snarl sätze

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Snarl sätze (in englisch)

  1. A snarl followed by a.
  2. Kate had turned at the snarl.
  3. There was a snarl behind him.
  4. She shook her head with a snarl.
  5. Snarl: to growl, showing the teeth.

  6. He widened his mouth with a snarl.
  7. You! Greg could hear him snarl.
  8. It was a snarl more than anything else.
  9. Right, kid, he said with a snarl.
  10. Mick turned ready to snarl at whatever.
  11. It was the snarl of a furious wild beast.
  12. The snarl had become a big, bounding smile.
  13. All she got was a snarl and a subtle threat.
  14. I didn’t know he had the ability to snarl.
  15. Withel's snarl of triumph died in his throat.

  16. The snarl was a bit more pronounced this time.
  17. He was jolted back to reality by a deep snarl.
  18. But as I near my destination I hear Anup snarl.
  19. You don’t get it, Che said with a snarl.
  20. Eyes wild, the wolf continued to growl and snarl.
  21. Mathion grabbed Aesa’s arm, his face in a snarl.
  22. Into the light, Hans raised his head with a snarl.
  23. Han uttered a beastly snarl and charged after Joey.
  24. With a snarl on his face he picked up one of the.
  25. Her face twitched and her lips curled into a snarl.

  26. Now quit complaining, Red responded with a snarl.
  27. Undaunted, Astray faced Ghazahg with a zealous snarl.
  28. In front of them, there was an all-too familiar snarl.
  29. Bael, on the edge of rage, lowered his voice to a snarl.
  30. His lips drew back from his teeth in a last idiot snarl.
  31. His face contorted as his lips pulled back into a snarl.
  32. Then at last he rose with a snarl, and went before them.
  33. He wanted to snarl at every body that stepped in his way.
  34. Dogs that appear menacing and have a terrifying snarl and.
  35. With a fierce snarl, the wolf-dog shot through the air at.
  36. The resulting snarl of this original evil had to be undone.
  37. Jacob bared his teeth in a snarl, all hint of humanity gone.
  38. And the Gordian Knot became a growing snarl of tangled evil.
  39. Oh, misery! Eleanor jerked a snarl of thread out on the floor.
  40. Conan's thin lips drew back from his teeth in a grinning snarl.
  41. At that moment with a rush and a snarl a Wolf rushed up to them.
  42. That goon with the snarl over there said something about ants.
  43. Baring his teeth in a snarl, Olgerd lifted his hand—then paused.
  44. The dogs snarl at him as he passes, but he doesn’t slow his pace.
  45. But Farid's face had flushed red, his lips pulled back in a snarl.
  46. His screams grew fainter until they were lost in the worrying snarl.
  47. He pricked his ears, showed his teeth, jumped up, and began to snarl.
  48. Aya curled her lip in a snarl at the memory of being forced awake by it.
  49. It was a howl, growl, snarl, scream and shrieking type sound all in one.
  50. His face had something of a beast’s snarl hiding very near the surface.
  51. DRY! he hissed with a snarl that would’ve made an SAS man stain his.
  52. One of the soldiers twisted his head around and bared his teeth in a snarl.
  53. I remember she used to snarl at anyone who came too close or spoke to her.
  54. When he picked it up by one end and pulled, the snarl tightened into a knot.
  55. With a snarl Conan plunged through the intervening foliage and into the trail.
  56. Overhanging trees blackened as the manticore gave a parting snarl and ran off.
  57. Gruesome's weapons were in his hands before any of the big hounds could snarl.
  58. What is it, Sebastian? His face was forced into a snarl as he approached.
  59. The German Shepherd emitted a screaming snarl and leaped at Tui, who was closest.
  60. I had time to see her face twist into a snarl before I hurriedly exited the house.
  61. A dog runs up and snaps at Maximus' feet, causing him to prance sideways and snarl.
  62. Hassid stood and turned on the Principal with a snarl, ‘Cador has joined the devil.
  63. Why, Murphy? Why not kill me? Heat coming to his face now, the snarl returning.
  64. Damned right I am! The Captain General’s expression was more snarl than smile.
  65. But Ariel twisted away, teeth bared in a hiss, her mouth an open, blood-stained snarl.
  66. When he turned her to look down into her eyes, an undeniable snarl rolled from his lips.
  67. We're not working West Indies time here, little Caesar, began Johnny with a snarl.
  68. He showed his teeth, and something between a chuckle and a snarl answered that thin smile.
  69. Molloy’s broad smile extended to Simon, but instantly twisted to a snarl when he saw me.
  70. Matt looked down at the accident scene and realized that the traffic snarl would delay his.
  71. He looked down at her as his lip curled up into a snarl, I’m disappointed in you, Kyrin.
  72. Miller heard more ripping canvas, then furious hissing followed by the snarl of a large cat.
  73. Well yeah, why? Sylvia bared her teeth into a smile that more closely resembled a snarl.
  74. He was sure he heard that word snarl into the coach’s mind—Gruger’s upper lip twitched.
  75. Bigwig's eyes were closed and his lips pulled back from the long front teeth in a fixed snarl.
  76. Philippe returned his snarl and waited for Pedro to make his move as they circled one another.
  77. Ain’t crops we’re harvesting, said Jed, lips curling again into that snarl of a grin.
  78. He was picking up the second rabbit when Casy came back with a snarl of bale wire in his hand.
  79. Then Hoyle began to snarl and bark; showing his disgust with Bella and all the citizens of Baja.
  80. A low, dangerous snarl came from inside the wagon and the chill of fear ran down Andrew’s spine.
  81. His eyes blazed with fury, and his mouth twisted into a snarl like a jungle cat poised to attack.
  82. Ryodan shoots Fade a look he rebounds with a snarl, but he settles into moving like the rest of us.
  83. A ruthless snarl crawled upon his tempered jaw as he imagined the scenario of their fatal meeting.
  84. Her eyes flashed and she bared her teeth in a snarl, gripping the Bowie knife tightly in her hands.
  85. His accent brought back unpleasant memories for me, and I had to grit my teeth to hold back a snarl.
  86. His mouth parted a bit but no words came from it, only the faintest hint of a snarl began to escape.
  87. Then, he could have invented a portable double-knobbed expandable no snarl tripwire storage device!.
  88. With a snarl, and without breaking his stride, Cadman reached back and gripped the monster by the neck.
  89. She curls back her lips in a snarl, revealing blackened gums as she presses her face to the back window.
  90. His mouth was open in a final snarl, revealing the sharpened teeth that could tear easily through flesh.
  91. With a snarl he threw me, and I hit the wall across the room amazingly hard, landing at the base in a heap.
  92. As the Count saw us, a horrible sort of snarl passed over his face, showing the eyeteeth long and pointed.
  93. He scrambled to his feet with a snarl and rushed her, knocking her off her feet with the force of the blow.
  94. The dogs have arrived at the enclosure, I can hear them snarl closely, as if they’re standing next to me.
  95. Alwyn developed a type of rheumatism that made movement painful and at times reduced his temper to a snarl.
  96. Wild, beautiful, eyes raging and mouth in a snarl, she balled a hand into a fist and reached behind her back.
  97. With a snarl Death reached out a bony finger and stopped the man's heart, but he didn't take much pride in it.
  98. But he continued to snap and snarl, pawing the air in front of him as he strained to break free from his tether.
  99. With a snarl he exerted his inhuman strength, and knots and lumps and ropes of thews rose along his massive arms.
  100. The soft sound from his assembled officers was much more chuckle than snarl this time, and he smiled back at them.
  1. Patches of a snarling cat.
  2. The snarling beast was okay.
  3. Snarling, it crouched on its.
  4. Bigwig rounded on him, snarling.
  5. The snarling turned into a growl.
  6. Once there, I could hear snarling dogs.
  7. London looked back at the snarling mob.
  8. Shut it, Tony, Fox said, snarling.
  9. Apollo charged, not barking but snarling.
  10. Snarling, he yanked the bat out of her grip.
  11. The Wazuli started back, snarling like a cat.
  12. The cat squatted down, snarling and spitting.
  13. Snarling, the matador turned to face Camellia.
  14. The clowns in the nearby cage started snarling.
  15. Woundwort, snarling, told them to wait and see.
  16. After snarling, she pointed the can of pepper.
  17. They turned on the soldiers, snarling, clawing.
  18. They crept ever closer into the area, snarling.
  19. Their hackles were raised, and they were snarling.
  20. The Necro's snarling face disappears in a red mist.
  21. He shoved his followers, snarling, and tromped away.
  22. Move, you bastard, I’m snarling at the Clarin House.
  23. Instead, Kain stomped his feet, hissing and snarling.
  24. Snarling ferociously, he slapped her hard across the.
  25. A hound from hell, snarling and slavering and vicious.
  26. The snarling blurs accelerate, darting this way and that.
  27. Drogo charged toward the villagers, roaring and snarling.
  28. The cossik leapt on Joey, snarling in anger more than pain.
  29. A large snarling Snaggle suddenly leapt from the darkness.
  30. Suddenly the animal lowered its head, growling and snarling.
  31. Snarling at her he said, Open the Gate or you shall die.
  32. Brutus started after them, snarling and barking his disgust.
  33. The beast was upon her, snarling its teeth and bearing down.
  34. She arrived to the stage snarling at the newly crowned king.
  35. They gathered in a pack, howling and snarling their presence.
  36. A group of zombies were snarling and tearing each other apart.
  37. Her eyes were a wide, furious yellow; her teeth were snarling.
  38. There was a hoot of snarling horns and a babel of baying voices.
  39. A snarling chattering of teeth reverberated from every direction.
  40. A minute later, I hear Ellen Abbott snarling from Greta’s cabin.
  41. Its head was lowered almost to the ground, snarling into the wind.
  42. Forrest remembered the white wolf snarling over his prostrate body.
  43. Bandelier jumped up, back arched and ears back, snarling as her fur.
  44. Ted is pinned down in one of the chairs with Jock snarling in his face.
  45. The snarling beast shrugged the attack, but the next one staggered him.
  46. Instead, a noise rose up above the snarling, growling and panting of.
  47. He turned snarling to face his new attacker, but found himself caught.
  48. The door closed with a dull thud; and then a snarling orc-voice rang out.
  49. Then, he suddenly screamed as two of the snarling wolves bit into his flesh.
  50. Ben was snarling, backed up against the rocky outcrop, there was nowhere to run.
  51. She crawled as close as she dared to Orphenn’s seizing and snarling body, the.
  52. And Halfshaft knelt on the grass snarling like a deranged animal, puffing out his.
  53. Snarling, Roth finally grabbed her by the neck and flung her into the nearest corner.
  54. Carl continued raking and snarling when he noticed a sensation on the top of his head.
  55. He only managed to stomp one of the snarling lycans flat while the others went by him.
  56. Fred joined him on the other side of the corner, along the snarling grill of the Mustang.
  57. Noises of growling, snarling, and panting were so loud they could hardly hear themselves.
  58. When I’m on the top of the wall I hear, next to the snarling dogs, a voice coming my way.
  59. As soon as Angel stepped inside, several huge Dobermans lunged at her, snarling and barking.
  60. She came down with crashing force and took off at a lope for the wall of snarling Saber Cats.
  61. Growling and snarling they were a fierce sight that would have frightened the bravest of men.
  62. I glanced over my shoulder to see him snarling at the bush where a bird suddenly took flight.
  63. A snarling black shape leapt out from the dense jungle, onto the wide track in front of them.
  64. When one of the workers got too close, Scar couldn’t help snarling at it to keep its distance.
  65. A moment later, the leader sensed the attack and reared up on its hind legs snarling frantically.
  66. The wolves had intercepted her and, snapping and snarling, had herded her back to the settlement.
  67. They made small submissive noises; different to the excited snarling they'd made moments earlier.
  68. Too quickly Loki is pinned on the floor, snarling at Thor and reaching for magic that isn’t there.
  69. At that very moment he was snarling at her, and despite the situation, Zoe couldn’t help but giggle.
  70. The beast splashed into the water and turned around quickly, raising itself up and snarling ferociously.
  71. Slasher ran ahead of them, his head to the ground, snarling low, the first sound they had heard from him.
  72. With a trembling hand, I picked it up and stared at the snarling tiger embossed on the expensive vellum.
  73. He glanced at his mates, and then he was in Sam’s face, snarling, ‘Don’t you tell me to back away.
  74. It wasn’t fifty steps later before a handful of demons crawled out from behind rock surfaces, snarling.
  75. A familiar cry rang in his ears as he rebounded on his feet as a lynx rebounds with snarling bared fangs.
  76. He shook himself a few times, and then pranced down the steps, snarling at the pack and at his challenger.
  77. The wolves had a particular snapping and snarling sound they made when they wanted a human to do something.
  78. The sound of Grandpa’s voice could be heard snarling through the bathroom door, which stood slightly ajar.
  79. After a few days' wandering, he came upon a small warren and, snarling and clawing, forced them to accept him.
  80. The Hellhound followed one of the many scents, approaching the group of dark-robed men, snarling loudly at them.
  81. A black steel helm in the shape of a snarling bear's head, the gaping maw framing Gruesome's own fearsome face.
  82. Tyrone stepped in and pushed one of the snarling wolves toward Hank, who bit its leg and then snapped its neck.
  83. Within seconds, Michael was on his back with a little boy snarling and punching him in the face and upper chest.
  84. He sheathed it and stood upon the boulders, snarling at the ever changeable waters and then at the struggling sun.
  85. If you ever said anything even mildly critical of her Jane, you’d have Madeline snarling at you like a rabid dog.
  86. The large eyes, the brown pupils, the familiarity they held for me, and the snarling growl as the lips curled back.
  87. At dawn I could see that the woods here were unusually crowded, and there was a great deal of growling and snarling.
  88. When I turned around, a young woman, jeans, shirt, snarling curses in my face, came at me with a big automatic weapon.
  89. Outside, Jesse was leaning against the door, and the wolves were circling him with exposed teeth, snarling and drooling.
  90. As she looked to the side and up and down, she soon saw the snarling face she had assumed was a defector in this battle.
  91. Medraut at my side with his white wolf’s head snarling, the men around us with colours and totem emblems of their own.
  92. But this head was smaller, more narrow; it was a leopard which stood there, snarling silently and glaring down the trail.
  93. Joey let of go of the mynamather’s reigns and yanked the bat off his back, swinging it into the nearest snarling animal.
  94. Snarling in obedience, Gunt roared down at the children, You heard her! Drag your diaper covered asses back to the others.
  95. Stewart was about to explain to Jane and her fighters the situation, Oscar attacked him, snarling and nipping at his face.
  96. Akie became an embodiment of aggression, a veritable Fenris Woolf, as he burst into a violent bout of snarling and barking.
  97. They were very hungry, jumping and snarling and twisting at him, savaging each other to get at him, deafening in their din.
  98. The final casket lid burst open and there, snarling at me with rotted teeth, was the decayed skull of Roho, the witch doctor.
  99. Cecil jerked back with a short cry, colliding with the Colonel, who shoved him forward, snarling, I said move, dammit!.
  100. The snarling, slavering wolf-beasts charged down the soggy hill with their goblin and orc mounts saddled to their furry backs.
  1. It snarled like a dog.
  2. The bear snarled and grunted.
  3. Jacob snarled in my aunt's ear.
  4. He laughed and I snarled at him.
  5. Listen to you? he snarled.
  6. They snarled then growled at me.
  7. The wolves snarled at the twins.
  8. The Brens snarled and delivered.
  9. There's no key!' Grobut snarled.
  10. What about it? Meo snarled.
  11. Jai gazed at the snarled thicket.
  12. The man snarled and took the pain.
  13. Unfortunately, Jeff snarled at me.
  14. That’s an order, he snarled.
  15. It looked down at Sim and snarled.
  16. Ingwe snarled, pawing at the reeds.
  17. Marcus snarled and barred his teeth.
  18. You stay here, Andrina snarled.
  19. The wolf bared its teeth and snarled.
  20. It’s not working! he snarled.
  21. Quit calling me that, I snarled.
  22. What? he snarled into the phone.
  23. This time he snarled, his eyes raging.
  24. The beast snarled and stalked closer.
  25. The women laughed, and the man snarled.
  26. Much more than that, snarled Komadze.
  27. He snarled, his eyes reddened with rage.
  28. Don’t distract her, she snarled.
  29. Her head whipped around and she snarled.
  30. The sheriff snarled: That’s enough!.
  31. Her eyes widened and she snarled, Caius.
  32. Feet apart, snarled a voice in English.
  33. You’re a filthy slut! he snarled.
  34. Fuck, yes! he snarled with pleasure.
  35. He snarled then pointed his shotgun at me.
  36. The foreman snarled and clenched his fists.
  37. Stupid interfering idiot, he snarled.
  38. I just told you that, Joseph snarled.
  39. All right, all right! Crystal snarled.
  40. What’s it gonna cost me? he snarled.
  41. Rusty snarled and barked at the large bears.
  42. A sandstorm followed its tail and it snarled.
  43. You! snarled Mark, stumbling towards me.
  44. His wolf snarled as eager as the other wolves.
  45. I can’t stand the woman, Marie snarled.
  46. She almost snarled when she said That Woman.
  47. Women are often dishonorable, she snarled.
  48. Of course you have control, Harry snarled.
  49. A snarled command sent men running to the gate.
  50. It will show who you truly are, she snarled.
  51. But not with my help this time Pedro snarled.
  52. He snarled like a wild animal and counterattacked.
  53. Now go, leave me! Ruoh snarled with sparks and.
  54. So this is your idea of training? she snarled.
  55. This wound does not look good, Darfod snarled.
  56. Never mind about ruling the world, snarled Ma.
  57. Tell me you're going to fuck her, she snarled.
  58. Where is the sacred relic? Pon snarled, in Thai.
  59. The howler snarled and then he advanced on Belladonna.
  60. Squeezing tears from my eyes, I snarled the last words.
  61. Gardman stepped away from Raven and snarled at Alexia.
  62. She looked at him with scarlet eyes and fangs snarled.
  63. She snarled and glared at the pole affixed to the wall.
  64. Why? I snarled myself as I launched a roll at him.
  65. They were mailed, but got snarled in the postal system.
  66. You’re putting her in the institute, he snarled.
  67. Get in here! she snarled and stepped to the side.
  68. She stood and snarled, and began a slow flow down the.
  69. The chief snarled at me and then turned and walked away.
  70. Don’t you threaten me, vampire, Rafael snarled.
  71. Annette snarled, Surely, you have better things to do.
  72. It snarled at him, pulling its lip back across its fangs.
  73. All he got in return was a snarled, Death to you!.
  74. What’s the point? Marie snarled while continuing.
  75. That’s fucking great, coming from you, he snarled.
  76. She snarled once again, the sound more animal than human.
  77. Mortals, pah! Morgana snarled, useless creatures.
  78. The wolf snarled to show its large canine teeth, clearly.
  79. The wolf snarled and sprang towards them with a great leap.
  80. When Jeff took notice of us, he snarled, then turned back.
  81. The Grand Inquisitor snarled behind his hooded, black robe.
  82. What do you want? he snarled when he opened the door.
  83. I can't get out, this was an order, he snarled at her.
  84. Get up! He snarled at her and she slowly got to her feet.
  85. The triumphant cat snarled at his opponent, with the utmost.
  86. That old priest is a ta ta, Jack snarled while trying.
  87. It snarled and reached blood-stained hands through the bars.
  88. It snarled again, slowly and menacingly moving towards them.
  89. Who the devil has put the logs on the road? snarled he.
  90. The two dragons snarled at each other and grappled in mid-air.
  91. What have you done with Aerith? snarled the blonde ex-.
  92. Ulfur snarled, Elowen felt the anger grow hot within him; it.
  93. Bjorgolf snarled and shouted something back in the whistling.
  94. Got you, he snarled as his head bobbed up and down just.
  95. He’ll kill you, the man snarled, writhing on the floor.
  96. Mikey turned and snarled at the man, showing his teeth like a.
  97. A face formed near mine and snarled in Valesch, Lucky human.
  98. Now git in there, snarled Charlie as they both shoved me.
  99. You think I’m afraid of you? Conklin whirled and snarled.
  100. I'm not through with you, he snarled, sending another spray.
  1. He looks over at me and snarls.
  2. The lawyer papers, he snarls.
  3. He snarls, Then what are you?
  4. THE NAMELESS ONE: (Snarls) Arse over tip.
  5. Spell it the fuck out, Barrons snarls.
  6. Glaring in the direction of Sif, Odin snarls.
  7. A few more circles and the snarls began to fade.
  8. He could hear their growls and snarls of outrage.
  9. I heard his snarls leap to a new level of intensity.
  10. Snarls and grunts of anticipation came from the pack.
  11. If a dog bares its teeth, growls, snarls, stays stiff.
  12. Her nose screwed up the way a dog does just before it snarls.
  13. Around enormous fangs, the beast snarls, You had ample time.
  14. The snarls melted away, returning the glow to her face as if.
  15. Covering his ears to block out the snarls and the near-human.
  16. The noise was deafening; grunts, chants and snarls filled the air.
  17. He clearly heard the soft snarls and growls that echoed all around.
  18. Wolf cries filled the night air, snarls and barks and savage growls.
  19. The back-lit man-shapes converged, arms up and out, faces etched in snarls.
  20. When I glanced over my shoulder, I gulped as growls and snarls filled the air.
  21. Her muffled snarls and desperation kicked a chill up my spine as she struggled.
  22. Would you die for your friend? he snarls at Simon as they continue to grapple.
  23. His cries filled the sky and his fellow shape shifters called to him with angry snarls.
  24. It snarls once more at him and he sees the glitter of teeth in the weak winter sunlight.
  25. Suddenly, the wolves faltered, and the wedge loosened and broke amidst snarls of violent.
  26. The proximity of the snarls behind told her she wasn’t going to make it to the barn, either.
  27. No one who works at the Adverse Effects Division can be immune, he snarls, still furious.
  28. Vivian tossed her long, red hair over her shoulder and ran her fingers through a couple of snarls.
  29. One of the goats was voicing a terrified cry and with it mingled vicious snarls and anxious barking.
  30. As the wolf snarls once more, baring its teeth and crouching for the kill, he imagines he will die here.
  31. They helped her up from the ground and stared up with snarls on their faces at a cackling David on stage.
  32. She could now discern the tearing of flesh and the breaking of bones in amongst the throaty growls and snarls.
  33. Mars glowered at Cupid as he slowly strode up the aisle, ignoring the snarls on either side of him as he passed.
  34. Anup snarls in reply, those jaws inching closer to my neck—but I also detect a hint of uncertainty in his threat.
  35. By the time I stumbled into the lobby of Yuki’s building, all of the knots and snarls had melted out of my system.
  36. The fact he is separate, on his own, should be enough, and, as he hoped, the beast turns and snarls in his direction.
  37. I catch a glimpse through matted hair of wild eyes glittering with moonlight, of black fangs and spittle as it snarls.
  38. In addition to all manner of garbled alien words, there were shrieks and snarls emanating from the center of the circle.
  39. His bones vibrated from the sound of the undead battering the building while the torrent of snarls renewed from the streets.
  40. Because inside me is a beast that snarls, and growls, and strains toward freedom, toward Tobias, and, above all, toward life.
  41. He rode quietly, staring at them one at a time, and they stared back at him, vicious snarls on their faces and ready to fight.
  42. Upon entering the room, I was met by about 100 pounds of teeth and snarls attached to a very lean, mean looking German Shepherd.
  43. But from hints dropped among the snarls I even gathered that his padding feet had taken him at last to Esgaroth, and even to the.
  44. He did, however, grudgingly submit and pulled himself to his feet, shaking his head and running fingers through long snarls of hair.
  45. Murderous snarls rang out behind her and Holly knew it was Ray, the shape shifter Legion had assigned to watch the entrance to the roof.
  46. The Seelie Prince snarls, You will cease doing that! You killed our fucking advisor! That is twice now you’ve insulted us with—.
  47. I was on the ground laughing, Assef straddling my chest, his face a mask of lunacy, framed by snarls of his hair swaying inches from my face.
  48. Only in the relative safety of her group did she turn and look back for the hordes of guards pursuing them, their snarls still filling her ears.
  49. Hektor’s pointer tapped the area between Hilda Island and the Fist of Schueler again, and there was no chuckle at all in the snarls that answered him.
  50. Bobby, I’m not sure why you haven’t noticed, but I can hear those snarls and moans, and I can see these people have turned into evil zombie thralls.
  51. My brothers attempted ineffectually to ward him off with fake snarls and hisses, but the beast was not interested in playing with his meal before he devoured it.
  52. From there they sent back a message to the assault captain about the current situation, as expected they were greeted with growls, snarls and curses at their failures.
  53. The watchman barely had the time to see the approaching hyenas and to start shout an alarm cry when the five hyenas broke as a group into a run, rushing towards the cave’s entrance with ferocious snarls.
  54. Maybe it’s because I don’t frazzle up years of good vitality over little everyday snarls, Elvira replied, serenely, but added, more meekly, I’ve been very near to it lately, though, with Eulalie and her young men.
  55. But the brute didn’t move, but instead another appeared beside it and then there were more and as one their stupefaction over his sudden appearance in the forest changed to open mouthed snarls of demented lunacy as they advanced on him in mass.

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