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    1. Gen: 20:11: And Abraham said, Because I thought, Surely the fear of God is not in this place; and they will slay me for my wife's sake

    2. "We had a bit of variety for old times sake," she said

    3. [I should point out that, whilst the situations described above are true, they are presented here as an amalgam of the actual events for the sake of simplicity

    4. name's sake hast laboured, and hast not fainted

    5. He agrees with me and he's a Buddhist for Christ's sake

    6. "Stop trying to look at your own spine for Christ's sake, you can't see it

    7. "I started under you, remember? Jesus you showed me the ropes for God’s sake

    8. But for Jesus sake

    9. However, for clarity's sake I will repeat that my name is Dennis Small

    10. propriety’s sake he had at least slipped on the pyjama bottoms

    11. For his sake and for mine too

    12. He was only 15 for God's sake

    13. ’ I told him numbly, trying to take in the thought that Dan could have … surely not … but why, for heaven’s sake?

    14. And don't, for fuck's sake, give me your card

    15. Football was one of the only things he was even half interested in for God's sake

    16. I was about to give him €17000 in cash for God's sake

    17. ‘Children would have been an added bonus, but I don’t have a craving to be a father just for the sake of it, Liz

    18. "For fuck’s sake, Tig

    19. For practicality’s sake, and so that I’ll know when to start really getting worried … I try to work out when I had my last period … I don’t tend to record these events in my diary – not a lot of point when living the celibate life

    20. They found one section, once, where a single mask had been fabricated in Brazil and were forced to leave it transmitting until they could get new masks developed, fabricated and, for Osama's sake, TESTED before making us live in them

    21. heavens sake, send over a decent picture

    22. I hope, for your sake, it stays that way

    23. "We have to try," he said, "For the sake of humanity we have to try

    24. ’ She said, stretching the truth a little for the sake of simplicity

    25. If you’re going to do something, then for Gotte’s sake do it properly!

    26. What I want to encourage you with is that when we take up our own crosses for the sake of Israel, we too will feel this same anguish

    27. I include it here for the sake of interest and in case there may be some readers adventurous enough to attempt it

    28. I've never been interested in drinking for drinking's sake but that liquid was nectar to my parched throat

    29. This meeting was for John’s sake, not hers

    30. ‘Can you find your way to the Gotteshouse? Daylight prayers will be in about half an hour – they keep late hours here for the sake of the pilgrims

    31. ‘Lintze, you have forsaken much for the sake of your quest - I do not ask to see that which you hold but honour you for your efforts … you are a true daughter of your family

    32. One of the first rules of flirting is to never do it for the sake of it

    33. 'They don't teach maths in madrasas?' I asked for the sake of conversation and

    34. "I believe we should identify it as the Pink Dawn," Kelvin said, "at least for the crew's sake

    35. With the certainty of an impending attack, Rayne and Mistress Sera were placed in the center of the caravan for safety’s sake

    36. but for the sake of consistency pick one and stay with

    37. “Ah yes, I was thinking of moving him to Warrior’s Hold for safety’s’ sake

    38. the elect's sake those days shall be shortened

    39. I lecture myself on how ridiculous I am being … we only spent the weekend together for goodness sake! It seems funny to think how much has changed since I last slept in this bed

    40. 3He restores my soul: he leads me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake

    41. He’s cooked for the woman, for Christ's sake, pleading guilty, under house arrest, but he loves her and he wants to make amends

    42. For Christ's sake, it was bad enough then, but at least I knew what I was doing

    43. For her sake

    44. "For Christ's sake, Jock, give me a hand

    45. for the sake of starting somewhere

    46. Not one to hang on to the past for the sake of it, my father

    47. the sake of all concerned I think the murder should be kept

    48. He said it for the sake of simply having something to say, but he might as well have said simply “AIIIIEEEE!!!” and it would have contained the same amount of useful information

    49. Matt tried to think about everything that could possibly go wrong, but for once it wasn’t born out of cynicism; it was for the sake of the safety of his friends

    50. sake of Saint Peter leave her alone! She’s suffered

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    interest sake rice beer saki purpose motive principle result reason objective end benefit account profit welfare consideration