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    1. Those memories of the day he learned she had been an electric ghost were still painful for both of them

    2. Now, it still gave him the creeps

    3. Herndon was still on the opposite step and used the opportunity to go use the digester can

    4. "Yeah," he said, "we're still in the initial lust phase of our relationship, as endocrine-driven as we are

    5. "All but the garden stuff is still in the lock-box on a raftershelf above the table

    6. In a way she did, it was a grimy old industrial city where there was nothing to do but drink and fuck and has-been old music still pneumatically amplified

    7. you don’t ever spark the match can you create fire? Yes, I get it, you can rub sticks together, but you’re still taking action when you’re rubbing the sticks together

    8. He was surprised she had been interested this sleep, on Dawnsleep she had still been sore

    9. He was pulled up sideways to the dock beside their lake sprite which was still tied on the end of the dock for the party

    10. sense to claim you are in relationship with God and still

    11. word, waited on God, acted on your faith, but things still

    12. You can still achieve success if you're not consistent, but if you are consistent your success will come so much faster

    13. Despite my best efforts, I was still called in for an interview with the manager

    14. There is a local saying “If you can see Carn Brea it’s going to rain, if you can’t, it already is” a nd, if you stand still for long enough, you wil be guaranteed to turn mouldy

    15. "Ava still remembers that kitchen," Herndon said

    16. now discouraging those who still putting their trust in

    17. The fact that there were a lot more eyes available made the price come down, but eye-time still wasn't without significant cost to the average plots-man like himself

    18. involved a fortnightly signing on procedure and, post operation [whilst still waiting for the result], I signed on as normal

    19. "I sure feel like a nice lazy Afternoonday on the beach," Ava said, "It's good to be here while it's still summer

    20. Still, he had been able to sit across a table from her

    21. "So you're actually still in love with Kulai?"

    22. "So you're still in the initial infatuation stage also?"

    23. Abraham’s life; to the point where God is still known

    24. relationship is still affecting the world even today

    25. "I still have a hard time forgetting that you are an electric ghost that has forced Tdeshi's dead body back to life

    26. You can still be assured of one thing though; I will never allow this book to be subjected to the humiliation of product placement

    27. Frank still labours under the illusion of more TV work and has

    28. I, on the other hand, remain along for the ride whilst still awaiting that GMTV cal

    29. “But aren’t you doing the same job still?”

    30. My sister is still there and we sometimes keep in touch

    31. "I was overwhelmed, but after almost two years I think Kulai and I still haven't done it as many times as you and I did

    32. I know I shouldn’t have let this get to me—my parents were just trying to do what was best for me—but it still bothered me that my life growing up was so intertwined with a murderer like Robert Hansen

    33. ” He’s curled up in a ball still

    34. He went for a long swim in the brisk water and found them still sound asleep when he got back

    35. Her big winter boots were still here too

    36. "We still have the maps," he said, "But you can be sure she has the claim ticket

    37. If you are still interested, perhaps I could suggest to you that you read Medical Matters backwards and we might arrive at the same point?

    38. There was still a good chance that her packet hadn't even left Sinbara and Jorma struggled up the path to the house and then down the street to the town side of north island

    39. ” I have a feeling I’ll be saying this a lot, but it’s good to know that there are still people around who knew him and remember him

    40. What about this property? It was still listed in all the registries as belonging to Venna with her thumb print

    41. Sixteen aluminums made Ava's soulmate a wealthy man, rich enough to satisfy someone from a planet still in the dregs of an energy age

    42. “Micah, the body was still warm

    43. That man was still alive

    44. Still naked he answered the call, from Don, for the first time in weeks

    45. He still had thirty coppers of his fortune, he should do something worthwhile with that

    46. Still with her

    47. As is often the case at times like these, he woke while dark still gripped the land

    48. "Leave that," he said, and reached for it, still holding the stairpost with his other hand

    49. ” Aldous still marvelled at the price Kira had got for artwork he and his brother had dismissed as nonsense for years

    50. He would have to go outside to the back kitchen deck to see what it was, but there was still snow and he was barefoot

    1. The withdrawing of the mind-consciousness from the periphery of the body, so that the avenues of outer perception and contact (the five senses) are stilled, and the consciousness is no longer outgoing

    2. manoeuvred the Aston Martin onto the hard shoulder and stilled the throbbing beast

    3. I tried to look away so that the beast within would be stilled but he grabbed my chin and forced me to look directly into his eyes

    4. He manoeuvred the Aston Martin onto the hard shoulder and stilled the throbbing beast

    5. A mountain of water bubbled up, all green and bright blue, then the pool stilled

    6. Brodin stilled the nearest hand, stomping on it with an enormous black boot

    7. ‘But how will they fix our cars?’ She held up her wristwatch, the hands stilled at 6

    8. The bare truth is that fear alone had stilled my hand

    9. She stilled her motion briefly when her sighing made him turn

    10. Having attained that abiding joy beyond the senses, revealed in the stilled mind, [the aspirant] never swerves from the eternal truth

    11. When I was growing up it was better than my parents and their lives were much better than their parents, but Anglo folks stilled controlled us

    12. Looking at their watchful eyes, she stilled, glaring

    13. The earth was stilled, and I shivered

    14. She wanted to help, to lift the bar, but fear stilled her hand

    15. His head cracked ice, and he stilled

    16. That stilled their guffaws

    17. He stilled instantly, turning to look at her

    18. He stilled my words with another kiss which awoke that joy in my heart that was waiting for a reason to explode

    19. But Brock had been fortified by the images of his love and he refused to be stilled

    20. Thoughts of Grindel and the unfinished search for Boddaert's Magic suddenly flooded his mind, and no matter how hard he had tried, they would not be stilled

    21. Wiping the rain from his face, he wished he could wipe away the memories that had so suddenly arisen from nowhere when Karla had taken him into her mouth - dark memories that in the end always sought him out, memories that had become more prevalent lately, memories that refused to be stilled

    22. He caught my hands in his, and I stilled, my body thrilling at even that small contact

    23. But even more enchanting was the presence of a glowing green-blue dragonfly, its impressive transparent wings stilled, clinging to the top of the bloom

    24. The boy had stilled its crying, and now switched his gaze to and fro between Perconal and Celia

    25. He just held her until her weeping stilled and she could say something again

    26. There they sat, about eighteen children, momentarily stilled at the appearance of two of us in the doorway

    27. stilled in place all around it, they were thrown into darkness and taken wherever

    28. Her power stilled them in place, and they could do nothing

    29. To them, all that existed was each other, and all time was stilled around them

    30. 62 And when the king's servants could not find Abram they returned to the king, but the king's anger against Abram was stilled, as they did not find him, and the king drove from his mind this matter concerning Abram

    31. “So…you and Carter huh?” he said and I stilled for a second, I wasn’t going to like where this is going “Its getting serious?” he asked, I’ve asked myself that very question but its still too early to tell for sure

    32. 42 And Manassah the son of Joseph rose up to Simeon, and Manassah struck Simeon a heavy blow with his fist against the back of his neck, and Simeon was stilled of his rage

    33. 53 And Joseph commanded his son Manasseh, and Manasseh went and approached Judah, and placed his hand on his shoulder, and the anger of Judah was stilled

    34. 55 And Joseph seeing and knowing that Judah's anger was stilled, he approached to speak to Judah in the language of mildness

    35. When the earth stilled, there were canyons where there had been

    36. He stilled her quick protest with his hand on her lips

    37. 62 And when the king's servants could not find Abram they returned to the king but the king's anger against Abram was stilled as they did not find him and the king drove from his mind this matter concerning Abram

    38. 42 And Manassah the son of Joseph rose up to Simeon and Manassah struck Simeon a heavy blow with his fist against the back of his neck and Simeon was stilled of his rage

    39. 53 And Joseph commanded his son Manasseh and Manasseh went and approached Judah and placed his hand on his shoulder and the anger of Judah was stilled

    40. 55 And Joseph seeing and knowing that Judah's anger was stilled he approached to speak to Judah in the language of mildness

    41. As the elven goddess of war stilled with the blade held high before her, the stiff Illusion of Ria appeared

    42. Time stilled for him as he read the inscription over and over

    43. The distant throb of battle is stilled, and even the soft hush of the snowfall is unheard

    44. The lilting song of the movement stormed Simon’s thoughts for an agonising moment before it stilled again

    45. Has stilled the labour of my breath --

    46. Once again the Primagnon had stilled the Senator’s fears

    47. The voice has been swiftly stilled

    48. ‘When they are stilled, there remains only empty space, abiding in perfect unity

    49. ‘When they are stilled, there remains only empty space

    50. My question stilled him

    1. It requires you to focus your mind at one point and stilling the mind in order to perceive the self

    2. It means focusing the mind on one point, stilling the mind in order to perceive the Self

    3. For purposes of this discussion, however, it is useful in stilling the mind, and preparing mind and body for concentration and deep meditative practices

    4. an additional calming peace within, stilling the rampant

    5. He gazed up at her, stilling the movement of his hands as they worked across the metal

    6. ” Before he could spin around, a cool hand touched his back, stilling him like a bell

    7. ‖ Thus, she embodies the unstable ground of transition between the past and future, and has the power to control Reinu‘s manipulations of the cycles of time and manifestation, by stilling the passage of time

    8. Stilling the thought waves from time to time is not just necessary for meditation, but also for travel

    9. The body is also allowed stilling through breath control and mind through concentration

    10. They drilled into my mind, stilling the breath in my throat, freezing all thoughts

    11. It echoed through the woods, stilling the woodland creatures that had begun their nightly hunt

    12. He sees the magic between the water and himself and he pulls on it, tugs at it, imagines the magic stilling the water, calming it, deep at the molecular level — so the water’s spinning hydrogen atoms lock together and crystals form on the ground and in the sky

    13. She learned to build baited traps of vine and tensioned sapwood, but more than that she loved to pursue her prey on foot, so that she might physically wrestle it to the ground, reveling in the fear of the frantically struggling beast, relishing the stilling of its pounding heart and the taste of its blood still warm

    14. closed his eyes and concentrated on stilling his thoughts

    15. “In my grave; isn’t that what the old warriors always say? In my grave…” He laid down again, stretched out under the shade, falling silent and staying still, breathing like I told him, stilling himself

    16. Tell me if anyone has ever succeeded to live a life by stilling his lungs by annihilating the breathing

    17. As you have explained to me the condition of your people’s fragile position of control in this world I have to ask, ‘what do you believe would occur if you were not in the position to continue stilling the waters, as you currently are should there be a catastrophe of some kind and you fail to return?’ My initial calculations at best show a success rate for the mission at just over seventeen percent

    18. She cut me off by bringing one of her hands to my mouth stilling my words

    19. But he knew that, in staying, stilling the inner, desperate man, he was denying his own life

    20. Madame Danglars did not see them; she was engaged in stilling the beatings of her heart, and restraining the tears which were ready to gush forth

    21. This unexpected cry had the effect of stilling the noise

    22. “I don’t think you’re ready to come yet,” he whispers, stilling his hands, and he gently bites my earlobe and tugs at it

    23. If that were true, then all of Ireland could have been conquered from my car, with a packet of plaques delivered here, and a toss of concepts and dire ideas planted there, seeding all Eire's pubs with darkness and stilling the air as if a final death had come upon the world

    1. who run the stills are

    2. They were able to get the astronomer's article and even virtual copies of the plates up onto stills

    3. stills of the half-blackened mess that remained

    4. Most of these booths were selling exotic drugs produced in the glassware stills behind them

    5. There were factories and concert halls and yaag stills and even a lab or two along this little avenue

    6. 7 Which stills the noise of the seas, the noise of their waves, and the tumult of the people

    7. Heading toward the hilly Autumn Reigns, miles away, we follow along the River Stills

    8. , we arrive at the security gates leading to the Van-Bailey Stills

    9. “You want to tell me what happened with your father back at the Stills?” I ask

    10. Set on top of Stills Mountain was the home of the twelve immortals called the keepers, six men and six women

    11. I step outside just in time to catch a glimpse of Sean’s car, disappearing out of the main gate and onto Stills Lane

    12. He was the steady driver for Frank Sinatra and the frequent chauffeur for Elvis Presley, the Beatles, Dolly Parton, Chicago, the Beach Boys, Burt Reynolds, the Moody Blues, Rod Serling, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Led Zeppelin, Sharon Stone, John Denver and Eric Clapton, not to mention Mr

    13. Moonshine stills were a garage industry out in the country, especially with the economy so bad and the trails that led to them were convoluted, hidden and well-guarded

    14. Some foreigners had stills in their houses

    15. Turning around he looks back along the street and seeing no one other than his opposite neighbour, who stills stands shocked and dazed and stares in their direction

    16. In her reproach, which stills her father, she says, "Yes you are

    17. follow suit in carefree ways where all losing headless fever animals severe reaction stills

    18. water and compressed gases as well as for vent filters on tanks and stills and other unit

    19. stills are recognized as being able to accomplish at least a 3 to 4 log reduction in these impurity

    20. for the stills included only deionization systems with no UF, RO or distillation

    21. He stills at the sound

    22. Thor’s body stills, a spoon full of potatoes hanging in the air

    23. Reflected in this self at sea, we step outside ourselves catching the photographs flowing by in sacred stills and spiritual scenes whitewater splintering into arcs prisming time to a tear

    24. Ulysses was an alchemist of life who did not use either stills or magical formulas

    25. more than an hour of streaming video or one thousand stills collected

    26. Ah, to see the sight that stills

    27. As outside the windows noon-day heats and stills

    28. Blaec Toth Snaca, God who stills the chaos

    29. Something cold and round settles against her temple and she stills

    30. gles and Poco and Crosby, Stills, & Nash

    31. Crosby, Stills, & Nash--- "Wasted On the Way"

    32. Stills the light of the day

    33. He stills, “Disguises himself as an angel of light” (2 Corinthians 11:14), and still has the power to temp us, but does not seem to have the power over nations that he had before

    34. If he doesn’t care about hurting me, he stills cares about his son

    35. He stills for a moment then withdraws his fingers, followed by his cock, then reaches into the nightstand for a tissue and wipes his fingers, but keeps his eyes on mine

    36. Her horses were like perfect stills, drawn with a light touch, and obviously not the result of any long training

    37. He stills, gazing down at me, his eyes bright with ecstatic triumph

    38. I cry out a second time, and he stills

    39. He does it once more, and stills again

    40. Then he stills, his body rigid

    41. He stills again

    42. Abruptly, and all too soon, he rams into me and stills as he finds his release, air hissing through his teeth

    43. He stills, then smiles at me, his eyes warm and soft

    44. He stills, his hands hovering over my breasts

    45. He stills again, his hand on my behind

    46. We might not have been Crosby, Stills & Nash, but we knew the name of the horse that they rode in on, if you catch my drift

    47. Express, and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

    48. It was absurd that I should have ended up in a slanging match with the Stephen Stills tour party, as at seventeen, I had nothing but admiration for the man

    49. “You didn’t hear what I said about Crosby, Stills and Nash,” I replied

    50. I spotted stills from the reboots of The Thing, The Day the Earth Stood Still, and War of the Worlds, and then a clip from an older film, Earth vs

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    distillery still hush stillness hush up quieten shut up silence calm calm down lull quiet tranquilize tranquillise tranquillize allay ease relieve placid smooth tranquil unruffled inactive motionless static silent soundless noneffervescent even yet all the same at the same time even so however nevertheless nonetheless notwithstanding withal stock-still hushed mute noiseless whist inert stationary unmoving quiescent at rest peaceful serene pacific peaceable muffle smother stifle appease pacify soothe compose stall arrest slack furthermore but besides