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    1. To touch them was to recoil

    2. " She grunted a little as she took the MA-48’s recoil, firing with one hand and holding on to the knuckledragger’s pommel with the other

    3. He didn’t recoil

    4. The gun goes off once, wildly, bucking into the air with the recoil

    5. The decks vibrated in recoil as if the ship had grunted following a blow to the solar plexus

    6. I pulled the trigger on my rifle and the recoil released the blade which came out with a sucking slurping sound

    7. The US was not about to recoil from their stance of protecting the American people at any cost

    8. I took the gun, hefted it, and resolved to get out in the country soon, practice shooting it, and see if the recoil would break my wrist

    9. Saldon’s sword clattered to the floor, distracting the beast for a moment, Manna leapt forward to guard the man as he leapt to retrieve his weapon and Halon knocked and loosed off two arrows into the demon’s neck, forcing him to recoil slightly as the arrowheads pierced his skin

    10. Must have been frightening and painful because her shoulder was black and blue from the recoil of that first shot

    11. The gun’s recoil thumped the butt into Dawn’s shoulder but she hardly felt a thing, pumping a new cartridge into the chamber, training the sights on another cat and firing again

    12. On top of the vehicles they fitted (once only as far as I know) a 20mm cannon they got (don't ask how) from an old air force Vampire jet but the recoil cause the roof to crack and ammunition hard to come by

    13. “Ze-e va-aarr!” he said, bulging his eyes and then aiming and shooting with an imaginary sort of rifle, even taking proper care to imitate the recoil

    14. Kormos returned his fascinated gaze, "Evil!" he shouted, forcing the young Wood Sprite to recoil in horror

    15. It was a terrible void that shrank the impure soul and made an unwilling mind recoil in primal fear, a land that turned the unbeliever away

    16. Truman helplessly watched the brutal murder of the policeman, his hands and feet bound, unable to do anything but recoil in horror

    17. Colling found that the weapon handled well, with much less recoil than an Army

    18. I squeeze the trigger, hard, and this time I’m ready for the recoil

    19. When I see what’s inside, I recoil immediately, my shoulders hitting his chest

    20. The recoil knocked her to her side like a punch to the head

    21. Shannon didn't recoil in disgust at seeing her parents kiss

    22. But then it was the astral dragon’s turn to recoil in surprise

    23. Making her recoil from his touch, she turned her back to him

    24. A young drover, in a voice husky with the emotion of sudden revulsion wailed, “What have we done?” The question hung unanswered in an uneasy silence as the others began to recoil from the ugly deed spawned by their act of desperation

    25. Even in his ruined state, the thought of following a woman’s lead makes his stomach recoil but, nonetheless, he does it

    26. done?” The question hung unanswered in an uneasy silence as the others began to recoil from

    27. He glowered with real anger, making her recoil half a step

    28. The recoil impressed her as much as him

    29. The sudden vision of the endless slaughter and horrors of battle made him recoil at Titus’s other memories

    30. But two Special Forces soldiers were hit, one in the chest and one in the head—Calvin saw them both recoil

    31. The recoil was lighter than Joe's MAS-50

    32. The Skorpions had little recoil

    33. “What’s your family name?” she whispered coyly, eyes glistening with social climbing lust, only to recoil in horror when the dread name was pronounced

    34. Reginald carelessly slashed at his prisoners‘ clothes causing them to grunt and recoil in fear

    35. under the delusion that he can do anything that he likes, and that the effect of his actions will never recoil upon himself, he will most certainly find that

    36. The shell erupted out of the muzzle and the recoil knocked Nick off his feet

    37. This is why a marksman's shoulder, arm, or hand recoil when the trigger is pulled

    38. They seemed to recoil from each other's contact, then leap together again instantly

    39. “Neither of these guns have the recoil that you get from your shotguns

    40. My shout must have hurt Monroe’s ears or mind or whatever, because I saw the abductor’s face recoil, as if he were in pain

    41. His eyes bored into hers with a cold anger that made her recoil

    42. The recoil from firing the missile was incredible

    43. The recoil, moved Spikey

    44. There was sound and recoil and a shattered window collapsing on

    45. The continuous recoil of the force was slowing Joey’s fall, just he wanted

    46. Lezura recoil her head and raised an eyebrow

    47. Parts of me recoil at my goal, yet parts delight

    48. She turned to Joey and saw him recoil and blink in rapid succession at her before stopping

    49. A long grenade-launching tube was positioned under the barrels block and used a pneumatic compensator to minimize recoil

    50. The merchant then charged the rioters blocking the way to the fortress, killing a number of them and making others recoil

    1. Having recently revisited them after a year’s absence, I recoiled at

    2. My already heightened sense of smell recoiled from the metallic odour of fresh blood

    3. I recoiled as images of a burning cigarette end being stubbed out on my bare legs played out in my head

    4. nourishment that it was he who recoiled in fear and terror when

    5. Petr recoiled in horror as a

    6. Releasing the branch he recoiled and ran

    7. Theodorous, the brown-eyed Death Guard, recoiled in shock, his eyes nearly popping out of his black hood

    8. Alan recoiled from the whole thing

    9. Shocked, the Death Guard recoiled from Alec's hand as though it held the touch of death itself

    10. I backed into the cave wall, then recoiled

    11. Though the brown-skinned dragon recoiled slightly from the hit, it did not appear much fazed by the spell

    12. The dragon recoiled once more from the attack and it gave Penelope the time she needed to stagger and stumble into the safety of the cave

    13. “This…this is all your fault!” She recoiled and tried to break free, but he was not ready to release her - not yet

    14. He stood and approached, and Iylin recoiled a moment, but the look in Dravor’s eyes was not malevolent

    15. There sometimes was the occasional smile from a girl after a furtive glance from him when he then recoiled with embarrassment

    16. He recoiled, frowning, when

    17. ’ She recoiled at that, and he continued, ‘of course having me hostage would be such a coup for you’re little organisation

    18. The snake recoiled slightly and then restarted its mesmerising swaying, watching the intruders

    19. In their necks!” She recoiled in horror at the thought

    20. It was foul! The lad recoiled in disgust, but there was nothing he could do

    21. I recoiled from them both

    22. I recoiled so hard that I jerked back into Dorian’s chest

    23. At the sight of him, she recoiled through the entrance, into the protective arms of a policeman

    24. I recoiled at the sight of

    25. Langdon hadn"t expected her move and recoiled away from her

    26. He physically recoiled and took a step back before kneeling to the wet, hard stone floor, pleading in all fours:

    27. As she did so, the man recoiled at the sight of the coin

    28. He recoiled as from a flame, casting his eyes about the room for signs of a trap with the door yet open and its handle in his hand

    29. Terror filled her when her mind recoiled at the possibility they just might give up; simple-minded fear taking over them, begging for their lives to no avail

    30. She recoiled as the stranger stepped forward, seeming to glide over the floor

    31. He could feel his body objecting disapprovingly, as the hurts recoiled in anger, on their way to turning from open wounds to the blue, blackish bruises that would remain for the next couple of days before they gave up and started healing the way Mother Nature had intended

    32. If they say the soul is mirrored in one's eyes, his must have been pretty mean, as even he recoiled from the hate and hunger that was there at times

    33. broke and recoiled into the engine

    34. I recoiled in shock “I don’t care about…” she held her hand up

    35. Her stomach recoiled

    36. She looked up at her father, and he recoiled a bit from the horror and intense pain he saw in her face, then he threw his arms around her and hugged her tight

    37. The long end launched itself at the palm with an earsplitting twang, as the short end recoiled with a loud snap, tearing wood from the post it had been tied to

    38. Moshe, in a momentary state of confusion, slowly looked around as his mind recoiled from what he saw

    39. long end launched itself at the palm with an earsplitting twang, as the short end recoiled with a

    40. Moshe, in a momentary state of confusion, slowly looked around as his mind recoiled from

    41. I recoiled and buried my head in the

    42. effort, it recoiled back to the ground with a graceless crash

    43. The great judges recoiled in terror and acquiesced

    44. His mind recoiled from imagined agonies

    45. Half of the remaining beasts swung around to hold back the annoying troops, Bellack suddenly recoiled in pain, losing his control as a green-robed Tanarian priest advanced forward with the warriors

    46. He quickly recoiled to the safety of the corner of the room

    47. ” Bryony recoiled as she caught an unsavoury whiff from Jed’s direction

    48. Dave recoiled and in a panic stumbled back from the car and

    49. I recoiled, but it was no use

    50. She recoiled in alarm at the blazing anger on his face, knowing

    1. Each time we respond to something – whether recoiling or clutching, nudging away or leaning towards – our response creates an effect

    2. Connie nearly fell backward out of her chair, recoiling

    3. 'The mark of the witch!' cried Taramis, recoiling

    4. 'Gebal!' shouted Publio frantically, recoiling until he crouched against the wall

    5. Recoiling in shock the clerk released the button she

    6. Aye there are even parts of me that delight at my recoiling! 'Tis not right to have so many facets; I am not a stone, no amount of polishing will make me sparkle

    7. I shattered the windshield with my head before recoiling back into my

    8. The next shift, as Monty guided the hose, recoiling, retching from the noxious fumes, he pushed his mind away and focussed on the moment when the prisoners, surrounded by Warriors and led by Joshua, were being herded to a waiting aircraft for transportation to the birthing cavern

    9. “Yes,” she said, raising her voice to be heard, recoiling from him as a sheet of rain swept in, carried by the howling wind

    10. Visola could see glimpses of Aazuria recoiling and quickly switching her knife from her right hand to her left

    11. She couldn't help recoiling a little from the finger-tips, though after a moment's reflection she was able not to mind them either because, unless rescue arrived in time, they too merely represented so much Death

    12. All at once something touched him on the back of the neck, sending Stacey recoiling sideways into the pantry’s wall

    13. She couldn't stop herself from recoiling back in shock, she wanted to struggle but dare not

    14. She lumbered painfully, as though her body was finally recoiling at the years of rough living

    15. The only positive aspect of this recoiling is that, in this scenario, no matter how fiercely we flee the ground, we force some part of ourself into contact with it

    16. grappling with direst fate and recoiling not,

    17. "I am frightened!" cried the child, recoiling

    18. Some sought knots, to raise the blazing pile; one was riving the splinters of pine, in order to pierce the flesh of their captives with the burning fragments; and others bent the tops of two saplings to the earth, in order to suspend Heyward by the arms between the recoiling branches

    19. The imaginary student pursued by the misshapen creature he had impiously made, was not more wretched than I, pursued by the creature who had made me, and recoiling from him with a stronger repulsion, the more he admired me and the fonder he was of me

    20. Recoiling from his touch, she suddenly knew that all of this – the Monday cold shoulder, the dressing-down on Thursday, and now this you and me against the world show – was simply part of his latest plan to get her in bed, and she wondered why she hadn’t been able to see it coming

    21. Louie was recoiling when he saw an oar swing past, sending the animal backward into the ocean

    22. stolen all of this!” “A thief!” whispered Melanie, recoiling from the still body

    23. "I couldn't help your seeing me again!" said Tess, recoiling

    24. Some time, perhaps—when he was dying—he would tell her all: in the deep shadow of that time, when she held his hand in the gathering darkness, she might listen without recoiling from his touch

    1. This imbalance recoils on those who try to cut goodness in half

    2. Each time one of them is swallowed up into the strange green night, Ralph thinks he sees a glimpse of something—someone—that should not be there, but his mind recoils away from the image, cannot admit the chance of it

    3. She recoils as the bullets shower the car in sparks

    4. Marjorie peaks at it a bit and then recoils, her stomach flipping and growling

    5. recoils and pulls his hand back, close to his body

    6. Science is the mover after the brain recoils the firing signals to score the good results

    7. Perhaps he would regard me as the German variety of a hyena in petticoats--the imagination recoils before the probable fearfulness of such an animal--or, if not quite so bad as that, at any rate a creature hysterically inclined; and he would begin to feel lonely, and think of his comrades, and his pleasant mess, and perhaps even of his mother, for he was very young and newly fledged

    8. The thing with many colors recoils and slides back into the poppies

    9. Recoils upon the jester's head

    10. recoils with horror from the remembrance of the insults I had to endure, till,

    11. He recoils slightly

    12. “When it’s fired, though, the barrel recoils to the same position without moving the carriage

    13. My purse suffered, my character suffered, my constitution suffered, stimulants became a necessity to me, I was a creature from whom my memory recoils

    14. Whenever the 2-day EMA of Force Index spikes down to five times or more its usual depth and then recoils from that low, expect prices to rally in the coming days

    15. D’ye think ’tis easy to hear him whimper so and bear the Burden of the Crew’s Hatred? D’ye think ’tis easy to be Captain o’er a scurvy Lot of Rogues, a Parcel of Lazy Poltroons who’d as soon rot in the Grog Shops of the Sugar Isles as go to Sea and work for an honest Shilling? No! The Heart recoils, but the Head bids it be strong

    16. Neither army was broken up, but the Russian army retreated immediately after the collision as inevitably as a ball recoils after colliding with another having a greater

    17. The word, directed toward its object, enters a dialogically agitated and tension-filled environment of alien words, value judgements and accents, weaves in and out of complex interrelationships, merges with some, recoils from others, intersects with yet a third group: and all this may crucially shape discourse, may leave a trace in all its semantic layers, may complicate its expression and influence its entire stylistic profile

    18. 1) You look deeply into the life of man, especially of women,—and you see from what world point of view their acts flow, and you see, principally, how inevitably all argument against this world point of view recoils and you cannot imagine how this world point of view will be changed—in the same way as how a piece of a date-stone has grown through a date

    19. Neither army was broken up, but the Russian army retreated immediately after the collision as inevitably as a ball recoils after colliding with another having a greater momentum, and with equal inevitability the ball of invasion that had advanced with such momentum rolled on for some distance, though the collision had deprived it of all its force

    20. That second one, sir, the undoubted object and inevitable tendency of which my whole soul recoils from, which I abhor and deprecate, as fatal to the prosperity and happiness of my country—as the grave of its honor—and I fear I do not go too far when I add, of its independence! that resolution is not alone submission to France; but, under the pretence of resisting her infractions of the laws of nations, her violations of the sacred rights of hospitality, her laughing to scorn the obligation of treaties—it makes us submit to all—to encourage a perseverance in all

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