straight sätze

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Straight sätze (in englisch)

  1. I held a straight face.
  2. He was a straight lace.
  3. The bed is not straight.
  4. To say it was straight.
  5. This is a straight path.

  6. He went straight to bed.
  7. He made straight for me.
  8. As a dead straight line.
  9. My head was on straight.
  10. As all in straight lines.
  11. He had run straight away.
  12. It was long and straight.
  13. He looked at me straight.
  14. I want a straight answer.
  15. Okay, be straight with us.

  16. I am straight, after all.
  17. It was a straight denial.
  18. They looked straight at me.
  19. I ran straight to the camp.
  20. He went straight for the.
  21. I rush over straight away.
  22. She looked straight at him.
  23. It went in a straight line.
  24. So let me get this straight.
  25. At least not straight away.

  26. Just tell it to me straight.
  27. It went straight to message.
  28. Gary had gone straight home.
  29. We’ll jump straight on in.
  30. Don’t make it a straight.
  31. Good, straight to the point.
  32. Instead of being a straight.
  33. I am coming straight over.
  34. Franco looked straight at me.
  35. She saw Darren straight away.
  36. Thalia went straight for Luke.
  37. Thanks for the straight talk.
  38. She was looking straight at.
  39. I tuned her out straight away.
  40. Guide us on the straight path.
  41. It would pass straight over.
  42. He stared straight ahead, numb.
  43. She came straight to the point.
  44. I sat straight up on the couch.
  45. It went straight to voicemail.
  46. The head looks straight ahead.
  47. Jarvis headed straight for St.
  48. Both men stared straight ahead.
  49. It was answered straight away.
  50. Bring her straight over Kip.
  51. Roger picked up straight away.
  52. Wow! She sat up straight.
  53. You could never turn straight.
  54. He smiled and stood up straight.
  55. The car did drive straight past.
  56. It was staring straight at her.
  57. She still looked straight ahead.
  58. His eyes looked straight ahead.
  59. Then it came straight up into.
  60. I could hear him straight away.
  61. Escort its crew straight to me.
  62. This is a way ThaT is sTraighT.
  63. The road was straight and true.
  64. Then she slowly stood straight.
  65. Bill headed straight to the bar.
  66. The stable will be straight on.
  67. She would stare straight ahead.
  68. He said that it wasn't straight.
  69. Let alone try to shoot straight.
  70. Make sure you get that straight.
  71. I stared him straight in the eye.
  72. Hadaen cut straight to the chase.
  73. He looks straight into his eyes.
  74. Mixed straight and gay, it had.
  75. His eyes, usually straight and.
  76. Raj looked straight into my eyes.
  77. He went into action straight away.
  78. Scarlet looked straight at Chance.
  79. I headed straight for the ladder.
  80. Usually it goes straight through.
  81. Suzuki went straight to the point.
  82. He looked her straight in the eye.
  83. His teeth are white and straight.
  84. Let me see if I got this straight.
  85. It is a smooth and straight path.
  86. Fred, he said straight away.
  87. She recognised him straight away.
  88. The sun came from straight above.
  89. I went straight off for a change.
  90. He looks me straight in the eyes.
  91. You weren’t straight with me.
  92. I'll plug them straight into the.
  93. This leads straight into another.
  94. The path straight ahead had been.
  95. She then looked Steve straight on.
  96. He looked her straight in the eyes.
  97. I headed straight for the forest.
  98. Raven sat straight up in his chair.
  99. Silent and straight the waters run.
  100. Be straight with me, can't you?

    Wir haben leider kein Beispiel Sätze für dieses Wort.

    Wir haben leider kein Beispiel Sätze für dieses Wort.

  1. The straights appear both curious and confused.
  2. A layer of grey cloud covered the straights and.
  3. Were the armed insurgents across the straights the same group.
  4. Your ships will be attacked in the Gibraltar Straights, few making it.
  5. Most of the local homeless were instantly recognisable to the straights.
  6. Plenty of so-called straights were very choosy; others would fuck anything with a hole.
  7. A descendant of a once great Byzantine royal family he was now in dire straights with the Merus.
  8. She could speed up on the short straights, but that seemed pointless, because it proved nothing.
  9. It’s interesting that most straights think that’s the only way gays have sex, when only a small percentage do.
  10. When it came to queers versus straights, straights won every time in his book, even if they were more than a little bent.
  11. And then you presented me with a perfect opportunity to help my parents, in the same way that you are helping other people in dire straights.
  12. It was poor number two who seemed to be in straights and was not so much complaining, as analyzing his difficulties, both business and marital.
  13. Remember when it was crowded with nudists all year? Couples, singles, kids, straights, gays, we all hung out together, sunbathing, swimming, playing ball games.
  14. In the animal world, when put under impossibly difficult conditions of survival, many species have been known to kill their young, and in really desperate straights, eat them.
  15. It was cash that his country desperately needed, and for any man to make a priority of feathering his own nest when the people he led were in such dire straights was something that Robin could not understand or forgive.
  16. With my peaceful approach and set of activities to straighten out the economy, I would like the support of the rest of the nation to push for this solution, as we are in desperate straights and need to act to save our nation quickly.
  17. In the Mediterranean Sea, an almost entirely landlocked body of water, that may not have had a prior connection to the oceans of the world, this steady rise at first poured over, then tore through another natural land bridge, the ruined remainder of which is known today as the Straights of Gibraltar.
  18. He hesitated a little; then, settled well in the passage, he makes his way up the straights of it, with a difficulty nothing more than pleasing, widening as he went so as to distend and smooth each soft furrow: our pleasure increasing deliciously, in proportion to our points of mutual touch increased in that so vital part of me which I had now taken him, all indriven, and completely sheathed; and which, crammed as it was, stretched splitting ripe, gave it so gratefully straight an accommodation! so strict a fold! a suction so fierce! that gave and took unutterable delight.

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