes softened on his face.
But then his features softened.
Well her tone softened, anyway.
Work in the softened shortening.
The young man’s smile softened.
A softened feeling came over him.
His plight softened Sunaina a bit.
His face softened with a big smile.
His eyes searched mine and softened.
He shrugged and she almost softened.
He was clearly rude, but I softened.
He softened his voice, Emily?
That surprised her, and she softened.
He knew that if he softened up the.
Watching her, his expression softened.
Rad’s eyes widened, and then softened.
Touching my shoulder, his gaze softened.
He looked at me, and his eyes softened.
The old woman had quite softened by now.
Her eyes softened and she smiled shyly.
Sarah’s face softened with the memory.
He was touched, almost softened by them.
It softened her anger towards him a bit.
She was soon more softened and sorrowful.
Fife’s mood had softened during the turn.
Dominique softened a little towards Dafne.
Admittedly he had softened the blow when.
Her eyes softened and she looked up at him.
Slowly, Jill’s intense blue eyes softened.
Peg softened, now that she had got the truth.
He immediately softened and returned the hug.
The words were strong, but his touch softened.
Even their Kyboes softened their steps as if.
Add the milk and softened butter and beat well.
He was still no pushover but he was softened up.
Suddenly his features softened and he took the.
Freeman collected himself and softened his voice.
His brother's timidity obviously softened Nikolay.
Bernard softens his pitch.
It softens her square jaw.
It sort of works; your mood softens.
A little heat is good, as it softens.
A lot of heat is bad, as it softens the.
His face softens up as he stares at our hands.
His glare softens slightly when he sees her laugh.
She sees me and something in her eyes changes, softens.
The problem with heat is that it softens your tool's cutting edges.
When the rifle heats up the bullet, it softens it and it leaves the red.
Trading softens the impact of this "trader's tuition," detailing a comprehensive.
Tooth decay is a disease process which softens and destroys the hard tissues of the tooth.
Without her, without her gentle word it would be hell among us! She softens even Varvara.
But her face softens, and she touches Marcus’s arm again, this time with a light caress.
This ritual has got a mystical beauty to it, which softens the burden of the early rising.
We stare at each other like a couple of cats for several minutes, then his expression softens.
When you encounter truth, the sense of your self opens, expands, softens, fills in, and lets go.
Finally Penelope softens, she starts to cry and, throwing her arms around his neck, she tenderly kisses him.
In simple terms, HYDRATION COMPLEX breaks down, softens and loosens the dry, hard stools that are causing you pain.
His hand swoops up and grabs mine, but he softens the blow by pulling it to his mouth and sweetly kissing my knuckles.
Power selects and attracts the worst elements of society, transforms them, improves and softens them, and returns them to society.
Stratler pauses for a moment, and softens his tone in his voice, once he realizes that his threatening tone isn’t getting him anywhere.
The warmth of his body helps as it softens the plastic sacking; the chord that Dippa used first was badly tied and loosens along with the plastic.
Anything that breaks the harsh aroma of the institution, that softens the lines in this house of pain, is a welcome distraction to the morbidity of their own skin.
And what is it that civilization softens in us? The only gain of civilization for mankind is the greater capacity for variety of sensations—and absolutely nothing more.
The public perception of natural phenomena softens into acceptance of whatever theory, whatever what if alarm is sounded to warn of the newest imaginary catastrophe.
If I'm preaching on tithing, and you're a tither, then it's good ground; but if you're against tithing, then it's going to be hard ground, until God softens your heart about that.
Suffering (oftentimes) defines or softens the heart of an individual by making that individual (more) receptive to of other individuals who are suffering or who have suffered in some manner.
In a profound experience of truth, the sense of me softens and expands to such a degree that there is only a slight sense of me as a separate self remaining, perhaps just as the observer of the vastness of truth.
In a profound experience of truth, the sense of me softens and expands to such a degree that there’s only a slight sense of me as a separate self remaining, perhaps just as the observer of the vastness of truth.
As the cucumber freezes and softens in the freezer (which is why I put it in a Ziploc baggie, who wants to clean cucumber guts from inside their freezer?) your man will not be able to perform until you remove the cucumber and bury.
The house was all in confusion; but still the niece ate and the housekeeper drank and Sancho Panza enjoyed himself; for inheriting property wipes out or softens down in the heir the feeling of grief the dead man might be expected to leave behind him.
At any rate, whoever is bringing this hellfire out into the street must be transfixed by the weird missile of the shopping cart, or the weirder duo trailing along behind, because just as another collision becomes inevitable, the noise softens, the flames draw apart, and Mercer and Jenny and the body before them are allowed, untouched, to pass.
AFTER OUR DEBAUCH, WE four peculiar Lovers loll’d at our Ease drinking Sack and Claret, sleeping for sev’ral Hours entwin’d in each other’s Arms, then waking to talk quietly amongst ourselves; for oft’ ’tis true, that shar’d Pleasure softens the Aversions we may have felt before and brings ill-mated Rogues into the Orbit of Friendship.

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