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    1. Stabbing pains ricochet through his wrist and up his arm

    2. The ricochet bullet grazed him behind one ear and caused him to fall on his back down on the ground

    3. i heard these two poems ricochet off the walls of our home

    4. Jim, “if you miss the bullet will ricochet around this cave

    5. Some bullets were starting to ricochet against the armor of the halftracks, while the women standing over the drivers’ cabs returned slow, aimed fire

    6. � It must have been a ricochet hit or a shot from afar, since her vest was not designed to stop a direct hit from such a calibre

    7. ricochet, but how seriously he was injured remained to be seen

    8. “We think it was a ricochet

    9. “They caught a bad attitude and tried to knock Howard’s head off and the security guard’s head off which made the ball ricochet off that security guard’s head and hit Stephanie’s head! I really don’t want to deal with those two! I don’t want them trying to knock my head off!”

    10. Raising the nose of her F-83 at the ultimate second, Catherine succeeded in making her plane ricochet on the surface of the water, just forty meters to the north of the railway bridge crossing the river

    11. head terrified of the ricochet as the bullets whined among us, one round

    12. “First shot and I scored on a ricochet, Kirk

    13. David fired back, hoping to hit the man on ricochet

    14. Caramarin gestured to the others to step back in case of ricochet then let

    15. The taws were fired with impressive accuracy though occasionally one would ricochet off course and be lost in the grass, or worse, the stream

    16. So there had been a ricochet, and it went straight up

    17. Another blaster bolt deflected off Bael's durasteel chest plate, spinning the man around and singeing his cheek with the heat of the ricochet blast

    18. And then the ricochet shot: all

    19. Without protecting myself from ricochet, I place the barrel of the gun next to the chain and pull the trigger

    20. My breath screaming out of me, I hit the stairwell door just as I heard something ricochet off the steel door and I gained the stairs

    21. The ricochet of her shoes on pavement is loud, deliberate

    22. The echoes of his footfalls ricochet off tall houses and rain back onto them, and he labors beneath her weight, and she is old enough to suspect that what he presents as quaint and welcoming might in truth be harrowing and strange

    23. He was tempted to open fire as soon as they approached within four thousand yards—at five degrees’ elevation, the forty-pounders reached to two thousand yards, but his gunners were well practiced at using ricochet fire to reach twice that far—yet he made himself suppress the temptation

    24. With seas this calm, they could reach out another thousand or even another fifteen hundred yards with ricochet fire, but the ironclad lay almost directly between him and the schooner

    25. Four of the shots to the head did the old internal ricochet

    26. Hicks hesitated and was about to ricochet back to pure sin, if sin ever was pure, when John shortened the hour

    27. And then the impossible! The car jerked as if shot from the blazing mouth of a furnace, roared, bounced, skidded, then cast itself in full, stoning ricochet down the path among shattered bushes and writhing shadows

    28. Blind, Agatha made the curb, wheeling about, seeing us close, all of us yelling, Grandma way ahead, shouting, too, and Agatha off the curb and out in the street, halfway to the middle, then in the middle and suddenly a car, which no one saw, erupting its brakes, its horn shrieking and Agatha flailing about to see and Grandma there with her and hurling her aside and down as the car with fantastic energy and verve selected her from our midst, struck our wonderful electric Guido Fantoccini-produced dream even while she paced upon the air and, hands up to ward off, almost in mild protest, still trying to decide what to say to this bestial machine, over and over she spun and down and away even as the car jolted to a halt and I saw Agatha safe beyond and Grandma, it seemed, still coming down or down and sliding fifty yards away to strike and ricochet and lie strewn and all of us frozen in a line suddenly in the midst of the street with one scream pulled out of all our throats at the same raw instant

    1. Roaring, she threw her hands toward Alex, but was surprised when the power she threw ricocheted a few feet from her, forcing her to duck as it bounced back

    2. explosion as a bullet ricocheted off it

    3. Paul and Jack were slumped on the sofa watching in amazement as Doc and the girls ricocheted off one and other in their excitement

    4. Stabs of pain ricocheted through his head

    5. The insides ricocheted in all directions as the big-billed flying things flew up in startled surprise

    6. bullets ricocheted off the steel frame of the structure, the noise

    7. ricocheted against the steel alloy blade of the Buster Sword

    8. ricocheted off a building pushing the boat out off the whirlpool

    9. The words ricocheted off my tongue faster than I could

    10. The bullets ricocheted off the

    11. Hiss!—whirr—groouumpp! Arrows hit all around with an almost musical ding sound as they ricocheted off the shields catching an arm here, a leg there, but nothing vital

    12. ding sound as they ricocheted off the shields catching an arm here, a leg there, but nothing

    13. His hand ricocheted off my face

    14. A bolt of lightning struck the bell, ricocheted and engulfed Ignacia and Hilario in midair

    15. The manticore shot spines in our direction, but they ricocheted off my lion's coat

    16. The pill ricocheted from wall to floor

    17. Their armor was steadfast and the arrows ricocheted in a shower of sparks

    18. It ricocheted back on the rich, those puppeteers

    19. Others, striking the rock face above them, ricocheted and whined off into the night

    20. The shot went into the floor as she fell and ricocheted harmlessly into the soft material of the wall

    21. Reverberations of faraway sounds ricocheted through the thick metal of the door

    22. 22-caliber rifle, but the shot ricocheted off a rock near the hole and hit pal Vi Olated in the head, fracturing her skull

    23. below his armpit; it ricocheted off the inside of his shoulder joint then took the

    24. While he was debating the matter, a streak of lightning ricocheted off the water with a sparkling display of light and a burst of water that appeared as though a bomb had exploded beneath the surface quite near the figure

    25. Her dilemma about what to do about that was cut short when a grenade was thrown in through one of the slits and actually ricocheted against a wall and then against her side before falling one meter away from her

    26. The third passed through the top flank and out through the open belly, screaming through the air as it ricocheted off rock

    27. A bullet whistled past Margaret’s head, while another bullet ricocheted on the ground nearby

    28. One of the bullets from the gunman ricocheted against the steel railing of the Heraklion and clipped Farah in the lower right leg, making her scream in pain

    29. Sparks spanged and ricocheted as the jacketed bullets hit metallic parts and bounced around, expending their considerable kinetic energy in creating mechanical mayhem

    30. Some of the bullets ricocheted on the ground and whistled over the captain’s head

    31. His blow ricocheted off her shoulder and

    32. which had hit Kandras had ricocheted off the door surround but the weapon

    33. A lightning bolt of electricity ricocheted through his brain as the Abbot fell to the floor in response to the rock which hit him in the occipital region of the back of his head

    34. She ricocheted off the walls

    35. seconds, with Aiden guiding it, the evil ricocheted

    36. Sensation upon sensation ricocheted through her entire being, as Joel continued to kiss her, leaving her feeling breathless and trembling all over

    37. that ricocheted in all directions spraying Aquarius as he fell back onto

    38. Most of the pellets just ricocheted

    39. He had fallen into my trap the harpoon may have missed Harry but it had gone into the upholstery on his right and ricocheted into the seat belt holster on his left side

    40. The sound of the first shot ricocheted off the surrounding foliage in the relative silence of the early morning

    41. The car’s front and back bumpers ricocheted off the base of the ramp, sending a spray of sparks behind

    42. As it ricocheted off a large rock a spark flew

    43. it were going to explode with a thousand thoughts and questions, each of which was shattering into a thousand more thoughts as they ricocheted off of the narrow confines of her skull

    44. ricocheted above Romski’s head

    45. As he continued to run stumbling over rocks and deadfall branches towards the bear he threw the first rock which landed a foot to the left of the bear's head and ricocheted off the large boulder the beast was peering over

    46. The boys created a new version, chasing the tops as they ricocheted all about

    47. The first arrow sailed towards Eilidh’s back, but ricocheted harmlessly off the earthen wall thrown up magically behind her

    48. beats lightsabers ignited, twirling all around, blaster fire ricocheted all about the security console, as the Sith deflected numerous bolts, and

    49. There was a flash and crack as they hit Felix’s wall of light and ricocheted into the woods

    50. It musy have ricocheted off the spine, or perhaps a rib, just causing superficial injury

    1. He took aim, a firm hit sent the ball into one board then ricocheting off the other only to cannon off Clipear's and into the hole

    2. A cascade of bullets immediately rang out, ricocheting off metal and stone

    3. We walked up that sloping valley of death with bullets whizzing and ricocheting all over the place and it was just as we got closer to the top that we lost Charlie Slater

    4. I never saw the shot that killed Stanley because his one had hit an angle iron and ricocheting hitting me in the temple and gouging a furrow

    5. ” And how did I know they were shooting at us? “Because they hit our Casspir and I could (1) hear the bullets ricocheting off it, and (2) the first shot hit the armoured window barely two inches from my nose, causing it to crack, and (3) I could distinctly hear the AK47s, since the make a noise which Satan himself will never forget

    6. I could hear the sound of bullets ricocheting off the metal

    7. The cry went on and on, rising higher and higher in Simon’s mind, and the boy twisted, the unsaid words in him ricocheting through the air: Run

    8. He found his legs could no longer support his and the boy’s weight and, in spite of the terror behind and the destruction to come, he collapsed onto bare rock, pain ricocheting through his body

    9. The Japanese’s wingman, following behind, was only a bit more successful, with its belly ricocheting off the surface of the sea before it made a spectacular cartwheel and sank as Robertson zoomed by

    10. As the wind started to pick up, ricocheting raindrops started to pepper the maple finished casket that Steven laid lifeless in

    11. Even then, any surprise encounter with one or more pirates would catch her and the children on the move and in the open, where the kids would be hideously vulnerable to lost or ricocheting bullets

    12. The shells, grazing the ground and then ricocheting off the dirt like flat stones on the surface of a pond or lake, tore through successive human bodies, creating instant mass butchery among the packed assault wave

    13. The French defenders, being mostly down in trenches or inside bunkers, were mostly unscathed by the crossfire but the Vietminh lead regiment suffered heavily, with men literally torn apart by either ricocheting 20 mm cannon shells or by 12

    14. An explosion of multicolored, ricocheting bolts of energy then enveloped the angel, who stopped his advance at once and raised one hand to protect his eyes

    15. The latest barrage, including the rest of the windshield, sizzled past his shaven scalp just before hitting the trees and ricocheting off of the tombstones

    16. Jenny’s luck ran out at that moment, with one lead ball piercing her lower left leg and breaking the bone and with another lead ball penetrating her torso armor and ricocheting over her right ribs

    17. Also, because of the requirement to have ricocheting ball speed U2=58

    18. began his ricocheting journey through the winding tunnels

    19. How can one be inside that which has no inside? Can a neurotransmitter be inside a thought and still be the thought? This was not space, nor matter, nor time, but an I, in the maze that is wondering, taming the ricocheting arbitrariness of omenizing non sequiturs randomly offering themselves as conclusions to questions not yet asked

    20. It would mean telling another lie to his bride, but it was the only logical idea ricocheting around with the hundred other emotions cluttering up his brain

    21. Momma Bear lumbered in pursuit, slamming and ricocheting off the posts, rattling the upper floor

    22. They seemed to be in some sort of rage, crashing into each other and ricocheting off trees, it was carnage

    23. This ricocheting and domino affect occurs with dramatic, reverberating, and adverse repercussions for Self and others

    24. Delahanty in the neck, ricocheting off his spine and lodging against the spinal column

    25. The pack whips across the surface before hitting the wall and ricocheting into the sink

    26. In confusion, someone yelled, “Flak!” Then a second wave, a consequence of the force of the explosion hitting the ground and then ricocheting upward, smacked them, and the plane heaved again

    27. As he hurried from the tent to trail the ice-cream eaters at a distance, all the thoughts and memories ricocheting through my head at last coalesced:

    28. Dozens of questions were still ricocheting around in my head, but I managed to put them out of my mind, at least for the moment

    29. Pain and probably some teeth went ricocheting around my skull

    30. “Whatta you mean, don’t look?” Henry thrashed the air with his cane, clubbing the stone floor with his shoes, ricocheting between us

    31. And he was off, hardly ricocheting down the aisle toward the orchestra pit and the great spaces beyond and below

    32. Rapp ignored the rounds flying past him and ricocheting off the stone walls

    33. From deep below the old man bounced his voice ricocheting off the dank stone walls of his body until it fell out his mouth:

    34. These boys and girls, none older than sixteen, were swerving and ricocheting their open-top car down the avenue

    1. We were told to fire into the ground before the rioter so it ricochets into them

    2. The light of a far distant star is in pangs, the emissions on the moon’s surface riddles it in shadows, white light ricochets over icy bits of universe, a thin curtain between body and celestial being revealed

    3. “Aaaaaahh!” the security guard screams as the ball ricochets and hits Stephanie‘s face!

    4. Through the shower of hot lead and sparks, she watches as ricochets bounce back and forth between the impacted, armored cars

    5. One marble ricochets off the nearest barrier and collides with the sphere that a red player throws to deflect it

    6. It ricochets off the wall and smashes into his chest

    7. Her scream ricochets off the lockers because it is so loud

    8. “Studio bigwig, rich as Croesus, with all-time grosses for Maximus, out of his mind with hooch, playing chicken with the other car, driven by Sloane, ricochets off him and everyone hits the telephone pole

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