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    1. Ricci ignores the remark, tuns on his CD player and then begins to sing softly along with the Carpenters (V

    2. The pilot stops talking, smiles kindly, adds a remark

    3. Jed ignores the remark, leaves, shuts the door behind him

    4. Rosy was well placed to hear the remark and well placed to observe McManus squirm and glisten with sweat

    5. To watch your soul-brother take a beating for some off-hand remark or imagined slight, is to have your heart cut, slice by slice, into ribbons

    6. It could be that simple remark from a teacher something like

    7. Barns, you should know better than to make such a remark

    8. During the telephone call the businessman decided not to remark on the fact that he had seen the fisherman sitting on the beach with his rods and his lines on more than one occasion during his recent trips down to the south coast to seal the deal on his new factory with the local council planning authorities

    9. Rayne chuckled and Duncan couldn’t help but smile at her remark

    10. It was so unexpected that Tevid burst out laughing at the remark, as did First Kai and Mistress Sera

    11. During the telephone call the businessman decided not to remark

    12. Joseph picked up on the remark and felt his heart skip a beat

    13. At this last remark, the older man turned and looked quizzically at

    14. This remark was met with frowns and confused silence from both

    15. made some casual remark to that effect

    16. The constable rises too, but hangs back for a moment thinking about that last remark

    17. This remark made Tom thoughtful

    18. Marguerite ignored the remark, making allowances for the

    19. Harry noticed and made no remark

    20. the remark could be interpreted as the urging of a King's

    21. Besides, who he fights with was his business, she just wanted to know what he meant by that last remark

    22. Clothier, who decided to ignore the remark considering his shirt was on this match

    23. It was the well known remark of the emperor Charles V

    24. I cannot remark that this

    25. recognize that, after this remark, the man Kant seems

    26. The first remark is one of

    27. My remark from yesterday that they

    28. why I did not remark them

    29. Shreya fighting with him for that teasing remark

    30. When Zarko greeted him gingerly he just grunted some remark in return

    31. He ignored her remark and said something that had little bearing on it

    32. It is a remark of the President Heynaut, that we now read with pleasure the account of many little transactions of the Ligue, which, when they happened, were not, perhaps, considered as very important pieces of news

    33. The March Hare took the watch and looked at it gloomily: then he dipped it into his cup of tea, and looked at it again: but he could think of nothing better to say than his first remark, ‘It was the BEST butter, you know

    34. The Dormouse shook its head impatiently, and said, without opening its eyes, ‘Of course, of course; just what I was going to remark myself

    35. ‘But they were IN the well,’ Alice said to the Dormouse, not choosing to notice this last remark

    36. remark that had made the whole party look so grave and anxious

    37. ‘Perhaps it hasn’t one,’ Alice ventured to remark

    38. This was quite a new idea to Alice, and she thought it over a little before she made her next remark

    39. Whoever has attended for any considerable time to the administration of a French university, must have had occasion to remark the effects which naturally result from an arbitrary and extraneous jurisdiction of this kind

    40. The teacher, instead of explaining to his pupils himself the science in which he proposes to instruct them, may read some book upon it; and if this book is written in a foreign and dead language, by interpreting it to them into their own, or, what would give him still less trouble, by making them interpret it to him, and by now and then making an occasional remark upon it, he may flatter himself that he is giving a lecture

    41. ” The pensive remark was one of final understanding

    42. It is, perhaps, worth while to remark, that though the laws of the twelve tables were many of them copied from those of some ancient Greek republics, yet law never seems to have grown up to be a science in any republic of ancient Greece

    43. “The only rest you are guaranteed Pte Woods is when your toes have curled up and you are thrown with the rest of the corpses until then you will get on with the fatigues you are given and carry them out quite cheerfully”, and with this parting remark he proceeded to hand out the working parties and assignments

    44. It may, perhaps, be worth while to remark, that, if we except the poets, a few orators, and a few historians, the far greater part of the other eminent men of letters, both of Greece and Rome, appear to have been either public or private teachers; generally either of philosophy or of rhetoric

    45. This remark will be found to hold true, from the days of Lysias and Isocrates, of Plato and Aristotle, down to those of Plutarch and Epictetus, Suetonius, and Quintilian

    46. I was a bit crestfallen and deflated by this remark and I wondered if Helen might feel the same when we were married

    47. A smart remark crossed his mind, 'hatch 22 - catch 22', just to let her know he didn't care what she thought

    48. Jack was taken aback by the hauteur of her remark but tried not to show it

    49. but his remark was the icing on the cake!

    50. She noticed that Shelagh was a little miffed by Frank's remark

    1. As we sat there waiting for the meal to arrive, I remarked that the

    2. “I’m not so sure about that,” Johnny remarked as he looked down at the unconscious guard

    3. The fisherman remarked to his wife as he carried her over the threshold of their first real house, “Well, love, this is where true happiness begins”

    4. “I would have gutted him,” Rayne remarked in an emotionless voice, “he means you ill

    5. The fisherman remarked to his wife as he carried her over the

    6. visitor, always remarked on the sheer beauty and splendour of the

    7. At one point he remarked that this was where he had found Mya pinned under a

    8. rough clothing would not be remarked upon, and the beer was

    9. “What a clever story,” remarked Belle to the ancient, in kindly appreciation

    10. “This is an impressive and at the same time pleasantly inviting gateway you have contrived for your entrance,” remarked Mandy candidly

    11. ' Mandy followed her glance and was about to boast of her recent tour in the new bungalows, anxious to to share her experience with some friendly ear; when the woman remarked snidely, “I can't see where they get off, putting on airs and assuming they can just buy a station in the community that's so obviously above their rank or right place!”

    12. “I couldn't help but to have noticed your ongoing athletic pursuits of late,” he remarked evenly, “and I was reminded of a story that was already old when it was told to me as a boy

    13. “Besides the response you offered about 'being,' I also thought about what you said about preparedness,” remarked the young man, broaching the conversation once again

    14. allies,’ he remarked coolly

    15. remarked on his pleasure of having a companion on the journey,

    16. remarked, trying not to let his surprise show

    17. They walked the few blocks from the station to the steps of the Main building on Malvern College campus, and remarked on the pleasing state of the grounds, the impressive architecture of the buildings and naturally, constantly reminding Harry that 'he would do exceedingly well' on his tests

    18. “It's a step into the past,” remarked Henry as they lingered at a little shop displaying the local varieties of cheeses and woolens

    19. Their mothers were well-pleased with the accommodations, and Harry remarked on his admiration of the Inn's design and construction, aspects he knew something about

    20. Walking back across to Roman’s I remarked, “There’s no way that story

    21. " Shelly remarked, not mentioning how rich her Grandmother appeared to have been at one time

    22. "He was righter then he thought," Jim remarked with an arrogant grin

    23. " She remarked taking the cup with a thankful expression

    24. I was asked my age and when I answered, the person remarked that I was 'just grown'

    25. Allcock remarked, rapt with the intercourse

    26. “Harold this is a fine collection of trophies from your Malvern days,” remarked Mr

    27. " she remarked, about the way his hair was uncombed and his face needed a shave

    28. " She remarked, while filling the sugar container

    29. "Why worry?" he remarked taking a seat across the table from her with his hot cup of coffee

    30. Throwing a look back over his shoulders to where the kids, stood laughing and giggling, He remarked, "I wouldn't worry about them, they're fine

    31. "But that doesn't explain the voices" Todd remarked, taking a seat at the table

    32. " He remarked, flipping his head towards Kit, while looking at Jim

    33. " She remarked looking about the room for her clothing

    34. " He remarked starting for the door

    35. " Dusty remarked shaking the snow from his hat

    36. the windows closed, yet no-one remarked on the fact that

    37. came and went, and Lindy remarked on the fact that she

    38. It deserves to be remarked, too, that it necessarily does this as nearly as possible in the proportion which the demand for labour requires

    39. It deserves to be remarked, perhaps, that it is in the progressive state, while the society is advancing to the further acquisition, rather than when it has acquired its full complement of riches, that the condition of the labouring poor, of the great body of the people, seems to be the happiest and the most comfortable

    40. ancient evil remarked by the philosophers and moralists of all ages

    41. ‘Well, I don’t think it’s such a bad thing,’ remarked a

    42. 'Building motorized transport with enormous exhausts, so I'm told by Sky', Beauty remarked as they flew by

    43. I remarked the 3rd

    44. “Tell me all, sweets,” she had remarked and it was only now, in

    45. “Genius!” I remarked,” And the best part is that Pappi will not be

    46. “He is the same man,” I excitedly remarked, remembering an old

    47. “Wow! He is a hero!” remarked Khosla

    48. In ancient Italy, how much the cultivation of corn degenerated, how unprofitable it became to the master, when it fell under the management of slaves, is remarked both by Pliny and Columella

    49. The great quantity of British goods, exported during the course of the late war, without bringing back any returns, is accordingly remarked by the author of the Present State of the Nation

    50. “First things first, my dear,” he remarked as he took a bite from the offered dish

    1. ascended again, remarking positively on the lack of traffic

    2. It does not, perhaps, relate to the present subject, but I cannot help remarking it, that very old families, such as have possessed some considerable estate from father to son for many successive generations, are very rare in commercial countries

    3. The other guests had taken advantage of the Queen’s absence, and were resting in the shade: however, the moment they saw her, they hurried back to the game, the Queen merely remarking that a moment’s delay would cost them their lives

    4. The other guests had taken advantage of the Queen's absence, and were resting in the shade: however, the moment they saw her, they hurried back to the game, the Queen merely remarking that a moment's delay would cost them their lives

    5. Suzy had declined the invitation and insisted that he didn’t stay too long, jokingly remarking that he was getting too old to hang out with younger, prettier girls anymore and to make sure he didn’t overstay his welcome

    6. After remarking that he could tell from our basement location what my father thought of his outdoor division, he promptly informed Dave Feldman that he was sending recommendations to Winston-Salem that all R

    7. Dismissing the trooper with a wave of his hand, the captain turned to his aide, remarking, “Would it be your observation that someone has been observing us and has beat a hasty retreat when we picked up the pace of our march?”

    8. Dismissing the trooper with a wave of his hand, the captain turned to his aide, remarking,

    9. James remarking that he had not been afforded these courtesies when he was imprisoned at Hu Lyang’s Woodlands cottage – he had even been gagged!

    10. When man had a strong urge to do something, good or evil, he was in the habit of accounting for these unusual emotions by remarking: `The Lord spoke to me saying, do thus and so, or go here and there

    11. remaining scullery maids stirred assorted pots without remarking

    12. scullery maids stirred assorted pots without remarking His Royal Highness’s

    13. Martini lent the old man’s head carefully onto the antimacassar, remarking to himself how flat the back of KK’s head was

    14. Nancy eyed Mazarin cautiously, restraining herself in extremis from remarking to him that the 7,000 mercenaries he had brought with him had also looted and raped their way to Poitiers

    15. remarking about this skill before

    16. ” After remarking so she

    17. could be overheard talking about it remarking about the rain and

    18. Ten came back with a negative report remarking about the giants that they saw while Joshua and Caleb, having faith in God, said “Let's go now and take possession of the land”

    19. He joyfully announced that he has a story that is so dear to his heart, which he would like to tell everyone during the golden jubilee celebration, remarking that the story is one of the remarkable events in his life that gladden his heart

    20. question or remarking to a comment, needed only one word that composed of

    21. There is four of it in that sentence: I fling them to you in a handful, only remarking that they are your fault, not mine

    22. It began directly after breakfast in the hall, where Antoine, remarking firmly '_C'est l'hiver_,' had lit a roaring fire, determined this time to stand no parsimonious nonsense, and it has gone on all day, with the necessary intervals for recuperation

    23. Here roast goose stuffed with apples is a dish loved quite openly and simply by people who would consider that the number of their quarterings raises them above any suspicion as to the refinement of their tastes, however many geese they may eat, and however much they may enjoy them; and I remember one lady, whose ancestors, probably all having loved goose, reached back up to a quite giddy antiquity, casting a gloom over a dinner table by removing as much of the skin or crackling of the goose as she could when it came to her, remarking, amidst a mournful silence, that it was her favourite part

    24. It was when our supper had been cleared away and he was remarking for the second time--the first time he remarked it I had said 'What?',--that ultimate religious ideas are merely symbols of the actual, not cognitions of it, and his mother not well knowing what he meant but afraid it must be something a bishop's son ought not to mean said with gentle reproach, 'My dear Brosy,' that I took courage to inquire of him 'Why Brosy?'

    25. Slowly she walked along the silent sands, slowly she went into the house, still more slowly into her bedroom; and then, just as Gertrud had blessed me and blown out my candle in one breath, in she came with a light, and remarking that she did not feel sleepy sat down on the foot of my bed and began to talk

    26. Johnson and Charles Lamb, remarking that he understood their taste better than that of those persons who indulge in ill-defined and windy raptures about scenery and the weather

    27. But the Baroness, who did not follow and did not want to, for it was not her business to listen to her pastor's wife, drooped an inquiring eye again over Ingeborg's body and cut her tendency to talk more than was becoming in her position short by remarking that she was still very thin

    28. So sure was he as the minutes past that her silence was an embarrassed one that he put an end to it by remarking on the beauty of the evening, and Priscilla who had entirely forgotten Miss Schultz gave him the iciest look as a reminder that it was not his place to speak first

    29. It took no less than two hours, but finally when they both stood looking at the reflection in the full length mirror she could not help remarking: “It’s incredible

    30. were indignantly remarking to one another, “For what

    31. prefaced her playing by remarking to the audience: "You may be

    32. paid me a genuine compliment by remarking: "You are one of the

    33. The confidante watches carefully, silently remarking the proof that his friend is in

    34. Not that it did the least good in the way of prevention--it might almost have been worth remarking that the fact was exactly the reverse--but, it cleared off (as to this world) the trouble of each particular case, and left nothing else connected with it to be looked after

    35. Jerry took the letter, and, remarking to himself with less internal deference than he made an outward show of, "You are a lean old one, too," made his bow, informed his son, in passing, of his destination, and went his way

    36. Remarking at his first entrance the dazzling beauty of Avdotya Romanovna, he endeavoured not to notice her at all during his visit and addressed himself solely to Pulcheria Alexandrovna

    37. A voice kept remarking that Prime Ministers and Viceroys spoke in the Reichstag; entered Lahore; said that the Emperor travelled; in Milan they rioted; said there were rumours in Vienna; said that the Ambassador at Constantinople had audience with the Sultan; the fleet was at Gibraltar

    38. owing to his wife's remarking one day, that it was a long time since she had

    39. him, the Sultan wasted no time in talking, beyond remarking that the mere sight

    40. My companion, sitting on the ground, was prevented by the back of the settle from remarking his presence or departure; but I started, and bade her hush!

    41. I did not mind their skirmishes: but Hareton was often obliged to seek the kitchen also, when the master wanted to have the house to himself; and though in the beginning she either left it at his approach, or quietly joined in my occupations, and shunned remarking or addressing him---and though he was always as sullen and silent as possible---after a while she changed her behaviour, and became incapable of letting him alone: talking at him; commenting on his stupidity and idleness; expressing her wonder how he could endure the life he lived---how he could sit a whole evening staring into the fire and dozing

    42. "Ah, it is really a serious matter, then?" asked the marquis, remarking the cloud on

    43. As old Jack was in the habit of remarking, many a landlord would have sold up their furniture and turned them into the street

    44. The two friends sat down to table; but they could not refrain from remarking the difference between the Count of Monte Cristo's table and that of Signor Pastrini

    45. He insisted on taking all the parcels, and the crowd, having jumped to the conclusion that he was the young woman's husband began to dwindle away, one of the jokers remarking `It's all over!' in a loud voice as he took himself off

    46. Remarking that the print was too small for his own eyes, he passed the slip of paper to Harlow, who read aloud as follows:

    47. Just as they were setting out, Misery stopped them, remarking that the cart was not half loaded - he said it would take a month to get all the stuff away if they went on like that; so by his directions they placed another long ladder on top of the pile and once more started on their way, but before they had gone two dozen yards one of the wheels of the cart collapsed and the load was scattered over the roadway

    48. Without remarking that man-traps were not among the amenities of life, I said I

    49. " I embrace this opportunity of remarking that he washed his clients off, as if he were a surgeon or a dentist

    50. This was Mr Grinder's first visit at the house, and he expressed his admiration of the manner in which the ceiling and the walls were decorated, remarking that he had always liked this 'ere Japanese style

    1. “Very clear,” Johnny said, biting back remarks that would only lead to having to listen to Ackers talk more

    2. She had heard my previous remarks to a caller concerning ants and aphids and their relationship

    3. There is more and more pressure at work; Yota's pungent remarks about a writer of Pangaea who wasn't paid in time because I was too late in typing his entry, as she said

    4. In general, they were satisfied with us, but they made some remarks regarding the atmosphere of frivolity in the class and the teacher was obliged to reprimand certain persons

    5. She usually opens her mouth only to belittle me with offensive remarks such as “I have all the ideas, I am clever, whereas you can't think of anything, you are brainless!”

    6. The years of conditioning and polite remarks made to him by family friends and retainers were so ingrained that he was convinced that he was the only sane person walking the city streets that night

    7. The ruffians quieted and watched as the ladies passed close by; then some made inappropriate remarks just loud enough for the ladies to hear

    8. Bram’s remarks, immediately stood up and offered his chair to the

    9. Most of his remarks concerned the defects of the engine he

    10. These remarks provoked a reprise of some earlier thoughts in

    11. The men’s bathroom raised a couple of less than complimentary remarks from the secretary of the association … mostly on the subject of empty toilet rolls and how no man she had ever met could understand the mechanism which required the replacement of an empty toilet roll with a fresh one

    12. remarks flying across the cafeteria

    13. nervously and accompanied his remarks with a quick glance

    14. I looked at Roman, who was of course unmoved by Carl’s remarks

    15. Pick had no snide remarks for me or the rest of the gamblers

    16. He…he made some insulting remarks about Jews and

    17. Soft whispers, of innuendos, and snide remarks, when they didn't think she was listening

    18. She ignored them and moved on, climbing upwards through the High Tower, her skin too thick with scars to allow any childish remarks to penetrate

    19. At meals, she took far more pleasure in catty remarks than in the food

    20. smile at their teasing remarks as they called me ‘Jeejaji’

    21. “Leave all that, yaar,” I said, avoiding such remarks as a rule

    22. Throughout the drive Liam continued to bait me with his remarks, which bothered me until I realized that his teasing was flirting

    23. Mr Locke remarks a distinction between money and other moveable goods

    24. When in salary negotiations, employees should "low-ball" in their opening remarks

    25. As I mentioned in my opening remarks, we have to clear this room before the end of the hour

    26. His favorite remarks were, “I was a real nerd I think

    27. has been babbling about!” He sounded a little curt and as the evening progressed his remarks became more on the

    28. He began his remarks to his guests by telling them that there was that night more talent in the room than any other night, other than those nights when Jefferson dined alone

    29. He could hear scattered applause, one or two encouraging remarks shouted over the noise, a few mocking calls and a general disinterested chatter

    30. Keljar’s eyes appeared to stare inward at these remarks, rubbing his golden beard for a time before he said, “My apologies, Lady Silverblade

    31. (Did he really cut down that cherry tree?) Now, compare his remarks and sentiments to those of the present occupant of the White House

    32. I learned a bit about keeping my smart-Alec remarks to myself

    33. The Judge sentenced him to death as expected and made a few choice remarks on his lack of knowledge on what communism is in academic terms

    34. Grey had protested violently, and Brock's nose twitched in vexation as he recalled the remarks that the old badger had thrown at him

    35. Or cover over My ways with darkness, Nor let the remarks of the wayward enter in

    36. Dean‘s thoughtless remarks about a ―pathetic old man‖ recalls the relentless efforts of dedicated Nazi Hunters who spent the greater part of their (adult) lives tracking down and bringing to justice ―former‖ war criminals who evaded criminal prosecution after the war and lived to a ―respectable,‖ ripe old age

    37. Cosmo had not blinked at the smart remarks

    38. The tambourine player gasped in surprise when a half-crazed Detective Inspector Grunt wrenched the tambourine from his hand, pounded across the snow, and laid into us, shouting some very un-Christian like remarks

    39. His caustic remarks provoked a number of (unformed) thoughts in my mind including but not limited to 1) the boundaries separating treasonous statements from free speech 2) plausible grounds calling for his immediate dismissal 3) the appalling lack of character and common sense conspicuously absent among (so-called) Intellectuals and (dis-engaging) parents (refer to John Walker Lindh) who casually dismiss the questionable attitudes and positions adopted by their children while routinely footing the bill for their college tuitions and 4) more recently, a former relief pitcher for the Atlanta Braves (John Rocker) who was sentenced by the court of public opinion to perform community service after making unsavory remarks to a newspaper reporter about Gays and African Americans inconsistent with the (civic) requirements of social and politically correct conventions

    40. Dawley translated, amusing the general with my remarks

    41. The remarks themselves matter little in the long run

    42. What Romney would have done as president depends on whether one takes him at his word during the campaign, or argues he only said these remarks to pander to pro-war conservatives who looked at him with suspicion

    43. He wondered, noticing the fresh scratches crossing the swell of her bosom, if the remarks he’d made to Brian Walston when he’d questioned him in the prison yard might have induced him to think that she may have made some kind of deal behind his back with his investigators

    44. He’d been trying to regain some control, but Truman’s remarks shook him every bit as much as had the bullet, the knifing and the rest of it

    45. With the ancient sound of a didgeridoo echoing through his mind, Brownie took offence at Cassa’s remarks

    46. Major Guighan stood stock still as the General’s incisive remarks made their way to his heart and mind

    47. Giving them a wide berth usually kept her from having to listen to remarks about her unusual occupation

    48. Olufemi made some colourful remarks about the driving conditions, to which Ethan pointed out they should be happy they weren’t being shot at

    49. " In fact, we should not overlook His intention that sustenance should be vegetarian, as the hagiographer remarks: "Look, to you I give all the seed-bearing plants everywhere on the surface of the earth, and all the trees with seed-bearing fruit; this will be your food

    50. His staff will gather the remarks of the left leaning media on a particular issue

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