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    1. The tree's image started to spin and the solidifying disc took off

    2. ” Anyway, they were really smart college professors who talked a lot about their cat, hence solidifying my preconceived notion of the cat person

    3. Deception taunts with this threat and then the loss occurs, thus solidifying Deception’s hold on

    4. The magic gasses created from such a spell were enormous and hung like clouds in the sky for days, eventually they sunk downwards into the ground and settled, penetrating the porous rocks solidifying and eventually, in time, crystallizing

    5. Furthermore these rays have a curious appearance of solidifying as

    6. She was obliging, and made change for hi, from her apron pocket, obviously a solidifying of her day's tips

    7. By solidifying into an apparent entity , the thought that creates the self becomes the pivot around which all other thinking revolves

    8. Imagine a CONE solidifying and a ROD solidifying

    9. When casting is solidifying in the mould, liquid metal is also getting solidified

    10. at how quickly it was solidifying and becoming a fixture in

    11. belief adopted as a result of these judgments has been false, solidifying and justifying the

    12. Larger and brighter, the light grew in height and started solidifying, changing to an

    13. Solidifying into a human form, wearing an overcoat and trousers with fine boots,

    14. But what we do know, is that, amidst the seeming chaos, the Spirit of Order ruled; and, through incalculable ages, that Spirit moved upon the surface and through the mass, condensing, combining, solidifying, separating land and water and air; till at length the natural forces, acting out the volitions of orderly Eternal Thought, created an earth on which organic life was possible; and the long battle of fire and water, the strife and attraction of contending elements, ended in a habitable world

    15. If you’ve been working through the exercises and solidifying all the skills we’ve covered to this point, what’s in this chapter should not seem like a big stretch

    16. Pearls result simply from mother–of–pearl solidifying into a globular shape

    17. In the face of this imminent new danger, what would happen to our chances for salvation, and how could we prevent this liquid medium from solidifying, then cracking the Nautilus's hull like glass?

    18. "Don't you understand," he went on, "that the congealing of this water could come to our rescue? Don't you see that by solidifying, it could burst these tracts of ice imprisoning us, just as its freezing can burst the hardest stones? Aren't you aware that this force could be the instrument of our salvation rather than our destruction?"

    19. But since salt water freezes only at –2°, I was finally assured that there was no danger of it solidifying

    20. Well, despite his affection for the old man, he just hoped that his father was so far out of it now that nothing could penetrate the dense cloud the dementia was solidifying around his once extraordinary mind

    21. Let the bus take her to the train, the train to the plane, the plane to the city, and the city to her friends, and then, like a stone dropped into a cement mixer, let that life in the city do with her as it would, she flowing along in the mix and solidifying in any new pattern that seemed best

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