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    1. Those guys are putting their lives on the line

    2. that new story line on offer - Il ness is invariably and very quickly fatal!

    3. Experience has taught me that there is a thin line

    4. That was a standard line, she wouldn't have had to practice it much

    5. " Another standard line that should be easy to remember

    6. consistent choices that are in line with what you want

    7. Take consistent actions that are in line with what you want

    8. He saw that there wasn’t a line yet, so he jogged over there

    9. He started taking his breaks earlier in the day before he even got hungry so he could go and talk to her without a big line

    10. Blugar's Balloon was one of the newest lakerunners in service, one of the new semi-torpedo active-ballast twin hulls perfected by the Skater line that were setting rough-weather records on all the lakes

    1. The other things were these gray plastic storage bins that lined up the floor

    2. One of the agencies I have registered my availability with rings just after eleven to say that they have lined up an interview for me

    3. baleful yellow eyes of a thousand feline predators all lined up just beyond the bars,

    4. solid wooden stock fence, and a straight run up to the house lined on the right with

    5. Craggy, rugged, once handsome but now lined by late nights of concern for his community, his country and for the world

    6. Lined up in the cabin are stacks of boxes of commercial booze

    7. Nine neatly rolled joints lined the container

    8. It was now so close that a herd of thongas resting in the trees that lined the shore were getting restless, especially with two more humans wading ashore in the dark

    9. written in his lined face and the painful gait of angered joints,

    10. He circled around and then lined up on the trailer

    1. can see how the sales and the production lines work and I know everything there is to know about your business

    2. ” Sam handed the phial of one of his more expensive product lines over to Harriet

    3. He zoomed in and out, cycled through the floors of the building and drew X’s and lines through different rooms

    4. Not all the lines have to make sense

    5. I hold my stomach, ready to repeat my rehearsed lines

    6. I can’t hear what she is saying at the other end, but I would be willing to bet it is something along the lines of not wanting to disturb him

    7. He walks over, lines up his stick on the cue ball, expertly sinks a shot

    8. A buffet with workers doling out steaming hospital slop lines one wall of the room as residents queue up

    9. The ethnic groups in the Gengee were always Elf and Troll, and doostEr was familiar with the legends from the times when the lines between them were drawn in blood and blade

    10. …When i said the last lines of verses, suddenly the Spirit of God

    1. They have a tough plastic or hide side to expose to the ground, or sand in this case, with a nylon lining and dacron batting

    2. For the first time, researchers have found that laughter causes the endothelium, the inner lining of blood vessels, to dilate

    3. There were millions of tiny hisses as laleets called for mates from the reeds lining the tiny creek that meandered around this clump of trees

    4. lining of her panties, and looks the boys straight in the eye

    5. about one thing, and that is lining THEIR pockets with YOUR money

    6. “The drawers are for whatever you need to pack away that may be fragile,” said Titania, pulling one open to reveal a padded lining

    7. Billy has to jink right as he approaches a hard right hand bend, narrowly avoiding the chevron signage in the hedgerow, and, oblivious to the state of the road behind him, he slams on the brakes, white lining, and slides to a halt

    8. indicated the shelves of books lining the walls – “and I found an

    9. It was an hour and a half til be got there, delighted to do the last twenty minutes under motor on a less built-up side canal, one with actual crop land along the shore here and there, a thin line of well-kept town homes lining the remaining bank

    10. Before Roman could ask what the handles lining the interior were for, he

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    business job line line of work occupation cable transmission line rail line railway line business line line of business line of merchandise line of products product line pipeline assembly line production line phone line subscriber line telephone circuit telephone line contrast demarcation dividing line argument argumentation line of reasoning logical argument channel communication channel billet note short letter air melodic line melodic phrase melody strain tune ancestry blood blood line bloodline descent line of descent lineage origin parentage pedigree stemma stock course bank line credit line line of credit personal credit line personal line of credit agate line crease crinkle furrow seam wrinkle delineate describe draw trace run along family relative row rank file string tier echelon queue path route road procedure program vocation pursuit calling stripe streak band align order line up range pad quilt embroider face