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    1. ‘But it has really underlined to me how very premeditated the whole crime was … this isn’t a spur of the moment, loss of control thing at all

    2. time fat and fifty year old Johnny was no athlete, but he could rely on the spur of

    3. ‘I thought of that and asked her to describe him, explaining that you had two brothers … it was the best I could come up with on the spur of the moment … the receptionist said he was in his forties, overweight, hair receding a little and wearing a posh looking suit

    4. a spur of blood in arteries that move mountains

    5. On the spur of the moment, I tell her about the incident in the pub last week

    6. 'Standing on the spur, I swear a lady was standing

    7. They had just rounded a spur when Jacques (who was

    8. I bid for this one until it reached my maximum, the auctioneer waited a moment and on the spur of the moment I bid an extra ten percent

    9. undoubtedly spur the surrounding villages into open

    10. A flutist would play a lively tune to spur their dance

    1. What would Berndt make of that letter? For some minutes, she lay debating what the next course of action should be when the sound of someone moving around in the house spurred her into getting out of bed

    2. Spurred on by the prospect of becoming a father, the famous

    3. Petr spurred his horse to catch up with the others

    4. in Perlow,’ he frowned, and spurred the horse into

    5. world, friend Matt,’ said Kassim as he spurred his

    6. Somehow the words spurred her to her feet, and with the sound of clashing steel and cries of, "To the Archenon" she drove on, stumbling forward on unsteady feet while behind her, the sounds of battle grew to a frenzied pitch

    7. The pair of gray and white eyes focused on Theodorous, who was suddenly spurred into motion by the gaze

    8. Spurred by the presence of their king and father -- Solo Ki -- at long last their blades awoke -- vibrant and alive within their hands once more

    9. hugged her close and spurred their horse on to join

    10. “This conversation was over well before it began-” Before the Justiciar could finish Penelope spurred her horse into the group with a harsh cry, knocking the two elves at the rear to the ground and swinging her blade – her father’s blade – catching the leader at the neck

    1. Fear and humility are among their spurs

    2. Though when he finally arrived in Morthal as the sunlight melted into the bogs, he could not suppress shivers and a desire to turn his spurs back to the east

    3. The order came to wheel sideways towards the right and that’s when the trouble started the manoeuvre we had just made should have taken our advance up the main spur towards Krithia but in between the spurs was rough terrain that contained gullies and thick bush

    4. along with boots, spurs and sword

    5. he did not have a sword or clean boots with spurs

    6. Once that adaptation happens, you’re wasting your time continuing with the same routine because the intensity is just not there, and it’s intensity that spurs growth

    7. Sitting astride the saddle was a young girl dressed in a cowboy hat, thigh length boots and spurs

    8. In this area, with spurs, sidings and branches all over the place; we weren’t too much of a problem to higher-priority traffic, including munitions, or, ‘bullet’ trains

    9. win his spurs for this

    10. b) Using whips with ties, spurs with more than 5 mm, or other perforating tools

    1. But as soon as he started to yield to such a weighty feeling of defeat and entertain the notion of simply spurring back to the east, he remembered the Breton woman’s smile and her laughter -

    2. His eyes narrowed, and now seeming to look for a way out without appearing to retreat, he saluted as he said, “This must not be the disturbance that I was sent out to investigate; therefore I shall go on! Make way! Make way!” he shouted, suddenly spurring his horse into the line of men who had slowly encircled the patrol, he waved his troop to follow, scattering people in all directions

    3. “Make way! Make way for the king’s courier and guard bound for the City in answer to Pharaoh’s summons!” he shouted while simultaneously spurring and reining his horse, making him paw and prance impatiently

    4. Make way! Make way!” he shouted, suddenly spurring his horse into the line of men who had

    5. In an instant the surge had ebbed back out of the gorge; there was a chaotic, confused swirl of fighting, horsemen wheeling and smiting singly and in clusters, and then the emir went down with a Kshatriya lance through his breast, and the riders in their spired helmets turned their horses down the valley, spurring like mad and seeking to slash a way through the swarms which had come upon them from the rear

    6. A slight blurring of the picture, that might have denoted a passing of time, and then Conan saw Prospero and his knights filing out of the gates and spurring southward

    7. And on the eastern road he saw another rider, bending low and spurring hard

    8. she was only spurring me on

    9. Spurring her mount, Nancy guided it to a vast mound of sand and dust just to the North of the village and close to the source that was the main water point for the people of Jericho

    10. concerts and sales of CD’s was spurring her on to do more

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    spine needle impulse incentive inducement provocation urge instigation impel incite induce instigate provoke stimulate goad

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    branch line spur spur track gad goad goading prod prodding spurring urging acantha spine needle impulse incentive inducement provocation urge instigation impel incite induce instigate provoke stimulate