solidifying sätze

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Solidifying sätze (in englisch)

  1. Imagine a CONE solidifying and a ROD solidifying.
  2. The tree's image started to spin and the solidifying disc took off.
  3. Furthermore these rays have a curious appearance of solidifying as.
  4. Pearls result simply from mother–of–pearl solidifying into a globular shape.
  5. When casting is solidifying in the mould, liquid metal is also getting solidified.

  6. Larger and brighter, the light grew in height and started solidifying, changing to an.
  7. Deception taunts with this threat and then the loss occurs, thus solidifying Deception’s hold on.
  8. She was obliging, and made change for hi, from her apron pocket, obviously a solidifying of her day's tips.
  9. But since salt water freezes only at –2°, I was finally assured that there was no danger of it solidifying.
  10. By solidifying into an apparent entity , the thought that creates the self becomes the pivot around which all other thinking revolves.
  11. If you’ve been working through the exercises and solidifying all the skills we’ve covered to this point, what’s in this chapter should not seem like a big stretch.
  12. In the face of this imminent new danger, what would happen to our chances for salvation, and how could we prevent this liquid medium from solidifying, then cracking the Nautilus's hull like glass?
  13. Well, despite his affection for the old man, he just hoped that his father was so far out of it now that nothing could penetrate the dense cloud the dementia was solidifying around his once extraordinary mind.
  14. The magic gasses created from such a spell were enormous and hung like clouds in the sky for days, eventually they sunk downwards into the ground and settled, penetrating the porous rocks solidifying and eventually, in time, crystallizing.
  15. Let the bus take her to the train, the train to the plane, the plane to the city, and the city to her friends, and then, like a stone dropped into a cement mixer, let that life in the city do with her as it would, she flowing along in the mix and solidifying in any new pattern that seemed best.

  16. But what we do know, is that, amidst the seeming chaos, the Spirit of Order ruled; and, through incalculable ages, that Spirit moved upon the surface and through the mass, condensing, combining, solidifying, separating land and water and air; till at length the natural forces, acting out the volitions of orderly Eternal Thought, created an earth on which organic life was possible; and the long battle of fire and water, the strife and attraction of contending elements, ended in a habitable world.
  17. Solidifying into a human form, wearing an overcoat and trousers with fine boots,.
  1. And solidified eternally upon My resurrection.
  2. They topped the solidified water like glass.
  3. At last, the image solidified, commanded his attention.
  4. When it is cold and the fat has solidified, remove meat.
  5. Given two seconds, it would have re-expanded and solidified.
  6. The boy’s bravery solidified something in Thomas’s heart.
  7. In his throat was something as if a sob had solidified there.
  8. Whatever the outcome, the bickering solidified Stallman's re-.
  9. Reality is formed and reinforced (solidified) by the collective.
  10. Finally, the question solidified: Should he imagine the world to.
  11. The sparks solidified and became small jewels of colour on the floor.
  12. In that moment, he solidified the ground, trapping the giant’s feet.
  13. The Riverlilly shimmered like a new star and solidified back into a boat.
  14. Thomas felt as if his breath had solidified, lodged itself in his throat.
  15. Within seconds the bloody end was covered with dark blue, solidified honoi.
  16. It looks like solidified azure, as, far off, it is drawn through the streets.
  17. The fire stayed where it was as the ground solidified, trapping him within it.
  18. As more and more of the buccaneers flocked to his command, his dream solidified.
  19. When casting is solidifying in the mould, liquid metal is also getting solidified.
  20. Once the image solidified, both sisters gasped and unintentionally took a step back.
  21. On the contrary the greater the heat the more solidified the remaining snow becomes.
  22. As the image in the portal solidified, John said, Ladies, I do believe this is your stop?
  23. Germany knew they couldn’t win the war in Europe so they went deep and solidified their position.
  24. Here we choose to serve the consommé lightly solidified with cabbages of various kinds and textures.
  25. The other Nycarmans coated their entire bodies with honoi to the point where it solidified over their armor.
  26. In other words, having this tension is eventually solidified into movement strategies, behaviors and habits.
  27. With the arrest of Dopey Jack, it seemed as if all the forces of the gang world were solidified for the final battle.
  28. And in that blackness she saw shapes materialising: vague, blurry shapes that took form and solidified as she watched.
  29. The form became an outline, and the outline solidified into a young girl with long hair, wearing jeans and a pink T-shirt.
  30. When the vaporized rock slowly cooled and solidified against the inside of the bubble, it formed these crystal formations.
  31. The scream—the piercing cry of a creature about to descend upon its prey?—was a catalyst that solidified fear into action.
  32. The pressure that would develop in them, as the water solidified, would apply a relentless stress to finally shear the granite.
  33. It was while watching Romero's Night of the Living Dead at the tender age of 6 which solidified Julianne’s respect for the Undead.
  34. She had long been a part of the close-knit team and had seen many faces come and go; her position was solidified within the office.
  35. My middle age brought emotional and spiritual maturity that have solidified my self-confidence and self-esteem and that have humbled me.
  36. The juice of the pawpaw fruit contained papain which had to be solidified before export to the USA where it was used as a meat tenderizer.
  37. Dacian caught it and solidified it before it splashed to the ground, molding it into his ideal lance-just as Xeila and Eynochia caught up, consoling.
  38. However, the landmass, once it got solidified to some depth, would have rested on its laurels but for the jerk of an earthquake or a jolt by a volcano.
  39. Hunter solidified his reputation as a rising star during 2005, when he bet the right way on natural gas prices after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita ripped through the U.
  40. Positions become solidified among like-minded groups of delegates, and the most forceful or eloquent spokespersons for each position rise to dominance of their groups.
  41. The ruling party, the United Progressive Alliance, solidified its hold on the Indian government and the results should allow stability for at least the next five years.
  42. The performance of these trading vehicles during the bear market of late 2008 and early 2009 solidified their place as a legitimate method of portfolio diversification and hedging.
  43. Even various interpretations within the Christian faith, fostered and solidified by the slowness of communication between large population centers such as Alexandria, Antioch, and Ephesus.
  44. Shapes solidified and a deep bassoon voice told me his name and that he would willingly serve me if I held to my promise of a world where only dragons ruled and lived without interference from humankind.
  45. Even though the surface of the sea has solidified into ice, its lower strata are still open, thanks to that divine justice that puts the maximum density of salt water one degree above its freezing point.
  46. For it is scarcely possible that such rocks could have been solidified and crystallised while uncovered; but if the metamorphic action occurred at profound depths of the ocean, the former protecting mantle of rock may not have been very thick.
  47. Later that evening she called the time travel agency with her brain and purchased a trip to the year 2015, to arrive during springtime, and after receiving detailed instruction on how she was in no way to make contact with the subject of her temporal observations, she solidified her plan to hand the letter to Peter.
  48. Next we are invited to believe that when the earth was sufficiently cooled and solidified, the forces of nature—specially light, heat, electricity, or the force which is convertible into all of them—acting upon certain materials having a tendency to receive a change, made them alive so that the protoplasm became a cell, and the cell grew into a moving substance, that received increase, and forthwith began to propagate its likeness;—that these earliest growths passed from plants into plant animals;—that the animals began to feel and to act, and finally to see, to hear, to think, and to advance into higher forms;—until at last was produced the complex animal creation which we behold around us, out of which finally sprang Mankind, and free-thought in Europe.
  49. As soon as the liquid metal has solidified, mould is broken, feeders, gates,.
  50. Wax–Refers to solidified fuel for a candlestick’s fire, thereby alluding to the results of earlier deeds,.
  1. In fact, it solidifies into dry ice.
  2. It solidifies a sense of self by being non-forgiving.
  3. It further solidifies the conclusion that it points to the.
  4. This just solidifies my resolve that Aidan is perfect for us.
  5. When the wax solidifies, the mark stays, imprinted in the wax.
  6. When it spits out that water and breathes on it, the water solidifies.
  7. SIZE of INSULATING FEEDER to such an EXTENT that it solidifies in the.
  8. Thoughts crystallize into habit and habit solidifies into circumstances.
  9. I guess this only solidifies the saying You always remember your first.
  10. Consider that accepting the no graciously solidifies the possibility for later.
  11. On the east end of the study, flush to the wall, a line of blue-black flickers and solidifies.
  12. Yeah, but what do you care if it’s busted? It solidifies the unrest, you said so yourself.
  13. My tendency to win when playing cards only solidifies his conviction that I’m a closet magician.
  14. This also further solidifies the identification of the Vatican and Papacy with 666 (not one person.
  15. When he tastes it, he smiles appreciatively and the ground beneath my feet solidifies just like that.
  16. They are still young and if they marry before their brain solidifies, the wives will split them apart.
  17. This swinging in the pan dissolves the flavor, which solidifies in the bottom of the pan; it greatly improves the sauce.
  18. For a split second a ghost of a wolf appears around his legs, and then quickly solidifies as Uncle Dylan's human body fades away.
  19. That’s a great trick! The liquid in the urns solidifies in just a few seconds, changing colors from the initial dark green to a deep red, spotted with gold.

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1. Leave it in the refrigerator to solidify.
2. By then, she’d solidify her place in the.
3. The water will help solidify your body, but you.
4. What the training was intended to do was solidify my.
5. The senses of sight and touch are their to solidify the truth.
6. The cold water causes the fat to solidify, disrupting digestion.
7. As she saw his plans begin to solidify, she knew she had to talk to Hunter.
8. Now, the Bismuth will begin to solidify, and as it does, crystals will form.
9. Consider first that all extra cash should first be used to solidify your base.
11. I will need a couple more days to solidify that, and then I will call you back.
12. Learning The Basic Option Trading Strategies (And Uses) To Solidify Objectives.
13. Eerily, Elizabeth Bascomb’s allegations were beginning to solidify with this evidence.
14. A fellow had to get it down his gullet quickly before it began to solidify, or he would gag on it.
15. This would solidify his claim and allow his children the legal rights to the property—and to the mine.
16. He waited a couple of cycles to solidify the timing in his mind and then used the roar to cover his entry.
17. Ironically, these terrorists did more to solidify the World Government’s hold on power than anything else.
18. The liquid strata farthest from the trench, not warmed by the movements of workmen and tools, were showing a tendency to solidify.
19. Yes, they would be very beneficial in this investigation and may in fact help solidify the case for murder against Terence Underwood.
20. Is Rod Serling’s ghost around the corner? Somebody placed this gold here; molten gold doesn’t just solidify in wrecked car trunks.
21. The longer a group socialises only within its own comfortable walls, the more its ideals solidify, becoming a specialised type of intolerance.
22. If we act now we can solidify our encampments in Mount Crow and take the greater portions of the Ghastly Fens and Mystic Down for the goblins and orcs.
23. You will begin to do the things that you need to do because your thoughts, based on these two words, will solidify a belief system of confidence within you.
24. This "policy of compromise and toleration" would bring no peace at all, but would rather increase, emphasize, crystallize, and solidify our unhappy divisions.
25. I cannot believe that you will refuse a good and loving husband, that you will prefer to remain with your father and solidify into yet one more frostbitten virgin.
26. However, Natasha must have known that her sudden appearance in New York would only solidify people’s image of her as a pathetic woman obsessed with a movie star.
27. Kirk and Spock had encountered a species of living rocks, well, they were more lava than rock, but they could somehow solidify into rock and still maintain their living status.
28. Though he did not doubt or question the Ashburns and their descriptions, Feltus knew that more witness to corroborate their claims would only solidify his case against Terence.
29. Not only would this solidify their position as the preeminent cartel on the Eastern Seaboard, but this would also prove to heighten their influence with their suppliers in Colombia.
30. After the dance was over the Priest announced that it was time for the queen to pick her mate to complete the ritual and solidify her place on the throne, their combined energies a gift to the gods for choosing the new leader.
31. For one thing, Watts knew that if he openly traveled to Jupiter to have talks with Robeson, Li would immediately be on the alert and could even react violently to break up any Spacer alliance before it could have a chance to solidify.
32. You know they mined saltpeter near the bridge and early American soldiers dropped hot lead bullets from the top of the bridge so they could solidify and cool down when they hit the shallow water at the bottom? Interesting! Oh, yeah, and this is also interesting.
33. Maybe his father could even try to solidify his alliance with Lady Shelton’s people by making him marry one of the women from the future? He was not sure however that this would work, since Lady Shelton herself had said that nobility and bloodline counted for nothing in her society.
34. Strolling on deck with my mother who would not let me out of her sight, gazing at the sea for hours, insatiably, having an early dinner at sundown, sleeping on the top bunk in our cabin, waking up early to make out the indistinct outlines of Cyprus at six in the morning, in the cool breeze, in the haze, and finally having them solidify and concretize little by little on our two-hour approach to the port of Limassol.
35. Assuredly, if any one had said to him at such moments that the hour would come when that name would ring in his ears, when the hideous words, Jean Valjean, would suddenly emerge from the darkness and rise in front of him, when that formidable light, capable of dissipating the mystery in which he had enveloped himself, would suddenly blaze forth above his head, and that that name would not menace him, that that light would but produce an obscurity more dense, that this rent veil would but increase the mystery, that this earthquake would solidify his edifice, that this prodigious incident would have no other result, so far as he was concerned, if so it seemed good to him, than that of rendering his existence at once clearer and more impenetrable, and that, out of his confrontation with the phantom of Jean Valjean, the good and worthy citizen Monsieur Madeleine would emerge more honored, more peaceful, and more respected than ever—if any one had told him that, he would have tossed his head and regarded the words as those of a madman.

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