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    1. This is the second in The Best Scandal Ever series

    2. Raw Sex Object is on the cover of Best Scandal Ever

    3. "Redhead?" Herndon was concerned, "the same Venna who was with Tahlmute till he got mixed up in that shonggot scandal?"

    4. scandal that rocked the country

    5. To a woman, this dream signifies that she will be involved in a scandal

    6. This is the first hurdle of the scandal of specificity that we must jump

    7. in the nick of time to avoid any more of a scandal than was

    8. resignation following the blank speech scandal, Jack and Jill had

    9. There was some scandal when she and Alastair Liddington got together … give me a mo and I’ll remember what it was

    10. I’m told it was quite a scandal at the time, my Granny

    11. Tom wondered if at least part of the scandal was that Alistair’s

    12. I told him that he needn’t worry, I wouldn’t be a nuisance and cause a scandal or anything, but that, for my own sanity, I would just have to stop spending time with him

    13. He climbed the corporate ladder further and a promotion came following his award winning journalism on the East Timor spying scandal

    14. The scandal would be on

    15. scandal of the Danes

    16. There was a huge scandal

    17. She won’t dare sell you off to Stenarch, since she fears the scandal of divorce more than any other thing

    18. I knew very little of him outside of what I garnered from our following nighttime rendezvouses but was aware that some scandal swirled around him and that a few considered him to be a Clown in a Gown

    19. It would be a scandal of huge proportions

    20. That might just force him to reconsider his betrothal, or else face a scandal

    21. The Hebrew woman was surely too much of a goody-goody girl to get involved in a scandal of that nature

    22. To dream that you are involved in a scandal suggests that you are overly concerned with what others say or think about you

    23. Alternatively, a dream scandal indicates that you need to re-focus your attention on more important matters

    24. His wife fears that the court’s decision will bring scandal to her

    25. Otherwise the scandal would just be too much

    26. On occasion, Mr Snickerty might append other trifles of conversation to his instruction, regaling Mrs Pilfer, and thus the other occupants of the building, with details of his day, the state of his health, or some scandal or other with which he had become acquainted

    27. scandal - though no evidence could prove

    28. be focused on a scandal instead of the games

    29. All his brother sectaries are, for the credit of the sect, interested to observe his conduct; and, if he gives occasion to any scandal, if he deviates very much from those austere morals which they almost always require of one another, to punish him by what is always a very severe punishment, even where no evil effects attend it, expulsion or excommunication from the sect

    30. The state, by encouraging, that is, by giving entire liberty to all those who, from their own interest, would attempt, without scandal or indecency, to amuse and divert the people by painting, poetry, music, dancing; by all sorts of dramatic representations and exhibitions; would easily dissipate, in the greater part of them, that melancholy and gloomy humour which is almost always the nurse of popular superstition and enthusiasm

    31. How dangerous must it have been for the sovereign to attempt to punish a clergyman for any crime whatever, if his order were disposed to protect him, and to represent either the proof as insufficient for convicting so holy a man, or the punishment as too severe to be inflicted upon one whose person had been rendered sacred by religion ? The sovereign could, in such circumstances, do no better than leave him to be tried by the ecclesiastical courts, who, for the honour of their own order, were interested to restrain, as much as possible, every member of it from committing enormous crimes, or even from giving occasion to such gross scandal as might disgust the minds of the people

    32. The Associated Press story commented, “Blagojevich becomes the latest in a long line of Illinois governors engulfed in scandal

    33. He probably went to Australia and it caused quite a scandal

    34. The youngest son of an impoverished noble family, it had been something of a local scandal when her well-to-do mother had consented to marry him

    35. You can read about this and other clandestine operations in his excellent book "The Real Information Scandal

    36. It is a disturbing comment on American shortsightedness that so many focus on matters such as the Monica Lewinsky scandal over oral sex

    37. ) The second item Ford is most remembered for is his pardon of Nixon for the Watergate Scandal and other high crimes

    38. Along with some enlisted, a few high ranking officers were reprimanded during the torture scandal at Abu Ghraib

    39. He gutted financial regulation, leading directly to the Savings and Loan Scandal that cost $160 billion

    40. Indeed, some of those who carried out torture in the Abu Ghraib scandal may have been private contractors

    41. For the public, US government torture practices were exposed by the scandal at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq

    42. “I had an excellent job, but I got caught up in a big scandal that ruined my career

    43. Jefferson remained silent for most of the rest of his life due to fear his relationship with Sally Hemmings would become a public scandal

    44. There was no scandal at the time

    45. An opponent fabricated a scandal that cost Parker his office

    46. For Communist China, Carter continued the recognition process begun by Nixon, but cut short because of Nixon's self destruction in the Watergate Scandal

    47. Only in the aftermath of the Watergate Scandal, CIA spying scandals, Vice President Agnew's leaving office under a bribery scandal, and over a decade of turmoil over the US-Vietnam War could an almost unknown governor become president

    48. No hostages were ever released, and the ensuing scandal, Iran-Contra, caused Reagan to leave office in disgrace and even more unpopular than Carter had been

    49. GW Bush was actually less popular than Nixon was before resigning because of the Watergate Scandal

    50. The test ban was undermined by the scandal over an American U-2 spy plane being shot down

    1. Annie sensed that she was about to be initiated into a new world of family revelations and scandals

    2. Having grown up in a place where sleeveless blouses cause scandals, tops-off is

    3. of family revelations and scandals

    4. Frontier Hill, the Aquifer Wars, the Southern Railroad Scandals?”

    5. What is it about an affable scoundrel that makes us wink at improprieties or worse, legal transgressions? I‘m referring, of course, to our own President William Jefferson Clinton who, along with the First Lady, have offered us Whitewater, Madison Savings and Loan, Rose Law Firm, Cattle Options, Travelgate, Filegate, Loral Communications, Buddhist Temple Fundraisers, (the) Lincoln Bedroom, (the) mysterious ―suicide‖ of Vincent Foster, Sex Scandals and Arkansas Mafia for our consideration

    6. The recent scandals (Pedophilia) that have rocked the Church have properly upset you as well they should

    7. Clinton's deregulation led directly to the Great Recession and financial scandals of the 2000s

    8. Bush procured that sensational win over an Europeanized Kerry in spite of an undeniable and, in my view, shameful machination of the United Nations, which is in disrepute because of scandals such as the oil for food program, and the media that has become, from beginning to end, the “misinformation column” for the Democrat candidate’s campaign

    9. Only in the aftermath of the Watergate Scandal, CIA spying scandals, Vice President Agnew's leaving office under a bribery scandal, and over a decade of turmoil over the US-Vietnam War could an almost unknown governor become president

    10. It's also worth noting, both were elected as flukes, Lincoln because of electoral splits and Carter because of public disgust over recent scandals

    11. to stop malaria and to their sex scandals it is hard to understand why we are still part of this bloated,

    12. Plots and scandals were commonplace during the reign of the Caesars

    13. as the Shawinigate scandals showed than he did to the entire province of

    14. Furthermore, I soon ingratiated myself to Rickover via his Naval Reactor Representative Office (NRRO) reps, by uncovering and reporting two rather large scandals involving two successive Ingalls’ CEOs

    15. this seriously; later on this bank got involved in one of the biggest scandals in Brazil

    16. In the past several scandals in the stock market left everyone with a bad taste

    17. Know, O holy oblate, that I am not sending you these gifts in the hope of receiving any earthly gift in return, but rather that I am on bended knee begging from you what is far more necessary: namely, that in these days of ubiquitous and sudden dangers, with scandals and corruption lurking on all sides, you would help me with your prayers by offering holy Masses for the immortal soul of my brother, your dear friend, our Aethwald, who is now watching us with joy from Christ's right side

    18. Aunt Merica was holding forth telling about the latest scandals in Stillwater Oklahoma

    19. Several analysts have concluded that the recent rash of corporate scandals can be attributed directly to the State and Federal legislation designed to make natural business acquisitions more difficult

    20. " Anti-corruption campaigner Baba Ramdev said that the INC was using the nomination and Tendulkar's stature to boost its battered image through series of scandals and electoral defeats

    21. Why they’re constantly seeking public attention; needing to be ‘seen’ here there and everywhere, causing scandals, going to every opening, award ceremony, divorcing, remarrying, joining odd religious sects… in a vain attempt to find the acclaim and satisfaction that performing for a camera can never give

    22. PBS had a special on about the Quiz show scandals in the early days of television

    23. The public situation was so uncertain then that no one had sufficient spirit to become involved with private scandals, so that Fernanda was able to count on an atmosphere that enabled her to keep the child hidden as if he had never existed

    24. All the scandals in the nation’s capital, including handcuffs on a lobbyist or jail time for a senator illustrate that power has the ability to corrupt

    25. We had scandals with teapots, mistresses in the White House or close by – Clinton wasn’t the first as Eisenhower had a friend that Mamie wouldn’t have wanted at her Tupperware Parties

    26. Ethics don’t appear to be that important as various scandals in the business world and politics can attest to

    27. Just such a travesty occurred on October 17, 2006 when a judge reversed the conviction of Enron founder Ken Lay, turning over a jury’s verdict that he had committed fraud and conspiracy in one of the largest scandals in history

    28. He came as a 50ish white haired tan Mexican man with hand stitched clothing and scandals and a warm expression

    29. The last thing that I need is to have scandals and charges of abuse or rape impact on our war effort

    30. There were already too many nasty and completely false rumors about Ingrid and her female pilots, rumors circulated by reporters too happy to create supposed scandals in order to boost their newspapers’ copies

    31. And He caused a few scandals As He wandered amongst us

    32. WorldCom scandals terrified her a few years back, and then there

    33. Under normal circumstances, Wickland would have thought that they were probably taking the accident to the extremes, especially in light of the past scandals that had rocked the foundations of city hall; however, his perspective on this issue was somewhat ambiguous given his discovery at the Spalding home

    34. Now, we both know what a contentious issue that has been, especially in light of the scandals over at city hall

    35. Given the alleged relationship between Janet and Spalding and the scandals during the Clinton administration, he was not willing to speculate as to the nature of the stain

    36. The rumour that Bill Gates is the antichrist was fabricated by the same people that have made-up these scandals about me

    37. Look at all those scandals in the media about evangelists!

    38. Up to now, Ingrid had managed to keep passions and temptations in check, but what she was still quite worried about was the possibility that some reporters and war correspondents in search of cheap press materiel would invent sexual scandals where there weren’t any…yet

    39. his belief that some of the year's worst accounting scandals could

    40. Only as of late, with all the Enron scandals and related crimes,

    41. None of the scandals was

    42. Isn’t it all that is grapevine? What’s there to the scandals but for the change of characters, the plot being the same?’

    43. Scandals and il -feeling, however careful y

    44. Immorality when put in the balance, it pulls up the scale, crimes, scandals, poverty are lowered for satisfying relationship

    45. The gossip in scandals and death news are the talk of the town flowing from lip to lip

    46. The vice-president, who had not been implicated in any of the president"s scandals,

    47. scandals involving the Royal family had not surfaced at that

    48. money in The States, people lose their pensions, lots of scandals

    49. There will be riots, marches, speeches, scandals, conflict, and debate

    50. Cairo, our acquaintances, her family, marriages, divorces, births, deaths, scandals

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