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    1. Once he was finally able to capture and entangle them, he found his strangest result yet

    2. "What we have proved," Darryl said, "is that we can entangle a logical simulation of a fourth order condensate

    3. "We don't need a fourth order condensate to entangle the dark bodies, we can entangle the virtual particles created in the veron store and dispense with that massive and hungry equipment

    4. "You're saying entangle this veron store with what's out there?" Darryl asked

    5. It only took him a few minutes to set up his equipment to entangle the veron store where she was running with the nearest dark body, a two hundred million ton snowball a little under fifty six million miles away

    6. “We are building a handheld instrument that can entangle one’s thoughts and follow them to their destination

    7. I was hoping to just notice something, to prove we could entangle fourth order condensates with logic simulations rather than large masses of condensed antimatter

    8. Adros knew from experience that any moment the roots could come alive, either to entangle, or smash those they deemed an enemy

    9. As they crept along, Janek voiced his fear that they might entangle themselves with the considerable amount of wreckage that littered the estuary

    10. things that entangle you in the results of your efforts — the mo-

    11. I have the power to decide whether I want to entangle myself in an endless materialistic race for status, or not

    12. that seem to entangle you with each step, cut

    13. In the course of the evening a certain lawyer, seeking to entangle Jesus in a compromising disputation, said: "Teacher, I would like to ask you just what I should do to inherit eternal life?" Jesus answered, "What is written in the law and the prophets; how do you read the Scriptures?" The lawyer, knowing the teachings of both Jesus and the Pharisees, answered: "To love the Lord God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and your neighbor as yourself

    14. Finally they agreed upon appointing five groups to go out among the people and seek to entangle him in his teaching or otherwise to discredit him in the sight of those who listened to his instruction

    15. 1 When the chief Pharisees and the scribes who had sought to entangle Jesus with their questions had finished listening to the story of the two sons, they withdrew to take further counsel, and the Master, turning his attention to the listening multitude, told another parable:

    16. ' If David calls him Lord, how then can he be his son?" Although the rulers, the scribes, and the chief priests made no reply to this question, they likewise refrained from asking him any more questions in an effort to entangle him

    17. They could do a number of things, cause pain, entangle one, produce light and heat and whip the skin off your back

    18. During sexual intercourse, we entangle our auric fields with those of our partners

    19. a longer term basis and to entangle the customer with your business so

    20. Our souls entrain; our hearts entangle

    21. "You remember hearing me speak of Fanny Skeffington?" he said, though well knowing she couldn't remember, because he never had spoken of her--such being the minor duplicities which sometimes entangle husbands

    22. If you wish to overcome the evil types of atheistic materialism, you must awaken conscience, rather than entangle the intellect in doubtful disputations

    23. It produced vibrant red roses but if more than one plant got near each other they started to entangle themselves

    24. May I die if the enchanters that persecute me are not trying to entangle me in them and delay my journey, by way of revenge for my obduracy towards Altisidora

    25. such disorder, that they served rather to entangle, and fold her the faster

    26. Accordingly, not wanting to entangle his propeller in this weed–choked mass, Captain Nemo stayed at a depth some meters below the surface of the waves

    27. And indeed, all her efforts and struggles were managed with such disorder, that they served rather to entangle, and fold her the faster in the twine of his boisterous arms; so that she was tied to the stake, and obliged to fight the match out, if she died for it

    28. At twilight they stepped out, all smiles, having found new ways to constrict, imprison, or entangle lives in fees and licenses

    29. The sentinel stationed by the insurgents in the Rue Mondetour had no occasion to give the alarm for a single National Guardsman, and he had allowed the latter to entangle himself in the street, saying to himself: "Probably it is a reinforcement, in any case it is a prisoner

    30. He stared at the robot and tried to entangle some dartoid muscles

    31. Into the ears of the radio operators come orders, warnings, changes, and out through his radio go reports of missions, dangers which entangle other ships, reconnaissance observations, and position

    32. There was a circumstance which at first sight seemed to entangle his delirious but still methodical scheme

    33. Whether the United States shall continue passive under these progressive usurpations, and their accumulating wrongs, or, opposing force to force in defence of their national rights, shall commit a just cause into the hands of the Almighty Disposer of events, avoiding all connections which might entangle it in the contest or views of other powers, and preserving a constant readiness to concur in an honorable re-establishment of peace and friendship, is a solemn question, which the constitution wisely confides to the Legislative Department of the Government

    1. have such entangled hair? Who usually has hair like that? Homeless

    2. I thought again of those moments with Jamie when my confusion and my emotions became entangled

    3. He did claim the entangled states being exchanged were information

    4. I hope to be reading entangled states from condensates in the dark matter a week or two from now

    5. “Why are there more entangled state changes here than in regimes of normal temperature?"

    6. There was one for each particle in each atom that he had entangled

    7. "As has been reported earlier, I have found good evidence for the presence of significant amounts of condensates in these bodies, and what I believe to be signals transmitted among the entangled particles

    8. A couple hundred years ago the instrumentation couldn't see both transitions of an entangled transfer, but today was different due to the latest updates sent from Earth, and Pete could watch it happen as well as he could

    9. They were still setting up the instruments to tune into the atoms in the mini veron store that were entangled with the fourth order condensate in his largest antimatter trap to date

    10. I doubt it will be strong enough for me to sense it, but if my thoughts were entangled with something out there, it seems to me I might be able to feel its thoughts

    11. “You already have my thoughts entangled with that condensate in your jar

    12. “What percentage of the thoughts in my mind are entangled by one pass of the beam?” Ava asked

    13. “You just said only one in a thousand of my thoughts will be entangled anyway

    14. He fired off the entangled beam

    15. "The entangled photons should be reaching the target very soon, then we will have another five minutes for any effect to propagate back here

    16. But the whole explanation hinges on the ability of entangled particles in decay bacteria to transmit a human soul

    17. "Do you mean if all the bosons out here were in condensate and they were all entangled with each other?"

    18. Most of the time we are so entangled in our emotional responses

    19. It was Heymon who answered however, “The theory that lets us determine the remote results of an entangled interaction is shaky I think

    20. “I can’t even follow the math in the proof that an entangled state change can’t travel faster than light

    21. “The experiment we were conducting was to try and determine if logical simulations of fourth order condensates can be entangled with the fourth order condensates in the dark bodies

    22. “I seem to have become trapped in an event horizon while I was running from the alternate veron store that was entangled with one of the dark bodies in the space we are passing thru

    23. “Because the traces are over twenty atoms wide, only single particles in single atoms would be entangled

    24. She saw that, but noticed a time displacement from the making of the entangled copy

    25. That particle was supposedly entangled with a photon they had received in the message bringing this data

    26. She used that entangled photon on the auxiliary veron store that was still sitting here in Thom’s lab

    27. She told them about the Wetat, she told them how they believe it lifts souls thru decay bacteria entangled with higher order condensates in the dark matter

    28. It was showing the entangled fifth order condensate that had been that Chinese man’s soul before he was frozen in the cryoslicer

    29. Many on the committee had been entangled in various intrigues in the past, hoping to gain favor and win themselves a speakership or better quarters, so he shouldn’t ignore the possibility that someone or a friend of someone on the committee was involved in Tdeshi’s overdose

    30. He becomes entangled and falls, dropping his doughnuts and fracturing his shin

    31. All things that exist in our universe are entangled in the

    32. He slid down the rutted slope, bike dragging along, entangled in his legs

    33. The ones who did make it to shore fell prey to either the mines machine guns or got entangled in the barbed wire on top of this were the bloody snipers who picked people off with deadly accuracy

    34. I fell backwards and landed in an old entanglement it was then that I found I was well and truly snagged in the wire and couldn’t move hardly and even when I did I only got more entangled

    35. I pressed on, guided only by the stars, but soon became hopelessly entangled in a swamp

    36. As it is oftentimes the case, it‘s the law-abiding citizen who desires a firearm for a variety of (legitimate) reasons; security, sport or collection, who finds himself entangled in so much Red Tape

    37. Both seemed to be easily fooled in a chaotic mass of vegetation such as the one they were entangled in currently

    38. - Val eviryn, nere malina! he smiled at her and tried to untie his fingers from her hair which they had entangled in during the night

    39. “Weinberg’s arena,” avers Berlinski, “is Elementary particles…A rather depressing place…Over there (in the Standard Model of particle physics), fields are pregnant with latent energy, particles flicker into existence and disappear, things are entangled, and no one can quite tell what is possible and what is actual, what is here and what is there, what is now and what was then, solid forms give way

    40. Elior placed his hand on her hair and entangled his fingers in her hair

    41. He put a hand over hers that rested against his cheek and entangled his fingers in hers

    42. Within a short moment he became entangled in the rose bush’s

    43. “Your son entangled himself in the Science Fair

    44. 2Pet 2:20 For if after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, they are again entangled therein, and overcome, the latter end is worse with them than the beginning

    45. Sure it was good, I mean he’d had over a hundred years of practice, but though he was completely entangled in me, I could feel it, I wasn’t able to kiss him back with the same intensity

    46. 72 And this ram was advancing to Abraham when Satan caught hold of him and entangled his horns in the thicket, that he might not advance to Abraham, in order that Abraham might kill his son

    47. The vines are entangled in wire and lose their leaves with winter frosts

    48. But, again, they are all entangled with the 'nothingness' that you so desperately fear and dread—the 'nothingness' that you have been fleeing from all your life

    49. 3 For Pharaoh will say of the children of Israel, They are entangled in the land, the wilderness has shut them in

    50. 3 For Pharaoh will say of the children of Israel, They are entangled in the

    1. Lorries, wagons and mule trains that were all now entangles as we got closer to the front line

    2. Leadbeater says that in the course of his physical life the ordinary man usually entangles himself so much in (dark) astral matter (in other words, that he identifies himself so closely with desires associated with lower frequency bodies) that the in-drawing force of the higher energy bodies and consciousness cannot entirely separate him from it again

    3. Crust and filth entangles her hair, giving a nest to insects

    4. “Let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles

    5. When facts, the premonitory symptoms of latent social malady, move heavily, the slightest complication stops and entangles them

    6. A lie to others only entangles matters, and delays the settlement; but a lie to one’s self, set forth as the truth, ruins a man’s whole life

    1. “Thom still thinks it’s the Pink Dawn,” Ava said, and that he is entangling ideas in flesh minds

    2. Ground which can be abandoned but is hard to re-occupy is called ENTANGLING

    3. 1 Another group of Sadducees had been instructed to ask Jesus entangling questions about angels, but when they beheld the fate of their comrades who had sought to entrap him with questions concerning the resurrection, they very wisely decided to hold their peace; they retired without asking a question

    4. It was the prearranged plan of the confederated Pharisees, scribes, Sadducees, and Herodians to fill up the entire day with these entangling questions, hoping thereby to discredit Jesus before the people and at the same time effectively to prevent his having any time for the proclamation of his disturbing teachings

    5. suspected some sort of entangling trap

    6. She had attempted to put him in a joint lock, but he countered by entangling their arms

    7. corners, and we flung these over the reptiles, eventually catching and entangling them all

    8. We mistake the experience of entangling chains and dangling over abysses for integrating transformation

    9. As he sat down, Patch started wildly circling around him, entangling Zach in the leash as he did so, barking furiously, his little canine nose pointing directly up the stairs as he barked

    10. She remembered his fingers lazily stroking her long dark hair, entangling between the strands near the nape of her neck

    11. A mind bent over itself ends up entangling itself in obsessions, like Fred with his endless musings about his wonderful old car

    12. had prevented him from losing the greater good by entangling himself with the

    13. Carton stooped to pick up the coat, which lay almost entangling his feet

    14. They catched are in an entangling net,

    15. In the vast cosmic exchanges the universal life goes and comes in unknown quantities, rolling entirely in the invisible mystery of effluvia, employing everything, not losing a single dream, not a single slumber, sowing an animalcule here, crumbling to bits a planet there, oscillating and winding, making of light a force and of thought an element, disseminated and invisible, dissolving all, except that geometrical point, the I; bringing everything back to the soul-atom; expanding everything in God, entangling all activity, from summit to base, in the obscurity of a dizzy mechanism, attaching the flight of an insect to the movement of the earth, subordinating, who knows? Were it only by the identity of the law, the evolution of the comet in the firmament to the whirling of the infusoria in the drop of water

    16. more than one street corner—for they are streets—presenting itself in the gloom like an interrogation point; first, on his left, the vast sewer of the Platriere, a sort of Chinese puzzle, thrusting out and entangling its chaos of Ts and Zs under the Post-Office and under the rotunda of the Wheat Market, as far as the Seine, where it terminates in a Y; secondly, on his right, the curving corridor of the Rue du Cadran with its three teeth, which are also blind courts; thirdly, on his left, the branch of the Mail, complicated, almost at its inception, with a sort of fork, and proceeding from zig-zag to zig-zag until it ends in the grand crypt of the outlet of the Louvre, truncated and ramified in every direction; and lastly, the blind alley of a passage of the Rue des Jeuneurs, without counting little ducts here and there, before reaching the belt sewer, which alone could conduct him to some issue sufficiently distant to be safe

    17. On the day that Tarzan established his right to respect, the tribe was gathered about a small natural amphitheater which the jungle had left free from its entangling vines and creepers in a hollow among some low hills

    18. “A fellow’s afraid of everything; of being arrested himself and entangling others, and of spoiling the whole business, and then he gets locked up, and all responsibility is at an end, and he can rest; he can just sit and smoke

    19. "Peace and friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none," was their motto, and the same sentiment has been sanctioned by a man, whom the advocates of this war have never ceased to admire

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