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Rescued in a sentence

1. All but one was rescued.
2. But they are not rescued.
3. You rescued the Away Team.
4. It was you who rescued me.
5. After being rescued he was.
6. Rescued from the Rotham ship.
7. They came and rescued Kalman.

8. You might say we rescued him.
9. Aunt Martha finally rescued me.
10. You’re the one who rescued.
11. We also rescued a colony ship.
12. Fred had rescued me in a dream.
13. They had rescued three others.
14. He doesn’t need to be rescued.
15. Anyone else you want rescued?
16. They’d rescued a lot of people.
17. I found my rescued only in wine.
18. That was why he had rescued her.
19. And if she hadn’t been rescued.
20. But you still rescued me anyway.
21. I admired the way you rescued him.
22. I'd rescued several of them before.
23. Some things could never be rescued.
24. I would have rescued you straight.
25. The girl - the robot I had rescued.
26. But I do know that Aiden rescued me.
27. Women love being rescued, you know.
28. She had rescued her from Fred Nolan.
29. And you rescued all the women?
30. I just rescued her and worshiped her.
31. He rescued us, explained Twoflower.
32. Look at that sea star you rescued.
33. I was rescued a couple of days later.
34. His helper rescued him from his doubts.
35. General Armstrong did not need rescued.
36. Rescuing, she would herself be rescued.
37. I was rescued by a very brave man who.
38. We were rescued and both of us survived.
39. He’s the soldier my mother had rescued.
40. He'd rescued me and I should be grateful.
1. And what of her rescuing him?
2. But thank you for rescuing me.
3. Rescuing, she would herself be rescued.
4. You looked like you needed rescuing.
5. Spends the day rescuing kittens and----.
6. He was the one rescuing my sister, after all.
7. Rescuing the babies would have to wait for later.
8. Rescuing with the array of the ten-letter mantra.
9. Rescuing Kurds in Operation Restore Hope I and II.
10. They helped him gladly in rescuing kids and women.
11. I only hope you will not need rescuing before the.
12. Look how many Guardians were killed in rescuing me.
13. What does bring you here if it wasn't rescuing us?'.
14. How much was it really about rescuing those humans?
15. I wasn’t with an alien and I didn’t need rescuing.
16. She was pretty sure it was Worf who was rescuing Lenar.
17. None of the scenarios had included rescuing the Captain.
18. They stayed very busy rescuing injured and ill children.
19. Onassis took on the responsibility of rescuing his family.
20. With every step he was one step closer to rescuing Aurora.
21. Since I was the ringleader in rescuing your dad, it was my.
22. Another boat nearby had assisted Eve in rescuing her sister.
23. The whole rescuing thing, and that last post, and how it all.
24. Here I was rescuing baby monsters, but I couldn't save my friend.
25. Zem then added, We only have one shot at rescuing the prisoners.
26. Even saving the children and rescuing your kingdom from destruction.
27. She didn't doubt that Philip had good reasons for rescuing her husband.
28. We’ve got a bit of outwitting and rescuing to do, haven’t we?
29. He settled upon employing the wagon he had used in rescuing Elizabeth.
30. She was always rescuing the little princes from the Duke of Gloucester.
31. Seven nearly lost herself in the tangent of rescuing plants and animals.
32. They had seen the girl jump in and knew she at least would need rescuing.
33. All this trouble to save his daughter and she still needed rescuing, he thought.
34. Even then some hit the water with a great smack but were not in need of rescuing.
35. It is Guido's picture of Perseus rescuing Andromeda from the sea-monster or whale.
36. Jerry Schilling jumped in to rescue the situation, if any rescuing was necessary.
37. And you asked Ev for help rescuing him? At her open-mouthed stare, he shrugged.
38. There was mention of rescuing one from Narrulla's tear, but did not say who that was.
39. Let’s put ourselves on the port flank of the SHOKAKU and of those two rescuing ships.
40. Your father was very brave and he was always rescuing me from trouble, standing up for me.
1. Cass catches and rescues her.
2. He [God] rescues and He saves.
4. We just had three rescues give birth.
5. Many tales were told of brave rescues of stupid.
6. Newfoundland dogs are used for water bound rescues.
7. Prayers is a primary means by which God rescues us.
8. Hertzog’s secretary rescues me from my thoughts and Kevin’s.
9. One Hundred Years of Rescues: The Coast Guard on Lake Superior.
10. There is a legal difference between warzone rescues and non-warzone rescues.
11. Most rescues have followed after heliograph signals have attracted attention.
12. I think a modern version of this could be used for simple rescues for hikers.
13. Within six months, they had configured four ships for rescues of various sizes.
14. She helped with desperate and often media-worthy rescues, drove tractors, baled.
15. But when rescues her from a military facility, he isn’t prepared for what he finds.
16. And he helped, with anecdotes of wonderful rescues, of escapes just in the nick of time.
17. Whoever therefore rescues a soul of this kind from necessity will gain for himself great joy.
18. There have been at least three major government-sponsored rescues of financial institutions so far.
19. You may remember in one old James Bond movie Sean Connery rescues a woman and then get stabbed by her.
20. What’s that movie where the kid steals a jet and rescues his father by blowing up the air base?
21. The one who watches out for me and rescues me from a disastrous ending to my date and makes me a sandwich.
22. The mission, one of a dozen attempted rescues we’d undertaken in the last month, was our worst failure yet.
23. Or the Hostage Rescue Team storms the building and either rescues my hostage or my hostage is killed or wounded.
24. We also have four shuttles flying search patterns over the area, and two rescues ships en route, Wilbourn said.
25. But Wemmick was equally untiring and gentle in his vigilance, and the Aged read on, quite unconscious of his many rescues.
26. The feature of faith is it rescues us from going insane by helping us to face the vicissitudes of life with religious hope.
27. In one time frame, in the Eastern Air Command, half of the Catalina flying boats attempting rescues crashed while trying to land on the ocean.
28. It just did not have the natural balance one expects from such weapons, so the Special Task Force used the excellent Heckler & Koch MP5 during hostage rescues.
29. Three of the five fisherman were eventually saved, including a retired Coast Guard warrant officer, in one of the most hazardous and skillful rescues in maritime history (Walker, pp.
30. Kind, caring Christian, who rescues me from inebriation and holds me gently while I’m throwing up into the azaleas, and the monster who possesses whips and chains in a special room.
31. In his post-war career Captain Waters participated in several thousand sea and air rescues, most of the latter performed in H-52 amphibious helicopters which are no longer used by the Coast Guard.
32. How others followed—how heartrending stories of partings and of thrilling rescues were poured out in an amazing stream—this has all been told over and over again in the news that for days amazed, saddened and angered the entire world.
33. Crowe, a Coast Guard lieutenant commander in Vietnam, told Larzelere that in addition to rescues over land, Coast Guard aviators handled missions at sea when pilots of other armed services were not trained in overwater navigation, and not familiar with the intricacies of hoisting from a rolling ship (Larzelere, p.

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I ran to his rescue.
Jay comes to my rescue.
I long to rescue and.
Eric came to his rescue.
Kate came to his rescue.
Rollo came to my rescue.
Kate came to the rescue.
I begged for his rescue.
Alice came to the rescue.
I have to rescue him.
Allie came to the rescue.
Death Boy to the Rescue.
Arthur came to rescue me.
No one came to her rescue.
I have come to rescue you.
We have to rescue them.
He died during her rescue.
I was flying a rescue.
You did rescue the Taltos.
Not if I rescue you first.
Dafyd and the rescue of Liam.
Syd Catton came to my rescue.
His thoughts were on rescue.
Rescue the city and citizens.
I will rescue and honor them.
I came to rescue my family.
This could rescue it for him.
The rescue party had arrived.
Super Blackman to the Rescue.
Drop Shipping to the Rescue:.
Nobody was there to rescue me.
Ellie stepped in to rescue him.
Comes to the world’s rescue?
It's not that kind of rescue.
There was no one to rescue her.
Rachel stepped in to rescue him.
The impossible dream of rescue.
Again, Johnny came to the rescue.

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