seam sätze

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Seam sätze (in englisch)

1. A thin seam was visible on.
2. Maleth tore the side seam of.
3. At the tip he'd let the seam.
4. Press the top seam down with.
5. One crystal in a seam of others.
6. This seam took the form of a cross.
7. A seam of tape cracked open at his touch.

8. The collar separated at an invisible seam.
9. I said, folding the collar neatly along the seam.
10. It fitted him perfectly, not a seam out of place.
11. It failed at the seam where the wall met the ceiling.
12. My engine will open a seam in space and drop Leviathan in.
13. He pulled the limb out on a line perpendicular to the seam.
14. Now the coat was without seam woven from the top throughout.
15. The mountain continued to shrink as they went from seam to seam.
16. He stepped up to Gary’s mounted body and looked for the seam.
17. She raised the envelope to her pierced nose and sniffed the seam.
18. The water had found a seam in his shoe, and his left sock was wet.
19. On his left side a great tear ran along the seam underneath his arm.
20. Everything else didn't seam to matter well not in that moment anyway.
21. Gotcha!, Alcor cried relieved, when he met his friends at the seam.
22. The arm filled in, threatening to tear the new seam, but stayed in one piece.
23. I explored the walls with my hands, searching for a seam, a crack, or a rivet.
24. We may find a seam where they mined out enough were we can get above this water.
25. It looks like the seam of it that he was mining was all played out and yet he stayed.
26. There was a loud ripping noise, and the whole back seam of Parker’s jacket had split.
27. He kneeled down and pulled up on one side of the seam peeling it back like an orange peel.
28. And there, look, under the seam, isn’t there light coming from under? Well, hell! Wait!”.
29. He spread me wider, working his thumb on my swollen nub while he tongued the seam of my ass.
30. The room was whirling round, and he had felt something go like a ripping seam behind his ear.
31. He steps into his pants, which are a warm reddish brown with a gold stripe down the outside seam.
32. The Chief's arm detached in his hands along the seam he’d spotted between her new and old skin.
33. He was mesmerized by the variety of precious objects he could now see lined every seam in the cave.
34. He bent down, grabbed the shroud in two hands, and ripped it open along the stitched seam at the head.
35. Then for a brief instant, I saw Dog’s light vanished into a seam below and to the left of the faint glow.
36. The pockets had come unstitched at the seam and I lost everything I absentmindedly slipped into their holy caves.
37. Once he pushed aside the blanket, he slowly stood, the pistol held concealed along the seam of his baggy trousers.
38. Then he saw it, it was a seam that ran the length of the craft dotted with little bumps every so often along its path.
39. At the top of the mountain there is the forest, then a layer of topsoil, then a layer of rock, and finally a seam of coal.
40. I remember standing in one of Arch Coal’s (ACI—NYSE) surface mines in Wyoming and marveling at how large the coal seam was.
41. Julien was back there, in the shadows, laughing cruelly, collecting just a seam of the light along the edge of his face and form.
42. I pressed the rectangle of suit material onto the helmet with both hands while using my knee to keep pressure on the arm’s seam.
43. Yeah, well, once they find the coal, they bring in more machines, extract it, haul it out, and continue blasting down to the next seam.
44. The carpets were woven of a soft plush material with no visible seam as they joined the walls and covered them, as well as the vaulted ceiling.
45. Her mother was even beginning to stir, but I took off my cap and shoved it over her mouth; and she at once knew it by a seam in it, and ran out to me.
46. He heard Andrew mumble something to Connor just before the blue-white Light poured out of every uncovered hole, stitched seam, and rip in the old tent.
47. While paneled in plates and sheathing of alloy metals of various sizes and textures, the fasteners were ferrous and left huge rust streaks on every seam.
48. On the other hand, if the problem is an over-stretched seam, seam sealing wax should do the trick if it’s not too bad, otherwise it’s back to your sewing kit.
49. D seam pointless but I was so happy to know that Paige was alive the last thing I wanted was to bury any of my children and it was so close to it been both of them.
50. She’s dressed in a disheveled periwinkle day dress, with a notched collar and front-closing, princess seam bodice that pinches at her waist above a gathered skirt that looks it was slept in.
51. After Vayden knocked off the top of the mountain, about three hundred feet, they hit the first seam, and when they finally started hauling coal off the mountain, Webster began demanding his checks.
52. Lower on the mountain, or the mine site, track shovels dug coal from the exposed seam and dumped it into the mining trucks that slowly inched away when loaded, straining under their cargo as they bounced along.
53. One year, one day, one hour, a great upflow of magma gathers a seam of crystals and drives it toward the surface, mile after burning mile; it cools inside a huge, smoking xenolith of kimberlite, and there it waits.
54. At his window he had an antique curtain of a coarse woollen stuff, which finally became so old, that, in order to avoid the expense of a new one, Madame Magloire was forced to take a large seam in the very middle of it.
55. There was no flaw or seam, no wrinkle or stitch; the illusion, if illusion it was, held perfectly together and the blood from one moved into and through and mingled with what must have been the ice waters of the other.
56. One day when I came to the same place forty-eight hours afterward, I found that those large bubbles were still perfect, though an inch more of ice had formed, as I could see distinctly by the seam in the edge of a cake.
57. Meg rose as she spoke, and was just going to rehearse the dignified exit, when a step in the hall made her fly into her seat and begin to sew as fast as if her life depended on finishing that particular seam in a given time.
58. Three or four feet thick and stretching as far as the eye could see, the coal seam was quite easy to spot; it was not only massive, but its blackness and smooth texture made it easy to distinguish from the surrounding rock.
59. On this particular day, David trips on someone’s dangling coat belt while on the escalator, but he saves his footing and manages to kick the belt end away from the seam of the escalator steps as it rises to the top of the stairway.
60. Did he open wide the seam, that strange vast hole in eternity he spoke of, and drop Leviathan in? And are they lost forever? Or will, I wonder, Leviathan return? Will he return in thirty years and bring with him all those who would have killed him?
61. She thought guiltily about her own message, abandoned in that office, and the little seam between the two halves of the article—fuck, she should have remembered this earlier—but she was halfway across the plaza now, and it was getting harder and harder to go back.
62. It resembled that perpendicular seam sometimes made in the straight, lofty trunk of a great tree, when the upper lightning tearingly darts down it, and without wrenching a single twig, peels and grooves out the bark from top to bottom, ere running off into the soil, leaving the tree still greenly alive, but branded.
63. Notice; the split inside a walnut is oriented 90 degrees to the split of its outer shell: the intense pressure needed to split the shell apart at its seams automatically creates a split inside the nut that is oriented 90 degrees to the linear seam of the shell: this is a recreation of the 90 degree split which created the 3rd-dimension.
64. It was quite on a par with the quixotic idea in certain quarters that in a hundred million years the coal seam of the sister island would be played out and if, as time went on, that turned out to be how the cat jumped all he could personally say on the matter was that as a host of contingencies, equally relevant to the issue, might occur ere then it was highly advisable in the interim to try to make the most of both countries even though poles apart.
1. Nobody in the room seamed to know how.
2. The crates are seamed with a very powerful explosive.
3. A seamed partition slid aside, and a tray appeared in front of him.
4. Big hands, broad shoulders, a seamed face, clothes all covered with dirt.
5. Sometimes life can be a bitch but for me it seamed as if I was been punished.
6. And did anything else happen on the way that seamed out of the ordinary?
7. I had not seen Rick in a few days its seamed as if he had finally began to trust me.
8. With no one to save you what's it going to be? Ricks voice seamed to soften as he spoke.
9. I pressed a golden seamed ridge on the sarcophagus and a shallow tray slid out from the side.
10. She looked at the seamed black face and said, "Can you make it, Bourneville? Are you very tired?".
11. He was a man of about fifty years of age, very black, with a seamed, wrinkled face and greying hair.
12. There was a great rumble from within the fish, and a peal of thunder that seamed to come from without.
13. His sword belt was a cord of boiled leather, and his seamed face might have been made of the same thing.
14. Sam and the others seamed to have been in a fog; it was as if the creator had stopped time and then made it run again.
15. In fact it seamed quite selfish of me to know that once I had escaped this nightmare I would never have to see Jane again.
16. He pierced me with his blue eyes, keen as a youth’s, though his face was seamed with the scars of seventy tumultuous years.
17. She had no hair thereafter, and her face remained seamed and puckered by terrible keloid scars that no surgeon could smooth away.
18. His face was seamed and his hair was gray, but when Kate looked at him she saw the tall, handsome figure she had first met as a child.
19. All I could do is sit and watch as the woman placed the blade deeper into her throat cutting slowly until blood seamed out all on the floor.
20. His ears were nothing but shapeless shreds, ragged at the edges, seamed with ill-knit scars and beaded here and there with lumps of proud, bare flesh.
21. The rock of the cave walls were seamed with glowing blue lines of color, while green wavy Moss that grew upon the walls let off a phosphorescent green glow.
22. Here Justice Pomeroy presided, in his robes of silk, a striking, white-haired figure of a man, whose face was seamed and whose eyes were keen with thought and observation.
23. The heavy white face was seamed with lines of trouble, the hanging pouches under the closed eyes were leaden in colour, the loose mouth drooped dolorously at the corners, the rolling chins were unshaven.
24. The heavy, white face was seamed with lines of trouble, the hanging pouches under the closed eyes were leaden in colour, the loose mouth drooped dolorously at the corners, the rolling chins were unshaven.
25. A thick red beard, piercing grey eyes, a nose without nostrils, and marks of the hot iron on his forehead and on his cheeks, gave to his broad face, seamed with small-pox, a strange and indefinable expression.
26. Monygham, who had remained, sat on the corner of a hard wood table near the candlestick, his seamed, shaven face inclined sideways, his arms crossed on his breast, his lips pursed up, and his prominent eyes glaring stonily upon the floor of black earth.
27. Gone was the coarse brown tint! Gone, too, was the horrid scar which had seamed it across, and the twisted lip which had given the repulsive sneer to the face! A twitch brought away the tangled red hair, and there, sitting up in his bed, was a pale, sad-faced, refined-looking man, black-haired and smooth-skinned, rubbing his eyes and staring about him with sleepy bewilderment.
1. And torn at the seams.
2. He seams to be speaking of the.
3. Of being and bursts at the seams.
4. At the seams of this tattered dream.
5. Everythings come apart at the seams.
6. Her mind is coming apart at the seams.
7. He seams to be speaking of the end of.
8. Then it’s coming apart at the seams.
9. Wel it seams Bunty’s seal is missing.
10. They were bursting at the seams with water.
11. Calkers: One who mends the seams on a vessel.
12. They seemed anxious and bursting at the seams.
13. If his skin had seams it would be unravelling.
14. His white clean clothes were frayed at the seams.
15. It seams that he is putting all the dead in one.
16. Natural gas storage is also bursting at the seams.
17. I feel stronger, bursting at the seams with energy.
18. The visage of life's seams is too intense to believe.
19. Aye, sir, I think I can; all seams and dents but one.
20. When he speaks, his voice is coming apart at the seams.
21. I’m bursting at the seams to share the story of my day.
22. In running his fingers along her seams, in tracing the.
23. There were no side seams in Sebastian‘s running shorts.
24. The hal fil ed with agents, it burst at the seams with them.
25. Seal the seams of your tent — you’ll have a drier night.
26. He wore an elegant Cossack caftan, embroidered down the seams.
27. About a million years ago, coal began to form, seams of it.
28. Welding an old pike-head, sir; there were seams and dents in it.
29. In certain parts the glue has gone and the seams are coming apart.
30. Appalachian coal is found in seams, sort of like layers of a cake.
31. Already Wilson’s ideas were beginning to come apart at the seams.
32. Sure, Alex said, nearly bursting at the seams with excitement.
33. Under the seams of the hour, boys struggle in a dozen different arenas.
34. The threads were unraveling at the seams of the intricately woven plot.
35. The shoes were long spikes and the stockings had seams down the backs.
36. I am swelling at the seams to carry that, which has been sat before me.
37. Why hack off most of the canvas only to replace it with more canvas? Seams.
38. What kind of life will she have? Civilization is coming apart at the seams.
39. Mr Bird looked as if he was about to pop at the seams with the fun of it all.
40. When Lou had stitched up the ripped seams, pressed them smooth and buttoned.
41. Then she looked at the frayed seams on his white coat, and she was reassured.
42. They’ve gone through four or five seams, with about that many left to strip.
43. We must go over all the seams that we have made and see whether they hold fast.
44. The suit had colored seams that indicated the military their indigenous military.
45. Booker and Big Whig were so excited they were bursting at the seams with big plans.
46. And it was no secret that Gray Mountain had some of the thickest seams around here.
47. Their stained Chucks were suitably filthy, but the seams were still crisp, like new.
48. In one corner, an old gallon jug of water had turned to ice, busted its plastic seams.
49. Moreover, according to the Governor of Missouri, Kansas City is bursting at the seams.
50. The day of the wedding, the castle was bursting at the seams with villagers, merchants.
51. Every morning it’s the same: the Americans ever closer, the Germans fraying at the seams.
52. Only because of evidently great determination did his voice hold together barely at the seams.
53. He applied the Crazy Glue to the seams of the trap door, letting the glue drip into the cracks.
54. When completely dry -- particularly along the seams -- fold it loosely and store in a dry place.
55. Christianity to be the official Roman religion in 380, the Empire was falling apart at the seams.
56. It was now almost bulging at the seams, steadily becoming more and more crowded, dirty and grimy.
57. And selling stories, at last, not many, no, but just enough to cause the seams of the marriage to rip.
58. We’ve started a few seams, but a rock would’ve ripped the guts right out of her, hard as we hit.
59. Otherwise conflict would arise: factions, feuds that could threaten to tear that society apart at the seams.
60. Not only was the boat four times as small as the dragonship, it looked as if it was coming apart at the seams.
61. Catnip and lanceleaf violet slowly ripped the cold seams of old snow patches still sewn to shady wooded slopes.
62. THE NEXT MORNING, the case against Frank Coombs, which only a day ago had seemed flimsy, was bursting at the seams.
63. Frocks were made or altered and washed, seams and flounces were let out, buttons were sewn on, and ribbons got ready.
64. A lot of resources and energy go into making those bags that are destined for landfills already bursting at the seams.
65. Semyonov had been standing in the stiff attitude of attention, with the palms of his hands at the seams of his trousers.
66. How do you offload a million dollar mansion thats splitting at the seams as it sinks into a bog? With great difficulty.
67. The planet earth is already groaning at its seams from our horrific burden on its resources from our overpopulation of it.
68. He saw no seams, it all seemed to be carved from one mountain of granite and floated into position atop the crystal pillars.
69. Yet even as the ship is threatening to burst at its seams and sink: we insist on packing it with more billions of human souls.
70. That meant that Zygmunt would inspect all the candidate boulders for seams such as quartz veins or pre-existing fracture lines.
71. Board-and-batten siding, he had told Claire it was called—large, vertical planks of wood with smaller strips to cover the seams.
72. The Jumblies, the charity shop near the bus station was bursting at the seams with old clothes and had just one old lady in charge.
73. Mary had said one might then seek seams in the quartz deposits spread like ancient tree roots all throughout this harsh landscape.
74. The Frenchman, having pushed his head and hands through, without raising his eyes, looked down at the shirt and examined the seams.
75. What severe if hidden damage must it have caused! A new owner would be wise to haul it out for inspection and tightening of seams.
76. The air was clouded with flies, lice hopped over scalps, and wiggling lines of fleas ran the length of the seams in Louie’s shirt.
77. Between 1870 and 1880, prospectors, constantly on the search for new seams, reached, and began to partially explore, the Yukon region.
78. One of the businessmen, florid and pleased with himself, leaned back in his chair so that his stomach strained the seams of his shirt.
79. Not only had her armor been breached by at least three round shot, but the recoil of her guns appeared to have started her seams badly.
80. They were dressed in jeans of that light blue, lighter and a little frayed at the seams, that can be achieved only by a hundred washings.
81. There is something to do about it, thought Scarlett as she ripped savagely at the seams of her dress to let out the necessary inches.
82. I watched the churning wake and noticed a strong stale fish smell mixed with the acrid odor of tar that caulked the seams of the wooden hull.
83. Standing by the exposed ore body, I was taken by how massive the potash seams were and the relative ease with which I could break pieces off.
84. The English governess in altering it had made the seams in the wrong place, had taken up the sleeves too much, and altogether spoilt the dress.
85. Nail down the lid; caulk the seams; pay over the same with pitch; batten them down tight, and hang it with the snap-spring over the ship's stern.
86. Every time the wind kicks up, the seams wheeze asthmatically, letting in the bone-cold air, and then in the silence that follows comes the ticking.
87. Cerian felt as if she was coming apart at the seams, part of her was speaking and the other part was the cold observer who merely watched the events.
88. I was drunk on dreams with worn out seams, at the end of three decades, too old for a casual glance at life, yet casually abandoned to a hero-less fate.
89. Smaller ships joined the fray and the little patrol boat started to unravel at the seams and trail black smoke that was lost in the darkness of the night.
90. Then its seams mended together, simply shedding the stitches, which floated limply upward onto the surface of the water like a child’s discarded shoelaces.
91. Sheriff Buck Keene got out of the first car, wearing a cowboy hat and a dun-colored jacket with fringe along the sleeve seams and a badge on the breast pocket.
92. The walls had a leprous aspect, and were covered with seams and scars, like a visage disfigured by some horrible malady; a repulsive moisture exuded from them.
93. Limbs were white as the shingle, and the tunics still clean, but they clung tightly, hanging higher than they used to, and the seams broke at Tem’s shoulders.
94. On Green River, one and a half mile south of the college, it lies in thin strata, which are divided by seams into very regular rhomboidal plates of various sizes.
95. It was the only luggage I’d had, as I had thought it best to pack light, but reversely I’d packed the small bag to the point that the seams were about to bust.
96. It didn’t have any insignia, seams, or welding marks, and it seemed to be made in one piece, as though someone had just carved it out of a huge aluminum mountain.
97. Entire coal seams are removed from the top of a mountain, hill or ridge by removing the so-called overburdened soil, lying above the economically desired resource).
98. An hour before the coming in of the Inspector, all the convicts were at their posts, as stiff as statues, with their little fingers on the seams of their pantaloons.
99. There’s the spiritual side of it, too, where does life begin or end? are the robots alive or dead? More than one church has been split up the seams on the question.
100. The church was bursting at the seams but the Presidents and their ministers squeezed in and took their places amid sporadic clapping and the enthronement ceremony began.

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