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    1. I was reticent at the best of times

    2. reticent introvert and the feral extrovert, the immovable object and the unstoppable

    3. ” He tried to sound nonchalant, but they each knew he was both excited and reticent to go at the same time

    4. Scrounges are notably reticent and a dozen could be lurking silently on any of the strap-up that overlooked this pit

    5. I am loathe to assign these tasks, but I am equally reticent to ask for volunteers

    6. And he stood by reticent as the other man turned his bitterly mournful gaze downward and slowly hiked back up to the city on the hill

    7. He didn't want to ring and ask in case she was reticent about the idea, or the fancy dress

    8. “I certainly owe you a lot—you’ve saved my life half a dozen times in the last couple weeks—so I’d like to trust you one-hundred percent, but you’re always so reticent and I’m never sure

    9. sulky, shut-in, reticent fellow; and there is many a board that has a

    10. Holding hands they walked along the platform together, both reticent to start a conversation, in case it led in the wrong direction

    11. Hilderich asked Amonas politely about Celia, having seen him reading some of her letters; Amonas was somehow reticent to talk about her intimately though

    12. Hilderich nodded slightly in reticent agreement, before shifting the subject to the main question:

    13. Hilderich was hesitant, almost reticent to answer but at length he must have thought about it in a more sensible way; he nodded and started climbing down carefully but briskly

    14. Would they try and rescue the city and its people from certain destruction? Or should they try and flee? Ikebod had seemed reticent to disclose any more of his thoughts on the matter, but he seemed to have his mind occupied with many other unvoiced concerns

    15. Colling expected that his companion would be as reticent as the other Soviet soldiers he had ridden with, but the young NKVD man spoke fairly decent English

    16. He sounded somewhat reticent and weighed-down when he said:

    17. Witty went on to tell me that Chris and he farted like mad all over the classroom on that bean, sauerkraut and broccoli day and then passed off the blame of this gas attack on the unsuspecting quiet, shy and reticent girl named, “Sabinta

    18. Yet he seemed unusually reticent and subdued, and their evening confab covered little of the week before he went early to bed

    19. Leonardo who had been entertained in other business, having heard his name, approached his father and, proving to be reticent, answered:

    20. Then, he was a reticent

    21. Initially, they remained reticent to each other

    22. Thus it is clear why the Teachers are so reticent, and why chelas are required to serve a

    23. hitherto been written on this subject, and that little so guardedly expressed as not to be at all readily intelligible, and occult teachers are markedly reticent when questioned about it

    24. A great horned owl glided silently from the interior limbs as its reticent mate voiced a low call

    25. When the co-pilot had completed the reburial of the pilot, understandably, he seemed to be very reticent to assist Siri in his pillaging of the cargo for which he was responsible; however, he seemed keen enough to collect and repack the carelessly discarded items from the desert back into the hold

    26. He was thus understandably reticent when Harriet came back to him to say that the said Jeanne d’Orléans was inviting them to her table

    27. These ones were less reticent

    28. reticent moon, but he trusted the superior night-vision of his allies

    29. The head Guardian was rather reticent about it when I asked, but he did let slip a word that sounded like electricity and then abruptly closed our meeting

    30. The fact that she had a spouse at all, much less two, was probably the bigger shock to her, as Selar was often reticent to speak of her life outside of Fleet

    31. He was by nature reticent to spend

    32. People claimed to have seen him fire the fatal bolt but he remained reticent

    33. Aphrodite was still reticent to end the conflict with Psyche, but gave in with tears of joy when she learned her pregnant daughter-in-law was to give birth to a grandchild that Aphrodite could put her full emphasis on; the name of the child was Pleasure

    34. The Drong was reticent at first to even concede he was a Drong but he soon realised there was no point in denying it

    35. They seemed to resent that Ravan should be so reticent and stoic about the whole affair, as though he were someone special

    36. ” A smile that could not conceal a reticent pleasure formed on her lips

    37. For that reason she was reticent in conversations that touched on the subject

    38. Evette’s father spoke slowly as if reticent to bare the truth to even more people

    39. And, if proof were required, it would surely be enough to remind ourselves, that this parable is addressed to the Pharisees, to whom Christ would scarcely have communicated details, about the other world, on which He was so reticent in His teaching to the disciples”—Eldersheim, on the Life and times of Jesus, pp

    40. was a reticent talker, their questions were surprisingly well received and answered with

    41. an acute air of vulnerability about her, for she seemed shy or reticent

    42. Usually he was introverted and extremely reticent with strangers and despite his

    43. the Japanese, but the latter in a much more ritualised and reticent

    44. But, in short, it is very manifest that he had one alone whom he made mistress of his will, to whom he commended himself very frequently and very secretly, for he prided himself on being a reticent knight

    45. It was a chance for the reticent Ulbrickson to relax, to open up and confide in the Englishman, to joke about shell house events, to smoke a cigarette out of sight of the boys

    46. Zhoahna was rather less reticent

    47. And Will … Will is an answering machine on another coast—and every once in a while, when she can catch him at an odd enough hour that he has to pick up, a voice, reticent, pixellated by satellites

    48. repulsion, of reticent self-justification such as she had known under Lydgate's most stormy displeasure: all her sensibility was turned into a bewildering novelty of pain; she felt a new terrified recoil under a lash never experienced before

    49. Lydgate too was reticent in the midst of his confidence

    50. Some are reticent to follow their dream of trading pro because they fear it is a playground of insiders or the genetically elite

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    reticent retiring self-effacing restrained unemotional untalkative reserved demure shy timid coy humble