sharpen sätze

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Sharpen sätze (in englisch)

Tell me when they sharpen.
It seemed to sharpen her intellect.
Don't forget to sharpen the blade first.
But leave your trowels and sharpen your swords!'.
Move your fingers to sharpen the next part of the blade.
When’d you sharpen up? Desa asked about his axes.
After the shock, they needed to regroup to sharpen their.

Suffering and pain also sharpen our awareness of happiness.
He that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools.
She had a lot to give, she just needed to sharpen her skills.
See what I mean? Trying to sharpen the focus of your niche too.
Alistair had managed to acquire a whetstone to sharpen the tools.
To sharpen using the Shiageto whet stone, hold the handle of the.
He wrote furiously, constantly, only pausing to sharpen his pencil.
Choose a suitably sized bone or flake of bone and sharpen to a point.
Once Ali faced five balls in a restrained manner, he could sharpen.
There is no romaji in the book so it will sharpen your reading skills.
Whet: To sharpen; to rub for the purpose of sharpening, as an edged tool.
I wrote this chapter to sharpen your focus on some of the key options ideas.
What you'd want to do then is determine if you can sharpen the focus of that.
I just sharpen my sword, fill my pipe and gulp down what Mott fancies each time.
Oh, you have plenty of time to think, improve your manners, sharpen your conversations.
Listening to and giving directions helps your child to sharpen listening and speaking skills.
He would sharpen his writing skills, so that when he got to college he’d have a head start.
It’s a game that telepathic people play, just for fun and to sharpen their own concentrations.
Oh yes, another thing! Please, my dear fellow, will you sharpen my saber for me? It’s got bl.
Well, he wrote so furiously that he broke his pencil, and had, as you observe, to sharpen it again.
It was the most haunting thing, like the sound a cat would make if you used her ribs to sharpen knives.
With the backing of our emotions, the intellect can sharpen our innate talents and utilize them to our advantage.
She would sharpen sticks at both ends, drive them into the bottom of these holes, and cover them with dead leaves.
This is an amusement to sharpen the intellect; it has a sting—it has what we call satire, and wit without indecency.
Did the Envoy (cpth) not say: … the one of you should sharpen his knife and relax the animal to be slaughtered?
Notwithstanding he has no hatred for his victim, a desire to show his skill in the art of whipping may sharpen his vanity.
When an individual’s innate talent coincides with his interest, he will easily sharpen that talent into a marketable tool.
Having a backup writing utensil can help you continue your test without being distracted by having to sharpen a pencil or refill a pen.
He established the Traders Forge™ trading school, where traders train in real-world conditions to gain and sharpen their trading skills.
She could imbue melee weapons with tiny bits of earth that made them more jagged, or she could sharpen blades to help them penetrate armor.
Its more detached perspective away from the political battlefront of America seems to sharpen that publication’s frequent comments on America.
This is a game of words and we need to sharpen our abilities to fight back with our resources and discredit Jack and his other partner, whoever he is.
He lifted his voice in a thunder that carried to the farthest confines of the encampment: 'Aie, you dogs, sharpen your ears and listen! Gather around here.
He went back to sharpening the axe.
Pierce watched her, his eyes sharpening.
As part of the sharpening, whetstones are.
He was sharpening the saber under the wagon.
Of course I wasn’t there for the sharpening.
He just sets in the bunk house sharpening his.
His head is bowed, sharpening the angle of his chin.
They had thirty years of sharpening stone treatment.
The Cossack was sharpening the saber under the wagon.
A sharpener is indeed what you use for sharpening the.
Gastronomic flavors were already sharpening our appetite.
The cellar … he stated slowly, his eyes sharpening.
Sharpening stones – waterstones are cleaner than oilstones.
I finished sharpening the knife and it is a fine piece of work.
Commission can be explained by the necessary sharpening of the.
These are the most commonly used tools for sharpening Japanese.
What are you sharpening? asked a man coming up to the wagon.
What time is it? she asked, desperation sharpening her words.
Half of the blades had been honed away in the years of sharpening.
Whereas sharpening methods above are implemented to shave off dulled.
Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use whet stones for sharpening.
There is a certain type of sharpening tool that comes in the form of a.
Sharpening of razors and other cutting instruments, method of, xxi, 165.
Whet: To sharpen; to rub for the purpose of sharpening, as an edged tool.
Consider the tips below to limit the need for frequent sharpening and to.
Where’s Alicia? he said wildly, angrily, fear sharpening his voice.
Bildad, thou used to be good at sharpening a lance, mend that pen, will ye.
This method is actually the only one that truly has a sharpening effect on.
He just sets in the bunkhouse sharpening his pencil and sharpening and figuring.
The majority of man-made and natural sharpening stones are lubricated with light.
Because it is relatively soft and friable, a sharpening stone that is lubricated with.
The knife was a foot long, with a point, and the blade gleamed with recent sharpening.
Upon his arrival at the chapel the green knight, who was sharpening his axe, greeted him.
While he pleasured over her frame, sharpening his joy, she swirled in his arms in rapture.
What if she gets killed in the meantime? Said the young man, sharpening his tone a bit.
Dutifully, then, he had crisped the knife on the sharpening rod, and again set upon the fowl.
Semén was sharpening his knives at one window, and Mikháyla was heeling a shoe at the other.
The only means you have to express this in a line drawing is by darkening and sharpening the line.
Hunter walked into the deepening gloom of the evening woods, his senses sharpening with every step.
A hooded executioner stands on the dais, impassively sharpening a tremendous scimitar with a whetstone.
A sharpened stave lay across the.
Then his voice sharpened with anger.
His gaze sharpened at the last phrase.
Galeron’s eyes sharpened on her own.
It appeared to be made of sharpened bone.
The thoughts from the Arkenians sharpened.
It was the sound of a knife being sharpened.
As the photo sharpened, she saw something odd.
They hewed at them with their sharpened steel.
She pitied me in a way that rather sharpened my.
Her eyes sharpened and her shoulders straightened.
Then my reflection’s image sharpened, and I was.
Apparently life as a bandit lord sharpened the wits.
The constant ache of their loss is sharpened on the.
But that’s not all, her voice sharpened with.
Harald sharpened his quill and prepared to take notes.
He could not lose as the coke really sharpened him up.
When Conal heard the name Lexi, his interest sharpened.
Tit sharpened his scythe and Levin's, and they went on.
Something like fear sharpened and hardened his features.
Three silvery spoons fell out, one sharpened to a point.
He sharpened them and lined them up with their brothers.
Tit sharpened his scythe and Levin’s, and they went on.
The possibility sharpened his mind, his entire body tensed.
The trench was filled with sharpened pikes made from wood.
Slowly his face cleared and sharpened as he sensed freedom.
His eyes sharpened, and he cocked his head as if listening.
Bo grunted as he drove another sharpened wooden stake into.
Strength flowed through him, and power sharpened his senses.
They’re similar, Cara and Tris, two women sharpened by loss.
The camp was well designed, with high walls made of sharpened.
Ivan soon returned with his sharpened scythe and started to mow.
Blackness permeated my eyesight, but my other senses sharpened.
At once he was aware that hearing was sharpened while sight was.
Beside him, the clatter of the rain on the window pane sharpened.
The yellow pads were piled neatly and the pencils were sharpened.
London came in, and stood picking his teeth with a sharpened match.
Around this barrier was a succession of moats and sharpened poles.
The dog lifted his head from the shade of a hut, one ear sharpened.
The intensity of her look sharpened to a glare as she cut him short.
Iron sharpens iron.
Sharpens the mind’s eye.
Amazing how tension sharpens the senses.
The siren wail sharpens, and the sound pierces Ciere.
The very tip of the 45 degree column sharpens into a.
As I watch, the very shape of her face changes, sharpens.
The butcher-boy puts off his killing-clothes, or sharpens his knife.
The effect of the persistent denial to women of full equality with men sharpens.
But this is intuition, not astrology, although the practice of astrology sharpens intuition.
When my look finally sharpens, I can see that the bedroom is huge and decorated minimalistically.
The hair dragged up high at the back sharpens the lines of the profile as the low knot blunts them.
It affects and stimulates the Nervous System the Head and the Brain then Calms it down it also Sharpens the Memory.
Using the LLH interval count sharpens up the 107-day count considerably by eliminating less-than-ideal 107-day counts.
Who sharpens the bullets for sharpshooters? It is rather ironic that slang for a gun is “piece” while the word “peace”.
The Gaillard Cut, big conduit for boats, sharpens the interest of the passengers who travel that channel, due principally to its history and geology.
The terror of being judged sharpens the memory: it sends an inevitable glare over that long-unvisited past which has been habitually recalled only in general phrases.
The one sharpens the appetite,.

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