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Differentiate in einem Satz (in englisch)

Why is it we differentiate life and only.
You will differentiate yourself when your.
I cannot differentiate days or nights or weeks.
The cosmos does not differentiate between the two.
They don't differentiate themselves from everything else.
These studies did not differentiate between the types of.

I could not differentiate between the two, even if I wished to.
The air smells of stale bread and herbs he cannot differentiate.
The poor dear cannot differentiate between erudition and wisdom.
The males and females are easy to differentiate with the males.
It was very difficult to differentiate between the three of them.
Cred as MlK to differentiate her from ML2K – Money Loves to Kill.
Throughout this book, I refer to The Apocalypse to differentiate.
However, it does have a couple of policies that differentiate it:.
I could even differentiate between that of horses, swine and cattle.
It is important to differentiate here between literacy and education:.
I learned to differentiate his meows and appreciate his nonstop purring.
He really could not differentiate the biscuit he had swallowed into his.
Our customers take some of these easy wins to help differentiate their.
How Do You Differentiate Yourself From The Competition? It’s All About.
A MAN has three features that differentiate it from both a LAN and a WAN:.
Limitations are given by the fact that the analyses did not differentiate.
It does not differentiate as to whether you are a speculator or an investor.
There is no absolute point that you can find to differentiate between anything.
Through all of these processes, which cardinally differentiate a human from any.
What did that stupid woman know? She couldn’t differentiate between black and.
The enlightened view life as a dream, so how could they possibly differentiate.
They had to be able to smell their prey, and differentiate between grass and weeds.
I must confess to you, my dear: I don't differentiate much between thoughts and words.
I should hate to trust its findings further than to differentiate between individuals.
Sampson’s paw print was there, too, but it was easy enough to differentiate, sizewise.
It is often hard to differentiate between the two because there are so many similarities.
To safely differentiate between the two sub-species while actually out hunting, is impossible.
It almost seemed as if the Europans were unable to differentiate between reality and fiction.
I’d say to call me Will but then we wouldn’t be able to differentiate between me and the boy.
They were still the Three Young Bucks to me, but they’d also begun to differentiate in my mind.
June? A godmother? She was ecstatic and frightened, at that moment, unable to differentiate the two.
With that said, it’s important to differentiate secular growth trends from rising commodity prices.
The purpose of this section is to differentiate the two correctly so we know where you are currently.
This is not a differentiating factor.
They are also differentiating themselves, but not in a good way.
A critically differentiating analysis of his political statements.
Differentiating between the two can be done by looking at liver function tests (LFTs).
However, as there is a great deal of ambiguity differentiating between awareness and consciousness.
Control charts are means of differentiating special cause of variation from common cause of variation.
Differentiating between more and less risky leverage, rather than by explicit leverage and embedded non-recourse leverage, may be useful.
Madeline had told her that the trick to differentiating Celeste’s boys was to look for the strawberry-shaped birthmark on Max’s forehead.
They could not possess any differentiating characteristics because there could be no smaller characteristics to differentiate them by in the first place.
As for differentiating between the words enlightenment and awakening, enlightenment implies a more finished and constant state of realization, while awakening has more of the active quality of a verb and therefore suggests a movement or shift in consciousness.
The value comes from three factors: understanding the patterns that can precede a failure of trend continuation, differentiating between those failures that are likely to lead to a dramatic reversal and those that are more likely to transition into a sideways range, and finding specific risk management points for trades that set up around these patterns.
Must we accept the view of Empedocles of Trinacria that the right ovary (the postmenstrual period, assert others) is responsible for the birth of males or are the too long neglected spermatozoa or nemasperms the differentiating factors or is it, as most embryologists incline to opine, such as Culpepper, Spallanzani, Blumenbach, Lusk, Hertwig, Leopold and Valenti, a mixture of both? This would be tantamount to a cooperation (one of nature's favourite devices) between the nisus formativus of the nemasperm on the one hand and on the other a happily chosen position, succubitus felix of the passive element.
Nothing is identical or differentiated.
They are not differentiated with respect to.
How is the Universal differentiated in form?
Root Cause—To be differentiated from cause.
It is differentiated into form by our power to think.
While anthropods differentiated from monkeys, not all.
Verily, people are differentiated through their actions.
This was the key concept which differentiated the rich.
Godhead as being at the same time unified and differentiated.
Therapsids distinguished for their differentiated teeth and.
When t = 0, X = Xo and Vx=Vx,o=Xo and having differentiated (Eq.
The success of Google came when they differentiated themselves from.
The two terms are differentiated by their service provider-to-consumer.
When chaos was differentiated the yellow pole separated from the black pole.
Opal can be differentiated from an ordinary stone by the colors present on its surface.
Of the Wing, they say: It is a tactical command as differentiated from an administrative command.
This was the key concept which differentiated the rich from the poor; the successful from the failures.
Through the individual, each individual is a channel whereby this energy is being differentiated in form.
There is often free-entry into industries with differentiated products, but the same asset valuations hold.
The undifferentiated state became differentiated as the most words enters into the bad work to cause the change.
Thought, which is substance in equilibrium and which is constantly being differentiated in form by what we think.
The entire atmosphere of the domain of hell, is that where the brute Beast and humans are no longer differentiated.
I'm looking for opportunities in which I have a differentiated view on forward earnings, preferably revenue-driven.
As he came closer, their particular scents differentiated in his mind and he labeled them as Number One and Number Two.
The whole perspective of my possible further development is differentiated in billions of Formo-systems of Worlds.
Mind is a power born of Atman because it is through mind that God manifests Himself as the differentiated universe of names and forms.
Thus far, this caution has differentiated China’s agricultural investment in Africa from its other investment projects on the continent.
Scientifically we know that at this early stage of development there are some cells which are differentiated and there are some cells that are.
In contrast, frequent performance measurement in liquid assets enables skill to be differentiated from luck over a reasonable evaluation period.
For, "just as a human being is composed of seven principles, differentiated matter in the Solar System exists in seven different conditions" (ibid).
Differentiated analysis of positions in separate underlying assets is not efficient since the whole portfolio must be evaluated as a single structure.
When chaos was differentiated, yellow was separated from black and the polarization of the primordial in differentiated state occurs in yellow and black.
We did not indicate whether First-In produces a commodity or a differentiated product; without a sustainable competitive advantage, it makes no difference.
The two types of tops are differentiated by the length of time involved in their construction and the fact that Major Tops usually contain several Compact Tops.
According to Buddhists 28, the widest ground of experience appears to be a pure, immediate presence before it becomes differentiated into any form of subject-object duality.
But even this grain of sand itself is differentiated into billions of its own various Forms of different-quality manifestations, and I just described to you just a few of them.
It is, however, probable that the two sorts of flowers borne by the same plant were originally differentiated by finely graduated steps, which may still be followed in some few cases.
The result is 579,253,248,000 of creatively interrelated and inertially differentiated “parts of me” whose realization dynamics have formed the whole subjective picture of my “past”.
Similar processes are characteristic of all Formo-systems that structure the slloogrent dynamics of each of the artificially differentiated (by us according to the frequency parameter) skrruullerrt systems.
It is notorious that the wings of birds and bats, and the legs of horses or other quadrupeds, are undistinguishable at an early embryonic period, and that they become differentiated by insensibly fine steps.
Our need of beauty differentiates us from animals.
What differentiates us from all other religions is.
What differentiates one airline from another when they all use the same.
The aspect that is special is the main aspect which differentiates your.
SELF, that incessantly develops itself and that differentiates in billions and.
Your USP tells your reader what differentiates you and your product/service from your competitor.
He differentiates enlightenment from the previous stages to show those as survival stages and enlightenment as a Being stage.
What according to you is AQ’s biggest USP that differentiates AQ with similar sized players in the marketing analytics space in India?
What differentiates YOU from other distributors? Why should the prospect join YOU instead of others? This is where the sales letter comes in.
This differentiates each group from the other, thereby reducing envy within each group and making it possible to maintain different equality levels.
What differentiates ETFs from mutual funds is that they are passive, and at any given time an investor can find out what exactly they are investing in.
The argument for a portfolio holding a large number of names comes out of modern investment theory, which differentiates between systematic and nonsystematic risk.
Give yourself that coveted EDGE that differentiates you from all the other guys, but also firmly places you in her sexual partner dating pool even when she's never dated outside of her race!.
That is why, when the biological part of any “personality” focused by You differentiates (decomposes) after “Death” into many other biological Proto-Forms (bacteria, viruses, worms, etc.
For we should have the same baffling question: which part, which aspect are you? What, objectively, differentiates it from the others? No, but inconceivable as it seems to ordinary reason, you – and all other conscious beings as such – are all in all.
Now, we want to give an example that differentiates between the knowledge of appearance and the knowledge of reality of something, we say: A fish within its materialistic eye can only see the small piece of flesh attached to a fishhook thrown by a Fisher man.
This wonderful power of clothing thoughts in the form of words is what differentiates man from the rest of the animal kingdom; by the use of the written word he has been enabled to look back over the centuries and see the stirring scenes by which he has come into his present inheritance.
What differentiates the Bible from other books that predict the future, is that the Bible is very clear and concise in its prediction of future events still to come and based on historic records that have been verified, we know that about two thirds of the prophecies in the Bible have already been fulfilled.
As we have already pointed out, a feature that differentiates us from conventional business and security analysts is that convention (be it Graham and Dodd or modern capital theory) seems to emphasize operations at the expense of resource conversion factors, whereas we tend to de-emphasize operating factors, or rather, give resource conversion factors greater importance for most companies most of the time.
But without even asking the ordinary man what differentiates the "good" ballet and the "graceful" operetta from their opposites (a question he would have much difficulty in answering), if you ask him whether the activity of costumiers and hairdressers, who ornament the figures and faces of the women for the ballet and the operetta, is art; or the activity of Worth, the dressmaker; of scent-makers and men cooks,—then he will, in most cases, deny that their activity belongs to the sphere of art.
Jonathan Edwards expounds 1 John chapter 4, the whole thing, and we haven’t got time to read through it—read through it when you go home—but here’s how he differentiates between the genuine and the false: One, does the preaching in the movement affirm the historic Jesus as the crucified and risen Messiah? Is it Christ-centred? Two, does it oppose sin and worldly lusts? Three, does it awaken respect for Scripture by affirming its truth and its divine source? Four, does it awaken an awareness of the shortness of life and the coming of judgment? Five, does it awaken genuine love, both towards God and one’s neighbour? Six, does it produce converts with good fruit in their lives?

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