undermine sätze

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Undermine sätze (in englisch)

1. But instantly he began to undermine it.
2. But it can undermine you, just as surely.
3. How could she undermine him in this way?
4. Their purpose was to undermine the ruling.
5. We do not have any intention to undermine the.
6. This kind of thing could undermine her authority.
7. And that it might undermine his authority somehow.

8. Your emotions will undermine you, and you will lose.
9. God will undermine the strategy of the disbelievers.
10. This event would seriously undermine a major piece of your.
11. In some way you undermine the success of the successful ones.
12. Any contact with the parent now could deeply undermine morale.
13. There is no opposition to what Satan say to undermine his words.
14. Why let the opposition know how it is possible to undermine you?
15. It will undermine the new bridge just as surely as it did the old.
16. Is it possible that you could undermine the Blue Castle too?
17. They were worried that in time it could undermine their own culture.
18. It was this that had made him complacent and all too easy to undermine.
19. I wasn’t ready to undermine my father in front of this man I barely knew.
20. You cant undermine my authority or that of Kyle in this place, he said.
21. It must be protected against the adverse elements that will try to undermine it.
22. The cash is one of the Free Enterprisers’ main weapons to undermine the OWG.
23. A different perspective not considered before, it seemed to undermine their efforts.
25. It is counterproductive to undermine the teacher’s or school’s stature in your.
26. Be prepared to avoid racialized agendas that may undermine this mobilization process.
27. The conflict would weaken her authority and undermine everything else she wanted to do.
28. Talk to undermine my love and confidence, talk that went through one ear and out the other.
29. Thedy had put him up to it, Thedy was trying to undermine Charlie's social life, she was!.
30. However, we did not desire to undermine the Instructor’s authority in front of his platoon.
31. They share a habit of giving corrosive words that undermine their self-respect and self-esteem.
32. But that would completely undermine what he was trying to build in always staying with your edkar.
33. The battle of the Civil War to undermine and replace America advances on these two strategic fronts.
34. Anyone who disagrees with my decisions can all too easily undermine me by pointing out that I stand.
35. However she also warned party politics might, if not controlled, undermine the community’s solidarity.
36. Hitler rejected requests to cancel; if granted, this would undermine the invasion as a political threat.
37. High transaction costs and noisy price data on single-stock options may undermine these results, however.
38. If she were to release it, it could undermine the entire religious and political foundation of the World.
39. She is no longer his friend because he’s against the Rwandan government and Paul, trying to undermine him.
40. Maybe Hortense meant to undermine Cam’s credibility by insinuating he was still a patient in need of therapy.
41. The book analyzes how our inherent biases undermine our ability to weigh alternatives rationally and objectively.
42. She did so in a firm, yet unobtrusive manner that did not attempt to undermine the father‘s parental authority.
43. She hadn’t been physically damaged and it would take more than what had happened to undermine her self-respect.
44. Please remember you people would not be permitted to undermine the decorum of the court at any time, at any cost….
45. He’d undoubtedly expected to be recruited for some subtle plan to undermine the civilian government’s authority.
46. Whatever the cause, this is a very damaging belief system that can effectively undermine any man in his quest for tail.
47. As for those who strive against Our revelations, seeking to undermine them-for them is a punishment of a painful plague.
48. The first 5 chapters of Romans are written in a way to undermine any religion that is based on our good works or efforts.
49. One of its strategic advantages is to find a level of net income where a stock issue would not undermine capital structure.
50. The attack was perpetrated by World Government military rebels who were trying to undermine the stability of our government.
51. By that time, the conquered territory would be fortified and this would undermine American determination to continue the war.
52. He leaned back in his chair and smiled at her, convinced his expert opinions were more than sufficient to undermine her case.
53. I shall prove that by her willful and deliberate actions, Cadet Solomon did undermine the authority of a superior officer.
54. Yet Melton and Proctor’s liberal legacies demobilized blacks worldwide and still undermine Christ’s Commission to this day.
55. The reasons are many, but the main one is the self developed habits or traits that undermine the very structure you are dependent on.
56. What was she afraid of? Had she known so little gentleness that something so mundane as a thankful kiss could undermine her defenses?
57. But Modi was convinced that Pathak, who was close to Advani, was part of a group in Gujarat that had tried to undermine his authority.
58. The ANC under his aegis has sought to undermine the independence of the courts, the police, the prosecuting authorities and the press.
59. Even if the disclosure were made after the election, it would undermine Godwyn’ s authority and cripple his ability to lead the monks.
60. We try to undermine the Walf and to stop his computer hacking business but we are having difficulty in overriding his system with ours.
61. If they’re not hassling about the press being gagged and political films being censored, they’re devising their own plots to undermine us.
62. We are losing the war on obesity!! And yet the slimmers who are fighting it are being given recommendations that further undermine their morale.
63. If you were to take any of these characteristics out of a weight loss program, then that would seriously undermine the program’s effectiveness.
64. As you step forward and lead His missionary uprising, navigate students beyond segregated ministry structures that undermine missions mobilization.
65. By that time, the conquered territory would be fortified and Japanese stubborn resistance would undermine American determination to continue the war.
66. You probably don't expect me to say this because of my son, but every time that you ignore her, turn her away or undermine her, her heart gets broken.
67. That he had been married to another woman for the greater part of his life did not, to his mind, undermine the truth and sincerity of this statement.
68. It was essential to define their relationship in a way that would not raise false hopes, but still bolster the youth’s self confidence, not undermine it.
69. Captain, I don’t believe that this project was undertaken in a conspiratorial fashion to undermine the stability of the current rapport of our two nations.
70. It has, however, been successful in the short term for various criminals seeking to enrich themselves and for governments seeking to undermine enemy nations.
71. Bishop Wylbyr had singled out Sarkyn, both for the punishment it deserved and as an example to others who might be tempted by Shan-wei to undermine the Jihad.
72. Not only was this intended to undermine the Soviet Union, the plan insisted aid would be only through capitalist markets, never through state run enterprises.
73. Answering these questions, I believe, may give insights for diagnosing some hidden barriers that undermine African-American participation in full-time missions.
74. I am not the one to undermine the propriety of Senor Don Quixote, for it strikes me that among his many virtues the one that is pre-eminent is that of modesty.
75. Zolla II was bequeathed knowledge, much of which (some claimed) could never be revealed, for it could potentially undermine the very fabric of B’tari culture.
76. Believe that He can help you, guide you, lead you, show you, strengthen you when doubts threaten to overwhelm and undermine your leadership, and it will be done.
77. However, because they alter reality to alter their true feelings about you, they undermine their self, destroying growth they could have had from a true separation.
78. If anything they prolonged it, because they were designed not to restore health to our traditional system but to confuse it, undermine it, and eventually destroy it.
79. This measure could conceivably undermine the (varied) interests and concerns of a nation whose (increasing) plurality presently spans an entire continent (and beyond).
80. Cadet Solomon has stated that her intent was not to undermine the authority of her instructor, but rather to save the lives of her peers and their future subordinates.
81. You see my real issue when it comes to women and them working isn’t that I’m trying to dominate them it’s because this is another way to undermine the role of a man.
82. Seemingly undistracted by consequences of unjust social structures, he expressed no concern that oppressive white governments might undermine the credibility of a Gospel.
83. Resist the temptation to focus on titles and authoritarian hierarchies in your student-led campus ministries, which can easily undermine your mobilizing impact on campus.
84. She might, and not improbably would, have suffered death from the stern tribunals of the period, for attempting to undermine the foundations of the Puritan establishment.
85. Therefore at the present time every man who professes it helps to undermine the authority of the government, and will eventually pave the way for the liberation of mankind.
86. They were reluctantly constrained to admit that the attempt to undermine the Gasworks was a melancholy failure, and that the Mugsborough Electric Light and Installation Coy.
87. It was not intended, however, to undermine, through judicial fiat or perverse legal interpretation, the freedoms that every American should properly enjoy without exception.
88. He was not about to let the selfish and self centered ambitions of the Committee undermine this opportunity for salvation out of the pit that the nation had been thrust into!.
89. They’d keep the information close to their vest, using it to undermine America’s intelligence efforts and sow the seeds of distrust between the United States and its allies.
90. Our founders recognized that civil unrest with widespread rioting, looting, and violence would undermine the authority of the government and shake the confidence of the populace.
91. There I listed several major resources that will help traders work through the emotional and temperamental issues that can so often undermine even the most robust trading systems.
92. Ebbing (Spiritual) Faith in the wake of Secular Assaults designed to sow doubt in the minds of Believers by eliminating (Public) Reminders that further undermine Spiritual Resolve!.
93. Just as many men and boys are sexually abused by women as the other way round, but to acknowledge it would undermine the myth that men are the sexual predators and women their prey.
94. They evidently thought that it would be better to destroy the health or even the lives of the `dear little children' than to pauperize the parents or undermine parental responsibility.
95. What we need to understand, is that over the last 30 years, there has been a tremendous push into the community of teachings and philosophies that undermine confidence in the word of God.
96. Letting them go home to tell their fellow soldiers what they’d endured was probably the surest way to undermine the morale of any new army the Kingdom of Dohlar might put into the field.
97. If you are to become as slim as you would love to be, and NOT undermine your health in the process, then you too need a nourishing approach that will keep you healthy whilst you lose weight.
98. Buchanan may have a point however by arguing that Globalization is likely to undermine loyalty to national culture once ―natural‖ boundaries begin overlapping and new frontiers are formed.
99. The addition of fake paper money that was not backed by the gold in the Imperial Treasury could devalue all the real money out there, plus it would undermine people’s confidence in the ranmya.
100. The British were trying their best to undermine the efforts of freedom fighters by creating animosity between the Indian National Congress Party and Muslim League, headed by Mohammad Ali Jinnah.
1. They were busy with covert operations and undermining.
2. Even as a teenager, he would chastise me for undermining his.
3. The plague had spooked them all, undermining their rationality.
4. Rather than confusing and undermining the faith of the ignorant.
5. Alas their very instruments increasingly seem to be undermining this certitude.
6. I’ll keep undermining the government, and we have other things in the works.
7. Undermining the basis—undermining the basis, repeated Prince Korchagin, laughing.
8. A was undermining B, D was undermining C, and so on in all possible combinations and permutations.
9. Such designs, in my opinion, produced the opposite effect by undermining its traditional teachings.
10. The bishop hovered on the brink of ordering Mohmohtahny’s arrest on charges of undermining the Jihad.
11. Lenin arrived back in Russia in April 1917 and immediately set about undermining the Russian government.
12. Therefore he knew she was going to support his moves to stop the British government undermining peace and equality.
13. Instead of undermining their leadership it brought greater respect, greater trust, and a greater sense of camaraderie.
14. The Welfare State has ‖succored‖ many an individual at the expense of that individual‘s Individuality by undermining that.
15. And Alexandra! All this time Alexandra had been undermining her, whispering God-knows-what poison into their grandmother's ears.
16. If you have noticed anything that might be undermining their online presence, mention it tactfully without expecting anything in return.
17. After the setback, when all life was destroyed during the Flood, they went furiously to work in undermining the structure of civilisation.
18. See, demons are always trying to convince you that you are doing everything possible to heal yourself, all the while undermining your efforts.
19. My guess is that the story itself was irrelevant, it was just their excuse, a pretext for further undermining Harriet’s role within the group.
20. The mores of our conservative culture, the undermining of her reputation and diminishing new openings for marriage always work against the woman.
21. He complained that there is a gutter on the adjoining house which discharges rain-water on his premises, and is undermining the foundations of his house.
22. When he demolished them he would put in their place a pile of loose large stones, the riprap, which he said would prevent the current undermining the piers.
23. Your little note’s going to go a long way towards undermining any confidence he still has in Thirsk, and that can’t be a bad thing from our perspective.
24. When Jackson lost the election in 1824, he resigned as congressman and spent the next four years undermining President John Quincy Adams, just so he could get elected.
25. When it became obvious that David was dying, Adonijah stepped in and proclaimed himself king, destabilizing the monarchy, undermining security and creating an enemy within the palace.
26. He altered his appearance to look like me and gave the inhabitants messages that contradicted my promises, completely undermining my efforts to create an alliance, and making me a target.
27. Robert Bork, law professor, former federal appeals court judge, and a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute has spoken frequently on the role of the Supreme Court in undermining the Constitution.
28. Women sought, instead, an equal partnership with men without undermining the essential characteristics that typically separate men from women; each exceptional in his or her own peculiar manner.
29. In an island by themselves, he told her, they would be quite happy undermining each other's backbones, and the backbone of England, which consisted of plain unspoilt patriots, would be let alone.
30. Reducing academic standards provides a free pass to underachieving students while undermining the (potential) progress of talented students (otherwise) capable of taking ―it‖ to a higher level.
31. The consequence is, that the water, which has once obtained a perpendicular passage of a few inches through the first, washes away the second with such rapidity, that it is constantly undermining it.
32. It appeared that Lyamshin had quoted the phrase about "undermining the foundation," word for word from this document, not omitting a single stop or comma, though he had declared that it was all his own theory.
33. If the truth should be that some undermining disease was at work within him, there might be large opportunity for some people to be the happier when he was gone; and if one of those people should be Will Ladislaw, Mr.
34. The crowd is still buzzing when Judge Rothstein calls an adjournment for the day, but whether or not Tom’s high-risk two-minute gambit succeeded in undermining six hours of testimony, we don’t have long to dwell on it.
35. This weakening has been alarmingly true in the last four decades by the gradual undermining of our public schools and the elimination of the fundamental history of how and why the great United States was originally established.
36. The larger part of the work is expended in setting forth the general social effects of Christianity in the hast, and in presenting a vigorous picture of the results to be expected in the future from the gradual undermining of heathenism.
37. He came to the rescue at this point, and said in a consolatory and complimentary voice, Camilla, my dear, it is well known that your family feelings are gradually undermining you to the extent of making one of your legs shorter than the other.
38. That kiss was much like the one he gave me before, or rather, the one he gave Scarlet, and the softness of it, the pure, unassuming, un-obligated offering of it, is undermining my defenses in a way that all the flowers in the world never could.
39. If it consisted of solid rock, the river would probably have no effect upon it; but of such loose and friable materials is it composed, that the river is continually undermining it, and producing effects not less to be dreaded than those of an earthquake.
40. The philosophy of Socialism relies on the undermining of the stability and intention of responsible, representative government and moral community action that is supported by the Rule of Law and the importance of the individual’s ownership of private property.
41. If you were teaching in a civilian institution, say for example, Federation Tech in Atlanta and a student said to you in exactly the same tone of voice and in the same words, what Cadet Solomon said to you, would she be undermining your authority or presenting an opposing opinion?
42. Feeling her way along through the empty bedrooms she perceived the continuous rumble of the termites as they carved the wood, the snipping of the moths in the clothes closets, and the devastating noise of the enormous red ants that had prospered during the deluge and were undermining the foundations of the house.
43. The hard Left‘s calculated undermining of liberal values and common sense for its own political reasons, reinforced by its own self-loathing, has generated a leery perception of (supposed) Western arrogance and intolerance for other cultures that felicitously plays into the hands of our nation‘s mortal enemies.
44. The churches, which were founded upon a misconception, and which preserve this misconception by their immutability, must of necessity harass and persecute any new conception, because they know, however they may try to conceal it, that every advance along the road indicated by Christ is undermining their own existence.
45. But, during all this time, I've thought about it, would I become a prestigious witch if my lies have been undermining precisely this aura of prestige and admiration that all sorceresses should have? How could I be a witch if my reputation is stained with the vice of this deception? And in these reflections I fall and sink.
46. So if you add the problem of the inconsistency in the differing lengths of time the Sun’s line with the Earth is in each constellation, with the factual scientific account of the precession of the equinoxes you have an unsystematic and changing zodiac system undermining the scientific credibility and importance given to people’s birth signs.
47. The Government of Great Britain had already introduced into commerce during war, a system, which, at once violating the rights of other nations, and resting on a mass of forgery and perjury unknown to other times, was making an unfortunate progress in undermining those principles of morality and religion which are the best foundation of national happiness.
48. Addendum to the above: The undermining of traditional values has precipitated a socially divisive undercurrent in our nation that has further alienated lower income groups from the very values and customs that typically defined ―middle-class‖ success; principled standards that have (historically) improved (its) social and economic standing in a variety of ways over the years.
49. Machiavelli correctly argued that internal revolutions that seek to transform a society‘s social and political cultural must (necessarily) retain that society‘s material forms in order to convey a semblance of continuity without seemingly undermining their essential character, notwithstanding its altering of prevailing customs and practices that would otherwise promote resentment among its citizens.
50. The gradual undermining of rugged individualism, character, and independence has been in part successful by the slow but consistent elimination of the educational background of the reasons for founding this great country, and the conscious erosion of stability by their 1) ‘moral relativism,’ 2) the push for affirmative action for minorities, and 3) the rights of groups over the rights of individuals.
51. The first moments in a classroom on Tverskaya, then on to the dark bars on Dmitrovka, the overly tender kiss on the cheek, then the light of the Conservatory the first time, up in the balcony behind the crowds, her hand finding mine, her fingers lying sprawled high on my thigh, the smell of sex making me ache, Shostokovitch a cover for intimacies, Tchaikovsky and Beethoven looking on, a world of ideas undermining all laws.
52. However, as charities themselves degenerate into bloated bureaucracies more concerned about perpetuating themselves than about assisting the downtrodden, those administering these organizations no longer view the giving public as the real heroes behind what use to be considered grassroots eleemosynary but rather as dimwitted cogs to be lectured as to how the acts once perceived as selfless are actually reactionary gestures undermining the progressive vision of their enlightened betters.
53. The indolence of the people was in contrast to the voracity of oblivion, which little by little was undermining memories in a pitiless way, to such an extreme that at that time, on another anniversary of the Treaty of Neerlan-dia, some emissaries from the president of the republic arrived in Macondo to award at last the decoration rejected several times by Colonel Aureliano Buendía, and they spent a whole afternoon looking for someone who could tell them where they could find one of his descendants.
54. I‘m not sure where I‘m going with this so try and follow my line of reasoning inasmuch as I am liable to form an uncertain analogy as it relates to the childlike treatment of the (subject) people involved: undermining freedom, initiative, self-reliance, (human) potential and an individual‘s moral and intellectual authority; that is to say, contrary to an individual‘s inherent right to naturally evolve into a productive human being; to learn, think and act independently in his or her (own) inestimable manner.
55. When asked what was the object of so many murders and scandals and dastardly outrages, he answered with feverish haste that it was with the idea of systematically undermining the foundations, systematically destroying society and all principles; with the idea of nonplussing every one and making hay of everything, and then, when society was tottering, sick and out of joint, cynical and sceptical though filled with an intense eagerness for self-preservation and for some guiding idea, suddenly to seize it in their hands, raising the standard of revolt and relying on a complete network of quintets, which were actively, meanwhile, gathering recruits and seeking out the weak spots which could be attacked.
56. And after the adjutant comes the commissary general asking where the stores are to be taken, and the chief of the hospitals asks where the letter from the sovereign which does not admit of the possibility of abandoning Moscow, and the commander in chief’s rival, the man who is undermining him (and there are always not merely one but several such), presents a new project diametrically opposed to that of turning to the Kaluga road, and the commander in chief himself needs sleep and refreshment to maintain his energy and a respectable general who has been overlooked in the distribution of rewards comes to complain, and the inhabitants of the district pray to be defended, and an officer sent to inspect the locality comes in and gives a report quite contrary to what was said by the officer previously sent; and a spy, a prisoner, and a general who has been on reconnaissance, all describe the position of the enemy’s army differently.
57. And after the adjutant comes the commissary general asking where the stores are to be taken, and the chief of the hospitals asks where the wounded are to go, and a courier from Petersburg brings a letter from the sovereign which does not admit of the possibility of abandoning Moscow, and the commander in chief’s rival, the man who is undermining him (and there are always not merely one but several such), presents a new project diametrically opposed to that of turning to the Kalúga road, and the commander in chief himself needs sleep and refreshment to maintain his energy and a respectable general who has been overlooked in the distribution of rewards comes to complain, and the inhabitants of the district pray to be defended, and an officer sent to inspect the locality comes in and gives a report quite contrary to what was said by the officer previously sent; and a spy, a prisoner, and a general who has been on reconnaissance, all describe the position of the enemy’s army differently.
1. It would have undermined my argument.
2. It undermined him quickly; yet he persisted.
3. Promotion of Positive Thinking Has Undermined.
4. The edges are undermined and it needs exposure.
5. He said she had undermined her strength….
6. The affections of the people are to be gradually undermined.
7. In effect, he had undermined her implicit support for Carlus.
8. Covering the basics, your parents have undermined your position.
9. People do NOT like having their fundamental beliefs so easily undermined!.
10. However, the piles were not installed and so the piers have been undermined.
11. The social soil is everywhere undermined, sometimes for good, sometimes for evil.
12. In fact, more debt would have would have undermined the increases in assets and net.
13. Since his arrival, their mental manipulations had undermined his freedom, and now such.
14. The test ban was undermined by the scandal over an American U-2 spy plane being shot down.
15. As to being undermined, I don’t know what in the world you are driving at, Hippolyte.
16. Since then the practice of buying below liquidation value has been undermined by two factors.
17. Today, the Protestant Work Ethic is being undermined and supplanted by an ethic of Pure Greed.
18. This along with the continued illness of the Frances commander greatly undermined their morale.
19. This evidence of death, of random nature in the raw, undermined these brittle constructs of hope.
20. Toney‘s trial defense team that would have materially undermined the State‘s case against Mr.
21. She remembered with dismay that her body had undermined her in the same way with Alwyn in the forest.
22. Mitchell felt undermined, his eyes beamed into his father, I didn't even say I was going to, ya putz.
23. It also undermined Britain’s standing in the world as the upholder of civilised standards of behaviour.
24. The German military, industrial, and economic system plus the morale of the people had not been undermined.
25. With all the passion of her strong nature she hated Miriam for having in this subtle way undermined his joy.
26. Pamela tried to explain Jeff off as an old friend but her explanation was undermined with stolen glances at Jeff.
27. Abortion, for example, has not only diminished us as a society, but undermined the very notion of our Humanity; that.
28. Besides, their state of growth would have undermined the onamic sense of safety their unicellular compactness provided.
29. The undisclosed statements from these witnesses contradicted and undermined the most critical facts to the State‘s case.
30. Sutro’s point—very far-fetched, cheap and sensational—is that Mayfair has undermined and corrupted itself by the game.
31. First, in the 1920s, cultural changes undermined the sanctity of the home and godly morals among African-American young people.
32. There were fig leaves in the soul, and they did not get whole; so the great call of God was undermined by the brokenness in their soul.
33. When the tremors cease keep a watch for any obstructions and hazards: broken cables, undermined roadways or bridges which could give way.
34. Stephen Douglas, who undermined the Missouri Compromise for his own political career advancement by offering the Kansas Missouri Act in 1854.
35. In consequence, the theory of investment in sound public-utility bonds appears in no sense to have been undermined by 1931–1933 experience.
36. In fact with the utmost assiduity he undermined the rock of her purity with such engines that had Camilla been of brass she must have fallen.
37. The unnatural strain of the day, and his sickly state of health together, had suddenly undermined his strength, and he was as weak as a child.
38. Only to be poisoned, betrayed, assassinated, defeated in battle, sabotaged, undermined, and killed… in a matter of months! on and on… ad-nauseum.
39. Also that plenty of powder had been distributed in the town, and the spies thought they had undermined the Palace and Palaver Square in case of emergency.
40. I believe that this implication reinforced prejudice and undermined his challenges to the black and white middle-class Christians whom he sought to enlist.
41. Existing political tensions transcending the boundaries of American Society have steadily undermined America‘s fragile alliance with Europe in recent years.
42. In 1899, Tolstoi felt himself spiritually improved and notwithstanding his severely undermined health, he occupied himself much and fruitfully with Resurrection.
43. A few of the rich and strong, like Francis of Assisi and others, accepted the Christian teaching in its full significance, even though it undermined their privileged positions.
44. Those who admit that that ground has been undermined by the preceding argument will concede that the Universalists may justly be required to provide some new point of departure.
45. There is no denying the fact, however, that (adolescent) designs on the part of parents trying to act ―cool‖ and ―hip‖ have actually undermined their effectiveness as parents.
46. Therefore the children are the property of the community, and it is the business and to the interest of the community to see that their constitutions are not undermined by starvation.
47. This girl was obviously someone who liked to be in charge, but Massie didn't want her authority to be undermined so she had act bitchy to make her understand she wasn't going to stand for it.
48. Worms and termites that had prevailed in the stone orchards now undermined the apple yards of Illinois, the cherry trees of Washington, and the mathematically trimmed shrubs of French chateaus.
49. The value of their work, however, is often undermined because of poor leadership and organisation, which leaves them struggling to cope with changes driven by technology and increasing social complexity.
50. The arrival of Kutuzof at head-quarters created an excellent impression on the army, especially as the constant succession of retreats had undermined, not to say destroyed, confidence in their commanders.
51. The rest of the evening I amused myself with the guards and the Book looking in between the yellowish and undermined pages the indolent passages for the conjuration that so hard was hiding to my attention.
52. Black Power’s influence on many African-American church leaders during this struggle, in effect, undermined Ephesians 4:11’s teaching that recognized Christ-given gifted leaders without regard to race.
53. But, on the flip side, the vested interests of the ‘nation of the shopkeepers’, so as to bolster up their commercial interests had ensured that whatever left of the Indian enterprise was truly undermined.
54. This population full of proud virtue, capable to the highest degree of latent heat, always ready to fly to arms, prompt to explode, irritated, deep, undermined, seemed to be only awaiting the fall of a spark.
55. But if, as we believe, the resurrection of Christ is an undeniable fact which cannot be disproved, the whole fabric of sceptical arguments against supernatural religion is undermined, and must fall to the ground.
56. The foundation of our process is the ability to arrive at a reasonable estimate of intrinsic value, which is often undermined in emerging markets by a variety of reporting, governance, legal and regulatory obstacles.
57. One morning she saw that the red ants had left the undermined foundations, crossed the garden, climbed up the railing, where the begonias had taken on an earthen color, and had penetrated into the heart of the house.
58. Pharaoh almost never issued orders except through his vizier, he thought as he quickly searched his memory for an exception that he might have witnessed, knowing even then, his very hesitation had already undermined his position.
59. The pirate who’d doubted her before turned on Captain Sally savagely and bellowed out, It’s the Sea People! I told you they were a danger! They’ve undermined the city and fried our propulsion units with their lasers!.
60. Kevin seized one of the tables and hurled it at the soldiers who had breached the wall of flaming vehicles, the savagery in his face undermined to a large extent by the crotchless knickers which were still keeping one of his ears warm.
61. So, the glorification of the Indian Musalmans of the historical figures, who had been inimical to the Hindus or had undermined the Hindustan, as heroes of Islam, was not the will of Allah but the making of His disregarding believers of yore.
62. But the pleasure of being with a charming, intelligent family, their seemingly genuine interest in me and my life undermined my guard and when the mother said I moved like a dancer I laughed and repeated Hazel’s assessment of my abilities.
63. His journal had been so long suspended, that it was considered as virtually relinquished; his health was undermined by repeated attacks of illness, and science and society had to lament his sudden departure, when he had scarcely attained the meridian of life.
64. Moreover, the heightened instability in the affairs of industrial companies and groups of enterprises, which has undermined the investment quality of bonds in general, has of course been still more hostile to the maintenance of true investment quality in common stocks.
65. At last the base of the cliff is undermined, huge fragments fall down, and these remaining fixed, have to be worn away atom by atom, until after being reduced in size they can be rolled about by the waves, and then they are more quickly ground into pebbles, sand, or mud.
66. The public utilities were unpopular in the 1919 boom, because of high costs; they became speculative and investment favorites in 1927–1929; in 1933–1938 fear of inflation, rate regulation, and direct governmental competition again undermined the public’s confidence in them.
67. In the Church doctrine these people did not believe, for they saw its insolvency; but neither could they follow Francis of Assisi, Keltchitsky,[97] and most of the heretics, in acknowledging the moral, social teaching of Christ, for that teaching undermined their social position.
68. Equally right or wrong is he who says that Napoleon went to Moscow because he wanted to, and perished because Alexander desired his destruction, and he who says that an undermined hill weighing a million tons fell because the last navvy struck it for the last time with his mattock.
69. Government has systematically undermined, sabotaged and aborted any socialist/democratic movement in poor countries who want to improve their lot; because they do not want those poor country’s natural resources to be nationalized and used for the betterment of that country’s population.
70. He was proud, and flew into a passion; there was a change of local government which acted in favour of his opponents; his position was undermined, complaints were made against him; he lost his post and came up to Petersburg with his last remaining money, in order to appeal to higher authorities.
71. THIS WAS ONE of the first in what became a series of healthcare–related investigations by the regional offices of the US Attorney, and state Attorneys General—many of which were seen as taking the place of the federal regulations and oversight that had been undermined by the Republicans in Congress.
72. But in all times of transition, when established beliefs are being undermined, there is a danger that in the passage from the old to the new we may insensibly let go the moral principle, finding an excuse for listening to the voice of passion in the uncertainty of knowledge, or the fluctuations of opinion.
73. To me, a fair conclusion is that recent events have undermined the validity of the EMH’s main idea—that market prices are always right (near the fair value)—but have underlined the validity of its main implication for most investors—that beating the markets is extremely difficult (no free lunches).
74. But Maria Alexandrovna had now made up her mind how to act; all this while she had played a mere waiting game, observing closely and carefully all that was said or done, although she could see only too clearly that her plans were undermined, and that her foes had come about her in numbers which were too great to be altogether pleasant.
75. They want to buy "good" businesses, by which they mean those that are unchallenged by new entrants, have growing earnings, are not vulnerable to being technologically undermined, and can generate enough free cash flow on a regular basis to make the shareholders happy, either through dividends, share repurchase, or intelligent reinvestment.
76. Ill, his constitution undermined by unhealthy labour, drink, and debauchery—bewildered as in a dream, knocking aimlessly about town, he gets into some sort of a shed, and takes from there some old mats, which nobody needs—and here we, all of us educated people, rich or comfortably off, meet together, dressed in good clothes and fine uniforms, in a splendid apartment, to mock this unfortunate brother of ours whom we ourselves have ruined.
77. Young as one ―feels‖ contrary to how one really feels, holding fast to youthful designs and illusory impressions, has undermined our human dignity by its failure to properly complete itself in a manner welcoming every changing phase in our lives as a life (maturing) process injecting vitality and new meaning as it passes through each successive stage offering its own unique rewards while preparing it for the uncertain road that lie ahead.
78. We know that, when the bodily constitution is gone, life is no longer endurable, though pampered with all kinds of meats and drinks, and having all wealth and all power; and shall we be told that when the very essence of the vital principle is undermined and corrupted, life is still worth having to a man, if only he be allowed to do whatever he likes with the single exception that he is not to acquire justice and virtue, or to escape from injustice and vice; assuming them both to be such as we have described?
79. Modern Society is in the throes of a revolutionary Revolt of Conscience; the solitary by-product of moral and intellectual parochialism that is gradually revealing itself in the vested self-interest(s) and manners of unbridled Individualism that has undermined equalitarian idealism, that once defined the national culture, by rendering every individual the sole arbiter of his or her own conscience and ensuing choices without giving proper pause to how such choices may otherwise impact, for better or for worse, other individuals or to a transcendent authority that each must (inevitably) be held accountable; that is to say, whose (social) consequences existing outside the provincial boundaries of that individual‘s (own) estate are no longer limited by (moral) restraint or prescribed rules of moral and ethical conduct but conditioned rather by circumventing designs contrary to the proportionate interests of a well-ordered society.
1. This undermines our simple.
2. Undermines the constitution.
3. It undermines the ethos of the state.
4. While ostensibly widening its realm, one undermines it.
5. Someone who undermines the goodwill of the business, who.
6. We need to come out of any place that undermines our faith.
7. Dust and old, dirty things have mites on them and that undermines your immune system.
8. So far, all I've been able to see isthat electronic media undermines the print form in two ways:.
9. It now lacks the necessary moral absolutes to correct the family breakdown that undermines progress.
10. Slow and steady is the best way to accomplish any personal goal, but sometimes the slow undermines the steady.
11. Any emotional state that undermines confidence in your edge as a trader will pose serious obstacles to your success.
12. The extreme ends of the Two House / Ephraimite message undermines the great power of the claims of the New Testament.
13. It is a fear that undermines their authority, their decision-making ability as they constantly second-guess themselves.
14. It is a long and very warm hug; it very nearly undermines my practical non-emotional intentions and I feel tears pricking.
15. If Admiral Huntsman ignores or undermines in any way the guidelines approved by me, then I want him relieved of command at once.
16. Life is a marathon, not a sprint, and you should never do anything in the short term that undermines your long-term chances of success.
17. Shifts in the relative risk of asset classes are a structural change that undermines the usefulness of valuation signals like yield ratio.
18. Designed to provide a safety net for fiscal mismanagement, this egregious measure undermines financial planning while deflating tax payer morale.
19. Our perceptions are oftentimes unreliable, predisposed to conditioning and experience that undermines an individual‘s ability to see and think clearly.
20. Such arcane methods of re/organizing give rise to much of the jockeying for position that currently undermines every organization we have consulted with.
21. I note also that the headline states Bernanke’s reassurance failed (my emphasis), and this undermines one’s confidence in the benevolent powers of this superbeing.
22. But now the refusal to comply with the non-Christian demands of governments undermines the power of state to the root, because all the power of the state is based on these non-Christian demands.
23. We as a government are aware of the outcry of well meaning people who will argue that to remove the rights of a tiny minority to protect the majority from harm, fatally undermines the very freedoms we seek to protect.
24. It turns out that re-establishing the position – which undermines the point of the stop order in the first place – would be the right thing to do, but we can only know this for sure with the benefit of our perfect hindsight.
25. Whereas at the present time every refusal to execute the un-Christian demands of the government undermines the authority of the State, because the authority of the State rests on the fulfilment of these anti-Christian requirements.
26. People who do not acknowledge Christianity in its true meaning because it undermines all their social privileges, and who, therefore, invent all kinds of philosophic and æsthetic theories to hide from themselves the meaninglessness and wrongness of their lives, cannot think otherwise.
27. The external life of Christian nations remains pagan, but they are already penetrated by the Christian life-conception—The issue from this contradiction is in the acceptance of the Christian life-conception—In it alone is every man free, and it alone frees him from all human authority—This deliverance is brought about, not by a change of external conditions, but only by a change in the conception of one's life—The Christian life-conception demands the renunciation of violence, and, in delivering the man who accepts it, it frees the world from all external authority—The issue from the present apparently hopeless position consists in every man accepting the Christian life-conception and living accordingly—But men consider this method too slow, and see their salvation in change of the material conditions of life made with the aid of the authority of the State—This method will have no issue, because men themselves cause the evil from which they suffer—This is especially evident in regard to the submissive acceptance of military duty, for it is more advantageous for a man to refuse than accept—Human freedom will be brought about only through the liberation of each individual man, and already there are signs of this liberation, which threatens to destroy State organization—The repudiation of the un-Christian demands of governments undermines their authority and makes men free—Therefore instances of such refusals are feared by governments more than conspiracies or violence—Instances, in Russia, of refusals to take the oath of allegiance, to pay taxes, to accept passports or positions in the police, to take part in courts of law, or to be drafted as soldiers—Similar instances in other countries—Governments know not how to dispose of men who refuse to obey their requirements because of the Christian doctrine—These men destroy without a struggle the foundations of governments from the inside—To punish them would mean for governments to deny Christianity themselves, and to contribute to the diffusion of that consciousness from which such refusals spring—Hence the position of governments is a desperate one, and men who preach the uselessness of personal deliverance only arrest the destruction of the existing system of government founded on violence.
28. The External Life of Christian Peoples Remains Pagan Though they are Penetrated by Christian Consciousness—The Way Out of this Contradiction is by the Acceptance of the Christian Theory of Life—Only Through Christianity is Every Man Free, and Emancipated of All Human Authority—This Emancipation can be Effected by no Change in External Conditions of Life, but Only by a Change in the Conception of Life—The Christian Ideal of Life Requires Renunciation of all Violence, and in Emancipating the Man who Accepts it, Emancipates the Whole World from All External Authorities—The Way Out of the Present Apparently Hopeless Position is for Every Man who is Capable of Assimilating the Christian Conception of Life, to Accept it and Live in Accordance with it—But Men Consider this Way too Slow, and Look for Deliverance Through Changes in Material Conditions of Life Aided by Government—That Will Lead to No Improvement, as it is simply Increasing the Evil under which Men are Suffering—A Striking Instance of this is the Submission to Compulsory Military Service, which it would be More Advantageous for Every Man to Refuse than to Submit to—The Emancipation of Men Can Only be Brought About by each Individual Emancipating Himself, and the Examples of this Self-emancipation which are already Appearing Threaten the Destruction of Governmental Authority—Refusal to Comply with the Unchristian Demands of Government Undermines the Authority of the State and Emancipates Men—And therefore Cases of such Non-compliance are Regarded with more Dread by State Authorities than any Conspiracies or Acts of Violence—Examples of Non-compliance in Russia, in Regard to Oath of Allegiance, Payment of Taxes, Passports, Police Duties, and Military Service—Examples of such Non-compliance in other States—Governments do not Know how to Treat Men who Refuse to Comply with their Demands on Christian Grounds—Such People, without Striking a Blow, Undermine the very Basis of Government from Within—To Punish them is Equivalent to Openly Renouncing Christianity, and Assisting in Diffusing the Very Principle by which these Men Justify their Non-compliance—So Governments are in a Helpless Position—Men who Maintain the Uselessness of Personal Independence, only Retard the Dissolution of the Present State Organization Based on Force.

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