shaft sätze

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Shaft sätze (in englisch)

  1. A narrow shaft of light.
  2. He entered the shaft first.
  3. We will go down the shaft.
  4. Don't shaft me, my friend.
  5. A thick shaft of moonlight.

  6. The shaft was blocked with ice.
  7. It gripped the shaft of the key.
  8. The man in the shaft dominated.
  9. And again he drew back his shaft.
  10. He broke its shaft and threw it.
  11. I heard him in the elevator shaft.
  12. It sniffed around the shaft then.
  13. Sparks were lighting up the shaft.
  14. I got into the shaft just in time.
  15. There was no ladder but the shaft.

  16. She poked her head out of the shaft.
  17. She gripped the shaft of her spear.
  18. He came to the bottom of the shaft.
  19. A single shaft of light lit the glass.
  20. They reached the shaft and peered down.
  21. The three men bolted for the lift shaft.
  22. He grabbed the end and flexed the shaft.
  23. That's the outer side of the well shaft.
  24. This is an elevator shaft? he said.
  25. The privy shaft was too small to climb.

  26. She began to cautiously caress the shaft.
  27. A wide shaft of moonlight haloed the bed.
  28. In there was a 12-inch thick drive shaft.
  29. He sketched a shaft of light and a shadow.
  30. Drive shaft churning with the wheels, as.
  31. Her hand tightened on the shaft of her spear.
  32. The shaft of fanlight streaked with rain.
  33. Sebum lubricates the hair shaft and the skin.
  34. On the other side of the shaft, another adit.
  35. The lift began cranking its way up the shaft.
  36. Brian walked to her and pulled out his shaft.
  37. In his hand the wooden shaft suddenly writhed.
  38. Gold isn’t all I found in the mine shaft.
  39. Up above his head, maybe 5 metres, the shaft.
  40. Engraved on the shaft of the artificial bone.
  41. He went back quickly to the foot of the shaft.
  42. A shaft of sunlight broke over the purple hills.
  43. Presumably the shaft went up the sleeve of his.
  44. When it was down level with the shaft head, he.
  45. He said that they only filled in the lift shaft.
  46. The monster-spear’s shaft was four meters long.
  47. We entered the next elevator shaft and headed up.
  48. The shaft of a broken arrow, buried deep in his.
  49. Rafael was unprepared for the shaft of tenderness.
  50. This actually did strengthen the wood of the shaft.
  51. One shaft in the King’s Chamber points to the.
  52. We ride the rest of the way up the shaft in silence.
  53. The Negro is to provide the shaft for the spearhead.
  54. The shaft was so high there was only that faint glow.
  55. The slightest mistake and the wood shaft will split.
  56. Windzer drilled the shaft of his scythe into the dirt.
  57. Well, that's the shaft of the well going down and down.
  58. It was a long, wooden, cylindrical shaft with a small.
  59. I thought the shaft might lead to some kind of factory.
  60. Cloud skulked forward, lowering his legs into the shaft.
  61. Ayurvati, with a broken shaft buried in her thigh, was.
  62. A shaft of pleasure surged through him at her compliment.
  63. The swells were remote, secluded in a shaft of brighter.
  64. He heard a shout and returned to the bottom of the shaft.
  65. She wanted to drive the shaft deeper into his black body.
  66. What about them? Carr asked pointing down the shaft.
  67. Tom rattled the connecting-rod bearing against the shaft.
  68. You mean, a vertical shaft cut out of the rock?
  69. Andrus Aasamäe (Estonia) used a swing shaft measuring 7.
  70. Lifting his bow he drew the shaft to its head and loosed.
  71. Neither shaft nor cry came again from the east that night.
  72. And I had to push you out of the shaft, so I could get out.
  73. The oak shaft two inches across and covered in brass studs.
  74. Darek wobbled out of the shaft, stumbling over his own foot.
  75. I stand in that shaft of sunlight until the sun disappears.
  76. The one that was hidden behind the false gold-mining shaft.
  77. Climbing into the shaft, the sound of a distant hum reached.
  78. The shaft, the head, the spike, the pick, the ad, I said.
  79. They had a great bird that turned into a shaft of lightning.
  80. Entering the internal shaft of the Building as it screamed.
  81. Holding it in a shaft of sunlight, he checked it for damage.
  82. The shaft looked solid enough for the foundation of a house.
  83. Entering the shaft, he held a flashlight in one hand and his.
  84. Nick crawled back over to the shaft opening and peered inside.
  85. Her body riding his shaft like a pole, her full breasts two.
  86. Tyburn Mcleary angled his head into the shaft of sunlight and.
  87. Someone was coming down the Eastern access shaft towards them.
  88. Start the thread on the hook by wrapping it around the shaft a.
  89. It was another hundred and twenty feet to the base of the shaft.
  90. The sun and the air were darkened with the smoke from the shaft.
  91. Thought you should know that noise in the shaft was only a rat.
  92. From the shaft: I’m terribly sorry about all this, Colonel.
  93. Shaft alley: space within a ship surrounding the propeller shaft.
  94. Jim said, inside the mine shaft, At least it's warmer in here.
  95. The surrounding shaft wall almost flaked off once it was pierced.
  96. The grate in the ceiling dropped a shaft of light across my legs.
  97. I will have him meet you at your shaft house whenever you say.
  98. The lights in the shaft, hallway and room started to come up as.
  99. We caught the bastard in the elevator shaft between the 23rd and.
  100. He gave a tug at the power cable attached to the top of the shaft.
  1. And thank you for not shafting me into the Chandravanshi.
  2. You want to earn a living where at least you don't have to see the people you're shafting?
  3. It was the lightest touch, a flicker of a may-fly’s wing, but enough to electrify his skin, sending ice slivers shafting to the core.
  4. The big dog climbed on top of her from the rear, his forepaws grasping her firmly about the waist, his long, red, angry-looking prong shafting her all the way to the hilt.
  5. The sound of water gently tumbling over the turquoise colored rocks, accented by the light dappling on the walls from the sun shafting in through the opening above, gave the feeling of being in a magical grotto.
  1. You've heard what happened? That fuckin' Abkhazian shafted us.
  2. I think my husband has just been shafted by a jolly mechanic with a sense of humour.
  3. Clinton Cards was another recent instance where shareholders were, as they say on the BBs, shafted.
  4. After the countess had gone I was at a bit of a loss I sat thinking about how I had been shafted and railroaded through the farce that was my Courts Martial.
  5. The result is that competent people get shafted because this individual has standards which don't mean anything to anyone except people with the same ideals.
  6. Curly Pete's overalls fit perfectly and reaching back into the bag he pulls out a short crowbar, bolt cutters and a steel shafted claw hammer; �Just the job.
  7. Those of you who regularly read my blogs or listen to my music will recall me mentioning „v the mate who did the dirty by me and shafted me out of my weed thing.
  8. As they approached the entrance to The Stables clouds scurried across the heavens creating windows of sunlight that shafted onto the sparkling wilderness of submerged farmland.
  9. Listen copper, Pike looked Smith in the eyes, I’m coming to the end of my career; I’ve been well and truly shafted in a recent divorce, any extra way to earn cash is welcome.
  10. We knew better than to complain but we all knew that the same thing had happened again and once more we had been shafted it was nothing unusual whether it be fatigues or anything else we would always get lumbered or so it seemed.
  11. Shafted only in the palest of moonlight,.
  1. Revolving shafts can catch onto.
  2. Shafts of light pierced through the.
  3. The sun sent shafts of trembling light.
  4. Looks like he’ll die in the shafts.
  5. The elevator shafts also acted as cross.
  6. Her quiver seemed to have no end of shafts.
  7. Several held bows with shafts at the ready.
  8. The depth of one of the shafts is 350 feet.
  9. The level shafts of the setting sun behind.
  10. Radiant shafts pierced the clouds and sent.
  11. Those cones and shafts of light were amazing.
  12. Father plucked the shafts and hurled them back.
  13. Well, what are these shafts all about? Lead.
  14. None of the sensors in the ventilation shafts had been.
  15. Splinters flew as sword tips slowly whittled spear shafts.
  16. Clouds of shafts sped upward, driving the hillmen to cover.
  17. Anyway, they successfully sunk the shafts in the city park.
  18. Red shafts of light leapt above the black walls of the Emyn.
  19. She could see gears, shafts, belts, and could hear water flowing.
  20. As for thy throes, thy perturbations, sudden breaks and shafts of.
  21. The archers, too, picked up spent shafts to replenish their stocks.
  22. Legolas gazed ahead, shading his eyes from the level shafts of the.
  23. Four of these shafts sat evenly around the pool dividing the beaches.
  24. There by the lakeside, where the moonlight poured down in shafts and.
  25. Fine hair is the result of the hair shafts becoming thinner due to age.
  26. But I could hear the screams echo in the shafts and down the corridors.
  27. Travis could see her lovely face in shafts of light coming from the house.
  28. As the horde entered the wide valley mouth the hillmen loosed their shafts.
  29. Find something to contain him in and then release him from these shafts.
  30. In sinking their shafts, they cut, in the first place, perpendicularly (i.
  31. At that point they cut holes in the top and ended the shafts on the top floor.
  32. Oils are a water repellent substance that traps moisture inside the hair shafts.
  33. The dust stirred by the collapse of the building sparkled in the shafts of light.
  34. They cling to the seats, to the rumble, on the cheeks of the hood, on the shafts.
  35. It allowed the Gaeans to gaze farther into the network of interconnected mine shafts.
  36. Horses were being taken out of the shafts, men were running to and fro with a lantern.
  37. He has now three shafts open, in a line with each other, in the direction of the vein.
  38. The floors are so smooth here that the light reflected down to the shafts was dazzling.
  39. The clothyard shafts found every crevice in their armor and the housings of the steeds.
  40. The shafts struck the turf on either side of his horse and the frightened animal bolted.
  41. Putters are generally characterized with very low shafts, which are also short sometimes.
  42. From inside the wagon, Andrew could see the early shafts of light playing through the trees.
  43. The rising sun flung its shafts through the mist and wisps of vapour curled from the water.
  44. From the high barbacans of the tower two shafts of light fall on the smokepalled altarstone.
  45. I'm not one for getting into graphite shafts and other related metal when purchasing a putter.
  46. There were three of these, slender shafts about seven feet long, but not larger than his thumb.
  47. Ava took him to an elevator and went straight down for more shafts than he cared to think about.
  48. Within these follicles hair shafts form and develop and then grow above the surface of the skin.
  49. The snow had hidden the sledge, but the shafts and the kerchief tied to them were still visible.
  50. The guards on the upper walkway were in a state of panic as they rushed for the elevator shafts.
  51. They went up three shafts of twelve floors each and passed thru more corridors after getting off.
  52. Driving was out of the question, because one of the horses was restive, and bolted in the shafts.
  53. Twenty metres back, Bear and Red had passed two abandoned mine shafts on either side of the road.
  54. Up and down the wall the volley was joined and the air was filled with hundreds of wooden shafts.
  55. They reached a spacious elevator hall and sank many more shafts than he thought they should have.
  56. Through the heads of trees, street lamps send shafts of light, sharp and smooth on the misted breeze.
  57. How about cutting its stern off as well? The propeller shafts will be much more difficult to repair.
  58. What he saw looked like a knot of malevolent hoses slowly flying through shafts of light and shadow.
  59. Now here I was back between the cart shafts dragging a schedule again, with keys and locks to my routine.
  60. The arrows had been made using green bamboo for the shafts, which had been straightened and sanded smooth.
  61. Left and right, they were sending pointed shafts of death into the ranks of pirates and mercenaries alike.
  62. For example at 40 years of age the hair shafts become thinner by 5 percent when compared with 20 years ago.
  63. The path led through the tall shafts and they came to a set of steps which ended at the main arterial road.
  64. Shafts of dazzling light burst from the weapons and bathed Shap in a fluorescent glow, but when the marines.
  65. In the mechanical ravines of the city oiled shafts plunged, balance wheels dipped over into green oil pools.
  66. Out of the seven, four belong to collieries which are worked out, or at least to shafts which are no longer used.
  67. But now, strange to say, in the shafts of such a cart he saw a thin little sorrel beast, one of those peasants'.
  68. That time I’d harnessed two young side horses with the bay in the shafts, he went on, turning to Dólokhov.
  69. There was a grass-grown track descending the forest aisle between hoar and knotty shafts and under branched arches.
  70. Less than a quarter mile and two more short shafts from the southwest corner of the pyramid and that deep elevator.
  71. The shafts of the cart rested on the pavement, and the Auvergnat's head was supported against the front of the cart.
  72. Soon, in the new mine shafts, in the flickering light of their torches and lamps, the earth shone with a yellow glow.
  73. Shafts and bolts of electrifying pleasure pulsed through her, becoming more continuous as his tongue worked her clit.
  74. New Orthanc’s elevator shafts are ten floors high, Delurna was still on the first one up from the current level zero.
  75. Browne stoutly, than a rattling fine walk in the country or a fast drive with a good spanking goer between the shafts.
  76. Four glass elevator shafts rose the height of the atrium though the cages were all locked in place on the ground floor.
  77. Making changes to diet and using products that will add fullness to the hair shafts are two options that generally work.
  78. The small hatches in the tops of these shafts allowed the mate and petroleum officer to stick the tanks and take samples.
  79. As the couple reached the point where I was standing, the old man's strength gave out and he collapsed between the shafts.
  80. If you are a machine, then why is there heat? Then she remembered the Galaef’s men sinking shafts into the city park.
  81. This far from the Archenon, the streets were empty but for a blanket of silver tipped shafts resting on the cobblestone roads.
  82. Hatred always forgets that its venomous shafts, falling round its intended victim, spring up as legions of supporters for him.
  83. During the resting phase (called "telogen") the mature hair shafts either fall out or are forced out by the new growth below them.
  84. By Mitra, the clothyard shafts find every crevice of their harness! Horses and men go down, struggling and thrashing in the water.
  85. Tall, Roman-arched windows in thick, white-stuccoed walls, threw shafts of dust-spangled morning light over the assembled students.
  86. Ben thought, During the three days it took to organize the trip to Ar it was possible they have completed the sinking of the shafts.
  87. And before the arbalesters could come within killing range, the arching shafts of the Bossonians were wreaking havoc in their ranks.
  88. Through the barbacans the shafts of light are moving ever, slowly ever as my feet are sinking, creeping duskward over the dial floor.
  89. The continuous submersion of the spears under water and then the careful twilling over the fire had done nothing to toughen the shafts.
  90. Layer upon layer of clear, hard ice grew on the shafts of the oars themselves as they dipped in and out of the water, weighing them down.
  91. Early-morning rays trickled through the bedroom blinds, their shafts turning his wife’s flowing tresses into soft golden threads of light.
  92. The side horses, pressing against the shafts of the middle horse, sank in the snow, which was dry and glittered like sugar, and threw it up.
  93. Great shafts and arcs of sparkling beams continued pouring out the core, and as they did, some passed through Us which I experienced as peace.
  94. The sky had been light for a while now and shafts of sunlight suddenly sliced through the fog as the sun came over the hills in eastern Manitoba.
  95. Adjoining to the church, on the south side, is a detached chapel of transition Norman work, with an apse vaulted with good ribs and vaulting shafts.
  96. The slopes of the valley were hewn with roughly-cut tree stumps, the timber from which was now employed deep within the mine shafts that lay beyond.
  97. Even my sight which was sensitive enough to see a difference in the heat striking the outside walls, I found no hidden passages, shafts or doorways.
  98. And since the dwarves fled, no one dares to seek the shafts and treasuries down in the deep places: they are drowned in water--or in a shadow of fear.
  99. When she was finally able to lift the lid, the light blasted her like a nuclear fireball, its shafts stabbed within the chamber, searing her eyeballs.
  100. Priya set foot on the Main Promenade Deck, on Level 9, twelve minutes later, coming out of one of the elevator shafts of the central rotunda of the deck.

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