directly sätze

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Directly sätze (in englisch)

  1. He looked directly at me.
  2. You can jump directly to.
  3. I looked him directly in.
  4. Leah looked directly at me.
  5. Boggs directly in the head.

  6. So he asked him directly:.
  7. Naomi looked directly at me.
  8. They were directly in our.
  9. He spoke directly to Evans.
  10. Jesus gave directly to Paul.
  11. He speaks directly to Ellin.
  12. Two passed directly over me.
  13. The sun was directly overhead.
  14. Directly ahead lay a walled.
  15. He looked directly at Whitton.

  16. He was working directly for.
  17. Tragus stared directly at her.
  18. This is directly alluded to.
  19. The fee is paid directly to.
  20. He found a seat directly in.
  21. They go directly for the kill.
  22. Do not apply directly to skin.
  23. He looked directly at me and.
  24. A shot aimed directly at Mira.
  25. They are shown directly below.

  26. No, directly east from here.
  27. At least, not for us directly.
  28. She looked directly in his eyes.
  29. I never looked directly at him.
  30. Theo looked directly at Armenis.
  31. Therese looked directly at Ashi.
  32. I went directly home, into my.
  33. As I cannot directly alter my.
  34. It is moving directly toward us.
  35. Persis sat directly across 141.
  36. I’m embedding it directly in.
  37. Jack gazed directly into my eyes.
  38. He looked me directly in the eyes.
  39. At least, not directly like this.
  40. Quoted directly from the Oxford.
  41. Mattingly looking directly at me.
  42. She isn’t, at least directly.
  43. She looked me directly in the eyes.
  44. He has been directly responsible.
  45. Those against were asked directly.
  46. This is the animal most directly.
  47. He dashes to the SUV directly in.
  48. She can speak directly to this guy.
  49. He said staring directly at the cop.
  50. Although I never directly asked Mr.
  51. This symbolism directly links the.
  52. This directly alludes to the fact.
  53. Why bring this directly to me?
  54. Erin looked directly into the probe.
  55. Thus we shall communicate directly.
  56. This directly impacted one of the.
  57. Another loomed directly ahead and.
  58. She looked him directly in the eyes.
  59. He sliced directly across the lake.
  60. Nem went directly to the city plaza.
  61. Jesus spoke directly to men's souls.
  62. The others were directly underneath.
  63. The gods/neters were also directly.
  64. That comes directly from Ben-Gurion.
  65. I think you should tell me directly.
  66. She kept her eyes focused directly.
  67. Valley? she questioned him directly.
  68. These seers, who have directly per-.
  69. It doesn't hurt to directly call up.
  70. They headed directly for the airport.
  71. The Roll directly works out your abs.
  72. The beam was pointing directly at him.
  73. He was appointed directly by the king.
  74. He did not, however go directly to it.
  75. Hope was now directly in front of Alex.
  76. That you’re not competing directly.
  77. We will hear it now directly from the.
  78. We rarely land directly on our planet.
  79. She nodded staring directly at Trevain.
  80. President, and reports directly to him.
  81. He took the punch directly to the jaw.
  82. It could not be linked directly to him.
  83. She could not help but feel directly.
  84. It was a blessing to hear it directly.
  85. The sun was beating directly overhead.
  86. Those which directly affect us only.
  87. It was aimed directly at Tim’s head.
  88. Crucial only if touching you directly.
  89. This department reported directly to.
  90. This is alludes directly to the links.
  91. Looking Sam directly in the eyes, she.
  92. Chance was standing directly above her.
  93. It was hard to look directly at her,.

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