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    1. and others, to observe how they walked with God and

    2. is our responsibility to observe and keep them

    3. observe in our lives, the more chances for us to avoid

    4. Observe the correct planting dates on vegetables, etc

    5. After following this process you may observe that the targeted rate of return is not feasible

    6. Tell your older relative about the changes you observe and ask what he/she may be experiencing

    7. It is our purpose to observe the contrasting values, and to decide for ourselves what is wanted in our physical experience

    8. and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have

    9. But as the shuttlecraft made that one more orbit, Narrulla swung too far east to observe the Gengee chaparral, and its scope could no longer see what was happening out in the wilds of that basin

    10. Rosy was well placed to hear the remark and well placed to observe McManus squirm and glisten with sweat

    11. As about religions, what are they really? “I always tell you to meditate and observe yourselves so as to strengthen your souls

    12. Reaching the “void space”, we observe the image of the flame which is shaped in the darkness of our shut eyes

    13. " The question is: When does the Bible account of an action constitute and example? I am commanded to observe the Lord's supper (I Corinthians 11:24,25

    14. " The question is: When does the Bible account of an action constitute and example? I am commanded to observe the Lord's supper (I Corinthians

    15. The Kassikan obviously has the wherewithal to observe that asteroid, there were many other observatories on the planet that had published reports on their data network

    16. Herndon had no way to observe for himself what direction the asteroid would emerge, but he was confident the Al-Harron's crew was skilled enough to nudge that asteroid so it would need little correction to strike its target, the Kassikan

    17. observe the humble bean, yes, I said bean, that can be any food

    18. After making sure that there were no surprises left in the air, Jake dispatched Rah to hunt down a scout that he knew would be there to observe and report back

    19. There are sorrowful moments talking about Joris, but I am pleased to observe that Berndt has taken his friend’s wish to heart – despite an incontestable sadness, he smiles when talking of Joris

    20. "She said they could observe them but couldn't do anything about them

    21. As they stopped at one farm, Rayne noted that Lord Tarak did not sit high above and observe; instead he climbed down and greeted the farmer warmly

    22. If you don‘t have children of your own, simply visit a nearby park and observe them on the

    23. Observe it without reacting to it

    24. The best we have done in the thirty eight thousand years since the temple of science was founded is make it possible for us to observe and now interact with the energy universe

    25. It is interesting to observe

    26. that although we cannot observe these things in a lab that does not

    27. Observe your breath

    28. to observe that I am aligning to a non-‐truthful energy imprint within

    29. OBSERVE without attachment/judgement (detached observation); al ow

    30. They could observe the

    31. to Lyndesfarne to practice gestures and observe the effects of magic

    32. 'What could they possibly observe that would tell them

    33. “Can you observe this settlement some more without arousing suspicion?” Elmore asked

    34. “You won't do that!” He paused, “We'll have you observe it one more day

    35. “I see you’re scheduled to observe the village for a few more hours

    36. You may do that, but from now on just observe, don’t interact

    37. She wished she could help the girl, but she’d already experienced enough of these experiences, to know that the only thing she was there for was to observe

    38. I found it fascinating to watch Dan as Deeny, playing and being loved by a Robot! What use will it be to watch Dan as a Napie, you ask? I just want to observe the consciousness of Dan

    39. The device's purpose and origin were unknown, but there were pictures in the article that clearly showed a lens, making him believe it was meant to observe

    40. It didn’t take much faith for him to think it was meant to observe the present condition of mankind and return that information to what could only be an ancient voidship above

    41. If such direct proof could require any collateral evidence to confirm it, I would observe, that this has likewise been the case in France, and probably in most other parts of Europe

    42. Upon examining, however, the accounts which have been published of their annual produce, I have not been able to observe that its variations have had any sensible connection with the dearness or cheapness of the seasons

    43. we begin to observe what the Father is doing, and then step out

    44. All Nidon wanted from that was knowing she really was at the castle, "I do observe that you lost no time investigating the original clients, I wonder why you didn't investigate her with similar diligence?"

    45. statutes and observe them

    46. Abbot than Dominic might have continued to observe the

    47. They were astonished to observe the rage of the Spaniards to obtain them; and had no notion that there could anywhere be a country in which many people had the disposal of so great a superfluity of food; so scanty always among themselves, that, for a very small quantity of those glittering baubles, they would willingly give as much as might maintain a whole family for many years

    48. How far the bounty could produce this effect at any time I shall examine hereafter: I shall only observe at present, that between 1688 and 1700, it had not time to produce any such effect

    49. I shall only observe at present, that this rise in the value of silver, in proportion to that of corn, has not been peculiar to England

    50. {See Tracts on the Corn Trade, Tract 3,} It is unnecessary to observe how much this forced exportation must have raised the price of corn above what it otherwise would have been in the home market

    1. At the same time it has been observed for years, for instance, that many executives with high-pressure jobs seem to remain quite healthy until old age – they seem to flourish in their pressure-cooker jobs

    2. The most important contacts I observed are the following:

    3. "Wow," he said as he came into view and observed the last houri he had been playing with

    4. "But you're here to tell the tale," Fyasin observed

    5. It would be easy enough to follow the herd's trail, Alan observed, and there was a good chance they would be somewhere on that route

    6. He was looking mighty handsome she observed

    7. but observed everything without anyone noticing they were there

    8. ROBERT: On the night of April 12, as you observed her, did Samantha seem intoxicated?

    9. They were the largest concentration of metals that had ever been observed, and had been closely studied because of that, but it was their motions of the previous year that caused them to send for him

    10. Many of the Yoga exercises are based on the natural stretching of healthy animals which the ancient Yogis, who formulated the science of Hatha Yoga, observed and emulated

    11. "It's pretty well built," Desa observed as they started down the stairwell for this slip

    12. "I think this woman knows she can choose any bed she wants," Gonzar observed

    13. Nuplayy observed one smaller object had fallen from the remaining piece and he thought it would impact but it had moved out of the range of his scope

    14. The boys became roving reporters who went about camp each day and simply observed what was going on

    15. The White contacted their lead dragon, Wolf, after he observed a particularly nasty fight, and saluted them for their valor

    16. Kate watched for a while and observed that there was a kind of sadness about him

    17. He was sifting the data in various ways, trying to reconcile it with observed course corrections in the impactors

    18. They were led to their seats and Duncan observed that they had reconfigured the seatbelts, as Duncan and Rayne were a lot smaller than their hosts

    19. From the walkway ramp Lord Tarak observed all of this with amusement

    20. The advantage of the Hold was obvious, surrounding areas could be observed for hundreds of miles in all directions

    21. They were discussing the phenomenon they were chasing, which they had already observed even before they finished the calibration

    22. Rayne observed Tarak with growing respect as they went to several other farms and all were greeted in the same way

    23. “It has been observed several times, a young maid of this floor speaking with Lord Boras’

    24. “There is another thing I have noticed my Lord,” Master Seatac watched Lord Tarak’s face as he continued, “Her eyes sir, they are as violet as our own women’s eyes; and I’ve observed her doing things our way, without any instructions

    25. “There are many other things I have observed these past several days, my Lord” the stable master continued, “she does things our way without realizing it; things that only an Ogatu would know to do

    26. Because of things I have observed, I have come to believe she may be one of us

    27. I’ve observed that trapped emotions are actually

    28. He was observed chuckling to himself as he left the COM

    29. High above their movements were being observed by highly trained shadows

    30. But twisting and contorting what they have observed have instead learned to

    31. achievable, but from what I have observed, there is

    32. horrors they observed around them varied widely

    33. presume that all things may be observed and evaluated? Discover what is

    34. I observed Cordra watching them from where she stood in the kitchen, and I could scarcely believe what I saw

    35. Granddad observed shrewdly, you could see the signs of a long-term

    36. Davie has ended lives on Glasgow's heavy, swollen streets, but he has never observed death as part of an industrial process

    37. gleaning was still observed

    38. expression – it was one he had observed on Bram’s face on a regular

    39. Meanwhile he had also observed the curious antics in which Harry engaged during each episode following his great-niece's directions for his accomplishing the otherwise unremarkable chores around the house

    40. It can easily be observed how a person's emotional construction may evolve, his belief systems shift, that is to say the meanings of his knowledge can change

    41. Unbeknownst to anyone, Jameson had secretly observed, when his own training permitted, Titania and Hipolyta as they performed some of their own challenges and tasks

    42. He thought about the old women he had observed gleaning

    43. ” He observed without emotion

    44. Had there been any passersby, they would have observed only a beautifully choreographed dance by two elegant women which protected them from painful death at the hands of a master

    45. “You haven’t observed the peasant areas,” Elmore said

    46. “I’ve observed up to here, and I’ve found the people to be just about the same as the people in Bostok

    47. Traditional holidays shall be observed

    48. ’ As Jean had observed on many

    49. It makes the most sense so far for the observed behavior, even though it is less than flattering to my ego

    50. Since Victoria's campaign to look more appealing to Theology, she had become relatively devout, even though she still never observed a Sabbath

    1. “Balance relies on so many things,” he observes

    2. Gilla appears to understand at least in part what I am going through – heaven forefend that she should truly understand! She casually observes a couple of times how unpredictable Berndt is, how he frequently disappears without warning

    3. 4 He who observes the wind won’t sow;

    4. Mr Kalm, the Swedish traveller, when he gives an account of the husbandry of some of the English colonies in North America, as he found it in 1749, observes, accordingly, that he can with difficulty discover there the character of the English nation, so well skilled in all the different branches of agriculture

    5. Mr Hume observes, that in the Saxon times, the fleece was estimated at two-fifths of the value of the whole sheep and that this was much above the proportion of its present estimation

    6. mother observes, takes the toy and, of course,

    7. are you the mind that observes the body you see?

    8. Peloponnesians, Thucydides observes, generally left the field in the summer, and returned home to reap the harvest

    9. A much more sober and judicious writer, Mr Anderson, author of the Historical and Chronological Deduction of Commerce, very justly observes, that upon examining the accounts which Mr Dobbs himself has given for several years together, of their exports and imports, and upon making proper allowances for their extraordinary risk and expense, it does not appear that their profits deserve to be envied, or that they can much, if at all, exceed the ordinary profits of trade

    10. Conscience is understood as an (internalized) set of morals and values whose critical references, in whatever manner obtained and (assimilated), must necessarily enhance or diminish an individual‘s sense of guilt or other such feelings and emotions proceeding from that individual‘s private understanding of right and wrong or good and evil; that is to say, how that individual observes (external) events and assimilates the information that it receives

    11. It differs only in that it is smaller, attracts fewer tourists, and observes an even slower pace than the tortoise-like march through time observed in Chauita

    12. With success may come the arrogance of intellect as Berlinski relates, “When Richard Dawkins observes that genes ‘created us body and mind’ he is appealing essentially to a magical connection

    13. The operator ends the process when he observes the cremation to be complete

    14. 4 He who observes the wind shall not sow; and he who regards the clouds shall not reap

    15. There is one Lord, or God, or Supreme Creator that then observes these Creators and 101

    16. He observes and

    17. British philosopher Roger Scruton observes in an American Spectator article that there has never been a more effective means of “cutting off a whole people from its inheritance of moral and spiritual capital

    18. He observes in a footnote that “within the world community, the imposition of the death penalty for crimes committed by mentally retarded offenders is overwhelmingly disapproved

    19. Eric Chevlen, a practitioner of medical oncology and pain medicine, observes that the rigors of the scientific method are seen by the advocates of political correctness to be a “devaluation” of the values of the feminist movement

    20. Columnist John Derbyshire observes that scientists working in an atmosphere heavily polluted by politics get their heads “stuffed with all the sub-Marxist and ethno-masochist flapdoodle of the modern academy”

    21. Most would agree, Gelernter observes, that innocent human life must not be taken “unless

    22. Andrew Ferguson, a senior editor at The Weekly Standard, observes that, while neuroscience can tell us that such things can be done, it cannot say whether they should be done

    23. And, as Teachout observes, in the universities they have both tenure and patience

    24. The Party has survived, Steele observes, only through its having “captured black resentment” of past white injustice as the chief source of its power

    25. Assistant editorial page editor at the Wall Street Journal, Daniel Henninger, observes that in the 2008 election the Democrats’ oft stated intent to change the economic policies of “the last eight years” of the Bush administration is but a hint of their real intentions

    26. The 2008 election, Henninger observes, was about “a long-term change in America’s idea of itself

    27. Russian mathematician Igor Shafarevich observes in his book The Socialist Phenomenon that socialism has existed throughout history in one form or another

    28. Nationally syndicated columnist Michael Barone observes in The Washington Times that, though he basks in the adulation of nearly the entire mainstream media, Obama “whines about his coverage on Fox News

    29. The Daily Bell Newswire in an article titled, “The Fall of the House of Kennedy,” observes that Obama and the Democratic Party are caught in a trap of their own making from which they cannot escape

    30. The Faustian bargain JFK made, the Bell observes, has “smothered” government at state and local as well as federal levels

    31. In his book Not with A Bang But A Whimper: The Politics and Culture of Decline Dalrymple observes that when a population becomes dependent on government for the needs, and even the whims of life, it becomes

    32. As he observes

    33. For as God lives and as the Lord Jesus Christ lives and the Holy Spirit the confidence and hope of the elect he who observes in humility with earnest obedience and repining not the ordinances and commands given by God he shall be reckoned and counted in the number of those who are saved by Jesus Christ through whom is there to him glory world without end

    34. The writer Muravchik observes that Socialism has a religious fervor to it

    35. ’ He observes that the right brain’s ‘nonlinear mode’ is cultivated deliberately in Eastern mystical traditions for the purpose of arriving at a ‘more accurate picture of reality not based on time, linear consciousness, or the physical changes of the illusory world

    36. Amir Aczel observes that in quantum mechanics we have to abandon the quotidian ‘either-or’ logic in favour of the new ‘both-and’ logic

    37. Unlike normal waking awareness which intensely measures the environment, the meditative mind observes but does not carry-out any strong measurements of the environment

    38. robert Monroe observes that the ‘Second Body’ can penetrate walls He

    39. leadbeater observes that each magma body has an average tone – a com-

    40. leadbeater observes that the globule (or qion), once charged, remains

    41. subject to a gravitational field, observes that heavy charges accumulate at

    42. the one below it ’ She also observes that within each chakra there are also

    43. a metaphysicist who observes and interprets the colors and other

    44. leadbeater observes that surprise is shown by a sharp contraction of the

    45. also observes that the densest aggregation of astral matter lies within the

    46. Plasma metaphysics observes that the centre of the magma body

    47. It observes the stock prices over the past, whether that be a month, a day or even an hour in order to determine the next likely change in the stock price

    48. He quickly observes all that is about him

    49. If one observes this ceremony with the sight of the causal body, one sees the

    50. Niketas Stethatos observes that compunction begets humility and humility compunction

    1. As about my “friends”, after half an hour or so I found them observing the blackened tub – Helen with a surly face, as usual, Vlassis lost in space, as always

    2. observing reality around us with a negative film over our eyes

    3. Almost as though observing from a distance, I watch my other self flounder as doubts about my chances of concluding the quest with any degree of success become definite, bottomless failure; my perennial loneliness becomes an old age of isolation in a world slowly spiralling down into barrenness and desolation as I eek out my days, hated by those who remain here … the few who could not escape across … Berndt’s face stares at me, full of the loathing he feels for my failure

    4. Nuplayy couldn't tell how much energy without knowing the mass of the objects and the last few weeks he had been writing about how to determine their mass by observing Narrulla

    5. He had to have Pete help him with a lot of it, and as he was assigned full time to observing the Chinese ship in the electromagnetic spectrum, he could only do it on his own time

    6. He found Master Seatac on the West wall of the Hold observing the countryside thru his binoculars

    7. with what they perceive being content with listening and observing

    8. Brent looked above at the advancing hawk, who was observing the situation also

    9. We all agreed before you left the ship that you would spend a month just observing

    10. The five of them went inside, observing the structure and looking all around the cave

    11. They don’t recognize that the Brain is observing them

    12. I shall conclude this long chapter with observing, that though anciently it was usual to rate

    13. They were pretty sure from observations Alfred made while on the surface that native astronomers had actually been observing Gordon's Lamp for years, even before they first parked in the null spot between the planet and the moon

    14. More than that, God observing the sin

    15. ‘I’ve been observing one of the penances,’ said

    16. I shall conclude this very long chapter with observing, that every improvement in the circumstances of the society tends, either directly or indirectly, to raise the real rent of land to increase the real wealth of the landlord, his power of purchasing the labour, or the produce of the labour of other people

    17. That Monk-Key 1 was observing the pictogram

    18. for they will be observing beetles

    19. Some of the best English writers upon commerce set out with observing, that the wealth of a country consists, not in its gold and silver only, but in its lands, houses, and consumable goods of all different kinds

    20. While observing this object, try to be present

    21. I cannot conclude this chapter concerning bounties, without observing, that the praises which have been bestowed upon the law which establishes the bounty upon the exportation of corn, and upon that system of regulations which is connected with it, are altogether unmerited

    22. He hummed around the pulsating network of trunks and roots listening and observing

    23. Instead, she chose to stare out the tower block window, observing the pigeons going about their daily business

    24. But plainly observing that it was in vain, she sighed and nodded

    25. As he sat observing the harbor, the tones of surly sailors and cynical merchants rode the breeze as strangely reso-nant whispers

    26. and observing the system itself has an effect on what is

    27. Warlock winged in and about observing up the trail as it would occasionally appear

    28. And you and the council have been observing our play

    29. He was so caught up in observing the ship he hadn’t noticed what was happening to the constellations, until his suit told their position had shifted

    30. Perhaps observing him, deciding the fate of the last remaining b’tari

    31. ‘The Elusivers have been observing you,’ the man rasped

    32. He didn’t think it was the same as feeling lonely, that was him as the outsider: observing others but never connecting

    33. But somehow he knew it was always there, in the background, observing

    34. But there are those observing from above who are here to help you

    35. The Welshman who was on duty was observing the ground to his front through a trench periscope which he would turn to scan the landscape

    36. The other ship was also observing the

    37. A double row of five metre tall electric fences stood before a towering brick wall, watchtowers dotted at fifty metre intervals, guards sitting armed and alert, observing everything before them

    38. Unfortunately since the Temporal Directive forbids any CC federation fleet from observing from within their solar system, the details of how this led to a full scale nuclear war remain unclear

    39. It seemed to him (he noticed from observing Reviverists who had been even older) they had problems – mental problems

    40. They appeared to be scanning him, observing a biometric monitor displaying what she recognised as EEG waves

    41. For a moment he stood just inside the hatchway and studied her, observing

    42. It was Monique who proposed moving swiftly, they suggested waiting and observing

    43. presented to me, and what I was actually observing

    44. Perhaps it‘s because the sudden awareness of something or someone does not provide ample opportunity for (pause) or thoughtful reflection; that is to say, having been taken off guard, it is ―reduced‖ to (merely) observing and/or reacting willy nilly, rather than properly perceiving (and assimilating) new 47

    45. The dog, observing this treacherous

    46. Observing an object up front and close or from too great a distance, for that matter, will oftentimes obscure or distort an individual‘s visual perception

    47. observing a moment of silence honoring the victims of the World Trade Center, some of the fans in attendance set fire to the American Flag

    48. (Parents can oftentimes learn a lot about themselves by observing their own children

    49. While observing the scene, I could hardly imagine these people getting into their warm beds at night, preparing warm soup for their children, and a short distance away on the hill overlooking the city, starving men, women and babies were being shoved into gas chambers

    50. She opened her eyes and lay there observing us and not saying anything

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