point sätze

Wählen Sie eine Sprache aus, und geben Sie dann ein Wort unten um Beispielsätzen für dieses Wort.

Point sätze (in englisch)

  1. Fun up to a point.
  2. I got to a point.
  3. It is at this point.
  4. He made a point of.
  5. She did have a point.

  6. But she had a point.
  7. Let us stay on point.
  8. To the point where I.
  10. And that is the point.
  11. This is a vital point.
  12. The point was that a.
  13. It gets to the point.
  14. One point three a head.
  15. You have a point there.

  16. Keep to the point, Bob.
  17. The point of no return.
  18. Of worlds at the point.
  19. Perhaps he had a point.
  20. This point, known as a.
  21. Come to the point, Mr.
  22. The point is to become.
  23. This is the point from.
  24. He had proved his point.
  25. At that point, I think.

  26. Now for the brains point.
  27. This point needs to be.
  28. Case in point, look at.
  29. A good case in point is.
  30. This was a turning point.
  31. At this point she burst.
  32. At this point, I looked.
  33. This is the crucial point.
  34. There’s no point to it.
  35. But that's not the point.
  36. But on my point of view.
  37. Maybe that was the point.
  38. Perhaps Suzy had a point.
  39. Of course, he had a point.
  40. I point it out to Stephen.
  41. Manda could see her point.
  42. I was empty at that point.
  43. I chirped up at that point.
  44. This is a crucial point.
  45. What’s the point of my.
  46. Are they using as a point.
  47. Anyway, back to the point.
  48. This was a critical point.
  49. It got to the point that.
  50. There's no point in lying.
  51. Even to the point of death.
  52. McClure would have a point.
  53. That was the turning point.
  54. To reach the point of test.
  55. Point my ears to the south.
  56. Lets look at the next point.
  57. This is an important point.
  58. That was another good point.
  59. At that point, she deflated.
  60. There was no point arguing.
  61. Point two was obvious and.
  62. I think my point is proved.
  63. Show me an interface point.
  64. I've no idea at this point.
  65. But the point is you guys.
  66. No point thinking about it.
  67. But there wasn't much point.
  68. What was the point of that?
  69. This meeting at City Point.
  70. Perhaps the whole point here.
  71. But Beatrice, the point is.
  72. The point when the mind ac-.
  73. This is my point, by the way.
  74. Your main point is correct.
  75. I don’t know at this point.
  76. If his starting price point.
  77. What’s the point in having.
  78. Jonno jumped in at this point.
  79. That’s not the point, Ahmed.
  80. This may be their weak point.
  81. It has been beyond the point.
  82. From this point on, many of.
  83. And maybe that was the point.
  84. There's a point to what I do.
  85. By this point he had taught.
  86. At that point I asked where.
  87. As you point IT (magnetism).
  88. Unfortunately, he had a point.
  89. The objective point of view?
  90. It was at a point where the.
  91. Obviously, that was the point.
  92. But that's the artist's point.
  93. At some point later we stopped.
  94. I came up with a 10 point plan.
  95. He had to admit I had a point.
  96. The dread locks turning point.
  97. She came straight to the point.
  98. Melchior may have had a point.
  99. At some point Tony wanted to.
  100. I twist, and point it at Tori.
  1. Said pointing to the spot.
  2. This / that (pointing at).
  3. He said pointing at his Mr.
  4. Ronan, pointing to the west.
  5. By pointing out the myths.
  6. What were you pointing at?
  7. Peg stood in the door pointing.
  8. While pointing at me he said:.
  9. He was pointing to a letter r.
  10. Nodding and pointing in that.
  11. He jumped up pointing in the.
  12. He was pointing it right at her.
  13. Everyone was pointing to the TV.
  14. He looked where she was pointing.
  15. She was pointing her gun at Smith.
  16. It was pointing at Max’s heart.
  17. Schmitty was pointing up the rise.
  18. He was pointing his pistol at me.
  19. Rather than pointing fingers at.
  20. She was pointing that knife at us.
  21. However, the All Heels, pointing.
  22. He was pointing in that direction.
  23. There is a gun pointing at you.
  24. He told her about the pointing arm.
  25. Pointing to the back of the skull.
  26. The people protested, pointing to.
  27. She looked to where he was pointing.
  28. See here, said Ronan pointing.
  29. Pointing at the diagram, she spoke.
  30. Robert looked where he was pointing.
  31. She was pointing to the touchscreen.
  32. Pointing out what is happening and.
  33. Pacing circles, and pointing at her.
  34. This way, he added, pointing ahead.
  35. Then I looked where she was pointing.
  36. It’s pointing to the north star.
  37. Up the stairs, he said, pointing.
  38. But the music is counter pointing me.
  39. He hadn’t been pointing at William.
  40. In the drawer, she says, pointing.
  41. Pointing out its link to the yet to.
  42. He was pointing a gun at Sarah Proud.
  43. Lezura looked where Joey was pointing.
  44. The man was pointing a pistol at him.
  45. Notice that you are not pointing at.
  46. Said Vinny still pointing to the roof.
  47. The beam was pointing directly at him.
  48. He started pointing out the holes in.
  49. He raised it, pointing it at Margolis.
  50. Look here, said Tyburn, pointing.
  51. Nord appeared fine, pointing at Sanche.
  52. Wait, she said pointing to the.
  53. Ariella looked where she was pointing.
  54. His gun was out now, pointing our way.
  55. He was pointing at Baba with his cane.
  56. Pointing westward, he indicated a bench.
  57. Gary was pointing a gun at one of the.
  58. Connie noted pointing in that direction.
  59. The ME looked where Puller was pointing.
  60. There! she cried, pointing to it.
  61. He stopped, pointing his light into it.
  62. HERBIE: That's not what I'm pointing at.
  63. Stay, she warned, pointing at him.
  64. Up read a sign with an arrow pointing.
  65. Gregory (pointing to THEODORE IVÁNITCH).
  66. Out! I shout, pointing at the door.
  67. Six, said Dunk in wonder, pointing.
  68. He is pointing to the books on the desk.
  69. Okay, he says, pointing at the guy.
  70. Look at the body, he said pointing.
  71. Look! he shouted, pointing at Fred.
  72. Come on, Cherrie says, pointing the.
  73. What-ever it was, he held it pointing up.
  74. Pointing it wildly at the Evil before him.
  75. Terry was pointing his finger at Jo-Jo.
  76. Nearly finished, he said, pointing.
  77. The man wasn’t pointing, he had a gun!.
  78. You two, he said, pointing to the.
  79. Pointing at the mistake I see, I am told.
  80. The more links you have pointing back to.
  81. Sevone he said pointing at his chest.
  82. There she goes, Emily said, pointing.
  83. Look at the TV, he replied, pointing.
  84. There you are, said Flower, pointing.
  85. Damaris and Teya were pointing at the map.
  86. Look at the bridge, she said, pointing.
  87. Over there, said Pritchard, pointing.
  88. Captain Nemo kept his prow pointing south.
  89. He was pointing to the sky with his cards.
  90. The boy shrugged, pointing down the beach.
  91. The anchor text of the link pointing to www.
  92. Thus pointing to a need to reconsider the.
  93. After a time, he finally replied, pointing.
  94. C’mere and look! he said, pointing.
  95. Damnit, Allen said, pointing to Emily.
  96. And this is Star, Kate said, pointing.
  97. The senior soldier gabbled away, pointing.
  98. Alfred couldn't see who he was pointing at.
  99. Not that I’m pointing fingers, of course.
  100. He stretched his hand up, pointing to Nord.
  1. A need to be pointed.
  2. Zoe pointed to my pen.
  3. I pointed to his arm.
  4. He pointed to the map.
  5. He pointed at the cat.
  6. He pointed to all of.
  7. He pointed at the map.
  8. Barry then pointed a U.
  9. As I have pointed out.
  10. He pointed at the sand.
  11. He pointed to the west.
  12. I pointed at the storm.
  13. He pointed to the door.
  14. He pointed at the couch.
  15. She pointed at me and.
  16. Then Zem pointed to a.
  17. Bill pointed at the map.
  18. I pointed it out, and.
  19. Hans pointed to the map.
  20. It pointed to the moon.
  21. He pointed at the board.
  22. He pointed to the camera.
  23. He pointed to an old pub.
  24. He pointed to his table.
  25. But, as it was pointed.
  26. He pointed it at Grimes.
  27. I pointed him out to Zia.
  28. He pointed to the screen.
  29. Jose pointed at the walls.
  30. Jose pointed to a closet.
  31. They pointed at the alter.
  32. I pointed my own finger.
  33. Locke pointed to the silo.
  34. She pointed at the woman.
  35. Kay pointed with her cob.
  36. Jason pointed to his head.
  37. I pointed out that Mr.
  38. He pointed in my direction.
  39. Zia pointed out the window.
  40. Alex pointed the gun at us.
  41. I pointed them out to Walt.
  42. He pointed to his partner.
  43. Troy pointed over the boat.
  44. She pointed her Glock at.
  45. He pointed at the windows.
  46. He pointed to his forehead.
  47. He pointed one greasy hand.
  48. He pointed to the monitors.
  49. Selma pointed to the north.
  50. She pointed at her laptop.
  51. Punk then pointed to the.
  52. We also pointed out that.
  53. She pointed at the screen.
  54. Nelson pointed to the west.
  55. He waved at us and pointed.
  56. He pointed toward the diner.
  57. He pointed toward the door.
  58. She pointed it out to Marv.
  59. I pointed them out to Mary.
  60. Also as I have pointed out.
  61. He pointed at his forehead.
  62. Pirate pointed at the fence.
  63. Then, he pointed behind us.
  64. Elize pointed down the road.
  65. Credit pointed down the wash.
  66. The monk again pointed the.
  67. But then, Tiny pointed his.
  68. He pointed this out to Anne.
  69. He pointed at Thalia and me.
  70. Locke pointed to his head.
  71. She nodded, and then pointed.
  72. Dawn pointed along the track.
  73. He pointed up into a large.
  74. His finger still pointed up.
  75. She then pointed at the car.
  76. He pointed his rifle at them.
  77. He pointed to a chair,.
  1. He points to my feet.
  2. It got you 30 points.
  3. Ella points up to it.
  4. He points at the door.
  5. Bush points at the sea.
  6. She points to her purse.
  7. Nine points out of ten.
  8. She points at the pond.
  9. Aaron points to my face.
  10. He points up at the sky.
  11. Bush points at his head.
  12. Juan points out to him).
  13. Bex points at the Marlin.
  14. From all points of the.
  15. He points at the wizard.
  16. It still all points in.
  17. And all points in between.
  18. He points to the ceiling.
  19. Here are two key points:.
  20. Get other points of view.
  21. What are the main points?
  22. She points down the hall.
  23. First to five points wins.
  24. Here are the key points:.
  25. Key Points to Keep in Mind.
  26. Bernard points to the chair.
  27. I focus on where she points.
  28. Some of the major points.
  29. Hanson points to our table.
  30. God points to the ways of.
  31. He points over by the woods.
  32. Cherrie points to the stairs.
  33. Systems of these points of.
  34. Random links, as the points.
  35. Sowell points out that the.
  36. The breakeven points are 60.
  37. Major Points to Think About.
  38. Major points to think about.
  39. The giant points to the jeep.
  40. Keep a few points in mind:.
  41. As Ney himself points out :.
  42. Seek (with Bonus Points for.
  43. Maybe she had a lot of points.
  44. Some of the key points then.
  45. Derrick knew his weak points.
  46. But only as points in cons-.
  47. Aaron points down the hallway.
  48. The Dow was up over 400 points.
  49. This points out that we must.
  50. She points to a star near Sol.
  51. The psalmist points out that.
  52. I was only four points behind.
  53. He points over towards the bar.
  54. And his mother has her points.
  55. You know the essential points.
  56. This points to key errors in.
  57. Jayson points toward the house.
  58. By the way I love bullet points.
  59. Jason points the stick at Aaron.
  60. But these were doubtful points.
  61. Damage is reduced by 10 points.
  62. Duryodhan then points out the.
  63. A telescope points out a window.
  64. These aren’t just points of.
  65. Aaron points to the Dodge truck.
  66. He did have a few valid points.
  67. He points out that man, as he.
  68. We must be ready at all points.
  69. Each triangle points in one of.
  70. B – All the others = 0 points.
  71. Eleven Points of Laser Coaching.
  72. And dark, Aaron points out.
  73. And, again, he points out that.
  74. He points across the busy street.
  75. As Lazar points out: ‘… the.
  76. The next chart shows pivot points.
  77. Your two lesser points are then.
  78. In fact, acupuncture points (or.
  79. But here are the important points.
  80. Two points are worth making here.
  81. It was filled with hollow points.
  82. Aaron points to his fictional map.
  83. Moreover the presence of points.
  84. He points to Beaumont and Belmont.
  85. The lot eventually points to Achan.
  86. Officer Remmit points to the right.
  87. He points back up toward the bluff.
  88. Three points in the SPX is about.
  89. The FTSE is still 500 points away.
  90. These are the two points of view.
  91. The exit points are just examples.
  92. We threw away broken arrow points.
  93. Training the Mind in Seven Points.
  94. You raise some good points, Cam.
  95. Extra points for that one, she.
  96. Your points of view were on target.
  97. Other Tips, and Points of Interest.
  98. A line between these three points.
  99. She points her finger at the crowd.
  100. Your points are well taken, Paul.

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