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    1. Jesus was the only hope she had, if she was to be rescued

    2. It was bad enough that he couldn’t take out the Fourth Wall, but it was worse that he might be rescued by a girl

    3. The mind that was born naturally of these genes had erased itself, tragically; and she had rescued the abandoned body from death

    4. As we walk through the entrance into the house – a pretty mansion originally built in the middle ages and rescued from dereliction early in the 20th century – he gives himself a little shake

    5. We were rescued and both of us survived

    6. because they knew they were going to be rescued

    7. “Yes, sorry Fred, you both rescued us” said Catwhiskers

    8. “But when Joe and Fred rescued us, we had to leave them

    9. During the week Cyberia cleaned the house, cooked meals and performed a range of other wifely duties while her husband, under the guise of bringing euphonic enlightenment to the masses, rescued black bin liners full of old clothes, books and partially complete jigsaw sets from the doorways of London’s charitable retail outlets

    10. “Well, her father is just being protective”, he said to himself as he rescued a single red rose from the rubbish, “but no matter, she will be mine”

    11. rescued black bin liners full of old clothes, books and partially

    12. and rescued the puppies

    13. “I was still trying to get a reply from Tdeshi to my letters when the Angel was rescued,” he mumbled

    14. Harry rescued them, “That sounds like something they'd think up for you to do; doesn't it!?” and his own laughter infected them

    15. “The story you’ve heard before says that Graz and Farrar rescued

    16. the rescued crew to the lighthouse – that one there – which was, very

    17. She talked about the media view of them and then mentioned that she’d heard a Yingolian ghost was rescued from Narrulla’s Tear

    18. Meanwhile, in a small forest clearing, Matt and Andrew were chilling out with Eve, the Hesean alien they had rescued some time ago, and who was effectively marooned here on planet earth, her own space ship having been completely destroyed

    19. Monica remembered chatting with Julia about her present, They remembered how Monica rescued everyone from a

    20. “Then once she had rescued my shriveled male pride from the depths of despair into which I was ready to be plunged, she painstakingly guided me through rebuilding my imploded inner world, brick by brick

    21. They had no idea that the diagnostic channel existed, it had been de-activated long before their crystal had been rescued from the ruins of Dempala

    22. knew was that they had gone to Auxerre and rescued the

    23. Narrator: They all went to the deep hole where the young man had rescued the tiger

    24. Fred alas had not survived, the extra effort to swing the lads clear had caused a heart attack and he had fallen and been surrounded by the fire, he could not be easy seen to be rescued

    25. Then Sky stopped playing, and Fizzicist rescued his drum kit

    26. The affairs of their own lives took up much of their time, most souls didn't spend long hours contemplating the souls stuck at A, but they knew they had the right to be rescued

    27. From being raped and abused by Kleon's sleazy men, to being rescued by a rough soldier looking for his wife, to extracting information from a drug dealer

    28. “He can’t be dead, we were only talking this afternoon about what we were going to do after we were rescued

    29. A research project commissioned by the Canadian government into the emerging religious sect, The Transcenders; studying their media-net output, the testimonies of those who had been rescued from their clutches

    30. “The daughter of one of the miners we rescued happened to be using a video camera when they were attacked

    31. He considered the other option of waiting to be rescued for a moment, but the freezing cold water that was slowly climbing up his calves reminded him that they were running out of time

    32. Raiya had felt like a twenty-year-old again, being rescued in a way that seemed to develop into a fantasy

    33. ‘You remember that exiled Elusiver who rescued you from your near fate with a black hole

    34. and was becoming bored with his boastful talk when Janice took her by the arm and rescued her

    35. Finally he rescued her, laughing as he gave the right

    36. closing in, when Jeff and Grant rescued them and whisked

    37. I could see the gears that had been turning in his head before I rescued

    38. As the Alabama sank, some twenty minutes after the firing ceased, most of her crew were rescued by the Kearsarge and by the British yacht Deerhound

    39. D’Cunha, he learned that the USS Dacotah made a stopover there and rescued the prisoners who were left on shore

    40. The rational side of me understands that letting go when you’re not ready is a part of life; it’s the irrational side that rescued that little kitten and rejoiced in giving him a home and now mourns his absence

    41. The force of her diva persona rescued me with her zest and spirit

    42. Papa rescued Misha when she was a young, damaged kitten

    43. Sara and the kids found and rescued them after looking high and low

    44. ‘So is the world rescued by your alien friend

    45. In other words, they had been rescued by

    46. He had rescued them, given them ways out without anyone knowing except those who’d had most to lose and they were usually the bad guys anyway

    47. "You my friends are going to be living on Seal Island and no doubt you will be rescued sometime

    48. That one important consideration seemed obvious in hindsight, missed in their haste to have Gerrid Lytum rescued

    49. If you are concerned about Monique, it was she who gave explicit instructions that only you are to be rescued

    50. Flesh’ailer explained that he had rescued this animal from a ledge in a canyon and had helped dress it’s wounds from the fall and that it had adopted him ever since, not leaving his side

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