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    1. “From here, this land has a wondrous beauty, though it is a harsh scape indeed

    2. It turned out the guy that had said I opened my mouth had actually been the one that talked and was trying to use me as a scape goat

    3. When an individual use the term scape goat in a language, it means a person blamed or punished for things others have done without being able to appeal or offer defense

    4. Scape goat was first mentioned in the Old Testament; the high priest receives two goats to be sacrificed, one for Jehovah and the other symbolizes the people sins which was then driven away into the wilderness (Leviticus 16:9-10)

    5. In the New Testament Jesus was the substitute for the scape goat to set the cleansing as “blood washes another blood”

    6. An evil eye looks for a scape goat because of not willing to face the truth

    7. Jarken looked thoughtfully out at the surrounding desert scape, upon which night was fast approaching and asked, “Do you think we should alert the caravan to the presence of bandits out there?”

    8. The dusty scape was interrupted by rocky hills devoid of vegetation

    9. Someone I could find, if need be, in that same scape on the edge of sleep

    1. His love for Helez, on the other hand, forced him to see this for what it was; his being the closest scapegoat on whom they could vent their anger and frustration

    2. He was also a scapegoat and blamed Victor

    3. As seen from previous examples of crazed emperors, a scapegoat was

    4. She used Bianca as a scapegoat because she didn’t want to get her hands dirty

    5. It is always blaming us for all society's ills, for we are an easy and obvious scapegoat

    6. 26 And he who let go the goat for the scapegoat shall wash his clothes, and bathe his flesh in water, and afterward come into the camp

    7. The word "scapegoat" is Strong's H5799 and is

    8. The scapegoat is

    9. (This is the scapegoat

    10. 26 And he that let go the goat for the scapegoat shall wash his clothes, and bathe his flesh in water, and afterward come into the

    11. They scapegoat; they are incapable of either having the insight or willingness to accept responsibility for anything they do

    12. The catch was that if I failed, I would be the scapegoat, and they made it clear that in all probability I would lose my job

    13. thought that, if there was always going to be a scapegoat

    14. I have been the target and the scapegoat for nearly

    15. They were so desperate to find a scapegoat and pissed off that they discarded their legal, ethical and moral obligations

    16. Before prosecutors accuse someone aren't they supposed to know the answers to the questions they were assaulting me with? The answer is yes! But they were on a desperate scapegoat hunt

    17. As you know, before the Department of Justice and the ATF selected Michael to be their sacrificial lamb (or scapegoat) the Blount Bombing was the oldest unsolved crime on the ATF's books

    18. the black sheep, the odd ball and the scapegoat

    19. He stayed angry at the world, and he used her as his scapegoat

    20. Everyone wants a scapegoat; justice is irrelevant; vengeance means everything

    21. Carol knew that this lynch mob was after a scapegoat

    22. If the scapegoat is the

    23. But I was steadfast in the defense of those who were assumed guilty by mere conventional wisdom, or just to make an example of someone who wouldn't fight back as a scapegoat because they "all deserved it"

    24. Naturally, they needed a scapegoat

    25. Hoover forced the Oswald scapegoat decision on day one and incessantly pushed it through the WC while concealing evidence to WC, the media, and the public

    26. However, his days as Commander of USAFFE may be numbered: there are rumors that President Truman will soon sack him, possibly to use him as a scapegoat to shield himself from blame about this war

    27. Perhaps Hitler should not be held as a scapegoat

    28. scapegoat to blame, with ethnic, religious and other minorities becoming the victims of renewed persecutions

    29. But he held a special hatred for Jews; in them he found a scapegoat for all of Germany’s

    30. The same applied to Ben Scully and Wolfgang Blauner, each being of the opinion he was the one who had been set up as a scapegoat by his mates

    31. Her role was the scapegoat

    32. Of being the scapegoat

    33. would become the scapegoat, after the first goat had been sacrificed

    34. second goat, the scapegoat and sent into the wilderness to a being

    35. Its interesting that Muhammad and Satan/Azazel scapegoat would be

    36. Poor Badger, he seemed like an innocent scapegoat headed for slaughter, but he was always free to go if he wanted to, but he was certainly the sort to go with the flow and to be contented with a good meal and a soft bed

    37. The government soon realized how badly they screwed up, and realized that McVeigh was our inside man, so in order to not let any of that information make its way to the discerning public; they quickly tried and executed him as their scapegoat

    38. Then we brought along your dear friend Ranni with us, as a scapegoat

    39. that he had been a scapegoat and fall guy in a highly complex game of corporate

    40. He had been made the scapegoat and had only escaped by the merest of lucky chances

    41. as a scapegoat because no matter how motivated someone is, you can always tell them

    42. Your life is looking for a scapegoat eliminating the face of the truth

    43. admiration, puts the partner in the position of being a scapegoat and

    44. I was no more safe than I’d been for any frame of time in my life; always considered the scapegoat, blamed for any misfortune which arose within my family, including the fact my father held me responsible for my mother’s death

    45. She had made Rafael the scapegoat,

    46. There was always a suspicion that he became the scapegoat for others but of course, nothing was ever said

    47. Didst thou not promise, that when the sins of Israel were put upon the head of the scapegoat, they should be sent away into the wilderness, into a land not inhabited? And as far as the east is from the west, so far dost thou remove our transgressions from us

    48. It began to look like he needed a scapegoat

    49. For all the thieving and hustling that was going on in the country, surely a pip-squeak like me would be the perfect scapegoat

    50. Granted: Germans used Jews as a scapegoat: blaming them for losing the 1st World War, and for causing their Great Depression

    1. Seriously, this is what some churches taught, and one can see variations of this belief today every time there is a rant scapegoating those on welfare

    2. careful NOT to appraise for the wrong reasons (scapegoating, rivalry, red-herrings, etc

    3. Scapegoating is never productive

    4. In career terms, there is far too much scapegoating going on in the world today

    5. But scapegoating is unproductive

    6. that energy you waste in scapegoating and devote it to learning something you don't

    1. Then I wrote what would be my last ever letter to my beloved Helen I wrote how much I loved her and what she meant to me I told her the charges were trumped up and that someone had to pay for the shambles that had happened and I was one of the scapegoats

    2. It was only the General’s looking for scapegoats to the carnage of the Somme that had led to William’s trial and this was nothing more than a mockery

    3. They would be easy scapegoats, and likely many flee the Confederacy

    4. The Irish community was well aware of the fact that they were made scapegoats by the British establishment

    5. many scapegoats, it is still an effective means to cure the epidem-

    6. If you have grown up in a culture that scapegoats or is angry at a group of people, you can be tempted to incorrectly associate your anger with this group

    7. Misha had related to Theo how some got out before 1933 when Hitler came to power when it was already clear at the hustings prior to the elections of 1931 that Jews were to become the scapegoats for all the ills in Weimar

    8. There was no lack of scapegoats at the moment in Washington in general and at the Pentagon in particular, where the working atmosphere between generals was pure poison

    9. They claim that Admiral Kimmel and General Short were made scapegoats

    10. Add to that a Terran government unwilling to take the hard measures needed to restore some balance on Earth, but also too willing to make us Spacers the scapegoats in the eyes of these billions of unproductive, often poorly educated Earth inhabitants

    11. The conditions on Earth for its population seem to be worsening, mostly because of overpopulation, and we are easy scapegoats for those billions of people living in poverty and ignorance

    12. Those promises had not been kept, of course, but it seemed that Li had found some convenient scapegoats to escape the popular hire on Earth: her and the other Spacers in the Solar System

    13. Failing schools are good scapegoats for a

    14. Lower level officials are often the ones that are scapegoats

    15. Nikita knew that the other members of the Praesidium were going to try to find scapegoats for these reverses, while promoting their own personal interests

    16. Now, reportedly, six of them have been designated as the scapegoats for what is manifestly an institutional failure

    17. All true passionate people have been used as scapegoats, martyrs, and sacrificial lambs by the mainstream of civilized societies

    18. These scapegoats are for the most part; the poorest most powerless in any society

    19. Only criticize scapegoats

    20. stop using others as scapegoats for their problems, start making objective decisions

    21. People who are hones and confident need no scapegoats

    22. Likewise, they use Jews as scapegoats to hide the truth about who controls international banking

    23. Early Christian leaders made scapegoats of the local Hebrews and the Jewish

    24. discount, does not seem to know that a British Court of Marine Inquiry, ordinary or extraordinary, is not a contrivance for catching scapegoats

    25. There will be neither scapegoats in this matter nor yet penal servitude for anyone

    26. Exemplary wives will sometimes find scapegoats in this way

    27. The natural response to such destruction in portfolio values is fear of further loss, a search for means of escape, and the identification of scapegoats and evildoers to be held responsible for the damage

    28. The crowd searches for scapegoats, and those it finds become inverted pied pipers, repelling listeners with the dissonant music of their pipes

    29. Managers should forthrightly admit their failures and take responsibility for them, rather than blaming all-purpose scapegoats like “the economy,” “uncertainty,” or “weak demand

    30. Short sellers were again among the many scapegoats

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