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Sabotage in einem Satz (in englisch)

Only outright sabotage could stop it.
This is where we sabotage our own actions.
We could always try to sabotage his set.
What the POWs couldn’t sabotage, they stole.
In fact, they said it was an act of sabotage.
He is really trying to sabotage your entire.
It was the result of use rather than sabotage.

Your attempts to sabotage this vehicle have failed.
They never had a sabotage capability as far as we know.
What if we sabotage the train before it leaves? Zoe asked.
Rumors of sabotage flew with the speed of courier missiles.
He is very clever at this secret communication and sabotage.
Chinese authorities assert that I am trying to sabotage the.
Theyre threatening to sabotage it, the president snapped.
I don’t want to sabotage the lab only to find a week later.
During that lapse the Devatas sent Guru Brihaspati to sabotage.
He decided to sabotage both choppers and hide the crime that way.
Arab countries have been seeking to sabotage the Iranian nuclear.
Though he couldn’t take out the Borg, he could sabotage the ship.
This little voice has the ability to sub-consciously sabotage even.
Was he saying that we should be in active sabotage of this mission?
It"s better to sabotage a single meal than a lifetime"s worth of meals.
If you believe it was sabotage, then there’s one real strong theory.
Are you deliberately trying to sabotage my relationship with Sam?
I’m very concerned that if he gets in he may try to sabotage their plant.
Most of the work sites offered nothing to sabotage, but stealing was epidemic.
For a price Scorpio will sabotage the helicopter fuel systems in the mountains.
Unfortunately some of them resorted to sabotage and a jagun was sent after them.
He had become obsessed and totally preoccupied with preventing acts of sabotage.
What sabotage is this? Why abort this operation when we are so close to success.
Jamie could not believe this woman was accusing her of trying to sabotage EDWARD.
In anybody’s book this was sabotage and summary dismissal to whoever had done it.
The admiral benched you, didn’t he? He thought you might try to sabotage it?
If she wants to give us trouble, she could sabotage our cause, maybe end it altogether.
His voice rasping heavily he said, Take it and protect yourself! Sabotage if you can.
But he isn’t someone who will knowingly, deliberately sabotage a police investigation.
He was a Roman agent provocateur hired to sabotage and reduce the influence of the Teacher.
Something happened on that space ark, whether it was an accident or sabotage, I cannot say.
The point is that even his own general staff was against him and worked to sabotage his plans.
Just what was in this suitcase that could be used as a form of self-defense or even sabotage?
Deliberately sabotaging the economy.
Of course, I kept sabotaging myself.
You are sabotaging your own life.
He is sabotaging everything, I said, deflated.
It is no different than me sabotaging a competitor.
Someone is sabotaging the case, CoolWater expressed.
You will stop sabotaging your plan when you create this.
The rationale for sabotaging ourselves can be that we fear that.
Stop sabotaging your ability to be great in glory in the universe.
This will oblige the poor artist to walk away, sabotaging the deal.
He felt guilty: he was sabotaging a project dear to his brother’s heart.
Despite his destructive and self sabotaging conduct, I was not going to give up on him easily.
Then we’d adjust the pitch and volume of his bands instruments, sabotaging the whole thing.
They're all snots -- a fifth column -- bent on sabotaging the efforts of the security services.
Priesthood with the specific aim of sabotaging and reducing the influence of the true Saints by first.
This anti-patriotic government was wholly responsible for sabotaging our Greek-only food distribution.
Plus, she could not find any leads at all to who might be sabotaging him and his supposedly ‘good’ name.
But what most impressed the gathering was the story of the caning and his skill in sabotaging the teacher’s car.
And on top of that… 25 million years of undead scum: actively sabotaging your every effort… then it becomes hard.
Blomkvist scuppered his entire strategy on that case and now he’s worried that he’s sabotaging this investigation as well.
They are experts at poisoning and sabotaging your memories and dreams until you can’t tell which are yours and which are theirs.
Drew started the interview, Nick, we know from the police reports that Gary had claimed that someone was sabotaging the plant at CN.
Republicans, not wanting Obama to succeed anyway, concentrated on tax cuts and sabotaging unions, both guaranteed to worsen the economy.
And if you can help me prove that someone is sabotaging me, your resume would look even better, he reassured, his eyes hard on hers.
Bolsano, the gangster I am presently investigating, apparently sent four of his men to kidnap Jimmy and Annie, probably to intimidate me in sabotaging my case against him.
In some ways his opponents are much like John Quincy Adams's, where Jackson's supporters spent an entire four years sabotaging Adams just to put Jackson into power next election.
I was always motivated you self-righteous prick!, it was you that was sabotaging this company, Cassidy would do well do buy you out and ditch your ass while the stock is still cheap.
These warnings had been given by an EA inspector, Gary David, the man until Mr Cook’s revelations, thought to have been solely responsible for the tragedy, and accused of sabotaging the CN plant.
She took to sabotaging his every effort at managing the school, mainly by goading her classes into taking direct action; first boycotting extra-curricular activities and then cutting school altogether.
The same English Traitors who were involved in the famous ‘Guy Fawkes’ attempt to burn down the English parliament and restore Catholic Royal Religious Rule to England were also involved in sabotaging the Jamestown venture.
Letters saved in the computer suggest he was silencing the headmaster to stop him revealing his involvement in the murder of Murray Corso, the attack on Vaselly, the burning of the shed with Karim locked inside, and the sabotaging of Vaselly’s brakes.
The most recent victors, the latest winners install their own whitewashed and rationalized versions of what actually happened while wiping out every other version and discounting and sabotaging and demonizing other interpretations and accounts of what actually happened.
Your mom had the food sabotaged.
They sabotaged it, she said.
The Lake Buccaneer, was sabotaged.
As a result, dieters can be sabotaged both.
The sabotaged some of the gasoline, they didn’t.
Anything better is instantly taken away and sabotaged.
Jody, you shouldn't have done that! You could've sabotaged.
For now all you need to know is that our computer was sabotaged.
And she might have sabotaged the cell door locking software too.
The project was often sabotaged but Joseph ruled with an iron hand.
Luxor was sabotaged by the robber barons and Washington, and shut down.
Major General Foche! What is the meaning of this? Have you sabotaged our defensive.
Swordsmen have sabotaged the stables and poisoned the feed for these magnificent animals.
And as a result, the designed use of the first tools was also sabotaged and turned around.
As your Life is Sabotaged and Fails due to the influence of these inner saboteurs, the your.
In return: as a result of him being the strongest, bravest Hebrew: his own tribe sabotaged him.
She knew then, that her mother-in-law had sabotaged her when she had found her stirring her pot.
Gomes climbed out of the hayloft and went to the main light switch in the barn and sabotaged it.
I suppose, and she could have sabotaged my gear to get what she wants instead of getting a divorce.
Nuke informed us that it was his friend Rapsar who had piloted the sabotaged craft which had crashed.
The engine hit the sabotaged strip, the rails shot out from under it, and the entire train tipped over.
My father had systematically sabotaged the prosecution’s chances of getting a fair trial in his court.
The canal treaty was almost sabotaged by a demand from conservatives giving the US the right to invade.
Then Todd said, On the night of the explosion, it was you that sabotaged the production line, wasn’t it?
They have sabotaged every attempt of every animal on earth that ever had a healthy instinct to love another animal.
They spread all news of good to the most evil undead filth so all good is poisoned and sabotaged as early as possible.
It occurs to me maybe Helen is lying and sabotaged my meeting with George, yet I prefer to suppress this suspicion quickly.
In a talk Joe gave, he mentioned how he and his wife had been sabotaged, mentioning the offenses by people high up in government.
There was nothing anyone could do about it as they had orchestrated the whole event and Sam had sabotaged it with his own agenda.
To dream that you have been sabotaged indicates that there is something that you are ignoring or overlooking in your waking life.
Whenever there is a movement from the lower levels to improve their lot; it is sabotaged or crushed by the upper levels of society.
Before taking grace he said that he could have been killed and would the person or persons who had sabotaged his car come forward for pity’s sake.
Even if he was mad, even if he purposely sabotaged the ship to land them on an infected planet, Gem couldn’t deny that he was still damned clever.
Only to be poisoned, betrayed, assassinated, defeated in battle, sabotaged, undermined, and killed… in a matter of months! on and on… ad-nauseum.
This is only a tiny glimpse of what history hides and covers up; all the missed possibilities which were sabotaged, all the good intentions gone astray.
She could imagine several ways the biology lab could have been sabotaged already, but no way to generate a danger to the continued existence of the ship.
All of his good positive traits were not supported: instead every goodness in Hitler is attacked, sabotaged, weakened, poisoned, stunted, starved out of existence.
Anyone who is too honest is soon fired or sabotaged and attacked for threatening the shaky, untenable pile of artificial crap known as human pyramidal civilization.
Have you identified any of the limiting stories or emotions that have held you back or sabotaged you in the past, and have you broken their pattern of control in your life?
Just as well, as the Zumwalt was sabotaged with explosives last year where she lay and we’re expecting a tow ship from the States some time soon to take her home for repairs.
This often results in a passive aggressive behavior, which sabotages the opportunity.
When everyone is given an equal chance for life and health and happiness: there will be no more pointless adversarial competition, there will be no more obsolete pyramidal structure or culture which stifles and sabotages all attempts to improve things and make them better.

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