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    set off

    1. Instead, David and his perfect woman set off

    2. with hints of Basil, Marjoram and Honeysuckle, and all set off perfectly by the

    3. Why?’ I said, trying to suppress the feeling of pleasure which his ringing me up has set off

    4. the far end of the aisle, and set off towards her nemesis

    5. Just got in the driver’s side and set off

    6. He wanted to set off several alarms already, but what they said next shocked him even more

    7. They hadn’t moved until she did … that much was clear … So she’d stepped off the bus, stood for a moment to get her bearings and then set off down the road … there’d been no pedestrian pathway, but she didn’t expect one

    8. Suddenly feeling a little too solitary, Kara gave herself a good hard mental kick and set off for Temple Meads station … at least she had a train to look forward to

    9. Again she set off, scouring her memory for details of the subway

    10. Cosmicblasto and Catwhiskers landed back where they set off

    11. Catwhiskers said goodbye to his friend and set off for home whilst

    12. Freedom beckoning, we set off along a track heading south from the city

    13. ’ He said with a satisfied air as we set off again, Gilla and Caderl have ridden a little ahead of us

    14. Afternoonday wasn't yet underway by the time they finally set off for the distant horizon to the northeast, but they didn't worry about the time, they were just glad to still be alive

    15. As promised, the wagon arrives within the hour and we set off

    16. This will set off a chain

    17. With only a moment’s hesitation, Berndt selects our route and we set off; Berndt leading, me in the middle and Joris bringing up the rear

    18. To better pass the time until 7 o'clock I set off on a little walk along the moistened pathways or maybe to get lost and so see a different side of Sophia

    19. Hand-embroidered bed covers, chair covers, head covers, shirts and blouses of the national costume all decorated the yard, set off by a backdrop of rolling sea on one side and rolling hills on the other

    20. " She was posing in ways that accented her already exaggerated figure and pumping out enough pheromones to set off the warning he had programmed into his med panel

    21. On the day before the competition, old Ted set off bright and early for Kew Gardens

    22. We set off without a clue as to what we'd find in Faria but it was much more serious than we could've imagined

    23. Burberry’s film, while not a critical success, was watched by millions the world over and as the young man set off on a world concert tour, Burberry found herself on set playing the lead in a new film, this time with complete sentences for her to speak

    24. Thom didn't bother to yell at the burst of information creation that set off

    25. coast was clear and the four of them set off down the street

    26. with a trigger that you can set off whenever you want to elicit the response

    27. Once the trigger is chosen, you can then program it to set off a specific response

    28. of sweets from her mother and set off immediately towards her

    29. that's how mistakes are made, and so, at last, she set off for

    30. This has set off a sequence of thoughts and she sits staring into space for a moment before giving herself a mental shake and apologising to me

    31. minty yoghurt, he set off at a brisk pace for his parents’ house, but

    32. Well fed, dressed like the better class of peasant women, and with a much better ID, they set off on the road to the harbor and passage to the 57th century

    33. I grab my coat, check my keys are in my bag for the hundredth time, and we set off

    34. We set off along the street, my hand tucked into his arm

    35. millions the world over and as the young man set off on a world

    36. coats and bags as best they could before the lorry set off with a jerk

    37. The two men picked up their hats and set off

    38. With that they set off to the hike city streets and her blob of orange curls was soon lost in the crowd

    39. They shouldered their packs and set off

    40. into his leather hip bag, he set off for the college

    41. he set off again but hadn’t gone far when a second

    42. They set off down the road but, before they had gone more than

    43. Let’s go then,” she retorted, then turned and set off briskly

    44. politely and set off walking across the causeway

    45. There was a bang on the side of the truck and it set off with a jerk

    46. This decided, she straightened her clothing up and set off along the path back to the barracks as though nothing had happened

    47. The two men had set off from the guard post at the causeway an

    48. He got to the main road without mishap and, pausing only to get his bearings, set off towards the motorway and home

    49. Encouraged, he set off along the path, his boots crunching on the gravel

    50. Heart beating fast, he set off again

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